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411’s WCW Monday Nitro Report 7.10.00

July 10, 2000 | Posted by Widro

WCW Monday Nitro Report 7.10.00
Live Jax FL
Announcers are Tony, Mark and Scott
Report by Widro

Booker T video package, pushing him as a well deserving superstar.

Announcers talk about Booker T. Hudson, because he sucks so bad, says Booker T won the title in his first title match, which is definitely not true because he had a title shot ON THE LAST THUNDER.

Speaking of champs, here is Booker T! Tony says they can’t really talk about last night, due to legal troubles. Booker T has a mic. This wont be a wrestling promo, he is only sad his mother is not alive to see it. Lets get down to business. He wouldn’t be Booker T without the fans. Calls out the playa haters in the back. OG Style. Then runs down Goldberg as a mark for himself. Does a weird Goldberg impression. Doug Dillinger then brings his wife into the ring. Crowd chants Booker T. He just wants to say to his wife, thank you and I love you. He starts saying something else, then his music starts again, and WHOO HOO it’s BIG Stevie Ray. He comes down, they argue for a moment. Stevie wants Booker to listen. Imagine if Stevie Ray stole Booker’s wife and hit him with a SLAPJACK! Sorry. Stevie reminisces about the good old days when they were kids. Slight boring chants. Stevie then congrats his bro on winning the title. Stevie says his proud of him, and he loves him.

Siren comes on, and yes it’s Big Poppa Pump. No I mean its Midajah. She has a mic. Hudson: can she talk? There is only one real man here, and that’s Big Poppa Pump. Tonight on Nitro, her BPP will make Booker T his personal bitch. Steiner comes from behind and takes out Stevie and Booker with a wooden bat. Then he yells at Mrs. Booker T and then continues to beat on Booker T. No heat for Steiner.

Commercial Break

Booker T asks Stevie Ray to take his wife outta here, he has to straighten this out.

Pamela Paulshock interviews the Chosen One. Calls her a blond slapnut. Runs down the Cat. He wants a rematch with Booker T tonight. Pam: too late, Cat already booked a match. Steiner then comes over and attacks JJ and ruins the interview set.

Shane Douglas with SuperHotTorrie vs. Crowbar w/Daffney
Madden says head cheerleader. Shane has a mic. He says this reunion was started back in the days of the Revolution. Torrie grabs the mic. Wow she’s not too bad. Runs down Kidman. Something about him didn’t please her, and waves her pinky. Ha! Brawling quick to start, some roll ups and stuff. Nitro is preempted next week, it is on Tuesday. Brawling to the floor, Crowbar has a chair, Torrie stands between them! Back into the ring, Shane does that cool reverse Snapmare. Booker vs. Mike Awesome at the top of the hour. Shane with rolling suplexes. Crowbar up. Shot of Daffney screaming. Torrie trips up Crowbar, he is upset, then he backdrops a charging Shane to the floor. Baseball slide dropkick on Shane to the railing. Brawling on the floor. Torrie pulls Crowbar’s hair, Daffney is over, mini cat fight. Daffney slaps Shane, Crowbar tosses him back in and does a slingshot guillotine legdrop for 2. Lionsault for 2. Shane does that new jawbreaker stunner type move. Called now the “Franchiser”
Winner: Shane Douglas

Shane and Torrie hug, here comes Buff. They brawl. Buff clears him out.

Pamela interviews Kidman. He runs down Torrie, he offers Shane his sloppy seconds. Jarrett comes back and tosses Kidman. He wants a title shot. JJ and Kidman brawl.

Smoooooooooth is here. He has a gold record, and opens the limo door for… Tankberg! He has a gold record for 3count. All are in tuxes.

Commercial Break

Cat on the phone, Jarrett storms in and demands a title shot, Cat said he booked a Kidman vs. JJ match.

Tankberg and 3count come out. Tank talks about how great they are. There is a ladder in the ring, Tank wants them to hang it up for everyone to see all night. As Evan on the ladder puts the record on a hook, the Jung Dragons come down and attacks. They clear the ring, and knock Evan off the ladder. They then use the ladder on the other 3count members. Tank comes and knocks out Jamie san. And now Yang. Goes for Kaz, but here is the Great Muta! Muta chant??? Huge pop?? Kaz climbs the ladder and gets the gold record.

Pamela interviews Kanyon. He is upset because he pinned Booker T. He wants to be #1 contender.

Goldberg arrives.

Commercial Break

The Chosen One vs. You Can’t Powerbomb Kidman
Kidman has in ring pyro! Jarrett goes right to work on Kidman. Head scissors takeover. Brawling moves to the floor. JJ sends Kidman back into the ring, and stomps away. Kidman back up and does 2 dropkicks. Now a Victory roll for 2. JJ whips in, back and forth. Kidman to the top, high cross body, JJ turns it over for 2. Short powerbomb by Kidman for 2. Torrie comes down and argues with Kidman. Shane attacks from behind and hits a DDT on the floor. Shane sends Kidman back in, JJ covers up. Kidman kicks out! SHUT UP HUDSON. JJ goes for a suplex, Kidman floats back and rolls up for 2. JJ tries like a chimp to powerbomb Kidman, but Kidman reverses into a face buster. Only 2. Kidman goes for a tornado bulldog, JJ reverses into a Stroke.
Winner: JJ

Steiner attacking Kanyon backstage.

Awesome talking to some chubby chick. Cat comes up and gives him the US Title. Awesome says thanks but no thanks. He wants to earn it.

Booker T walks.

Commercial Break

WCW World Title
Booker T (c) vs. Mike Awesome
Lockups and stuff. Back and forth to start. Harlem side kick sends Awesome to the floor. Booker T is pretty over. Awesome back in, lockups and arm locks. Booker back in control. Announcers talk about how Goldberg has never defeated Booker T. TEN PUNCH COUNT ALONG BY BOOKER T. they keep calling him the World Champion, doing a good job making him seem legit. Awesome takes him out with a big clothesline. Awesome sends him to the floor, and goes to work with a chair. Back inside, Awesome does that cool plancha from the apron. Awesome taunting the crowd. Awesome pounds down Booker T. Powerbombish move. Awesome to the top. Frog splash! Booker T kicks out! Awesome goes under the ring and gets a table. Sets it up on the floor. Goes for the Awesomebomb, Booker floats back, then back drops Awesome over the top, he lands on the apron, Booker flies at Awesome on the apron and he falls from the apron through the table! Awesome almost counted out, comes back in. Booker T hits the axe kick! SPIN A ROONY! Harlem Side kick !Raises the roof!!! Spinebuster for 2. Missile dropkick and Awesome just kicks out. Book End! A great match and a TOTALL CLEAN ENDING!
Winner and STILL Champ: Booker T

Steiner comes down and attacks Booker T. STIFF Steiner Recliner. Awesome attacks Steiner from behind and clears out Steiner? Awkward look between Booker T and Awesome, Awesome leaves and Booker celebrates.

We have an hour left, no matches?

Backstage the Cat is hot about something

Commercial Break

Top Cat in the ring, he’s sick of Big Poppa Pump. Calls out Steiner. Steiner comes out and yells at Cat. He’s giving him three seconds for a World Title Shot. Cat says he will beat up Steiner himself, goes to attack, briefly in control, but Cat is quickly beaten down. Booker T is here to make the save. Booker knocks out Steiner, here is Kanyon! Kanyon and JJ beat up Steiner. Kanyon goes after Booker T. JJ does as well. Cat back into the ring, you guys are so stupid, don’t give it away. Cat makes a triple threat match for a title shot, Kanyon vs. JJ vs. Steiner.

Goldberg comes out. He wants a four way dance tonight. Goldberg is wearing a menacing FANNY PACK! Cat: I’ll tell you what, I’m going to make it a 4 way dance!

Commercial Break

WCW Hardcore Title
Big Vito (c) vs. Norman
Norman Smiley is here with Ralphus. Calls out Vito. Vito and Norman brawl around. Vito in control. We move to the back. Norman has a fire extinguisher. Vito in control as we move back into the arena. To the ringside area. Into the ring, Vito goes to work on Ralphus. Vito sets up a table. Puts Ralphus on the table, goes to the top and flies onto Ralphus through the table. Norman is back in, knocks Vito down, onto Ralphus, and pins Ralphus
Winner: Vito

Cat is walking, then the EERY MUSIC is up, and the Dragons attack. He takes them all out.

Paisley is upset about the wardrobe person. Then sees “Kiwi” who is a gay-looking guy, perhaps Lenny Lane. I guess it’s a take off of SNL’s Mango character, because when she sees Kiwi, she is smitten.

Commercial Break

No wait, there is Lenny Lane with a big sign that says “Use Me.”

Lance Storm vs. Prince Nakamani w/Paisley
Lance Storm has a mic. For those who came to see the sideshow antics of “sport entertainment” you will be disappointed. All he does is wrestle. Has everyone rise for Canadian National Anthem. He is serious, getting heel heat I guess. Back and forth to start. Prince takes control. Tons of reminders today that nitro is preempted next week, the show will be on Tuesday. Good job by WCW for once. Lance fighting back. Paisley on the announce table for this match. Release Northern Lights by Prince. Prince goes for jumping DDT, Lance reverses into a bridged Northern Lights for 2. Dropkick by Lance. Superkick for 2. Sit out powerbomb for 2. Slingshot missile dropkick for 2. Prince rebounds a bit in the corner, Lance rolls him out into the half crab for the quick submission.
Winner: Lance

Vampiro arrives in a hearse.

Commercial Break

WCW Tag Title Match
Kronic (c) vs. General Rection and Ragin Homo Lash Leroux
Rey and Da Juice at the announce position. Adams and Rection to start. Tony remembers MIA winning on Thunder, but doesn’t remember Booker T in a fight for the TITLE. Juice is so bad on the mic here. Rection and Adams both down, Rey and Juvi go to the ring, Jindrack and O Haire attack the Animals before they can get to the ring. Rection holds Adams for a Lash missile dropkick for 2. Double teaming on Adams. No crowd heat at all for MIA. Hugh to the top, big elbow misses. Both down… WHO WILL MAKE THAT TAG? Adams tags in Clarke for the beat down. Death Penalty on Lash. Shoulder block on Rection. Madden says house a fire. Rection takes control, goes for the No Laughing Matter, and hits! Adams breaks up the pin. Lash is in, dropkicks on Clarke. Bourbon Street Blues on Clarke, he gets pissed and does a backbreaker on Lash. Kronic now double teams. Sick gutbuster by Adams, when did he get this good? High times on Lash. Adams covers up, Rection breaks it up. They send Rection to the floor, Clarke to the top, Adams puts Lash on his shoulders, sets up for the Doomsday Device, its botched, but they get the pins.
Winners: Kronic

Perfect Event attacks Kronic after the match.

Vampiro looks ominous backstage.

Commercial Break

Announcers talk about Bam Bam Bigelow, who had a fire near his house. He ran in and saved some kids, and has 2nd degree burns on 40% of his body. Wow didn’t hear about that, and he lives right by me.

Vampiro in the ring. He is rambling already. He has Demon in a coffin and brings him into the ring. Asya is here, and tries to talk to Demon. Vampiro is like Demon’s master. Vampiro wants to see Demon beat up Asya.

Suddenly lights go out, and Sting’s music plays. Its Darkman! He beats up both Demon and Vampiro. Announcers say this man with a black hood is Sting, which means its probably not. He has a black ski mask I guess. Vamp and Demon retreat together, and “Sting” follows them to the back.

Commercial Break

Winner Gets Title Shot at New Blood Rising
The Chosen One vs. Who’s Better Than Kanyon vs. Big Poppa Pump vs. Goldberg
Kanyon and Steiner to start, two in ring, must tag to get in ring, first pin is winner. Steiner yells at some fans. Steiner and Kanyon brawl. Steiner in control. Guerilla press slam by Steiner. Steiner tosses Kanyon to the floor. Steiner uses a chair on the floor, back inside and Steiner does a cool belly to belly. Goldberg comes into the ring and hits a huge kick on Steiner. Kanyon covers, Goldberg breaks it up. JJ is in. Tilt a whirl side salto by Steiner, Goldberg breaks up a pin. Kanyon is in, and Steiner drops him on his head. JJ goes for a pin on Kanyon, Goldberg breaks it up. Swinging neck breaker by Kanyon. Goldberg blind tags JJ, who is then hit with a Kanyon cutter. Goldberg spears Kanyon. Goldberg goes for the Jackhammer, Steiner breaks up the pin. JJ and Kanyon both out, Steiner and Goldberg nose to nose. They brawl. They tussle to the floor. Meanwhile, JJ pins Kanyon!
Winner: JJ

So JJ vs. Booker T at New Blood Rising.


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