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411’s WCW Thunder Report 2.28.01

February 28, 2001 | Posted by Widro

WCW Thunder Report 2.28.01
Announcers are Tony and Tenay
Report by The Mole

Clips from Nitro.

Thunder Open.

We are on the air with ANOTHER edition of WCW Thunder. I’m in a damned good mood because I correctly predicted the Mole VERY early on, so take that Murtz.

Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Tournament
The Kwee Wee and Mike Sanders vs. Jung Dragons
Sanders music is new I think. Sanders does not look happy teaming with THE Kwee Wee. Sanders and Kaz starting. Talk about being de-pushed. Poor Sanders, with Kwee Wee. Sanders sent to the floor, Kaz flies at him, Sanders moves, some maneuvering on the floor. Back inside, double asai moonsaults by the Dragons for 2. asai moonsault invented by the Ultimo Dragon, and he trained the Jung Dragons! Kwee Wee starts pulling hair and stuff. Tony: I think that happened to Kwee Wee one too many times in his career. Tag to Sanders, and he and Yang go at it. Damn Yang is so damn sloppy. Back and forth we go. Stubacca: I cant believe Kwee Wee is not dead from that horrifically sloppy powerbomb. Twisting corkscrew moonsault by Yang (Tenay: Yang Time!).
Winners: Dragons

Commercial Break

Stasiak on the cell in the back of a limo. My god, who is driving?? Its Smooooooooth! Then Stasiak signs a picture for him and calls him kid.

Here comes Booker T for a promo. He thanks everyone for the love. He says he wants to tell people why he’s been gone for 2 months. It’s actually 3 months, but let’s not play semantics. Booker is talking extra ethnic tonight. Calls out Steiner to get his World Title back. And here is that siren and here is your World Champion. Flair stops Steiner. Arguing. Mockery. Give some get some. Booker T, c’mon say it. SAY IT. Don’t Hate the Playa, Hate the Game. Ahhhhh. That’s sweet.

Commercial Break

Chavo talks to Johnny Swinger and Jason Lee, he wants them to take out Shane.

PerfectShawn vs. Johnny The Bull
Shawn Stasiak is here and cutting a CRAPPY promo. What is this hairdo? He combs it all back but is balding. Back and forth action ™. Crowd is chanting for cheese sandwiches. Brawling moves to the floor. Back into the ring, and Stasiak does a cool catapult that looked damn stiff. Shawn in control. Powerslam and legdrop and legdrop again. Shawn into the corner. Stasiak clothesline and again. Covers for 2. Up and JTB with a DDT. We move to the floor. Back inside, and JTB covers for 2. Jindrack hits JTB from the crowd. Vito tries to come out, and Rick Steiner blocks him and they brawl in the back. Neckbreaker by Shawn.
Winner: Shawn

After the match, Shawn signs an 8X10 leaves it on JTB’s chest.

Commercial Break

Shane Helms with a backstage promo. He is a marked man in the cruiserweight division. He wants to prove to Jimmy Hart he is the man.

Disco confronts Chuck, and Chuck has a match tonight with Disco.

Storm and Awesome talk about Konnan and the tag champs.

Commercial Break

Johnny Swinger w/Jason Lee vs. Shane Helms
I’m a huge Helms mark for those who don’t know. Wasn’t Jason Lee in Chasing Amy and Dogma? Lockups and stuff. Back and forth running and stuff. Shane with a hair pull slam. Goes up top. Swingers pulls Helms out of the corner for a powerbomb-ish move. Swinger sends Helms to the floor, where Lee works him over a bit. Cobra clutch Russian leg sweep by Swinger for 2. Why are the announcers harping on Swinger leaving WCW? Snapmare by Swinger. Sleeper, Shane elbows out. Fireman’s carry into a gutbuster. Neckbreaker and Shane Helms gets some offense. But both are down. Tenay calls Helms the sensation of innovation. Sugar Smack! Lee distracts on the apron. Shane takesout Lee on the floor, back in high cross body from the top, but momentum pulls them over and Swinger covers for 2. Swinger misses a slingshot from the apron. Lee in, Nightmare on Helms Street. Shane gets the Vertebreaker!
Winner: Shane

Chavo attacks after the match, Shane escapes. Chavo argues with Lee and gives him a brain buster.

Konnan wizzity-walks. O’Haire and Chuck talk to Konnan, they cant have his back because of a no interference rule. He understands.

Commercial Break

Konnan vs. Mike Awesome
Brawling. Awesome tosses Konnan into the corner. Brawling to the floor. Back inside, Awesome with a flying tackle from the apron. Butterfly suplex for 2. Konnan tries to fight back, no dice and German suplex by Awesome. Awesome controls. Sleeper by Awesome. Crowd is dead. Konnan back with a slam. Awesome goes for the Running Awesomebomb, and hits it. Wow basically a squash.
Winner: Awesome

Commercial Break

Totally Buff approached by Disco backstage. Buff doesn’t know his name. Disco wants backup, TB mocks him.

Booker T package

Commercial Break

Disco vs. Chuck Palumbo
Back and forth action ™. Dropkick by Chuck. He uses those SUPER HARD RIGHT HAND PUNCHES and Disco to the floor. Back into the ring, a neckbreaker and a lariat by Disco. Snapmare. Knee to the back. Disco actually controlling here. Chuck takes control. Stomps, high knee. Here are Totally Buff. Jungle kick by Chuck.
Winner: Palumbo

Totally Buff attacks Chuck after the match. Here comes O’Haire for the save. And Rick Steiner and Big Vito and it’s a brawl.

Commercial Break

Rick Steiner vs. Big Vito
They were already in the ring from the brawl. They brawl more with Steiner of course in control. Brawling moves to the floor. Rick appears to be using a rare Slovakian version of brawling. Back into the ring. Rest hold by Steiner. Vito with a jawbreaker and a suplex. Big Vito Special! Only 2. Powerslam by Rick. Rick wins.
Winner: Steiner

Commercial Break

Promos and stuff

Scott Steiner walks

Booker T walks

Commercial Break

Non Title
Booker T vs. Scott Steiner
Non title folks. Brawling, and Booker T sends Steiner to the floor. WCW Greed logo! Back and forth in the ring. Clothesline by Booker T and side slam for 2. Steiner starts to take control. Steiner beats on Booker T on the floor. Into the ring, Booker T rolls up Steiner for 2. Harlem sidekick for 2. Steiner goes for a belly to belly superplex, Booker knocks him down and missile dropkick for 2. Book End? No Steiner gets out. Kick, Steiner grabs Booker, tries a suplex, Booker blocks. Axe kick by Booker T. Spin A Roony by Booker T and here comes Rick Steiner to mess it all up.
Winner by DQ: Booker T

Steiners double team, here comes DDP. Diamond Cutter on Rick. On Scott. The rest of the Magnificent 7 is here, Booker and DDP escape through the crowd.


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