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411’s WCW Thunder Report 10.25.00

October 25, 2000 | Posted by Ashish

411’s WCW Thunder Report 10.25.00
Announcers – Mike Tenay, Stevie Richards, & Fat Tony
Report for 411wrestling.com

-Wids is at the Mets game and I’m…here…watching WCW…WCW Thunder…guess that’s fair…right?

-Reno vs. Kwee-Wee for the Hardcore Title
Lot of brawling. Kwee-Wee sets up a table on the outside. Brawling now expands into the crowd. They fight back to the ring where Reno hits a neckbreaker for the win. After the match, Reno attacked Paisley and went to put Kwee-Wee through a table. However, A-Wall came out and put Reno through the table.
-Winner: Reno

-Nash and the Natural Born Thrillers come out. Nash says Stasiak is not a team player. Then they made him do some wacky positioning to warn him. Okkkk….

-Buff Bagwell vs. M.I.Smooth
Smooth in early control. Smooth started mocking Buff which allowed Bagwell to turn things around. Buff hit the Blockbuster to end it. Following the match, David Flair came down and attacked Buff. They brawled and Buff said David will find out whether he “knocked her up” or not at Havoc.
-Winner: Buff Bagwell

-The Cat comes out and challenges Mike Sanders and a partner of his picking.

-The Cat & Ms.Jones vs. Mike Sanders & Leia Meow
Meow turned on Sanders shortly into the match. The Cat took him out and Ms.Jones and Leia Meow then nailed some moves and got the pin.
-Winner: The Cat & Ms.Jones

-Gene is with Sting and Booker T. backstage. He announces that later tonight those two and Goldberg will take on Jarrett & Kronik.

-Fat Tony has a “special” interview with Goldberg. Goldberg rants on about how he never asked to be Goldberg and how he was thrusted into the spotlight. He promoted his book a lot. He and Tony talked about the Australian tour and how it was a great boost for the promotion during these “hard times”. Goldberg said it is hard for him to get out of character outside of the ring, and that he doesn’t want to be a killer, but it’s his job. He closed by saying that he will kill you if you don’t buy his book.

-Vampiro vs. Big Vito
Solid wrestling to start the match which got somewhat slow and drew some “boring” chants. It turned into a lot of brawling later and then once again slowed down. After a failed splash attempt, Vampiro hit the “Nail in the Coffin” and got the pin.
-Winner: Vampiro

-Out comes Lance Storm. He bashes the MIA’s parody and said he doesn’t appreciate humor. HA! The Canadian National Anthem starts to play but is shockingly cut off by the MIA’s music….

-Lance Storm & Elix Skipper vs. Lt. Loco & Cpl. Cajun
General Rection and A-Wol are sitting ringside by the way. Pretty solid match here. Team Canada was in control until Cajun made a hot tag to Loco which brought out Jim Duggan. Duggan attacked Loco which brought General Rection and A-Wol to the ring. Major Gunns went to hit Lance Storm with the Canadian flag but hit Loco instead. Storm attempted to get the quick win with a rollup, however, Loco reversed it and got the win.
-Winner: Lt. Loco & Cpl. Cajun

-Shawn O’Haire vs. Rey Mysterio vs. DISQO
Wild action throughout this match. Lot of brawling. Nobody had definite control. O’Haire hit a swanton bomb off the middle ropes to pin DISQO. Following the pin, all three guys started brawling again.
-Winner: Shawn O’Haire

-Goldberg, Sting, & Booker T. vs. Jeff Jarrett & Kronik
Goldberg dominated Brian Adams early. Sting came in and kept control for his team, even putting Clarke in the Scorpion Deathlock at one point. Later in the match, Goldberg missed a spear attempt on Clarke and rammed hard into the ring post. The finish saw Sting duck a guitar shot from Jeff Jarrett and nailed the Scorpion Death Drop for the pin. Following the pin, Scott Steiner came on and a heels vs. faces brawl broke out.
-Winnes: Goldberg, Sting, & Booker T.

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