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411’s WCW Thunder Report 11.01.00

November 1, 2000 | Posted by Widro

WCW Thunder Report 11.1.00
Taped from California
Announcers are Mike, Tony, Mark
Report by Wids

Hot DAMN I got a lot of hate mail from the Nitro report this week… so just for that, I am going to do a patented ALL POSITIVE report tonight!!!

Nitro clips

Outside, some New Jersey license plated car pulls up! Tenay: is it Springsteen? Me: I hope its Bon Jovi!

Thunder open

3count is in the ring. Great to see them back! Evan on the mic, talks about his fantastic physique. He really is outrageous. The other guys in 3count are upset with Evan for hogging the mic. Dissention in 3count? Oh no!

3count vs. Jung Dragons
Dragons attack and take control early. It’s all highflying action! Back into the ring, and Shannon and Shane double-team Yang. Tag to Jamie San, and he goes to work on Shannon. Tag to Kaz. He and Jamie collide. Dissention in the Dragons too! It’s chaos! Shannon does a crazy float over into … A HIP TOSS! Tag to Evan, he and Shannon argue. Evan poses. Kaz is up and goes to work. Small package, but Evan is back up and stomps away. Powerslam by Evan. Cover for 2? No its just a choke. Evan goes to tag, says no and goes back to stomping Kaz. Evan with a face buster. He poses AGAIN! Shane blind tags Evan. Yang is in. Is that a Hadoken on Shannon? Yang goes to work on all 3count. Dragons in control. Jamie San lariats Yang by mistake. Match breaks down. Shannon hits a fame asser on Jamie San. Double team on Jamie (airplane spin into a diamond cutter), Evan runs in and covers.
Winners: 3count

3count continue to argue. What? They punk Evan! What an angle! What a shock! This booking is amazing. Madden: I guess it’s 2count now.

Now the Dragons argue too! All this chaos! Kaz and Yang attack Jamie San with the direction of Leah Meow. Then they remove the mask of Jamie San… and… he’s white?

Hey, I’m just thinking out loud here… but what if Evan and Jamie San team up… and then we have a three way dance between 2count, Dragons and Evan/Jamie San? WOW!

Commercial Break

Gene interviews Chuck and Nash. They comment on Stasiak. Why waste Palumbo vs. Stasiak on Thunder, when it’s a buyrate-popping PPV match?

Bam Bam Bam is back! He walks in and Crowbar says hi! BBB punks him.

PrimeTime vs. C-H-A-V-O (means wacko) w/Major Trash
PrimeTime is here. He built THIS HOUSE. He’s bout to get him some payback against Lt. Loco. Tenay has an in depth interview with Stasiak… TONIGHT? WOW! Back and forth we go, and now to the floor. Back into the ring, and Chavo is in control. Botched tilt a whirl. Oops I mean, Fantastic impromptu slam! Chavo covers for 2. PrimeTime takes control. Flies onto Chavo. Chavo with a float over… something… and PrimeTime is down! What a move! Major Guns comes into the ring and goes to attack Skipper, but ref pushes her away. Chavo rolls up, ref is late to get there. Back and forth. Belly to belly by PT. What’s this? Skipper puts the ring on! He can’t be stopped with that ring on! Chavo tries a sunset flip, but OH GOD!!! PT uses the ring and levels Chavo!
Winner: Skipper

Commercial Break

The Perfect Event… EXPLODES!!!
PerfectShawn vs. Chuck Palumbo
Nash joins the announce table. He doesn’t seem drunk at all, that guy rules. He says Shawn is jealous of Nash’s hair. I wish Shawn still used the Mr. Perfect music. Chuck no showing. Oh god, I got all excited for this match, and now POOF he doesn’t show up. Backstage, we see Chuck out cold. Look on the bright side, they are saving this match to maximize ratings and buyrate.
No Contest

Nash leaves the announce position and points at Shawn. We Want Scott hall chant amongst the 100s of great fans in attendance.

Commercial Break

Backstage. Nash: Palumbo, I’m no Columbo, but I think you got hit by this (metal slab). Nash says SOL! Hilarious!

Gene interviews Bam Bam. Crowbar attacks him.

Goldberg/BBB video package. Good to see them pushing BB as he returns in a package
with Goldberg.

Big news! Thunder starts at 9 instead of 9:05 starting next week!!!

Filthy Animals are here. Man I hope Konnan grabs the mic. He does! Does all his trademark catchphrases!! Kidman on the mic. Runs down J&O. And boogie Knights.

Filthy Animals vs. Boogie Knights
Kidman and Wright to start. Animals in control. Kidman with a guillotine legdrop. Alex sends Kidman into the ring from the floor, and Disco stomps away. Alex tags in. Announcers continue to super push him. Wright beats down Kidman. Disco back in for some stomping. BK in control. Hot Tag to Rey Jr. Cool springboard legdrop. Rey all over the place. Alex sent to the floor. Rey and Kid double team Disco. Rey goes for the buster. All four in the ring. Rey sends Disco to the floor. Kidman with a tornado bulldog on Alex. Rey flies at Disco on the floor. Kidman floats back off an Alex suplex, hits the Kid Crusher.
Winners: Animals

Commercial Break

Gene interviews Crowbar. He has BB tonight.

Sgt A-Worst vs. MENG BABY YEAH
Storm is out and he has a challenger for Wall. ITS MENG! HE IS BACK ON A VERY SPECIAL THUNDER!!! Meng looks as good as ever. Look! The Wall’s offense has no effect! Storm on commentary. He says Meng wants a spot back in WCW. Chair into the ring, and Meng uses it! Meng to the middle rope! Yes! Wall catches him and chokeslams him through a table. What a victory!
Winner: Wall

After the match, Storm gets in the ring and runs down Meng. Slaps him. The crowd is on it’s feet!! HERE IT IS! The Tongan Death Grip (claw hold of the 90s) and Storm is out.

Commercial Break

Gene interviews The Chosen One and Vampiro, which is no joke my two fave WCW guys. I’m not a big fan of this S&M Vampiro, but…

Tenay interviews Stasiak. He’s on a quest!

Commercial Break

Lance Storm vs. Norman Smiley
Lance Storm is here, but he can’t talk due to the grip before. Good amateur wrestling to start. Madden is pissing me off. Full nelsons. Back and forth covers and stuff. Norman backdrops Storm to the floor, but Storm lands on the apron and then snaps the neck of Smiley and goes to work. Lance dropkick. Lance in control. Norman with some European uppercuts and then a back elbow and cover for 2. Vertical suplex. Side Russian Legsweep. Head scissors. Smiley up. Double underhook into a suplex. Back and forth. Rollup, big wiggle by Smiley! Nice pop from the 800 fans. Windup bodyslam? Storm floats down and jawbreaker by Storm. Small package for 2, Norman rolls over for 2. Butterfly takeover called by Tony by Norman. Mule kick by Storm. This match is damn good. Mapleleaf by Storm after some bridging pin attempts.
Winner: Storm

Storm keeps the hold on until Meng makes the save!!!

Commercial Break

Bam Bam Bam vs. Crowbar
Bam Bam killing for a while. BBB goes to the floor, Crowbar flies at him and pounds on him. Crowbar in control on the floor until BBB whips him into the STEEEEEEEL railing. BBB beats him down. Desperation DDT by Crowbar. Back into the ring, and BBB chokes Crowbar instead of pinning. Inverse DDT by BB, and I believe that’s his move! Crowbar covers, kickout. Greeting From Asbury Park.
Winner: Bigelow

Gene with Booker T. Booyah, and I’m gonna get witcha. Hey, that catchphrase RULES! If he keeps this up, he will have tons of possible great catchphrases for shirts.

The Cho Cho Chosen One and Vampiro vs. Mike Awesome and A Man Called Sting
JJ on the mic. He calls Ric Flair, the NEW Jurassic Slapass. JJ calls out “Count Chocula.” Hey, Dr Rock and Da Fn Show used to call Gangrel that name! Vamp comes out. Awesome is here.

Commercial Break

Sting is here, all faces to begin. JJ and Sting settle in the ring as the other brawl on the floor. Sting and JJ go back and forth. Heels double team Sting in the ring. JJ tags in to Vampiro. Sting gets a kick to the face and pin for 2. Big splash by Sting, but Vamp gets his knees up at the last minute. Tag back to JJ. The HOT TAG to Awesome. Awesome clearing house! Listen the CROWD GO WILD!! Awesome with a flip powerbomb. Frog splash! Cover for 2 on Vampiro. Goes for a running Awesomebomb, JJ has a guitar, Sting from behind has a bat and blocks the guitar shot! Sting clears out JJ, Running Awesomebomb and pins Vampiro
Winners: Awesome and Sting


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