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411’s WCW Monday Nitro Report 2.26.01

February 26, 2001 | Posted by Widro

WCW Monday Nitro Report 2.26.01
Live from New Orleans
Announcers are Tenay and Tony
Report by Widro

Kronic is taken out in a ambulance.

The Magnificent 7 convene backstage.

Steiner arrives and attacks a guard. DDP is in the crowd, cutting a promo. Steiner charges to the ring and says finding DDP in New Orleans is like finding a needle in a haystack of white trash. DDP talked to one of the guys Steiner took out, and he is coming back tonight.

Commercial Break

Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Tournament Brackets
Rey/Kidman vs. Johnny Swinger/Jason Lee
Jamie Knoble/Scotty O vs. Shannon/Evan

Elix/?? Vs. Air Paris/AJ Styles
Kwee Wee/Mike Sanders vs. Jung Dragons

Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Tournament Brackets
Johnny Swinger and Jason Lee vs. Rey Jr. and Kidman
Rey is wearing half a mask down the vertical of the mask. Hudson remembers that Rey and Kidman were WCW Tag champs. Back and forth action ™. Swinging sit out neckbreaker by Swinger as called by Tony! Rey and Swinger bounce around and such. Double body block and both are down. Animals in for double teaming. Kidman holds Lee for a top rope legdrop to the crotch by Rey. Kid Crusher.
Winners: Rey and Kidman

Commercial Break

Some Spring Breakout clips.

The Cat is out. He is upset, he isn’t in the mood to dance. He is out here because he hate Kanyon. Cat has to step down as commissioner so he can break the rules to beat up Kanyon. Cat is going to eat Kanyon’s ass like a pot of collard greens. Ewwwww. And cue Ric Flair’s music. Flair comes out and mocks Cat face to face. If you want Kanyon tonight? You don’t get him tonight, you can have Kanyon at Greed, not before. Cat says he wants Flair, who responds that he could have the Steiners or Totally Buff down here, but Flair wants the Cat. They drop their mics and they put up their dukes. Crowd pops huge for Flair. Flair says no way, then sucker punches the Cat. Cat fights back. Flair flop. Feliner sends Flair to the floor. Flair gives the Cat Rick Steiner tonight in the BATTLE OF BISCHOFF’S FRIENDS WHO NEVER JOB!

Konnan cuts a promo backstage. He is anti-Flair.

O’Haire and Palumbo are out and they cut a promo running down Storm and Awesome for attacking Kronic.

Storm and Awesome walk.

Commercial Break

Non Title
Storm and Awesome vs. Palumbo and O’Haire (c)
Awesome and Chuck basically to start. Storm in and Canadian double team commences. Storm and Chuck, Chuck runs over Storm. And the beatdown on Chuck continues. He is getting his ass kicked. On the big screen, Luger’s music plays, and the Canadians stop beating on Chuck briefly. Kanyon comes out of the crowd and hits O’Haire with the Flatliner. Odd. Chuck beats up Storm and Awesome briefly using his SUPER HARD FISTS but the double team is too much. Storm locks in the Maple Leaf and Chuck taps.
Winners: Canadians

Commercial Break

Moments Ago: O’Haire cuts a promo on Kanyon, with Konnan also in the ring.

Flair and Kanyon talk backstage, Flair sends Kanyon out to face O’Haire tonight.

Earlier today, DDP talks about Steiner’s Dead Man Row of Booker T, Sting, Nash, Goldberg and Sid, and one of them will be back tonight.

Commercial Break

Rick Steiner vs. The Cat
Who will Bischoff pick to win this one? Rick beats down Cat over and over. Announcers hype one of the people that Steiner took out to return. Brawling to the floor. Back to the ring, it’s all Dogface so far. Dogface uses his patented REST HOLD here 3 minutes in, and the Cat hulks up until he is beaten down again. Ref bump. Hugh Morrus is here, he beats up Rick, Cat covers, ref is back up.
Winner: Cat

Scott is down, and so it Totally Buff, and they beat down Hugh and Cat. Beatings continues, and now DDP is here for a brief offensive save, but then he too is beaten down.

YES yes NO no and here comes Big Bad Booker T here for the BIG save to a BIG pop for his music. DDP, Cat and Booker T stand tall. The fans are RAISING THE ROOF! Steiner says DDP was bringing back somebody, but Booker T is a nobody. Booker on the mic, he has crazy new hair. They make some 6 man tag for the main event tonight.

Wait it’s right now

Booker T, DDP and Cat vs. Scott Steiner, Buff and Luger
Flair on the announce team. Brawling all over the place. Match settles down to Cat and Buff in the ring. DDP flies into the ring and clotheslines Buff. Tag to DDP and he beats down Buff. Sit out Powerbomb. HUGE Booker T chant. DDP and Luger in the ring. Both down with a discuss lariat. HOT tag to Booker T, but he chases to Steiner, and Luger attacks from behind. Big kick by BT retakes control. Tag to Cat and he goes to work on Luger. Tag to Scott, and he does the biceps kiss elbow drop on Cat. Buff in, and he goes to work on Cat. Luger on Cat, and Cat is getting his ass kicked. Steiner hits Cat with a chair on the floor. Steiner on Cat in the ring. Some sort of stretch move by Steiner on Cat. Flair rambling on the mic. I’ll get back to PBP when Cat gets the hot tag. Here it is, to DDP. He beats up everyone. Luger attacks from behind, and a powerslam. DDP beaten down and he gets a hot tag to Booker T. Buff hits a neck breaker, but Booker T kicks out. Steiner in to beat on Booker T. Match is going too long here, folks. Super Austin/Rock promo on Raw even drew me away from audio. Diamond Cutter on Steiner, Blockbuster on DDP. Booker T with Book End on Buff. Axe kick on Steiner, and Booker T pins Steiner!
Winners: Booker T, DDP, Cat

Animal, Steiner and Flair charge the ring, faces escape through the crowd.

Commercial Break

Steiner is tearing shit up backstage.

DDP Cat and Booker T have a congratulatory meeting in the back.

Dustin Promo.

WCW people acting like idiots at Mardi Gras. Look its Lash Leroux looking fat!

Commercial Break

Shannon Moore w/Evan Karagias vs. Shane Helms
New music for Shane Helms! Yes! Shane with early offense. Fireman’s carry into a gutbuster. Hudson: Shannon always has Evan in his back pocket. Always, Scott? What, since last week you idiot? Powerbomb by Shane on Shannon. Shannon runs around the ring, Shane follows, Evan grabs him and drops him face first on the STEEEEEEL railing. Shane back in, and Shannon controls. Sugar Smack out of no where by Shane Helms. Back body drop by Shane. Evan pulls Shane out and they brawl. Shannon flies at them, Shane moves and Shannon hits Evan. Shane sends Shannon back in. Shane signals for the Vertebreaker! Evan on the apron, Shannon takes advantage and signals for Bottoms Up. Shane reverses into Vertebreaker.
Winner: Shane Helms

Chavo attacks after the match. Evan and Shannon pose and DRIVE THE CADDY baby.

Kid Romeo package.

Riki Rachtman here to mess up a good Nitro with this Mardi Gras crap.

Commercial Break

Kanyon vs. Sean O’Haire
Kanyon enters first, and O’Haire comes through the crowd for an ambush. Brawling moves to the floor and then O’Haire sends Kanyon back in. O’Haire controls in the ring. Ten punch count along? No Kanyon hits a low blow. Side Russian Legsweep from the middle rope by Kanyon and both are down. Kanyon with an elbow from the apron for 1. Kanyon up, and O’Haire is up and does a cool inverse DDT for 2. Swinging neckbreaker locked up Perfectplex style for 2. Swinging neckbreaker by Kanyon for 2. Both down. O’Haire up with a big kick. Now with his cool clotheslines. Release vertical suplex very cool by O’Haire. Kanyon takes O’Haire from the corner and turns it into a powerbomb for 2. O’Haire with a fireman’s carry into an inverted DVD! Hops up to the top rope! Seanton bomb!
Winner: O’Haire

Commercial Break

Ric Flair out first. Now the Chosen One. JJ takes the mic. Does a Dusty thing again and says CLUBBERIN’! Back the Chosen One voice. He will beat Dustin tonight.

Commercial Break

Ric Flair Special Ref
Jeff Jarrett vs. Dustin Rhodes
Dustin down and action begins right away. Dustin cleans JJ out of the ring, confronts Flair. JJ back in and attacks, but Dustin takes control again. Flair getting involved a bit. But then calls of JJ in an attempt to prove he is calling it down the middle. Brawling moves to the floor. Dustin controls on the floor, and we move back into the ring. Dustin covers, Flair counts super slow, and they push and shove. Flair holds down the top rope and JJ sends Dustin to the floor. JJ hits Dustin with a chair on the floor. JJ has a sleeper in the ring. Dustin powers out, suplex, and both men are down. Brawling and Dustin pounds JJ and a big clothesline. Powerslam from an odd angle by Dustin. Goes up top? No decides not to. Dustin goes for a piledriver and hits it. Dustin pulls Flair down to make a count, and JJ kicks out at a slow 3. Ten punch count along buy Dustin. Bulldog by Dustin, Flair wont count it. So Dustin sets Flair up for Shattered Dreams, but JJ has your guitar and after Dustin hits Flair, JJ attacks. But Dustin blocks. Flair from behind hits a low blow, Stroke and JJ gets the pin.
Winner: Jarrett

Booker, Cat and DDP come from the crowd and JJ and Flair clear out as we fade. One of the best Nitros in recent memory…


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