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411’s WWE 24 Report: Royal Rumble 2022

April 1, 2022 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Brock Lesnar Royal Rumble Image Credit: WWE

-Sure, give me more content! I figured I would get this one in before Hall of Fame tonight and for the 4-5 people that read my Level Up review that show it supposed to be available just before 1 AM. Who needs sleep? Let’s get to it!

-Run Time: 46:52

-Various stars talk about the Rumble being fun as it is the start of The Road to WrestleMania. We see classic Rumble moments from the past. It seems this will focus on Riddle, Theory, Lita, Knoxville, and Lashley. Then before we hit the show open, Ronda Rousey’s music hits.

-This is WWE 24: Royal Rumble, St Louis, MO

-Day of Rumble with stars arriving and we see Kevin Owens shaking hands with The Undertaker. Edge and Beth Phoenix are in the crowd and Beth marks out over the fact she is on the souvenir chair. Edge thanks Pat Patterson for The Rumble. Nice!

-We flashback to an interview with Pat Patterson where he talks about the idea of The Royal Rumble. Ben Brown (WWE archivist) goes over that Vince let Pat test the idea at Kiel Auditorium in 1987 with a 12 Man Royal Rumble. They show the poster for it and that’s pretty cool to see. He then shows us Patterson’s booking shoots and that first Rumble was won by One Man Gang as he eliminated JYD last. Next in the book Pat has a meeting listed with Dick Ebersol in Jan. Vince told Pat to tell Dick his dumb idea and Patterson pointed out it wasn’t a dumb idea. Ebersol was all in and it was given a TV slot and everyone loved it. Vince then put it on PPV the next year. Ben brings more history as the WrestleMania Main Event spot started in 1993 with Yokozuna winning.

-Michelle McCool loved when Shawn entered at 1 and won the entire thing. She puts over his endurance, but I believe that was the year it was 1 minute per entry, so it wasn’t as impressive as others. Thankfully they never went back to 60 seconds. Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins talk about what it meant to win The Royal Rumble. Asuka wins the first Woman’s Royal Rumble in 2018 and then Becky in 2019. Becky is nearly in tears as we flash back to her talking about the win in the back after the match.

-Back in The Dome as they start to put the WrestleMania sign in place. Austin Theory is taking it all in as this will be the biggest crowd he has ever wrestled in front of. He says he was last at The Rumble in 2010 as a fan. Edge won that Rumble and we see Theory meeting Edge backstage now. Theory gets his haircut as he talks about how he said he would do this and now he is here. He was told by family and friends he would outgrow this wrestling thing. It seems Theory was at WrestleMania XXVII in Atlanta and was also at Axxess. I was there as well and that’s kind of cool actually! We see Theory footage from Evolve and he was given a WWE try-out in 2018 and all he wanted was to make sure he gave everything he had. He makes his NXT debut in late 2019 and he was trying to figure out what WWE wanted. He realized he was being too serious and started to show more personality. He started taking selfies and laying people out and was drafted to RAW. He then became Mr. McMahon’s protege. Theory says the first day went well and Vince liked it. He tried to take in everything Vince was telling him.

-Kofi talks about the energy of the fans and naturally we see all of the crazy stuff that Kofi has done in The Rumble over the years. Sadly, it didn’t go well for Kofi this time. He loves exploiting the rule that both feet have to hit the floor. We see Naomi doing similar things in the Woman’s Rumble. Titus O’Neil shows up and gives Kofi a hug. Kofi compliments him on his wardrobe and starts barking with him.

-Oh man, we know where this is leading. THE TITUS FALL AT THE GREATEST ROYAL RUMBLE! It’s shown in full and I swear you could hear Corey’s soul leave his body with laughter. We get a montage of other comedic spots: Drew Carey, Truth thinking it’s a ladder match, Santino elimination, and Cena/Batista botched ending. Sadly, no mention of Vince tearing both quads.

-Next surprise entries: Cena in MSG to a massive pop, AJ Styles WWE debut (I watch that video several times a year still), Edge returning in 2020.

-Riddle tells Priest he wants to get his hands on Knoxville. Priest: “I don’t want to hurt him, but I want to hit him really hard.” We see Knoxville practice his entrance and Doudrop asks him if he hurt his knee and he admits it was his balls. Knoxville marks out meeting Jerry Lawler and feels ashamed wearing a crowd around him. We see footage of Brock putting Wee-Man through a table in a restaurant. McAfee talks about growing up with Jackass and he thinks Knoxville may kill someone. Wee-Man writes “burnt toast” next to Brock’s name that points to where his dressing room is.

-More from McAfee as he talks about how every year there are some returns from WWE Legends. That brings us Lita as she says she was living her regular life and got the call about doing The Rumble and she felt it would be fun. She returns on SmackDown as she promises she has one more run left in her. Lita says WWE has been her home since 1999 and we see her debut with Essa Rios and the daredevil stuff she would do compared to other female wrestlers in WWE. She talks about taking a break from wrestling and when she checked back in the belt was pink. She says Divas wrestling felt separate from everything else on the show. She was honored to be the person to introduce the new Title and end the run of the pink belt. To her it was the beginning of a new era. We get some cool video of Lita talking to Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha after Mania 31 and congratulating them on raising the bar. Lita introduces her dog to some of the women in the back. She knows the women she is in there with tonight and they are very good, so she has to shine just as bright as they do. She wants to test herself against these women and elevate everyone.

-AJ Styles talks about how The Rumble is more than just The Rumble match. We see highlights from Taker/Shawn casket match, Jack/HHH at MSG, Rock pinning CM Punk, and AJ stealing the show with John Cena. AJ is pumped for Lashley/Lesnar because he wants to see these two monster athletes tear each other apart. Lashley says it is going to be fun. He talks about living a dream and how he has been compared to Brock since day one. He has wanted this challenge his entire career. They both come from amateur backgrounds and made the transition to WWE. We see Brock beating Rock for the WWE Title. Lashley debuts in 2005 and again, he was compared to Brock from his first appearance. Rosenberg says this is his dream match and he was fantasy booking it over a year ago. We get funny Brock with his awesome knock knock joke on RAW. MVP says he has never met anyone as self motivated as Lashley. When he is bored, angry, or tired he trains. Lashley doesn’t see anything in his career being bigger than tonight.

-Show time and it starts with Reigns vs. Rollins. We follow Seth, rocking The Shield gear, to his go position and he makes his entrance through the crowd with The Shield music. They flashback to footage of The Shield, but make sure to only show Rollins and Reigns. Sorry Mox! Reigns beats Rollins down with a chair for the DQ.

-In the trainer’s room Lita gets her neck worked on as he woke up the day before with a sore neck and shoulder. She says she isn’t injured, but it is messing with his confidence. She is babying it with stretching and keeping it warm. We see the women getting ready backstage including Mickie James. Brie Bella hits the Yes chants and we see her daughter cheering for her backstage. Aww! They mention Mickie James and show the belt while noting she is Impact Women’s Champion. There you go! Lita makes her entrance at 26 as the announcers put over that she inspired an entire generation. She says the fans being excited made her realize she was exactly where she needed to be and was doing exactly what she was supposed to do. She gets to eliminate Mickie James which doesn’t hurt Impact’s Champion as she was eliminated by a Hall of Famer. The real surprise is at 30 as Ronda Rousey makes her return. Lita gets sent packing by Charlotte and it comes down to her and Ronda. Shocking! Ronda gets the win and is heading to WrestleMania. Ronda tells us she always wanted to be a surprise entrant in The Rumble and she had her baby in September and started stressing to get in shape in time. The women give a lot of love to Lita backstage and she is appreciative of their compliments and stories.

-We blow through the next few matches of Lynch Doudrop and The Grit Couple vs The It Couple. Edge and Beth celebrate with their daughters. I am sucker for family celebrations.

-Lashley gets in another work-out to get set for his match with Brock. He is just giddy for this one and knows he is 100% ready for this. Lashley tells us he wanted to take Brock’s best shot to show that he was still there. They throw each other around the ring and have a HOSS fight as expected. The ref gets knocked down which brings in Roman Reigns to hit the spear and Lashley is the New WW Champion! Knoxville gives Lashley a “good job” as he is taking pictures with The Jackass crew. Lashley does a phone interview with SI and talks about his kids. He is writing his resume now for his Hall of Fame spot. I don’t think he has anything to worry about there as he has a slam dunk case.

-Theory tells us he is trying to keep his routine the same like he does on RAW, but he knows what is on the other side of that curtain. AJ Styles and Nakamura start of The Rumble and Austin Theory soon joins them. Others enter and get eliminated. Wee-Man tells Knoxville he didn’t come all the way to St Louis to see him lose. McAfee: “A Jackass has entered The Royal Rumble.” Knoxville takes a bit of a beating and gets eliminated by Knoxville. Knoxville gets props in the back for his WrestleMania sign point. See, even a running gag for all of them. Theory gets a good run, but gets tossed. He knows this is a hard moment to top in his life as he is now part of history. The match continues and Bad Bunny makes a surprise appearance and hits a Bunny Destroyer on Riddle. Brock enters at 30 and no way he isn’t winning. He mauls everyone including sending Shane packing. Brock eliminates Drew McIntyre to get the win.

-Knoxville tells us his goal is still to be World Champion. “Hello, I am Johnny Knoxville, and that was The Royal Rumble.”

-That was solid as most episodes in this series have been over the years. I love the backstage stuff and they brought the history here. The archived items that belonged to Patterson where enough to make this one a winner. Thanks for reading and I’ll see everyone tonight for Hall of Fame coverage.