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411’s WCW Thunder Report 11.15.00

November 15, 2000 | Posted by Widro

WCW Thunder Report 11.15.00
Taped From Manchester
Announcers are Tony, Tenay, Stevie Ray… that’s right, no MADDEN again!
Report by Wids

Be proud of me, I didn’t read the spoilers! I’m in a good mood, I’m pumped for the Bon Jovi show at the Meadowlands tomorrow. What’s that you say? You don’t like Bon Jovi? Well then you suck!

Nitro recap

Video of Manchester to PROVE we’re overseas.

Steiner arrives

Thunder open.

A Stickball Bat w/Big Vito vs. Reno
They are giving away the payoff to this feud on free TV! We are in luck tonight, kids. Brawling on the floor. Into the ring, chops and such. Reno takes control. Takeover, punching. Stevie talks about Vito’s sister who was on Nitro like 2 months ago. He has not said yack just yet. Vito charges out of the corner with a clothesline, mafia kick. Chops. Double arm suplex by Vito. Goes up top and big elbow. Cover for 2. Another cover for 2. Belly to back suplex. Vito having trouble on top, still hits the headbutt. Here comes J&O into the ring, J distracts ref, O kicks Vito. Reno rolls the dice.
Winner: Reno

Which part of the body is actually hurt when Reno rolls the dice? Reno grabs a mic. He calls out Crowbar for Mayhem.

Ric Flair is backstage in an office. He expects an answer about the cruiserweight title from Sanders tonight. Gives BBB a hardcore title match. The Storm vs. Rection match at Mayhem is the last match between them for the US Title.

Commercial Break

Gene with Team Canada, who luckily have Major Trash on board. Storm put the sticker back on the belt! Storm wants Booker T tonight. Gene calls Guns a bitch.

WCW Hardcore Title
Bam Bam Bam vs. Crowbar (c)
I watch more WCW than probably anyone you know, and I cant tell who’s theme music plays at least half the time. Why do some recappers spell the name as “Krobar” when WCW TV spells it as Crowbar. Cans of weapons are hung on all four ringposts. BBB puts a table into the ring. And another. And another. BBB goes into the ring, C hits him with a can. C follows to the floor, BBB takes control, puts C through a table which was resting against a guard rail. BBB send into that table now, and it breaks. We move into the ring. BBB in control in the ring. Bodyslam on a can. C fights back, and like a moron tries to slam Bam Bam, but cant and BBB sends him down. BBB to the floor, Crowbar flies at him. Back and forth. BBB brings Crowbar into the ring. Sets up a table, puts Crowbar UNDER the table! Goes to the top, but here comes Mike Awesome. Pushes BBB off the top onto the table as Crowbar rolls away. Awesome puts Crowbar on top.
Winner and STILL champ: Crowbar

Commercial Break

Gene interviews Booker T, everyone is pissing him off.

Awesome and Crowbar chat, and BBB attacks Awesome. They have a pull apart.

MIA is upset backstage. They argue about breaking up, Rection gets them together again.

Cruiserweight Title Elimination Match
Kwee Wee w/Paisley vs. Baggie Pants Jr. vs. You Can’t Powerbomb Kidman vs. C-H-A-V-O (means wacko) vs. Lash vs. PrimeTime w/Major Trash
Skipper and Chavo start. Guns tries to trip him up, Chavo breaks away and suplexes Skipper. The yacks argue on the floor, stuff is happening in the ring, but we can barely see it. Wall comes down and yells at Guns. Stevie Ray talks about putting yacks back in line. Ref sends all the yacks to the back, jack. Stevie: they’re going back to yack university. PT and Chavo back and forth. PT tags Lash, but they double team PT. Ref DQs both of MIA apparently.

Commercial Break

Kidman and Kwee Wee go at it. Kidman on offense, head scissors and dropkick. Rey is in, broncobuster on KW. Kwee Wee pins Kidman somehow, PT and KW go to double team Rey, but he dominates. KW holds Rey with a full nelson, and Kwee Wee hits a spin kick, KW gets the pin! Kwee Wee and Prime Time now go at it. Stevie says when KW doesn’t have the yack out there, he is one of the best. PT sends KW to t he floor. Here comes Duggan. Meng follow. PT turns to their fight, Kwee Wee back in and rolls up PrimeTime.
Winner and #1 contender: Kwee Wee

Meng comes in and celebrates with Kwee Wee.

Gene interviews Boogie Knights. They have a Sanders-decreed tag match against Konnan and someone who isn’t Rey or Kidman.

Commercial Break

Gene interview Sanders. If Kwee Wee comes with Meng, he will be SOL or something at Mayhem. Ric Flair comes over and makes Sander a match for tonight: someone all the way from the USA.

Tenay in an interview with Buff. Buff is frustrated. He wants a chance to help turn this ship around. He’s one of the longest lasting guys around here. He thinks he should get the chances that The Chosen One has gotten. Yeah but JJ is good in the ring, and good on the mic, unlike you Buff. He talks about being over, and how he doesn’t get opportunities. He challenges JJ for Mayhem. If you’ll remember, JJ actually hit Buff with a guitar at his WCW debut on Nitro last October.

Commercial Break

Sanders backstage is talking to Jeff on the phone. He wants a favor, Sanders says he will make Buff’s life a living hell. Yes!

WCW Title
Lance Storm w/Major Trash vs. Booyah T (c)
Clips of Gunns turning and Storm winning the US Title back. Storm wants to be serious for a minute. Calgary….. … … … Alberta Canada. Anthem. Booker T pushes Storm. They slow it down to start. They go to the floor, and Gunns distracts BT much to the chagrin of Stevie Ray. Back into the ring, Storm in control. Jawbreaker. Dropkick and BT goes to the floor. Storm follows. Back inside. Storm controls, but Booker T regains control. Axe kick and Spin a Rooney. Misses Harlem side kick, Storm dropkicks the ankle. BT does the rollup out of the corner, but Storm locks in the Maple Leaf! Booker T fighting. He fights to the ropes. Storm has a chair, Booker T to the top hits a missile dropkick Van bookerinator. Storm kicks out. Storm DDTs Booker T on the chair. Booker T kicks out. Storm up top, Booker T crotches him. Book End.
Winner and STILL champ: Booker T

Gunns into the ring, slaps Booker T! now the rest of Team Canada is here, Booker T fights them off, then Gunns hits him with the flag pole, he no sells and grabs her! Book End! Stevie Ray cackles with glee.

Commercial Break

Boogie Knights chat backstage. What if Konnan finds a partner? Alex, you have money? Germans always have money. Disco has a plan.

Mike Sanders vs. ???
Ric Flair comes out, says this match is non title, because the opponent missed the weight limit by 100 pounds. And yes, its Big Gutty out to a huge pop. I thought he only used the fans to sell merch? Nash goes to work after Sanders comes back into the ring. Nash in control. Tosses Sanders across the ring. Picks up Sanders and ROLLS SNAKE EYES!!! Big thigh across the neck on the middle rope. You know what I mean. Kicks Sanders around the ring. Side slam, and Sanders kicks out. The NBT are fighting with security backstage. Nash watches that on Thunder Vision and mocks it. Big boot by Nash. Uh oh. The straps are down! He will scare Sanders with his hideously flabby physique! Goes for the powerbomb, and finally your NBT are here, and the match is dones.
Winner by DQ: Nash

Nash fights them all off for a while, until it takes like 50 guys to beat him down. Some sign is fuzzed out. Announcers say Nash needs help against the Thrillers.

Commercial Break

Trainers tend to Nash backstage.

Boogie Knights vs. Yo Yo Yo Let Me Suck Konnan and ???
Boogie Knights music is another example. Why not use Disco Fever or Alex’s das wunderkind music? Konnan does his schtick from the entrance. Konnan said the line was long to beat up Disco, then brings out his partner, The Cat. He apparently uses the wrong promo and says he will beat their “natural born asses.” Konnan and Cat charge the ring and take control. Konnan takes control on Alex, Disco is in for a double team, and Konnan is in trouble. Disco dominating the Cat now in the ring. Disco dances, goes for elbow drop, Cat moves. Konnan in, hits Disco with a stunner! Alex makes the save. Match continues, but then Kronic music plays, they get a decent pop, and come into the ring. Konnan hits a face buster, Kronic into the ring to beat on Konnan. High Times. Ref is out apparently. Disco in, rolls onto Konnan, ref is up.
Winners: Boogie Knights

Alex asks Disco what happened as they leave victorious.

Commercial Break

Gene interviews Lex. He rips up Goldberg’s book.

I Hate Buff vs. Goldberg
Yes! They shake hands. Goldberg in full control. Buff hits a DDT, Goldberg no sells, Buff turns his back and poses. Spear. Jackhammer.
Winner: Goldberg (22-0)

But Tenay calls it 19-0, which is it? Goldberg goes back and helps up Buff? Boooooo. Hit him again. Damn. Goldberg goes and hugs some little kids.

Commercial Break

Booker T leaves

Last London Lethal Lottery LMatch
Big Poppa Pump w/Midajah vs. A Man Called Sting
Stevie calls Midajah a squack. Steiner promo.

Commercial Break

Steiner goes to work right away. Sting backdrops Steiner to the floor. Winner gets a title shot the day after Mayhem. So I’m guessing Sting wins, because either Steiner will be champ or he will have lost a title match. Sting and Steiner brawl on the floor, Sting takes control and sends Steiner back in. Face slam thing. Scream. Stinger Splash. Steiner is selling! Midajah has a straight jacket. Another SS. A third of course fails, and Steiner hits a suplex. Biceps kiss elbow drop. Pushups rather than a cover. Backbreaker gets 2. Stomps. Steiner in control. Steiner cover for 2, yells at the ref. Puts Sting in the TREE OF WOE. Chokes Sting from the floor. More pushups and Sting falls from the corner. Sting is up, hits Steiner’s head into the turnbuckle. Crucifix by Sting, Steiner holds for a moment in a fireman’s carry, Sting floats back and hits the Deathdrop. Clean pin!
Winner: Sting

After the match, Midajah into the ring, she distracts Sting, he goes to leave, she pulls him back. Steiner back up, hits Sting with the STEEEEEEEEL pipe. Oh it’s lead? Close enough. They put Sting in a straight jacket. And then beat him more with the pipe. Then a modified Recliner as we fade.


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