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411’s WCW Thunder Report 2.14.01

February 14, 2001 | Posted by Widro

WCW Thunder Report 2.14.01
Taped In A Great Arena
Announcers are Tony and Tenay
Report by Wids

Clips of the show last week. Wow those was a DAMNED good show! And look at this, exclusive POST NITRO footage of Nash being injured and shipped off. Oh no! Will he be OK?

Team Canada arrives, Storm is dressed in a suit. He’s the commish remember. He makes some matches, and then Scott Steiner comes over. Where is Ric Flair? He’s at home with David, Lance is in charge. I think there will be plenty of wackiness tonight!

Outrageous Evan Karagias and Jamie Knoble vs. Two Scrubs, I mean Two Young Up And Comers
The two new guys are named AJ Styles and Air Paris. Knoble and Styles to start, some scientific type stuff. Tenay truly is the professor as he tells us all about AJ Styles. I wonder if AJ Style is related to Spiffy Sean Styles? Back and forth, some offense by Styles on Evan. All four in the ring. Air Paris flies to the floor onto the Special Ks. Match settles back in with Evan and Paris. Styles with a head first dive (Tony) on Evan. Tenay says Styles and Paris were rivals on the indies, first time ever as a team. Guillotine legdrop by Knoble on Styles, Paris makes the save on the pin attempt. Some offense by Jamie. Matches slows a bit, but who can blame these young turks? Jamie goes for a tombstone on Styles, blocked, and Styles hits a powerbomb. Both are down… WHO WILL MAKE THAT TAG!?!?! The crowd is electric! Both make the tag, but it’s Evan Karagias who is your HOUSE A FIRE. But Air Paris does a cool reverse DVD on Jamie. Ten punch count along on Evan. Ks get it done, and they argue about who gets the pin. Styles breaks it up. Styles sends Evan to the floor. Jamie picks up Styles, Paris hits a superkick on Jamie. Attempted monkey flip by Jamie, and both fall to the floor. Evan back in! 450 splash on Styles, but Paris pulls him to the floor. That was a sick move! Shooting STYLES press by Styles on Paris by mistake, Ks with a double dropkick to the head on Styles! Evan brings Styles back into the ring. Evan and Jamie with a dropkick/powerbomb combo for the win. Good match.
Winners: Jamie and Evan

Commercial Break

Mike Sanders talks to Lance Storm backstage. He has a letter from THE Kwee Wee (who is totally awesome) and Storm wants him taken care of.

Gene talks to Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo. Damn they’re GREAT on the mic.

Big Superbrawl video package. Hot damn you better buy this show. I wont even have anyone reading my coverage, you’ll all be watching.

Commercial Break

Mark Jindrack vs. Sean O’Haire
I never though I’d see it happen as Jindrack and O’Haire EXPLODE right here on Thunder. O’Haire takes early control. Brawling moves to the floor. Damn that O’Haire is simply CRAZY! Jindrack with a cross body off the STEEEEEEEL steps. Seanton bomb off the steps by Sean! Back into the ring. Back and forth. Suplex is blocked. O’Haire tries again and Jindrack counters with a sick DDT. PerfectShawn is out on the entrance. He is such a GREAT cocky, heel, ya know? Sean to the top, somersaults over Jindrack for some reason, then hits a DVD style slam. Up top again, and Shawn looks worried. Seanton bomb!
Winner: Sean O’Haire

Commercial Break

JJ, Rick Steiner and Lance Storm chat.

THE Kwee Wee w/Stubacca as his only fan vs. Above Average Mike Sanders
Sanders slaps the taste out of Kwee Wee’s mouth, and Kwee Wee snaps and attacks. Back and forth, some sloppy, err creative stuff on the floor. Kwee Wee takes control in the ring. Kwee Wee with a 10 punch count along. Cover for a deuce. Sanders in the corner, Kwee Wee charges hard, but Sanders moves and KW hits his shoulder into the STEEEEEEL ringpost and rolls up KW in the corner with a hand full of tights.
Winner: Sanders

Commercial Break

The Wall (who is a MONSTER) and Chavo chat backstage. Chavo wants the Wall to beat up Rey Rey. What a match that promises to be, tonight and ONLY on Thunder.

Lance Storm tells Big Bryan Clarke to leave, he isn’t medically cleared. Adams comes over to threaten Storm, and Totally Buff ambush him. That was tricky!

Gene talks to Mike Awesome about The Cat tonight. Awesome cuts an amazing promo. He is so intense! Such a killer… in fact, I think he’s a Canadian Career Killer in the truest sense of the phrase!

Commercial Break

Mike Awesome vs. You Can’t Sunset Flip The Cat w/Miss Jones Is So Hot
Somebody Call My Moma sign! Look at these inbred, I mean rustic fans! Cat slaps some hands. He is such a fan favorite, what a great guy. Awesome dominates early on. What power! Cat is pounded all over the ring. Flying tackle by Awesome. Cat rebounds and hits some kicks and chops! What a varied offense he has! Awesome retakes control. Back and forth. Brawling moves to the announce position. Awesome all over Cat on the floor. Awesome MAULING The Cat, but floats back on an Awesomebomb in the ring. Awesome up top and HUGE frog splash! Cover and that’s it.
Winner: Awesome

Commercial Break

Gene talks to DDP and Dustin Rhodes. Dustin gives a superlative promo and talking the US Title. Wow he is intense. DDP says Monkey and talks about Kanyon and JJ.

Hugh Morrus and Baggie Pants Jr. vs. C-H-A-V-O (not wacko) and The Wall
Oops I looked away and missed part of this match. When Rey and Chavo are in this match it rocks, otherwise its… It’s STILL great, what am I thinking? Rey rolls up Chavo, but ref is with Hugh. Chavo goes for a Gorry Special and them slams Rey backwards. Wall in, and he beats down Rey, but pulls him up on the pin. He wants to deliver MORE punishment. What an ANIMAL (but not Road Warrior Animal tee hee). Chavo back in and works over Rey. Rey and Chavo up top. Top rope rana by Rey! He hot tags Hugh, and the former General Rection is a HOUSE ON FIRE. Tag back to Rey, Rey on Hugh’s shoulders for a HUGE splash for 2 as Wall breaks it up. Hugh hits a powerbomb on Chavo, goes for the moonsault, but Wall pulls Chavo away and Hugh moonsaults the mat. Wall ends the match with a chokeslam.
Winners: Wall and Chavo

They continue to beat down Rey after the match.

Gene interviews Totally Buff

Commercial Break

Why Would I Hate Buff vs. Yo Yo Yo Let Me NOT Suck Konnan
Man this action is so fast. These guys are both so great in the ring. After all this fast and furious in ring extravaganza, buff wisely slows it down with a side headlock. Buff goes to the middle rope, and goes for a SICK double axe, but Konnan gets his foot up. Konnan rebounds and hits his INNOVATIVE offense consisting of a somersault clothesline! Luger is out and he interferes. Adams takes out Luger, but Buff first gets the Blockbuster.
Winner: Buff

Adams checks on Buff

Scott Steiner beats up a catering table. Lance Storm gets him.

The Chosen One is out for a promo before his match. He cuts a good promo on DDP, and then brings out Dogfaced Rick who is just so good I bow to his greatness. Rick says his GOLDEN catchphrase.

Commercial Break

The Chosen One and Dogfaced Rick vs. DDP and Dustin Rhodes
All four in the ting clubberin’ as Dusty would say. Finally settles to Rick and DDP and they go at it. Dustin and JJ brawl on the floor. Into the ring, Dustin being dominated by Rick and Jarrett. JJ tags Rick, and FINALLY Dustin tags DDP, who is, for the third time tonight, your HOUSE A FIRE. Powerbomb by DDP on JJ while Rick is on the floor with Dustin, but he’s back in. Steiner bulldog on DDP, but Dustin breaks up the pin attempt. The Stroke on DDP.
Winner: Jarrett

Here comes Scott Steiner. And everyone else who has matches at Superbrawl. What a brawl! This is so great! I cant’ WAIT for Superbrawl!!!They have some guy come in and have his leg “broken” by Steiner and it looks sick.


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