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411’s WWE Backstage Report 3.10.20: AJ Styles On His Promo About The Undertaker, Who’s The Future of WWE

March 11, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
AJ Styles WWE Backstage

-Welcome to your weekly WWE Backstage Report. This week AJ Styles is on the show as we finally have everything building to WrestleMania instead of 3 shows at once. Let’s get to it!

-Renee pulls up to the studio as she is told she can’t park there. She says her flight was delayed and she has a show to do. Okay then!

-Show opening!

-Renee runs onto the set and everyone asks her what she’s doing. She welcomes us to the show and is joined by her co-host, Booker T. On the panel this week we have Ember Moon, and Xavier Woods.

-Week in Review: Apparently SmackDown didn’t mean anything this week as we jump to Elimination Chamber. Taker costs AJ his match with Black, The Street Profits retain their tag titles, and Shayna destroys all. On RAW, Edge goes crazy as he attacks MVP and AJ makes things personal with The Undertaker.

-The panel talk about Shayna and Booker says she has been put in a sink or swim environment. They all agree Shayna is a star and the question is if the timing is right. Xavier hopes she is ready for all the pressure that comes with getting this kind of push so early in a main roster run. Moon knows from experience what Shayna can do, and she wonders if Becky is ready. Booker thinks the WWE is looking for that female star to put the rocket on and he is going to give Shayna the benefit of the doubt. Ember thinks people forget that Shayna wrestled before she got to the WWE. Booker doesn’t know if it will translate to butts in seats, and Ember thinks it will and she would have Shayna winning at Mania.

-We get highlights of AJ calling out Taker and mentioning on air that Taker and Michelle McCool are married. Ember says AJ can do no wrong and Woods is hurt to his core that Taker is being talked about like that. He says AJ is attacking his nostalgia and says Taker is the last sacred thing in wrestling. Moon calls it a money dream match at Mania. Booker likes that AJ took this moment and loves seeing him run with the ball after working years to get to the WWE. Booker calls AJ the most talented guy on the roster as they talk about there being 3 more weeks of this build. Ember puts over AJ as someone she looked up to and knows he has more up his sleeve for Taker.

-Back to RAW as Edge takes out MVP, hits Orton with the RKO and then crushes MVP with a conchairto. Woods feels bad for MVP and says it was his fault for putting too much stank on saying “how’s your wife.” They all joke they feel for MVP as he is just trying to work and build himself back up yet keeps getting attacked. Booker says MVP was the perfect guy for the job. Putting MVP to the side, the panel is pumped for Orton/Edge. Moon wishes they wouldn’t have announced Edge for the show, though she understands it’s for ratings. Booker says Edge doesn’t need a build up and fans will go nuts just hearing the music. He compares it to an 86 Road Warrior pop.

-AJ hypes his appearance as we head to commercials: “Don’t go anywhere. Especially you Michelle McCool.”

-AJ Styles is here and joins Renee and Woods on set. Renee and Woods rocking out to AJ’s music is pretty awesome. Renee says that AJ was her New Year’s resolution to get on the show. Woods says his was to not fall asleep on the toilet as he jokes he plays on his phone too much. They talk about the promo from last night and AJ says he didn’t say anything the fans wouldn’t have. He has all the respect in the world for Taker and what he has done in the business, but he wants to face him. AJ doesn’t know if he is talking to Mark, or The American Badass who is friends with Limp Bizkit, or The Undertaker. He is trying to talk to all of them as he is annoyed he keeps costing him matches. Renee asks if facing Taker is a bucket list item. He says of course it is because, “it’s The Undertaker.” He mentions the matches he has had with Shawn Michaels and he wants to see where he stacks up. He still wants to learn in the business and he can’t wait to see how they figure this out.

-Woods jumps back to AJ debuting in the Royal Rumble match. AJ says he was terrified as he felt he was a guest in someone else’s house. He was happy to see a familiar face in Road Dogg. Woods was hurt that AJ didn’t let him in on the surprise. AJ mentions he didn’t even know until a few days before the show. Renee asks what led to AJ finally coming to the WWE and he says because they offered him a deal. Fantastic! They all laugh about that answer and AJ says that he was ready to come home. It took some time but HHH finally called him and they had a great talk that lasted 30 minutes. He flew home from Japan and went straight to getting his medical tests done and a few weeks later he was in the WWE.

-Renee asks who AJ sees as the future and he mentions Ricochet and Cedric Alexander. Hmm! He mentions he has lost to both of them and knows they will get there. Woods wants to talk about video games and says that AJ once showed him an unopened Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out that he owns. AJ says it is the most prized video game possession he owns as it is in a box, in a box, in a box in a bag. His kids know better when it comes to not touching his collection. He tells a story of his kids getting into some of his games and messing up the Styrofoam casing it was in. I quite enjoy AJ Video Game Nerd!


-RAW Dec 6, 2004: Lita and Trish Main Event RAW. As I said in my Ruthless Aggression recap from yesterday, I have no clue how Lita didn’t beak her neck on that dive. That leads to Renee hyping up Paige returning on SmackDown.

-Hot Tag: Does Ember want to see more Gulak/Bryan? She is all for it and loved that it was a pure wrestling match. She wants to see more from Gulak. Woods gets to talk about the Tag Team Elimination Chamber and calls it a fantastic match. He puts over the spot from the top of the chamber and wishes he could have been there with his boys. Booker gets to talk Sami and he loves that he is being given this run. He compares Sami and Nakamura to Chuck D and Flava Flav, and the clocks cuts him off as everyone gets on him for going long.


-HHH talks about his entrances at Mania and liked the one at Mania 21 with Lemmy. He talks about the one at WM XXX where he came out on the throne and had Sasha, Charlotte, and Alexa Bliss with him as they were still just NXT only talent. He also enjoyed the one at Mania 31 where he came out as Terminator and puts over Arnold for doing voice over work for the entrance.

-Renee talks about how this could be the first time in 13 years we don’t have a HHH match at Mania. That leads to a recap of the epic awesomeness that was Hell in a Cell at Mania XXVIII. HHH says they took the End of an Era tag seriously leading up to that match. It wasn’t a retirement thing, but it was the last time that group would be in the ring and have a moment like that (I mean who could have predicted bags and bags of money from a Saudi Prince would get them together again). He puts over the feeling you get when you here the gong and talks about being in the ring with Hogan, Austin, Rock, Flair and that it is just different with Taker. He says the match wasn’t flips and flying, but it was ultra aggressive and real. He remembers Shawn coming to him between the beatings and telling him they were really killing each other. He talks about the fantastic Super Kick into the Pedigree near fall that nearly brought the stadium down and Shawn’s oversell of it is still amazing. I love that match and still love it to this day. The build was also fantastic with Taker playing Shawn and HHH against each other due to their egos. It was two old school guys beating the crap out of each other and then walking out like men. They should have left the memories alone, but well, Saudi Prince Money!


-The Satin Sheet: Rob Gronkowski is deep in talks with WWE and close to finalizing a deal. He could be making an appearance as early as March 20 on SmackDown.

-Everyone is back on set to discuss The Gronk. Woods wants to see him paired up with Asuka and Sayne as their heater who can understand Japanese, but can’t speak it. Booker wants him to murder Mojo. Moon wants to see a match with Gronk and Jinder and wants Lisa involved. For those who don’t know, Lisa was the security that didn’t know Gronk was doing a run in at Mania 33 and tried to stop him. They show footage of the incident and it is pretty funny.

-Renee hypes Jeff Hardy returning on SmackDown Friday and Austin being at RAW in Pittsburgh (sadly, I work late on Mondays or would be there) for 3-16 day. They throw back to a previous episode of Backstage where Christian said he wanted a match with AJ and Austin. AJ would love to do battle with Austin and does a rather impressive impression of him. They show Austin stunning AJ on RAW and Woods and Booker mention they’ve also taken the Stunner as well.

-Theme Music montage: Hogan, Savage, Hart, Michaels, Cena. Who has the best theme song? Ali likes the Usos theme. Elias loves Corbin’s as does Strowman. The IIconics love Orton’s and Ember is all about Nakamura’s. Samoa Joe and Rey pick Balor’s. Mandy, Sonya, and Carmella are with Taker, and Drew picks Austin’s.

-Booker goes with Austin, and AJ loves Samoa Joe’s. Moon again mentions Nakamura’s and also puts over AJ’s. Renee says she knows Xavier’s and we get the amazing video of him marking out and singing Batista’s theme at Mania last year. I would have been so disappointed had they not shown that. Woods says that his favorite all time is Reverend D-Von’s and Billy and Chuck’s. He also apparently knows all the words to Trish Stratus’ theme as well.


-Woods does the XFL on FOX plug.

-Next week CM Punk is back and Rhea Ripley will be the special guest.

-We get video of fans helping Mick Foley by pushing his car to a gas station. Booker wants to know how Mick Foley ran out of gas? This gives the panel a chance to share stories of dealing with fans. Booker says he was pulled over by a cop and he let him go because he saw he was Booker T. AJ says he remembers that as he was the car behind Booker and was pulled over as well. Ember talks about fans making her a Dungeon and Dragons character and she plays with it all the time.

-Renee and AJ show off their handshake they do as we close the show this week.

-Another fun and enjoyable episode. Renee continues to kill it in this forum and AJ was a wonderful guest to have. I quite enjoyed him and Woods marking out over video games. Ember is also great on this show as she gets to show some personality we don’t see when she was on WWE TV. The big story this week is of course The Gronk news and it will be interesting where that leads. As always thanks for reading!

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