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411’s WWE Backlash Report 04.27.03

April 27, 2003 | Posted by Widro

WWE Backlash Report 04.27.03
Live from Boston
Announcers are Tazz/Cole and Coachman/King
Report by Widro

WWE Tag Team Titles
Team Angle (c) vs. Los Guerreros
Eddie and Charlie Haas start out. Eddie Chant. Cool little thing where Eddie hyped up the crowd for a tag to Chavo. Chavo and Shelton now go back and forth. Guerreros Cheat To Win with some fake tags and choke holds. Eddie is in and goes to work on Shelton. Nice suplex, and Shelton tags in Charlie Haas. Team Angle takes control and goes to work on Eddie. Team Angle with a cool double team leapfrog thing on the ropes. Haas covers Eddie and just gets 2. Eddie suplexes Haas out of a chinlock, and both reach for tags. Eddie goes for a tag, and Haas is up with a huge double leg takedown. Haas tags Shelton, and he goes to work on a rear chinlock. Shelton with a leglock to prevent Eddie from tagging. Long submission spot and the crowd is getting restless. Tag to Haas who stomps away. Backbreaker and keeps the pressure on the back. Eddie with a rana out of a sideslam, and then tags to Chavo who is ON FIRE!!! Back drops and Chavo pulls Shelton into the corner. Haas with a splash from behind, Chavo moves, Haas hits Benjamin and Chavo hits a dropkick on Haas. Chavo covers for 2. Shelton back up, powerbomb on Chavo, Missile dropkick by Eddie on Shelton, and now rolling vertical suplexes on Haas. Chavo the legal man goes to cover Haas, ref gets Eddie out. Haas kicks out of the arm cover. Chavo knocks Benjamin off the apron, goes for Haas, and hits a dropkick to the neck. Eddie goes up top! Froggy splash! Ref gets Eddie out, Chavo goes to cover, gets three but Shelton pulls him off just in time. Eddie and Shelton brawl on the floor. Chavo goes to suplex Haas, Shelton holds his leg from under the bottom rope, Haas falls on top of Chavo. Then Haas covers and Shelton holds Chavo’s leg down from the floor and Haas gets the pin. Great opener.
Winners and STILL champs: Team Angle

Guerreros fly onto Team Angle on the floor as they celebrate, and then the Guerreros steal the titles and walk off with the belts.

Guerreros are followed to the back where they get into a Green convertible. They are talking about how they are going to celebrate their titles. They honk the horn and it places La Coquoracha. Team Angle looks upset in the ring.

Test and Torrie Wilson talk backstage. Test is coming on hard, and Torrie says he is a jerk. Test then calls Torrie a tease. Test say her pictures say 1000 words and that they are saying she wants him. Torrie tells him to leave her alone. Torrie runs away, he grabs her arm and forcibly kisses her. She is appalled and walks away upset. Then Sable is seen looking interested then follows after Torrie.

Rikishi vs. Sean O’Haire
Roddy Piper comes out to a huge pop. He has a basket of coconuts. He has a mic! He introduces and puts Sean O’Haire way over. O’Haire has really weird music and a cool entrance. This is the man that will teach Rikishi that everyone pays the Piper. Rikishi clears out Piper and O’Haire, follows them to the floor. O’Haire sneaks up on Rikishi, who dodges O’Haire and goes to work on the floor. Brings O’Haire into the ring and the bell rings. Rikishi controls early, Piper distracts Rikishi and Sean takes control. O’Haire powers Rikishi from corner to corner, and clotheslines him down hard. Covers for 2. O’Haire slows it down with a head twisting submission hold. Crowd is distracted and suddenly boos very loudly. Cole credits it to Piper’s ringside antics. Rikishi powers up and hits O’Haire, who stop him, tries a Samoan Drop, Rikishi floats through and splashs O’Haire in the corner. Rikishi goes for the stinkface, but O’Haire moves and kicks Rikishi out of the corner. Piper in with a coconut, ref stops him, then O’Haire and Rikishi do a double kick and both are down. Piper in with a coconut again, ref catches him, Piper gives the ref the coconut, then goes to hit Rikishi. Rikishi blocks and knocks down Piper with a stiff coconut shot. O’Haire from behind hits his cool finisher, with is a fireman’s carry into a sideslam. O’Haire looked like a star.
Winner: O’Haire

Sable introduces herself to Stacy. She has something to tell Stacy. Sable tells Stacy that Torrie isn’t her friend and that she is out for her man. Stacy was shocked. Sable says Torrie sent Test an advanced copy of Playboy, and that she saw Torrie kiss Test. Stacy is upset and TOSSES DOWN SOME SALAD!!!

RVD and Kane prep backstage. RVD says this situation is anything BUT cool. Chief Morley is the ref, he LIKES being champion. He asks Kane what they can do. Kane says they are going to take them DOWN.

World Tag Titles
RVD and Kane (c) vs. The Dudley Boyz
Morley is YOUR special guest ref. Bubba and RVD start out. Swap to Kane and Dvon, and Kane powers down Dvon. Bubba is in, and he gets some offense in. The crowd chants for tables. Kane with a spinebuster for 2. RVD tagged in and he works over Bubba Ray in the ring. RVD with some awesome kicks and then a crisp split legged moonsault for a 2 count. Bubba catchs RVD and counters with a sidewalk slam. Dudz set up for the double team Dvon headbutt from the top. Dvon grabs RVD and locks in a rear chinlock. Dvon has the submission on for a nice amount of time. RVD powers up but Bubba is in and powers down RVD. Reverse enziguri by RVD and both go for tags. Both get them and Kane is even more on fire than he naturally is, because he is always on fire, but not to this degree. Clotheslines and now a side slam for 2 on Dvon, as Bubba breaks up the pinfall. Kane tags in RVD and he does a top rope kick on Dvon, another kick for Bubba. Rolling Thunder on Bubba. DVon with an AWESOME backbreaker on RVD from the corner, then Kane comes off the top with a clothesline. Bubba with his shake and roll move but Kane with a chokeslam. Morley hits Kane from behind with a low blow and prevents the chokeslam. Bubba then takes control with a clothesline, and Morley sends Kane to the floor. RVD goes to hit Morley, who ducks and RVD hits Bubba. Dvon gets pissed and takes out Morley. Lance Storm runs in, and the Dudleys fight him off, including a sick Bubba Bomb. Then the Dudleyz give Morley 3D to a gigantic pop. Kane is up and chokeslams Bubba, sends Dvon to the floor. Kane signals for RVD to go up top, and he hits a HUGE 5 star frogsplash. Another ref appears out of no where and counts the pin. Overbooked, but good match.
Winners and STILL champs: Kane and RVD

As the WWE continues as Stacy heads into the Raw girls lockerroom, and confronts Torrie. Stacy then attacks Torrie. Other girls try to break it up.

WWE Woman’s Title
Jazz w/Theodore Long vs. Trish Stratus (c)
Jazz with some power moves to take early control. Some quick rolling pinfall attempts. Trish takes control and does a leg submission. Trish chops Jazz. More back and forth stuff, Jazz rolls up Trish while holding the middle rope.
Winner and NEW champ: Jazz

Booker T, HBK and Nash talk about the match. They are ready.

Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio
Big Show tosses Rey around the ring. To the floor, and Big Show picks up Rey from the floor by his head. Then does a backbreaker. Big Show tosses him around a bit more, Rey bounces back and hits a top rope butt senton for 2. Big Show with some offense, Rey comes back. Rey hits three straight 619s. Then Rey goes for a West Coast Pop, and Big Show catches him, then chokeslams him. Basically a squash.
Winner: Big Show

After the match, Rey sells it like he’s dead, and a stretcher comes out. Big Show grabs Rey on the stretcher and swats it like a chair at the ringpost and Rey falls down still attached to the stretcher.

Lilian Garcia interviews HHH Jericho and Flair.

Torrie and Stacy are still fighting through the backstage area. Torrie pushes Stacy hard into some cabinet, and Scott Steiner comes over to help her.

Great Cena/Brock video package

WWE Title
Brock Lesnar (c) vs. John Cena
Believe it or not, and I haven’t seen confirmation either way, I think this is Cena’s first WWE PPV match. (Correction, it’s his second or third, first being vs. Jericho at Vengeance in July 2002, and Royal Rumble 2003). Cena raps his entrance, and says he’s better than Bruno. References The Iron Sheik and Mankind pulling socks from his crowd and he’s Dude Love. He has a Yankees jersey on and says he hates Massachusetts, so of course after the rap they all chant Yankees Suck. Cena attacks before the bell and backs Brock into the corner. Brock powers out and takes control. Lesnar with a suplex. Brawling on the floor. Brock tosses Cena face first into the announce table. Back into the ring, and Cena goes for a breather on the floor. Cena goes and gets a chair. Brawling on the floor, and Cena and Brock come back in. Brock is opened up from the shot on the floor. Cena takes control with offense on Brock. Brock is quite bloody. Cena works on the face. Middle rope legdrop with Brock’s head draped over the middle rope. Cena locks in a side headlock. Cena charges and Lesnar hits a spinebuster. Both men are down. Brock with some knees to the gut, Cena counters with a jawbreaker and then a clothesline. Cena covers for 2. Cena locks in a grapevine. Huge Let’s Go Cena chant. Grapevine/headlock continues. Brock gets up with Cena on his back, and carried him back and forth smashing Cena’s back into the corner, then when Cena falls off, Brock collapses too. Cena up and goes for Brock, who responds with some clotheslines. Powerslam by Brock for 2. Lesnar drives Cena into the turnbuckle with a spear. Lesnar with an interesting running powerslam out of the corner. Lesnar rams his shoulder into Cena in the corner. Cena pushes Lesnar into the ref, but they don’t collide, and then Cena low blows Lesnar. AWESOME neckbreaker by Cena with Cena sunset flipping over Brock and snapping his neck forward. Cena covers for 2. Brock up and powers Cena into the corner. Cena has the chain, but the ref pulls it away. Cena goes for Brock anyway, Brock gets Cena up and hits F5. Brock is hurt and slow to cover, then walks over and pins Cena.
Winner and STILL champ: Brock Lesnar

Chris Jericho, HHH, Ric Flair vs. Kevin Nash, Booker T and HBK
Entrances take quite a while. Order: Jericho, Flair, HHH, Booker T, HBK, and Big Daddy Suck. Nash already has new music. Nash and HHH tease a start, but HHH tags Jericho and Nash tags HBK. Lockup. Back and forth. HBK tags Booker T and they go at it. Flair is in to some nice woos, and HBK tosses him around a bit. HBK takes out Jericho, hHH and now a back elbow to Flair. HBK hits Sweet Chin Music on Flair, HHH in and hits a pedigree on HBK and Nash makes the save. Jericho in and he goes to work on Michaels. HHH is in and with a HUGE knee to HBK’s face. Flair is in, and he goes for the figure four, but Michaels rolls him up for 2. Tag to Jericho and he goes to work on Michaels. HHH is in and it’s all our war on Mr. Michaels. Flair and HBK go chop for chop. Flair works on the legs of Michaels. After a long beatdown time, HBK finally tags in Nash to a nice pop. He is a house a fire, so to speak. Clotheslines Flair to the floor. Nash tossing Jericho and HHH around the ring. Nash rolls snake eyes on HHH. Sidewalk Slam by Jericho. Flair is back in, he chops away on Nash, who no sells. Booker T from behind goes after Flair. Nash goes to roll Snake Eyes on Jericho, who floats back and get some offense in. HHH kicks him and goes for the pedigree, and Nash backdrops out of it. Nash goes for the powerbomb, and Jericho knocks him over with a missile dropkick. Booker T is in, and takes out Jericho. Booker and Jericho go at it. Booker T with an axe kick then a sidekick to Flair. Spin A Roony! Big pop. Booker and Jericho brawl to the floor. In the ring, HBK and Flair go at it. Nash and HHH brawl in the aisleway. Flair goes up top, and HBK grabs him and tosses him off. HBK then tunes it up. From behind, Jericho comes in with face jam, and Flair locks in the figure four. Jericho does a Lionsault on HBK while still in the figure four. Nash and HHH brawl near the announce table, Nash goes for a powerbomb, but notices the match and goes back to the ring. He takes out Flair and pulls Jericho off of HBK. Nash sets up for the powerbomb on Jericho, Flair goes to break it up. Bash tosses Flair into the ref. Nash powerbombs Jericho. HHH in and takes out Nash with the sledge. HHH covers Nash, and the ref is slow to come back and HHH pins Nash. Wow.
Winners: HHH, Jericho, Flair

Cole and Tazz have an update on Rey. He was taken to a local trauma center, and isn’t dead.

Rock with a long promo with Terri.

The Rock vs. Goldberg
Rock has a long entrance. So does Goldberg. Goldberg has new music. Blah it’s remixed, removes some of the intensity of it. He does not have a security escort through the back. Goldberg chants and a nice pop when he comes out. Lots of pyro. Goldberg into the ring, Rock takes a break on the floor. Rock slow to come into the ring. Rocky chant. Then a Goldberg chant takes over and its much louder. Rock edges closer to Goldberg, and they stare down. Bell rings. They pace. Lockup and Goldberg powers down Rock. Some cheers, some boos. Dueling chants. Goldberg tosses Rock out of the ring. Rock back and slaps Goldberg in the face, goes to slap again and Goldberg blocks and goes to work. Goldberg then clotheslines Rock out of the ring and taunts him. Rock takes a long break, then comes back in and get some offense in. Goldberg hits Rock Bottom on the Rock!? Then sets up for a spear. Rock is up, Goldberg charges and Rock dodges and Goldberg’s shoulder hits the STEEEEL ringpost. Goldberg falls to the floor. Rock follows and brings Goldberg back into the ring. Rock sets up for the Sharpshooter and sits down on it. Goldberg fights for the bottom rope. He gets it. Rock up and looks for Rock Bottom, but Goldberg is up and spears Rock with the injured shoulder. Shoulder block with the good shoulder by Goldberg. Goldberg has Rock up and hits a powerslam for 2. Match built around that spear to the post, and Goldberg selling it well. Rock goes for several clotheslines to knock down Goldberg, then does a spinebuster and kips up to a giant pop. Rock up and Rock Bottom on Goldberg. Goldberg kicks out, tons of boos. Rock pounds on Goldberg. More shots, then a clothesline by Goldberg and knocks down Rock. Boos. Another spinebuster by Rock and then he sets up for the People’s Elbow. And hits it. Rock covers, and crowd counts the pin, but Goldberg kicks out at 3 and the crowd boos. Small Goldberg chant. Goldberg up and he spears the Rock. Rock selling like he is injured. Goldberg sets up for another spear. Goldberg Sucks chant. Rock takes forever to get up again, and Goldberg hits the spear again. Goldberg holds up his arm to call for the Jackhammer, mixed/mostly negative reaction. Goldberg then hits the Jackhammer VERY well for the pin.
Winner: Goldberg

Announcers claim it’s a standing ovation for Goldberg, but it’s tough to tell because his new music is very loud.


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