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411’s WCW Thunder Report 3.14.01

March 14, 2001 | Posted by Widro

WCW Thunder Report 3.14.01

Announcers are Awful as usual


Report by Widro

Recaps from Nitro

Evan and Shannon vs. Rey and Kidman

Rey and Kidman are of course, former World Tag Team Champions, but now they are in this division. Rey has the half mask again. How bad was Survivor tonight? Kidman and Shannon start. Back and forth action ™. Rey tagged in and a sweet split legged moonsault for a pair on Shannon. Rey and the other tangle on the apron. Evan in, he’s the powerhouse of the cruiserweights, and does a spinebuster on Rey for 2. Double team, and Evan hip tosses Shannon onto Rey Rey. Announcers hype Midajah mystery. Double teaming on Shannon. Evan and Kidman to the floor. Action continues. Evan and Kidman in the ring. Guerilla press by Evan. Both are down. Rey and Shannon both in, and Rey with a press, and then a moonsault. Spinning DDT. Evan hits the 450 splash on Rey. Kidman in, goes for Crusher on Evan, Shannon hits Bottoms Up on Kidman, Rey breaks up the pin. Rey backdrops Evan to the floor. Spinning kick on Kidman by Shannon. Shannon by himself against both. Rey takes control, broncobuster. What’s up headbutt attempt, Evan crotches Rey and goes for superplex. Shannon levels Kidman. Rey tosses Evan down to the floor. Rey to the floor. Shannon flies at them. Kidman flies at them. Kidman and Shannon into the ring. Kidman catches Shannon, Rey hits a missile dropkick with Kidman holding Shannon and that’s the pin.

Winners: Rey and Kidman

Kid Romeo and PT are here for some brawling to set up the title match at Greeeeeed.

Commercial Break

DDP is here for a promo. Calls out Dustin for fun. Ric Flair appears on camera. Flair says Scott Steiner is off tonight. Booker T and the Cat are out. Great news! We have a tag main event with DDP and Dustin vs. Jarrett and THE RATINGS MADMAN Rick Steiner. Flair says are they live or on Memorex, and Rick and JJ attack DDP and Dustin in the ring.

Commercial Break

Alex Wright vs. Jason Jet

Back and forth. This is looking like a squash to me. Wow some offense by this Jason Jet guy, afterburner. Standing moonsault. Jet is EZ Money, and looks way better than he did in ECW. Alex retakes control. Alex knocks Jet to the floor. Snap suplex by Wright. Goes for another, Jet rolls him up for 2. Alex beats him down. Jason Jet fighting back. Dropkick by Jet. Release vertical suplex and Jet wins! To think last month Alex was #1 contender for the World Title! That release suplex is called Crash Landing.

Winner: Jason Jet

Alex is upset.

Commercial Break

Flair talks to Totally Buffed.

Booker T promo.

Commercial Break

Shawn Stasiak w/Stacey vs. Reno

Shawn cuts his typical promo, and Reno comes out and they brawl. Tenay mentions the NBT to shock me. Back and forth, Shawn takes control and stomps Reno into the corner. Shawn goes to work. Mecca of Manhood is SO GAY why do they keep calling him that. Reno floats over on a suplex and tries some offense, but bulldog by Shawn. Slooooooow action. Reno goes to ROLL THE DICE, but Shawn reverses it into the super lame neckbreaker.

Winner: Shawn

Post match, Shawn poses and Stacey dances. BBB attacks after the match.

Commercial Break

Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire vs. Totally Buffed

Isn’t this the match at the PPV? Oh it’s elimination rules. Double-teaming both ways. Luger and O’Haire now go at it. Oh it’s “4way elimination.” I should pay better attention to the announcers, but I’ve trained myself to tune them out. Both TB are tagged in, so they attack O’Haire. Chuck in, sends Buff to the floor and curiously does crotch chops. Luger levels him. Buff clips Chuck from behind, and Luger pins him. O’Haire is left against Totally Buffed. He clotheslines both! Chuck doesn’t go away, and beats on Buff on the floor. Sidekick by O on Luger. Luger gets his foot on the bottom rope, Chuck pushes it off and Sean pins Luger for his fourth straight loss. Buff vs. Sean. Sean controlling. Goes up top. Long distance Seanton bomb.

Winner: Sean O’Haire

Judging by WCW TV last couple weeks, Totally Buffed are shoo-ins for the tag belts, but you never know.

Commercial Break

Disco meets with Sanders and asks him to be his tag partner. Sanders says he doesn’t need this kind of heat. Flair comes out of his office, in front of which Sanders is waiting, and asks Sanders to unclog tonight. Sanders says he’d rather tag with Disco than unclog the crapper, let him get the gear.

Rhodes/Flair/JJ package

Commercial Break

Flair asks Animal to interrogate DDP and Dustin as “only you can do.” Flair then whispers to Buff the cameraman “if its anyone, it’s Animal!”

Shane Helms vs. Kwee Wee

Vertabreak-uh. This entrance RULES. I should put Shane at #1 on the WCW Rankings. Kwee Wee is horrible. Tony talks about the new owners. Damn you all for making me listen to the commentary. Back and forth stuff. Tenay putting Helms way over. Kwee Wee bashes Shane’s head into the mat. Suplex by KW for 2. Shane getting beaten so far, this sucks. Shane fights back, but Kwee Wee hits a bridged Northern lights suplex for 2. Sugar Smack! Tony must be a fan of Shane, because he knows all his moves. Shane goes for the Vertebreaker, Kwee Wee floats back. Sunset flip by Kwee Wee. Vertebreaker as Shane is back up. Nice

Winner: Shane Helms

Chavo attacks again after the match. Shane fends him off.

Commercial Break

Disco and Mike Sanders vs. Konnan and Hugh Morrus

Lots of action. Sanders and Disco go to work. Sanders controlling on Konnan. Tenay blows me away by remembering that Konnan and Hugh Morrus were a team as part of the Dungeon of Doom! Wow! Konnan in peril, which means I will wait for your hot tag to the Fat Man. Ah here it is. Hugh tosses them around. Whips them both into the corner and hits a double Ho Train. Double team clothesline by Konnan and Hugh. Konnan covers Disco for 2. Konnan uses the stunner. Morrus up top, moonsault.

Winners: Konnan and Hugh

Commercial Break

Backstage, Buff sees Animal laid out

Steiner/DDP package

Commercial Break

Rick and JJ vs. DDP and Dustin

Back and forth. Brawling all over, and then Rick ad JJ beat down DDP. Rick with a jawbreaker on Page. Page tags in Dustin, but the ref doesn’t see it. The ref is Nick Patrick, who is the senior ref in WCW. They don’t count his time as the nWo ref I guess. Finally Page gets your hot tag, and Dustin is a house a fire. Rick takes out the ref. Joy. Here comes Ric Flair. He counts the pin. DDP decks Flair. Swinging neckbreaker by Page on Rick. Stroke on Dustin.

Winner: JJ and Rick.

Luger, Buff are here. O’Haire and Chuck are here. Storm is here. Awesome. Hugh and Konnan are here. Its pandemonium.


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