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411’s WWE Backlash PPV Report 4.26.09

April 26, 2009 | Posted by Larry Csonka

WWE BACKLASH 2009: 04.26.09

According to 411’s JP Prag, who is live at the event, the dark match saw Kofi Kingston defeat Dolph Ziggler.

-LIVE from Providence, Rhode Island!

-Jim Ross, Michael Cole and The King are the announce team for tonight.

ECW Title Match: Jack Swagger © vs. Christian

Swagger shoots and takes down Christian with a double leg. Front facelock by Swagger, to the feet and to the ropes they go. Slaps by Christian, off the ropes and a spin kick lands for Christian. To the 2nd rope and the uppercut connects. Side headlock by Christian, off the ropes and a big shoulder block by Swagger. He gets another and Christian is down. Press slam by Swagger sends Christian ALL THE WAY to the floor! You can’t do that to Captain Charisma! Swagger tosses Christian back in and covers for 2. Off the ropes and a knee to the gut by Swagger. Swagger works the seated bear hug. Christian to his feet, but gets slammed back down, and Swagger rolls it into a cover for 2. Swagger slams Christian down again, keeping Christian grounded. To the feet again, elbows by Christian, to the corner and Christian avoids him, but then gets slammed down as Christian goes for the boots. Bear hug by Swagger now, leans forward and Christian’s shoulders are down for 2. Swagger pulls him back up, but Christian escapes with rights. Press slam countered by Christian, but Swagger catches him with a side back breaker for 2. Swagger works the waistlock/bear hug on the mat again. Christian works to his feet, knees by Swagger, to the corner and Christian avoids him and gets the double boots. Christian then charges Swagger, but eats a knee to the gut. Christian counters the Vader splash with the knees, and works to get to his feet. He does, rights to Swagger, forearm off the ropes and then the back elbow. Tornado DDT countered but Christian gets a sunset flip for a close 2. Swagger looks for the Doctor Bomb, countered by Christian, Swagger with clubbing blows, and then slams Christian to the corner. Sets Christian up top, follows but knocked down. Tornado DDT connects this time! Christian covers for a close 2. Swagger back with the Uranage. Christian with the arm drag and Swagger to the floor. To the apron they go, Swagger looks for a GERMAN from the apron, they fight, Christian holds on, back elbows and Christian flips him into the ring. Up top goes Christian, Swagger nails him, BACKDROP to Christian off of the top! Top rope Vader splash by Swagger gets 2! Swagger grabs Christian, Kill switch countered, Swagger slams Christian to the corner, but Christian with the roll up for another close 2! Swagger with the classic Oklahoma Stampede for a VERY close 2! Swagger is pissed, and now takes the cover off of the buckle. Christian does the same, Swagger misses the charge, eats the buckle, KILL SWITCH! 1…2…3!

Winner and NEW ECW CHAMPION Christian @ 11:00 via pin
Rating: ***¼

-Tommy Dreamer, Finlay and Bourne offer congrats to Christian, who then meets up with Edge! Edge says Christian must think he is better than him, but in hours Edge will win his title back. Christian asks what Edge’s deal is, and says he used to be fun. But now he is a bitter lunatic. Edge says Cena is his problem, he was fun before John Cena. Cena changed him into a lunatic. Edge will be fun again, when he is the world champion one more time.

Chris Jericho vs. Ricky “THE FUCKING DRAGON” Steamboat

Jericho is hesitant to begin things. Steamboat is in even better shape than at WM, leaner. Steamboat with the takedown, and Jericho goes to the ropes. They shove each other, off the ropes, Steamboat to the floor and then backing. Baseball slide to Jericho, and then the slingshot PLANCHA~! Chops by Steamboat, arm drags follow and into the arm bar he goes. “YOU STILL GOT IT CHANTS” for Steamboat. Jericho works to his feet, Steamboat continues to work the arm and takes Jericho back down. Jericho to his feet, rights by Jericho, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Jericho. Off the ropes and a VINTAGE arm drag by Steamboat. Steamboat keeps the arm, but a right by Jericho breaks that. Chops by Steamboat, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Steamboat. Steamboat over the top, skin the cat but Jericho clotheslines him to the floor. Jericho with the springboard dropkick connects on Steamboat. Back suplex by Jericho, rights follow and then he slaps Steamboat and calls him washed up! Snap mare into the modified headlock by Jericho and he demands that the ref ASKS HIM! Steamboat fights to his feet, chops to Jericho, off the ropes and another arm drag by Steamboat. Jericho avoids another, and then a cover for 2. Jericho works the chinlock, Steamboat to his feet and elbows to Jericho. Back suplex by Steamboat, but Jericho holds on. Jericho demands that Steamboat is finished, but he will not quit. Steamboat works to his feet once again, forearms to the gut of Jericho, to the corner and a counter by Steamboat sends Jericho into the corner! Kicks by Steamboat, they battle up top and Steamboat looks for a belly to back suplex, all the way up top…AND CONNECTS~! Steamboat covers 1…2…NO! Rights by Jericho, off the ropes and chops to Jericho. Back fist and a cover for 2 by Steamboat. Back elbow by Jericho, but then runs into the powerslam by Steamboat for 2. Chops by Steamboat, off the ropes and a boot by Jericho, Enziguri lands and Jericho covers for 2. Jericho gets the bulldog, liontamer countered and Steamboat looks for the electric chair, countered into the walls! Steamboat counters, rolls, and sloppily goes for the figure four and gets it. Jericho rolls and gets the ropes. To the apron, Steamboat backdrops Jericho into the ring, and Steamboat up top, Jericho hits the post on a charge, CROSS BODY by Steamboat gets a CLOSE 2! TO the corner, boot by Steamboat, to the top and leaps into the CODE BREAKER! Jericho covers, 1…2…NO! Steamboat gets the ropes. Jericho though the won and is PISSED OFF! Jericho slaps Steamboat, grabs him, slam try, roll up by Steamboat and that gets a close 2! Jericho gets the walls again, and Steamboat has to tap.

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 12:00 via submission
Rating: ***

-After the match the ref helps up Steamboat, and he gets a good reaction from the crowd. Thank you Ricky.

-Santino tries to talk Beth into kissing Khali, and fails. Santino is not amused by this at all and is very worried.

CM Punk vs. Kane

Kicks by Punk to begin. Kane tries to attack, but Punk continues with the kicks. Rights by Punk now, and backs off. Kane takes Punk to the corner, big rights connect and Kane whips Punk to the corner, Kane eats a boot, and Punk gets the cross arm breaker in the corner, and has to break. Punk off of the top with the knee to the shoulder. Punk dropkicks Kane to the floor, flies over the ropes, but Kane catches him, tries the chokeslam and Punk kicks Kane away and then gets a clothesline off of the apron. Back in the ring they go and Punk works the top wristlock. Kicks by Punk, but Kane whips him to the mat and Punk slides into the steel post. Baseball slide dropkick by Kane crushes Punk in the corner and he slides to the floor. Kane rolls him back in and covers for 2. Kane works a body scissors, Punk tries to escape, but can’t. Back elbows by Punk, he finally gets out and misses the corner knee and eats a clothesline. Side back breaker by Kane, bends Punk over his knee and Punk with rights to escape. Off the ropes, boot by Punk, GOOZLE by Kane, but the chokeslam is countered into the single arm DDT by Punk! Punk with the kicks again, but Kane slams him to the corner. Misses the charge and gets a tarantula type hold. Big boot by Kane, he goes up top but eats an enziguri by Punk. Punk scoops Kane off of the top for a GTS try…Kane escapes. Corner knee by pink, bulldog follows and he covers for 2.Punk to the apron, slingshots in and Kane KILLS him with a right and covers for 2. Kane looks for the side slam, but Punk works it into the arm bar. Kane fights to his feet and gets the side slam for 2. Kane calls for the chokeslam, GOOZLE misses, kicks by Punk, slap and back fists all connect. Kane catches him as he tries another, CHOKESLAM and that is all.

Winner: Kane @ 9:00 via pin
Rating: **½

-We get a video package for Matt vs. Jeff.

I Quit Match: Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

They circle and talk shit, Jeff to work with the kicks and punches right away and then beats down Matt in the corner. Jeff takes Matt down, leg drop to the balls and a basement dropkick. Matt rolls to the floor, baseballs slide by Jeff and then the slingshot plancha! Jeff slams Matt to the barrier, moves the steps and then runs off of them ala poetry in motion. Back to the ring they go, corner clothesline by Jeff, another, and then the corner dropkick connects. Jeff lays the boots to Matt, leg drops as payback from Smackdown follow. Jeff to the 2ns rope and gets another leg drop. The ref checks on Matt, who refuses to quit. Clubbing shots to the back by Jeff, and now gets a sleeper. Jeff is on the back of Matt, the ref checks but Matt slams Jeff to the corner and escapes. Rights by Matt, Jeff fights back, goes for the whisper in the wind, but Matt pushes him off all the way to the floor! Matt to the floor as Jeff refuses to quit and Matt sets him by the corner post and slams his leg off of the steel. Again and Matt looks to destroy the knee. Jeff refuses to quit. Matt wraps the legs around the post, and then back in the ring. Chop block by Matt, and now Matt gets the figure four! Jeff refuses to quit, and Matt keeps it locked on. Matt eventually releases the hold and then attacks the knee with drop downs. Matt then keeps kicking the legs out from under Jeff, and again locks in the figure four. Jeff refuses to quit, Jeff reverses the hold, and Matt now refuses to quit. Matt releases, grabs the leg of Jeff and Jeff to his feet. Jeff misses the enziguri, and Matt works the single leg crab. Jeff again refuses to quit, but Matt keeps working the hold. He releases the hold and is pissed. Leg drop by Matt, sets Jeff up top now, and into the tree of woe. Matt works the choke on Jeff and he still won’t quit. Matt picks him up and then goes up top with him. Back elbows by Jeff, whisper in the wins by Jeff connects! Both men are down, they get to their feet and trade rights, mule kick by Jeff and then lock sin the Texas Cloverleaf! Matt taps, but that’s no good, the ref asks and he won’t quit. Matt gets to the ropes, Jeff lets him go and well, looked to go for the twist of fate, Matt takes the bump for no reason as Jeff hits the ropes. They do it again, hits and Jeff gets the swanton. Matt won’t quit, so Jeff kicks him in the face and goes up top and gets another swanton. Jeff rolls to the floor, and he gets a table. He slides the table in, sets it up, and Matt rolls to the floor. Jeff gets the twist of fate on the floor, and then tosses Matt back in. he lays Matt on the table and then gets rope and duct tape! He tapes Matt’s feet together, and then his hands. Jeff gets the ropes and ties Matt to the table. Jeff now goes to the floor and gets a ladder, he asks Matt, but he won’t quit. Jeff sets the ladder up and then climbs the ladder. Matt says he is sorry and says he loves Jeff. He says a brothers bond is too strong and not to listen to the crowd. They can do it all again, together. He says their mom wouldn’t want this. Wow, a mid-match promo. Matt says he loves him, but Jeff sets at the top. Matt quits! Jeff ass bombs him through the table anyway.

Winner: Jeff Hardy @ 19:00
Rating: ***

-Todd Grisham is with Randy Orton. Orton says he has something to say to Dave Batista. He has Legacy and he is his own man, but Batista is still doing the work for HHH. In a matter of minutes, it will all be over, so be careful Dave, don’t get DQ’d, you wouldn’t want to lose the title for HHH. Batista needs to face facts, he is still all about the game. Orton says he will see him out there.

The Khali Kiss Cam
Sideburns says that Khali has chosen Miss WrestleMania, and now, Khali will make Santina feel like a real woman. Santina makes her way to the ring. Santina says that she would love to kiss Khali, but she says she hasn’t because she isn’t who she says she is. Sideburns says Khali demands an explanation. Santina has been trying to pass as something she’s not, single. She’s in love with another man. She would be betraying him if she kissed Khali. Sideburns says that Khali demands to know who. Santina says that it is JR. Apparently JR calls her his little slobberknocker, and has been courting her since WM XXV. Santina loves him. JR just died a little inside. Sideburns says that Khali didn’t realize this, and Khali understands this, and that Santina doesn’t have to kiss him anymore. IF…Santina proves her love to JR. Cole calls JR “Mr. BBQ man” and JR asks who fed him that line. Tremendous. Santina says she may faint, and Beth Phoenix along with Rosa comes to the ring. She is pissed and says that she challenges her for the Miss WrestleMania crown. Christ. Sideburns says that this is a tender moment, and Beth tells Khali that Santina is Santino. THAT’S A MAN BABY! Beth gets attitude and calls Punjab women ugly and then says Khali is a big idiot for believing in this. JUDO CHOP to Beth. Khali tosses her down and Santina pins Beth. Santina dances, and celebrates. Khali then corners Santina, Santina tries to run and Khali pulls her top off. Santina runs away like a retarded monkey.

$39.95 ladies and gentlemen.

WWE Title Match: HHH ©, Batista and Shane McMahon vs. Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes
The title can change hands on a Count Out or DQ

And HHH and Orton battle to the floor before the match begins. They brawl backstage, and now HHH comes back and Orton is not with him. Cody and Ted argue with the ref, but he starts the match as a 3 on 2. Batista works over Ted, slams him to the corner and works the shoulder rams. Cody in, hard whip to the corner, running boot by Batista follows. Tag to Shane, and he and Batista work the Demolition finisher on Cody. HHH tags in, lays the boots to Cody and then whips him to the corner. Cody slammed to the corner again, crotch chop by HHH and he kicks Cody in the face. Cody manages a boot to HHH, tag to Ted and he eats a clothesline. Shane tags in, and he and HHH work the Hart Attack. Jesus it’s steal whatever night for Shane as usual. Shane tags in Batista, and he takes his turn kicking the shit out of Ted. Ted with a boot, tags in Cody, and Batista with the DELAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYED suplex. Cody rakes the eyes, tags in Ted and he lays in rights to Batista. Cody with a cheap shot, Ted tags him back in and they try to double team Batista, but that fails as Batista double clotheslines them. Spinebuster to Ted, Cody tossed to the floor, and Ted escapes the Dave Bomb. Batista follows him, and brings Ted back. HHH and Shane look to attack Ted, but that allows Orton to return and layout Batista! Orton gets tagged in and he lays the boots to the big man. They popped for Orton, can’t blame them. Orton in control, takes Batista to the corner and tags Cody in and he lays the boots to Batista. The ref pull shim off and Ted and Orton choke out Batista. Batista to the floor, and Ted with the boots. Cody tosses Batista back onto the apron, tag to Orton, Hangman’s DDT gets a close 2! Orton lays the boots to Batista, tag to Ted and now Batista fights back, but Ted takes him back down to stop that. Batista manages enough for a back suplex, and BOT men are down. Ted manages to tag Orton in and he stops Batista from making the tag. Knee drop by Orton, another and a 3rd. Another chinlock Randy? Why yes it is. I kid, but he did use it. Batista comes back with the shoulder bloc, and Shane gets the hot tag. Shane punches that mostly miss, neck breaker on Cody and a cover for 2. Shane tosses Cody to the floor, and undoes the announce table, Cody back in, Shane tackles Ted and then Shane stun guns Cody. Shane up top and gets the elbow drop into the ring onto Cody. Shane covers, and Ted pulls Shane to the floor. Orton tosses Shane knees first into the steel steps. Orton suplexes Shane back into the ring and covers for 2.Orton talks shit to HHH, grabs Shane and tags in Ted. Ted lays the boots to Shane, who falls to the floor. Ted slam shim on the apron, slides him back in and covers for 3. Tag back to Cody, he works over Shane with rights and boots. Tag back to Orton now, sweet dropkick by Orton lays out Shane, and he covers for 2. Tag to Ted, elbows to Shane and then repeated knee drops. 2nd rope double stomp by Ted gets 2. I think the crowd is asleep. Chinlock by Ted, Shane tries to battle to his feet, again, does, elbows out, takedown by Ted and then a kick to the head. Cody will tag back in and gets the knee drop to Shane, and covers for 2. Front facelock by Cody, Shane to his feet, Cody stops a tag and holds Shane down on the mat. Shane stands, works to the corner, but cannot get the tag. Longest heat segment without heat ever. Shane manages to escape, tag to Ted and Shane fails at the tag. Ted talks shit, million dollar dream by Ted, Shane counters out and DDTs Ted and both men are down. Ted tags Orton and Shane tags HHH. FINALLY. HHH, house of fire, rights to Orton, whip to the corner, big knee by HHH. Face buster knee by HHH, tosses Ted, tosses Cody, but Orton kicks HHH. Charges, but eats the spinebuster for 2 as Ted makes the save. Batista is in, to the floor and Ted tosses him into the barrier. Cody stops a pedigree try, Shane tosses him, and then they brawl to the floor. Cody NAILS Shane with the chair shot in the floor, and then Batista runs into a chair shot. Batista fights back, gets the chair, HHH and Orton try to get to their feet, pedigree time, HHH stops Batista from using the chair, RKO ON HHH! 1…2…NO! The bell rang, but that was a 2. CONCUSSION KICK! 1…2…3!

Winners: Randy Orton (NEW CHAMPION), Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes @ 23:00 via pin
Rating: **½

-They do the stretcher job for HHH as Batista and Shane look on.

-The crowd sang “hey hey goodbye” for HHH. Somehow I imagine Vince wasn’t happy there.

-We get a video package for Cena vs. Edge.

-Cena sucks chants before he even comes out.

World Title Last Man Standing Match: John Cena © vs. Edge

The bell rings and they slowly walk towards each other. DRAMA. They lock up because they hate each other so much, around the ropes, Edge counters a bulldog and then drops to the floor. Cena chases, back in, avoids the spear, Edge escapes the Attitude Adjustment, and they stand off. Side headlock by Edge, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Edge. Lays the boots to Cena, to the corner and rights by Edge. Cena battles back, fisherman’s suplex and then Edge with the Edgea-cution. Clotheslien by Edge as the crowd hates Cena. Another clothesline by Edge, mounted rights follow and then Edge says to count him. He does and when he gets to 6, Edge attacks. Cena fights back, but Edge levels him and the ref counts again. Cena up at 7, flapjack by Edge and the crowd is hot. Sleeper by Edge, Cena fights out, but Edge locks it back on. Edge on Cena’s back now, down to the mat and Edge keeps the sleeper with the body scissors on. Edge releases and has the ref count. Dueling chants now as Cena works to his feet and is up at 7. Shoulder block by Cena, PROTO BOMB lands and time to shuffle the knuckles, unfortunately for Cena, Edge kicks him in the head and locks in the sharp shooter. Edge to the corner and uses the ropes to aid him in the hold. He releases the hold and backs off for the count. Cena to the apron and is up, so Edge charges him and sends him into the announce table. The ref counts once again, 6…7…8…Cena is up and Edge is back in the attack. Edge sets up the steps and slams Cena onto them. Edge lays Cena on them and SPEARS THE STEPS as Cena moved! Cena goes to attack, but Edge manages to whip him into the other set of stairs. The ref counts once again, 6…7…8…and Cena is up. Edge attacks, but gets whipped to the steps and he is down. The ref counts, 5…6…Edge is up and Cena grabs him and roll shim back into the ring. Cena picks up the steps and tries to toss them into the ring, and does. Big boot by Edge drops Cena. Edge kills Cena with the steps, places them in front of him and then dropkicks them into Cena. Cena backup, and he manages to toss Edge to the floor. The ref counts, Cena gets the steps and picks them up. AND THROWS THEM ONTO EDGE! What a dick. The ref counts on Edge again, 5…6…7…8…and Edge is up! Cena tosses Edge back in, follows and they trade rights. BOO for Cena, YAY for Edge! They continue to trade, and fall into each other, and then they throw and connect, and drop each other. The ref counts on both men, they are up at 8 and Cena looks for the Attitude Adjustment, countered and then another counter and Edge finally gets the reverse DDT to drop Cena. Edge says you can’t see me, and as he goes for the shuffle, Cena gets the STF. Edge taps, but that doesn’t mean shit. Cena releases the hold and allows the ref to count. 5…6…7…8 and Edge is up. Edge tries to block and does the Attitude Adjustment, does and gets the spear! Both men down, the ref counts Edge up at 6 and Cena up at 8. Edge up top, Cena stops that and follows Edge up. TOP ROPE ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT~! Cena to his knees, Edge down at 5…6…Cena up…7…8…9…but Edge is up! Cena up top, and LEAPS INTO A SPEAR~! Edge to the ropes to pull himself up as the ref counts on Cena. 6…7…8…9 and Cena is up and falls to the floor. Edge dismantles the announce table, he and Cena onto the table now and, the fight, ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT INTO THE FIRST ROW~! The count begins on Edge, 5…6…7…8…9…but Edge is back up! Cena cannot believe this. Edge now runs into the crowd, and Cena follows as they go up into the stands and then out into the concourse of the arena. Back into the arena now, and down the stairs. Cena then bulldogs Edge off of the steps into the equipment area. The ref counts once again on Edge, but he makes it up at 7. Edge grabbed something and nailed Cena with it, and dropped him. They brawl to the stage, IMPLANT DDT by Edge on the steel stage! The ref counts, Cena back up at 8. Edge disappeared for a moment, gets a chair and levels Cena! CONCHAIRTO STRIKE by Edge with the stage as the assist! The ref counts on Cena, 5…6…7…8… Cena stirs, and is up at 9! Edge charges, but the Big Show is out! He grabs Cena to save Edge, and…



The ref counts, 7…8…9…10! EDGE WINS!

Winner and NEW WORLD CHAMPION EDGE @ 29:00
Rating: ****½

-Edge celebrates with the title as officials check on John Cena’s crispy fried carcass.

-End Scene…


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