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411’s WCW Thunder Report 11.08.00

November 8, 2000 | Posted by Widro

WCW Thunder Report 11.8.00
Announcers are Tony, Tenay, BIG Stevie
Report by Wids

Man did my Nitro report suck or what? I will make it up to you… I promise!

Booker T threatens Mike Sanders backstage as I forget to tune in at 9:00. It’s 9:01, so I don’t know what booker T said, but it ended with “SOL you know what that means!”

Thunder open

Outrageous Evan Kourageous vs. The Former Jamie San, Jamie Knoble
Back and forth. Jamie with a move and pins Evan for 2. Brawling into the corner, Evan puts Jamie briefly in the TREE OF WOE then poses. Stomps. Jamie foot up in the corner, but Evan hits a powerslam for 2. Spinebuster. Evan poses more. Drops Jamie across the top rope. Choke. Jamie backdrops Evan to the floor, Evan holds onto the rope and flies back from the apron onto Jamie for 2. Evan dominating! Bodyslam. Sets up Jamie for a superplex. Jamie blocks. Announcers push Evan as a heel. Jamie tosses Evan off, guillotine legdrop, Jamie cant make a cover. Both up, standing switches and stuff. Jamie with rolling suplexes, northern lights bridge for 2. Lariat. Back drop. Dropkick. Ten punch count along! Evan tosses Jamie shoulder first into the STEEEEEEEL ringpost, ref turns to the floor, and 2count attacks Evan. Double teaming. Jamie back in and pins Evan.
Winner: Jamie Knoble

Jamie grabs a chair and chases off Shannon and Shane.

Commercial Break

Gene interviews Boogie Knights

WCW Hardcore Title
Reno (c) vs. Crowbar
Hardcore brawling all over the place. Moonsault onto a ladder! Reno tries to roll the dice, Crowbar tries to hit with can. DDT by Reno. Crowbar fighting back. Suplex dropped over the top by Crowbar. Sends Reno to the floor. Crowbar puts Reno on a chair on the floor, then flies at him from the apron. Brawling into the aisle. Reno has a chair and uses it on Crowbar. Brawling to the entranceway. Into the back. Crowbar takes control of the brawling. Headbutt. Fire extinguisher use on Reno. Back to the Thunder tron. Reno takes control, bodyslam on the stage. Big Vito is here! Mafia kick sends Reno off the stage. Crowbar and Reno fist pump. Splash by Crowbar from the stage onto Reno, and he wins!
Winner and NEW Hardcore champ: Crowbar

Commercial Break

During the break, Awesome and Rection congratulate Crowbar.

Gene interviews them all, they are happy for Crowbar.

Yo Yo Yo Let Me Suck Konnan w/Animals vs. Disco w/Berlyn
Kidman joins the announce table with Rey and Tygress. Konnan with a DDT early on. Disco takes control and stomps away. Snapmare. Kidman calls Alex a tall glass of milk. Disco on the middle rope, double axe attempt, Konnan attacks. Rolling thunder. Dropkick to a seated Disco. Alex goes to interfere, Kidman and Rey attack Alex. Disco goes to save Alex. Back in and he goes for Konnan. Reversal, DDT by Konnan for 2. Alex pulls Konnan to the floor. Back inside, face buster.
Winner: Konnan

Animals run off the Boogie Knights, and complains of a fast count.

Commercial Break

Backstage we see the Boogies talking to Kronic.

Gene interviews Awesome about a world title match tonight.

Madden interviews the Cat at a restaurant. Remember these two guys hate each other. They bicker about hating each other. Cat did a great job as commish, so he says. He can still whoop ass. Cat runs down Ric as old. Madden looks like a pansy in this interview. What about Battledome? He took over the whole show. This is a strange segment. Cat runs down Shane Douglas, they have a match coming up.

Commercial Break

Clips of Steiner beating up booker T at Nitro

Steiner talks to Sanders backstage about Ric.

David is out, he wants to know the father of Stacey’s baby. Didn’t they drop this? David says its Rey. Calls out Rey. Stevie: Why would Rey need another yack when he has a yack already? A yack on the side is a syack?

David Flair vs. Baggie Pants Jr.
We have an impromptu match. Rey totally dominant. Moonsault. David fights back on the floor. Suplex. Chops. Another suplex, pin for 2. Rey rebounds. Brings in Tygress for a face full of stuff. Rey jumps on for a double buster. Guillotine legdrop from the apron.
Winner: Rey

Commercial Break

Nash and the NBT come out. Now here comes PerfectShawn and Kronic. Sanders on the mic, warns Kronic. Nash says Stasiak is SOL. Sanders says Shawn is not the one who is SOL tonight, and Sanders signals, and the Thrillers all attack Nash. Stasiak on top beating Nash. For some reason, booker T comes down to save Nash? I’m actually pretty surprised, and this might be good!

Commercial Break

Replay of Nash being punked

Steiner package

Commercial Break

Gene interviews Luger. He has Goldberg and BBB in a three way dance tonight. BBB comes over and they have a plan for tonight.

Lance Storm vs. Meng w/out Golden Spike
Storm on the mic, runs down the Island of Tonga and Meng. Kwee Wee and Paisley come out with Meng. Ground swell of support for the grip in the crowd. They love it! It’s the claw hold of the new millennium. Meng handles Storm to start. When Kwee Wee gets angry, he’s “Angry Alan” says Paisley on commentary. Storm takes a breather on the floor. Duggan consoles Storm. Meng man handles Storm in that ring. Duggan on the apron, PrimeTime on the apron and hits Meng with the ring of DOOM. Storm takes control. PT and Duggan beat down Kwee Wee on the floor. Samoan drop by Meng on Storm. He leaves the ring and goes to save Kwee Wee. THE GRIP ON DUGGAN!!! GRIP ON PRIMETIME!!! AT THE SAME TIME! Damn, Meng is counted out.
Winner by CO: Storm

Kwee Wee and Storm stare down in the ring, Meng back in. and Storm runs.

Commercial Break

WCW World Title
Booker T (c) vs. Mike Awesome
Face to face! Pacing. Lockups and such. Back and forth. Brawling to the floor, and Awesome is in control. Awesome has a chair! Awesome sends Booker T into the side of the ring. Bodyslam on the floor. Into the ring, Awesome dominating. Running clothesline in the corner. He goes to the floor and gets a table. Brings it into the ring. Clotheslines Booker. Sets up table in the corner, goes for running Awesomebomb, Booker T floats back, but Awesome sends him through the table! Cover for ONLY 2. Awesome to the top for a splash, Booker T moves. Back up, Booker T rolls up Awesome out of the corner for 2. Neckbreaker by BT for 2. Sidewalk slam for 2. Axe kick! Booker T cant cover. Spin A Roony! Harlem sidekick. Book End!
Winner and STILL champ: Booker T

Commercial Break

Some chick interviews some football guy. Talks about the Power Plant. I cant really understand this guy. He is fighting the Fridge or something. Sam Greco has been training him. He has one motto: the bigger they are, the faster they train, the more they eat, the harder they fall. I have one motto: this guy sucks.

Horseface Lex vs. Bam Bam Bam vs. Goldberg
Instead of Goldberg coming out third, Kronic is here. High times for the ref. I guess that’s what Disco paid them for.

Commercial Break

Boogie Knights pays Kronic backstage. Goldberg comes out to his long entrance. It’s basically 2 on 1. Beats on both for a while. Goldberg beats Luger into the corner. BBB holds Goldberg and Luger gets free and beats on Goldberg. Luger and BBB stand around and let Goldberg get up. Finally they go back to stomping. We move to the floor. Goldberg sends BBB into a chair and he sits and slumps down. Goldberg takes Luger to the railing. BBB is back and attacks Goldberg again. Luger taking a breather. Into the ring, spear to BBB. Luger goes away. Jackhammer on BBB.
Winner: Goldberg (17-0)

Luger is pissed as he leaves.


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