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411’s WWE Backlash Report 5.01.05

May 1, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

Welcome to 411’s LIVE Backlash 2005 coverage. We are live from New Hampshire and have 3-titles on the line, Benoit vs. Edge in a Last Man Standing match as well as the return of Hulk Hogan.

Hogan gets his own special video to open the PPV. Last time I checked, he wasn’t the champ or in the main event. Guess I missed the memo. It could have something to do with that phone call I got from Hogan to order the show. He said “brother” like 10 times in 30 seconds.

NOW we get the Backlash video.

On Heat, Tomko defeated Val Venis. It actually wasn’t too bad of a match.

JR and King welcome us! They hype the card and intro Hugo and Carlos! They are excited, they must not know Viscera vs. Kane is on the show.

Match #1 Chris Jericho vs. Shelton Benjamin©

Jericho got the big face pop as he came out. Shelton didn’t get much of anything, just some heel heat.

Lock up and Shelton with a go behind. Reversals and Jericho with a take down. Shelton out and then some more reversals and a head scissors and bridge out spot by Jericho. Arm drag by Shelton and an arm bar by Shelton. Jericho escapes and gets one of his own, kip up by Shelton and Shelton up and spring off the ropes to escape and an arm drag to Jericho. Sweet. Jericho with another arm bar and then slaps Shelton! Shelton with right hands and tackles Jericho. Lock up now and a slap by Jericho. Chops now and Shelton off the ropes, boot to Jericho and tries a suplex but blocked. Jericho to the apron and Shelton with a sun set flip to Jericho but he RANA’S Shelton to the floor! Jericho smacked his head hard off of the floor doing that, but seems ok. Jericho takes off some padding and slams Shelton onto the railing, chest first. Back in the ring and boots by Jericho. Suplex to Shelton and the COME ON BABY PIN for 1. Rear chin lock by Jericho and Shelton tries to escape. Elbow by Jericho now and chops. Shelton with a flying forearm to Jericho now, but Jericho with a basement dropkick. He chokes Shelton over the lower rope now and then picks him up and more chops. Shelton moves, and nails Jericho. Shelton SPLASH! Boot by Shelton and chops by Shelton. Whip to the corner and reversed, bull dog by Jericho. Tries the lionsault but Shelton up and knocks Jericho off. They battle with Jericho on the apron…now they climb. Shelton knocked to the mat. Shelton LEAPS TO THE TOP! SUPERPLEX! HOLY SHIT ONE LEAP! Cover and gets 2! Shelton whips Jericho and a backdrop and cover for 2 by Shelton. Rear choke and body scissors by Shelton. Jericho escapes to his knees and elbows out. Chops to Shelton now and a neck breaker and they are both down. Jericho up and Shelton too. In the corner and Shelton MISSES the splash! Jericho in control and then drop toe hold to Shelton. Samoan drop by Shelton for 2! Right hands by Shelton and he has Jericho in the corner as the crowd is behind Jericho. Enziguri by Jericho gets 2! Jericho up now and picks Shelton up. Off the ropes… Shelton to the apron…springboard bulldog gets 2! Roll up by Shelton reversed by Jericho for 2! Walls, but Shelton springs to the top…EXPLODER but Jericho gets in the ropes at 2! Shelton pulls him center and gets 2. Shelton sets…Exploder, no, super kick blocked and the WALLS are locked in! Shelton is dead center! He fights for the ropes…GETS THEM! The crowd doesn’t like it. Boot to Shelton and Jericho is pissed. Spin kick by Shelton! Cover gets 2! Off the ropes… Shelton misses the dropkick! Lionsault BLOCKED, NO! WALLS! Reversals and Shelton with a roll up and wins!

Jericho thought Shelton’s shoulders were down and Jericho is pissed!

Winners: Shelton Benjamin @ 14:40

Jericho is pissed and Todd Grisham tries to interview him but Jericho walks away.

Coach is in the back and is with Edge. Edge says it is a heated situation, and he says Benoit is mad because this time last year he was the champ. But Edge will be the champ because eh won at WrestleMania. He is “Mr. Money in the Bank.” They all want to see Benoit win, but they will not be happy because he will be the last man standing, Bank On it.

Match #2 Tag Team Turmoil

The Heart Throbs (Antonio and Romeo) and Regal and Tajiri will start.

Regal and Romeo to start. Lock up and Regal goes down. Headlock by Romeo, and to their feet. Off the ropes and Regal with an arm take down. Romeo with a flip reversal and tag to Antonio. Wrist lock by Antonio, and Regal escapes and tags Tajiri. Drop toehold into a basement drop kick by Tajiri. Hip toss by Tajiri and kicks. Weird in ring tarantula by Tajiri. Back suplex by Antonio and he gets 2. Tag to Romeo and they double-team Tajiri. Cover and they get 2. Double back elbow to Tajiri and they cover for 2 again. Tajiri fights out and Antonio takes him to the corner. Tarantula, no sunset flip and The Hear Throbs are gone @ 3:15.

Dean and Maven are next. Dean with a leg drop to Tajiri for 2. Tag to maven and a double hip toss to Tajiri. Cover and Maven gets 2. Right hands by Maven and then rams Tajiri to the corner. Tag to Dean and they double team Tajiri again. Snap mare to Tajiri and now a headlock on the mat. Tajiri fights up and Regal nails Dean. Tajiri takes Dean down and tag to Regal and Maven! Regal in control and a suplex on Dean. One to Maven. Knee to the head of Dean and he is done @ 5:55.

La Resistance is out and they brawl outside the ring as Tajiri is down on the floor. USA chants for NO ONE! Kick by Tajiri as he is back in and a spin kick to Sylvain. Basement drop kick to Sylvain and a tag to Regal. Double hip toss and European uppercuts by Regal. Covers and gets 2. Tajiri tagged in and kicks away at Sylvain and a leg drop and cover for 2. Regal in and Sylvain with a knee to Regal. Tag to Rob Conway and Rob takes Regal down and covers for 2. Rams Regal to the corner and Regal fights out. Regal stretch! Sylvain breaks it up though and Tajiri in! Tarantula on Sylvain! Escape and stunnered by Sylvain and Rob rolls up Regal and they are gone @ 9:22!

Hurricane and Rosey are out. Cross body by Hurricane gets 2! Elbow by Hurricane and blockbuster gets 2! Tried a head scissors and Hurricane is tossed over the top and nails the post on the way down! OUCH! Back in the ring and Hurricane covered for 2. Clothesline on Hurricane now and covered for 2. Rear choke on Hurricane now and he tries to escape. To his feet and a back suplex by Sylvain that was messed up for 2. Slam on the Hurricane and Sylvain to the 2nd rope…misses! Tag to Rob and Rosey as well! Rosey taking care of business! Slam on Conway for 2. They double team Rosey, boot to Rob and Samoan drop combo broken up and now a flap jack choke slam combo by La Resistance for 2! Slam on Conway. Tag to Hurricane. SPLASH OFF OF ROSEY’S SHOULDERS finishes it!

Winner: NEW Tag Team Champions Rosey and the Hurricane @ 13:50

JR and King put over Hurricane and Rosey.

Match #3 Last Man Standing: Chris Benoit vs. Edge

Benoit tackles Edge to start! Right hands and Benoit is taking it to him. Running knee to Edge as we get the “You Screwed Matt” chants. Boots to Edge and a suplex and the ref counts. Edge up and chops by Benoit. Shots to the lower back by Benoit and then more right hands. Chops again. More chops and Edge is down and the count starts. Back up and Benoit in control still, but a reversal and Benoit whipped into the corner sternum first. Benoit down and the chants start again. Boots by Edge and he chokes Benoit now. Slam by Edge and he sets for the spear. Drop toehold by Benoit as he avoids that. Clothesline by Benoit and the ref counts on Edge. Benoit back on the attack and a crass face! But Edge under the ropes and he eats a few knees from Benoit. Backdrop suplex blocked by Edge and Benoit is down. Edge goes to the floor and gets plunder, but a baseball slide by Benoit takes him down. They battle on the floor now and Benoit rammed to the security wall. Edge charges but is taken over the wall. They fight into the crowd now and Benoit in control. Back to ringside and into the ring. Sharp shooter on Edge! It does nothing but it does beat down Edge. He taps, but that is no good here! Tap bitch tap! Benoit releases the hold and Benoit back to work with a German! Another and rolls for a 3rd! 4th! 5th! Edge rolls to the floor as both men are down and the ref counts. Benoit up at 5 and Edge is still down. Up at 8 and Benoit with a running clothesline to Edge on the apron. The ref counts again on Edge and up at 8. Tables chant now. Benoit with a running suicide dive INTO A TRASHCAN LID! Edge was waiting for him as the ref counts on Benoit. Edge has the trashcan in the ring now and another lid shot by Edge. Benoit down and counted on, up at 6. Boots by Edge and back into the ring they go. Edge sets Benoit on the top rope. Benoit with rights fights him off and Edge grabs him…SUPERPLEX onto the trashcan! Both men are down and counted on. Edge up at 7 and Benoit at 8. Knee to the head by Edge and then repeated shots with the lid! Edge to the floor and gets a LADDER! Boots to Benoit and Edge sets up the ladder in the corner. Chops by Benoit and Edge is rocked. Slam by Edge and he goes up the ladder! Benoit is up and has Edge! RELEASE GERMAN FROM THE LADDER! Benoit up at 7 and Edge up at 8. GERMAN! Benoit is up and looks at the ladder! He goes up the ladder, all the way up! SWAN DIVE HEAD BUTT MISSES! The ref counts both men now. Edge is up and grabs the briefcase! Misses and a cross face by Benoit! Edge tries to escape but taps like a bitch again! Benoit pulls back and Edge fades away. He releases it and the ref counts. Benoit is down as well and gets to his feet at 8. Edge up and Benoit with a GERMAN! 2! Edge blocks #3 and IMPAILER DDT onto the briefcase by Edge! Edge is up at 7. Benoit still down. Up at 9! SPEAR BY EDGE! Edge gets up at 5. Benoit still down. Benoit is up at 9! Edge can’t believe it! SPEAR AGAIN! Edge is up as Benoit fights to get up. Benoit is up! Edge has a brick in the briefcase! HE NAILS BENOIT IN THE HEAD! Benoit is out.

Winner: Edge @ 18:46

Edge gets his briefcase and smiles as he leaves. The refs checks on Benoit as he tries to get to his feet. Crowd chants loud for Benoit. He makes it up and falls back down. Benoit looks out of it as he gets a nice ovation.

Lita is in the back and Kane is as well. He is ready, and so is she. Kane says he will take out Trish and Viscera. Lita talks about Viscera and Trish having sex. Kane says that’s disturbing. She likes what he has in mind much, much better. They make out, nothing new for Lita.

Lawler is in the ring and he has the new Diva’s magazine. Swimsuit Issue. They are here live. The Bimbo Brigade™ is on PPV! Lillian gets in the ring with them since she poses. Ok, I would like to see her. Poor Victoria. Lawler says he has questions for them and we see photos. Christi, nothing special. Maria is good looking. Candice isn’t bad either, but too fake for me. Victoria is looking nice. Stacy’s nice as always. Damn, Lillian is nice! I’d take her. This is such a waste and now Lawler has “questions” for them.

HAHA! Chris Masters is out! I think I like him! The Bimbo Brigade™ exits as he poses on the ramp. He has his cash, so it looks like a challenge. He says they are hot, but no work of art like him. He says no one has beat his challenge. Tonight, he offers $3000 to anyone who thinks they can break his masterlock. He wants competition. You hear loud YOU SUCK chants. Nice. He picks someone in a Red Socks hat. The ref is in with the chair. It’s a buff chick, and he says he doesn’t know if it’s a man or woman. Some chick with a deep voice. He says she puts the MAN in Manchester. He calls her SIR. HA, he is kind of funny. He locks it in and no challenge. He slams her down and talks smack.

Trish and Viscera are backstage. He is ready to go out and destroy Kane, and when he does, it will be on like a steamy pot of neck bones. It’s a black thing he says. He has a nighty for Trish. He specializes in bed…and breakfast. She says to focus on Kane. He smacks her ass, I envy him.

Match #4 Viscera w/Trish vs. Kane w/Lita

They talk smack and JR makes a remark about it being bad, in code of course. Viscera clotheslines Kane and he is down. Viscera misses and Kane with a corner splash. Viscera to the floor. Kane up top…shoulder block off the top to the floor! We want Matt chants. Back in the ring and an elbow by Kane. Another and then a leg drop for 2. Rights by Kane and Viscera fights back. Spin kick by Viscera and he makes a thrust motion at Trish. Viscera with chops on Kane. Slam on Kane, misses an elbow drop and Kane is up. Lita and Trish talk smack and Kane has Trish! Corner splash by Viscera! Samoan drop to Kane! Cover and 2! Rights by Kane, off the ropes and a Boss Man Slam by Viscera for 2! Rights by Viscera and head butts now. Kane off the ropes, DDT to Viscera. Kane up top…flying clothesline to Viscera. He sets up…GOOZLE! Elbow out by Viscera. Clothesline to Kane and he goes to the floor. Viscera follows and Lita tries to stop him. He shoves her aside. Viscera misses Kane and eats post! Trish has a chair and Lita punks her with the crutch! Trish is out! Viscera rolled in and Kane up top…GOOZLE BY Viscera! Sit out choke slam gets 2! Viscera has Lita in the ring! He tries to kiss her and she escapes. BOOT by Kane. GOOZLE! Choke slam and that is all

Winner: Kane @ 6:09

Trish is in the ring and calls Viscera pathetic. She says he failed. For the record, she wasn’t going to sleep with him! She calls him a fat, greasy, chicken-eating loser. She will get a real man and take him out! He bear hugs her! The crowd cheers and he SPLASHES HER! A little pelvic thrust for Trish and the crowd likes Viscera. So strange. The EMT’s check on Trish. They stretcher her out with the neck brace and all. JR and King say she shouldn’t have said what she did, but didn’t deserve that.

Video package for Hassan and Davari vs. HBK and Hogan. Brother.

Match #5 Hassan and Davari vs. HBK and Hulk Hogan

Loud Hogan chants before his entrance. Big pop as well for him. He and HBK play the crowd for a bit.

Hogan and Hassan to start. Hogan draws the imaginary line and challenges Hassan. Lock up and Hassan tossed down. Lock up again and a headlock by Hogan. Off the ropes and a shoulder block to Hassan. Hassan runs to his corner. Wristlock by Hogan and elbows the arm. Hassan grabs the hair and takes him to the corner. Tag to Davari and they double team Hogan. Off the ropes and a double clothesline by Hogan. Right hands to Hassan and a clothesline again. Tag to HBK. Eye poke by HBK, off the ropes, double boot to Hassan. Chops by HBK now and Hassan rammed into the corner. Boot to Hassan and chops again. Slam by HBK and misses an elbow drop. Tag to Davari and he nails HBK with right hands. Chops to HBK and now chops by HBK to Davari. Davari whipped and a backdrop to Davari. Tag to Hogan. Boot by Hogan and they double elbow Davari down. Davari tossed to the floor and Hogan follows. Davari into the wall and then the ring post. Right hands send Davari down again. In the ring now and Hogan chokes Davari out. Slam and an elbow by Hogan. Another then a rake of the face with his boot. Tag to HBK. Chops by Davari and a headlock by HBK. Davari with a leapfrog, but #2 fails and he is down by a chop. Flying forearm to Davari and a kip up. Atomic drop and Hassan knocked down. HBK up top…ELBOW DROP! He tunes it up…Hogan nails Hassan. The ref takes Hogan out and Hassan back in with a pipe and levels HBK! Davari covers and gets 2 as Hogan saves him. Tag to Hassan and they start the beat down of HBK. Elbows to the back of HBK and Hassan is in control. Tag to Davari and a 2nd rope elbow to the back of HBK. HBK whopped to the corner hard by Davari and now he chokes him. Snap mare and a surfboard variation by Davari. HBK to his feet and escapes. Off the ropes but taken down by his hair by Davari. Tag to Hassan and a rear choke by Hassan. HBK elbows out and gets a sleeper on Hassan. Back breaker by Hassan breaks that and HBK in locked in the Camel Clutch! TAP! Hogan revs up the crowd and HBK tries to escape. He gets to his knees and Hassan sits back more. HBK is fading and the ref checks on him…and he gets to his feet…electric chair drop to Hassan! Both men are down and HBK needs a tag. Tag to Davari! Tag to Hogan! Davari begs off, right hands! Double noggin knocker! Davari and Hasaan down! Big boot to Davari! He plays the crowd…off the ropes…STEEL PIPE SHOT! Davari covers 1…2…NO! Hulk up. Rights by Davari, but no affect. YOU! Rights by Hogan. Off the ropes…boot by Hogan. Hassan stops the leg drop! Hogan nails Hassan. Super kick by HBK, Hogan covers and that is all.

Winner: HBK and Hogan @ 15:15

Hogan and HBK toss Davari. Pose time…brother.

4-minutes or so later they bring in some dude from the crowd and rip his shirt off, he should always swear a shirt. He has a giant ass Hogan tattoo on his back. Get that man a shirt please. After about 6-minutes of posing, we are finally done…brother.

ECW One Night Stand commercial voiced over by Paul E!

Todd Grisham with HHH. HHH says he is confident because he knows he will win the title. Did you see Monday? Pedigree, all over, like he said. Batista had ONE great night, and he may be big and bad, but he holds the great equalizer; the pedigree. Tonight, for the 11th time he will have a great night.

Christian’s music hits! He and Tomko come out to the ring. Christian says all week long he heard about Backlash, the one that would take place if he wasn’t here! He doesn’t want to make us mad, but this may be his last Raw PPV. Later on this month there will be a draft, and no one is safe. He is a main eventer so he figured he would take the time and address his fellow main eventers. He will do it in the form of a rap! Don’t be afraid to make some noise! The Capt’n is about to make it happen! Here we go. On Raw you got Batista with muscles to spare, but he has charisma like Tomko got hair. You got HHH and Ric Flair their legend still grows, 26 titles between them and the world’s biggest nose! JBL the rich guy on Smackdown, well he hears his taxes are still soaring, he’s no wrestling god, just the god of boring! He’s forgetting something. Oh yeah, the guy that inspired his rap, John Cena. Well he got something for him. Well it goes like this, hey Cena, you think I’m jealous of you’re fortune and fame, while you talk like Snoop Dog but look like Cory Haim. Tomko says “DISSED.” So after the draft, whether Raw or SD, JR or Michael Cole, I’ll be champion, because that’s…how…I…roll!

Flair out to his own music! Flair doesn’t look happy. He has the mic and says it is his privilege to announce the greatest wrestler alive today…HHH!

Match #6 HHH vs. Batista ©

HHH talks smack and here we go! Lock up and Flair tries to grab Batista and HHH takes the advantage with right hands. Boot to Batista and tries a pedigree, but Batista escapes. Lock up and HHH taken to the corner. HHH turns him and misses a right hand sand Batista unloads on him with repeated right hands. Tries a backdrop, but HHH tries a pedigree, but a Demon Bomb attempt by Batista and HHH escapes. Lock up and HHH with an elbow to Batista. Another and now a right hand. HHH whipped to the corner and a backdrop by Batista. Rights by Batista and HHH gets a boot, pedigree try but Batista backdrops HHH to the floor! HHH on the floor buying some time and Batista follows. Batista charges HHH and HHH gets a spine buster to the security wall! HHH rams Batista into the wall and he flips over it and is down. HHH suplex’s him back in and Batista is hurting. HHH breaks the ref’s count and then rolls Batista back in the ring. Batista lays over the bottom rope and HHH with a leaping elbow drop to the back of Batista. Knee to the back of Batista now and now HHH picks him back up and unloads with right hands. Batista with an elbow to HHH and he tries the Bomb, but his back is hurt! Batista in the corner and HHH with shoulder blocks into Batista’s back. HHH whips Batista and he slams the corner hard and is down. Batista on the floor and Flair rams Batista into the ring apron! Batista back in and HHH with right hands to Batista. Batista with a right hand now and they exchange shots. Batista off the ropes…Double A SPINE BUSTER by HHH for 2! Cover and another 2! Right hands by HHH and whips Batista. Charges and Batista with a clothesline! Right hands by Batista but HHH with a knee to the gut. HHH off the ropes…spine buster by Batista! Clothesline by Batista and HHH sent to the floor! Batista follows him out and he whips HHH to the steel steps! Batista rams HHH’s head off of the steps and now back in the ring. Shoulder blocks by Batista in the corner on HHH. Power slam by Batista. Flair tossed something in! Batista nails Flair! The ref tackles him now! Batista sets for the Bomb! HHH up…and NAILS Batista with the belt! HHH covers and KICK OUT @ 2! HHH is pissed! Batista is up now. Right hand to HHH, and another. HH sets…pedigree, no backdrop by Batista! Off the ropes and a boot by HHH. Batista charges and MISSES HHH and nails the ref with a clothesline! PEDIGREE BY HHH! Flair rolls the ref in! He is out still! HHH pulls him over and then picks him up and slaps him! The ref is still out! Another ref is down! Spine buster by Batista! 1…2…NO! Batista and HHH make it to their feet and off the ropes…knee by HHH! HHH covers 1…2…NO! Pedigree try…reversal and HHH whipped to the corner. Corner clothesline by Batista. Another and HHH is rocked. HHH kicks the ref in the NIZZIES! Demon Bomb, no clothesline to Flair! Pedigree, no! Catapult to HHH! LOW BLOW BY HHH! Right hands by HHH and he mounts Batista in the corner. He punches away… Batista has him though…DEMON BOMB TO HHH! 1…2…3!

Winner: Batista @ 16:27

Batista celebrates and we get a replay of the end. HHH is up and tosses Flair down! PEDIGREE to the ref! He yells at Batista and we fade.

Thanks for joining 411 for LIVE coverage of WWE Backlash!

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