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411’s WCW Thunder Report 10.11.00

October 11, 2000 | Posted by Widro

WCW Thunder Report 10.11.00
Taped Down Under
Announcers are Madden, Tony, Stevie
Report by Wids

Steiner and Jarrett arrive, and Steiner attacks PerfectShawn for some reason

Shots of Australia. Tony calls this the first Thunder from Down Under

Thunder Open

Franchise and Lance Storm vs. General Rection and Konnan
Shane and SuperHotTorrie are here for boring promos. Here comes Lance Storm and Major Trash for some reason. Stevie calls Major Guns a very unhappy yack. Faces charge, brawl, and clear the ring. Ironic that Konnan and Shane are feuding, because they are the two would-be radicals who almost quit but stayed, and were suspended. Storm and Konnan in the ring, Lance in control. Shane in to beat Konnan, Lance back. Rection in, he beats on Lance. Ref on the floor, Shane DDTs rection in the ring, here come You Cant Powerbomb Kidman! Kid Krusher on Shane, Rection moonsault, ref is back
Winners: Rection and Konnan

Commercial Break

Shawn yells at Sanders and says Steiner wants Booker tonight. Sanders says he has him at Havoc, tonight Booker T will be softened up.

The Cat is here. Brings in Sam Greco who says “Aussie Aussie Aussie” a bunch of times. He is going to join WCW. Yadda yadda yadda. Sanders and NBT come out to contest this signing. They make some matches. Cat vs. Nash. Sanders vs. Sting. PerfectShawn enters the ring and Sam kicks him hard!

Commercial Break

Replays of Greco

Sanders has J&O go to the ring. They laugh at Shawn.

WCW Tag Titles
Jindrack and O’Haire (c) vs. C-H-A-V-O (means wacko) and Ragin Homo Lash Leroux
Jindrack beats down Chavo to start. Double teaming on Chavo. Rebounds and tags out to Lash. Goes to work on O’Haire. MIA with some double teaming. Chavo back in, uses speed, but O’Haire powers him down. Jindrack in. NBT in control. Desperation DDT by Chavo. Both men down… WHO WILL MAKE THAT TAG!!! Both do, and Lash is your house a fire tonight. DDT on O’Haire. Jindrack with a tilt a whirl suplex. Set up for a double team on Lash, Chavo up top, missile dropkick. Jindrack sends Chavo to the floor. Top rope rana by Jindrack, O’Haire on top, Chavo knocks him down to the floor. Big splash by Chavo on J in the ring. O back in, Chavo to the floor. Holds legs of NBT, lash hits a rana, and pins Jindrack.
Winners and NEW champs: MIA

I bet it will be overturned… Sanders comes out and has a mic. Rematch right now he says. Bullshit chant. MIA fights back some. Back and forth action. All four in the ring. Belts are in the ring. O’Haire hits Lash, Jindrack powerbomb, Chavo breaks up the pin. Seanton bomb on Lash.
Winners and NEW champs: J&O

The Wall comes down after the match and chokeslams Jindrack and O’Haire.

Pamela interviews Elix Skipper. What is he talking about. Calls out Kidman.

Booker T walks

Commercial Break

NBT meeting. Chuck is fighting Goldberg tonight.

Booker T vs. ??
Look at everyone raising the roof. Poor wrestling starved Aussies, they’ll go to anything. BT on the mic. Kronic comes out. Double teaming. Booker T sent to the floor. Clarke follows and whips Booker into the STEEEEEEEL railing. Back into the ring. Full nelson slam by Adams after some brief Booker offense. Booker side kick, knocks out the ref by mistake. Spin a roony. Clarke takes him out. Kronic back up, double teaming. They go for High Times, but here comes someone, I see the crowd getting up. Its Goldberg from behind. Spear on Clarke. Adams double axe handles. Full nelson, Goldberg powers out. Book End on Adams? Booker T Harlem side kick. Adams to the floor. Booker T and Goldberg argue because ref gives match to Kronic.
Winners by DQ: Kronic

Chuck on the phone with his mom, wants advice.

Commercial Break

Nash arrives, Johnny The Bull asks for his help.

You Can’t Powerbomb Kidman vs. Prime Time Elix Skipper
Back and forth stuff. Kidman gets Skipper from the floor. Kidman flies at Skipper, Skipper pulls down ropes and Kidman falls to the floor. Skipper flies at Kidman. Back in, cover for 2. Duggan is down with Skipper. Brawling. Skipper bridges back to avoid a punch, Kidman stomps his stomach. Skipper back in control. European uppercut! Belly to back. Skipper up top, big elbow, Kidman moves. Kidman fights back. Tornado bulldog for 2. Full nelson back suplex bridged for 2 by Elix. Short powerbomb by Kidman. Cool top rope walk rana by Elix for 2. Kidman floats back from a suplex and rolls up for 2. Pancake. Kidman goes up top. Duggan hits him with the 2X4 as Elix distracts the ref. Hits the Play of the week and gets the pin!
Winner: Skipper!

Pamela goes to interview Chuck. Pam thinks its cute that he called his mom.

Mike Awesome walks

Commercial Break

Lava Lamp Lounge with Kwee Wee and Paisley. Awesome hits on Paisley as Kwee Wee talks about training with the NBT. Kwee Wee gets angry, and Johnny The Bull attacks Kwee Wee. Harris Boyz attack Awesome. Stevie Ray calls Paisley a yack.

Goldberg tapes his wrist.

Commercial Break

Sanders and Nash talk. Nash wants to know why Sanders had a match with Sting? Sanders says he booked Nash with Cat. Nash is mildly upset, but not too much

Chuck Palumbo w/PerfectShawn vs. Goldberg
Chuck hits a DDT!
Winner: Goldberg (6-0)

He pins Shawn for the hell of it too (7-0)

Commercial Break

WCW Motorsports

Above Average Mike Sanders vs. A Man Called Sting
Cat at the announce table. Instead of sting, it’s the Chosen One dressed as blond Sting. JJ comes down and lays down. Sanders goes to cover, here comes Sting. Sting beats up JJ. Roddy Piper style ear slap! Stinger Splash? JJ moves. Sting clotheslines JJ to the floor. Sanders has a bat from behind. Beats down Sting. Snapmare. Kick. Side headlock slooooooooows it way down. Sting up, yadda yadda Deathdrop.
Winner: Sting

Commercial Break

NBT bicker, and the Coach is here to calm them down.

The Harris Boyz vs. Awesome and Crowbar
Some rich Australian guy in the crowd. Madden: He should buy this company! Stevie: He just might. Back and forth to start. Brawling. Harrises on the floor, Awesome FLIES at them. Brawling on the floor. Into the ring. Crowbar Jawbreaker, but the Harris hits some kind of slam for 2. Double team by Harrises. Asai moonsault on both, tag to Awesome, who is the proverbial house a fire. Harrises double team and take control. Crowbar in, one Harris brings him to the floor. Awesome and the H-Bomb shirt wearing Harris in the ring. Crowbar sets up a table on the floor, Awesome goes for runnin bomb, other Harris stops him. Table brought into the ring. Awesome back drops a Harris through the table in the corner and gets the pin.
Winners: Awesome/Crowbar

Steiner and Midajah walk.

Commercial Break

Big Poppa Pump vs. Baggie Pants Jr.
Steiner has a live mic! He has Hootches worldwide. Big bad booty daddy! Holler if you hear me catchphrase! Steiner throwing Rey around. Steiner beats him down, push ups. Rey from apron with splash! Rana! Head scissors, mocks him with push ups. Rey to the top, belly to belly suplex by Steiner off a catch. Recliner.
Winner: Steiner

Nash walks

Commercial Break

Big Gutty The Dingo Killer vs. Top Cat
Nash beats Cat into the corner early on. Cat kicks Nash. Nash back up, big boot. Tony: that’s what you call Skinning the cat right now. Nash removes the straps! He means business! Cat is up, Sander is in with a chair, and that’s your DQ.
Winner by DQ: Cat

Nash goes to powerbomb Cat on a chair, here comes Booker T for the save. Steiner comes down too. Sting. Jarrett. And…. Goldberg chant. Heels in control, and here comes your Goldberg. Kronic is here to attack Goldberg.

That’s your show


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