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411’s WWE Backstage Report 1.28.20: Roman Reigns on Edge’s Return, Kobe Bryant, Super Bowl & More

January 29, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Roman Reigns WWE Backstage

-Welcome once again to your weekly WWE Backstage Report.  This week should be fun as they will be live in Miami as all of FOX Sports is there for Super Bowl LIV.  As I have mentioned before, I am a 49er fan since 1989 (I was 7 then) and this is obviously an exciting time.  So one last time before the game on Sunday: Go Niners!  There is no Big East basketball game this week so the show should actually start on time.  Let’s get to it!

-The set looks awesome as they are on what is the FOX set for Super Bowl XLV.  Renee teases what is to come as we will be joined by The New Day and Roman Reigns.  We also have a live crowd on hand.

-Show opening!

-The live crowd is tremendous as it is bringing a ton of energy to the show.  Renee welcomes us and she is joined by her co-host, Booker T, and Christian is here as well.  Again, having WWE fans behind the panel is tremendous and is adding a ton to this show.  Christian and Renee start rapping “Miami” by Will Smith and she jokes that she hopes they don’t have to pay for that.

-Royal Rumble Rewind: The Fiend beats Bryan in a pretty darn good match, Charlotte wins The Rumble, Becky finally beats Asuka, and in the Men’s Rumble Edge returns, and the Drew McIntyre rocket push begins.

-RAW Rewind: Orton shows he is still a fantastic heel with his attack on Edge and Brock gets some revenge on Drew.

-Renee brags that she is the one to pick Drew last week and mentions that Drew was billed as the chosen one years ago.  Booker mentions he has always been on the Drew train as he thought he should have won King of the Ring.  Christian calls Drew a true pro-wrestler in that he is a student of the game.  Christian relates a story about working with Drew on a dark match and telling him they would tear the house down and did.  He got across to Drew that to be in the Main Event you have to learn no matter where you are on the card, you have to tear down the house every night.

-Talk shifts to Brock’s Rumble run and Christian mentions that people forget Brock is one of the best ever.  He puts over all the little things he does and they mention Brock dancing.  Everyone loves happy, fun Brock!

-They tease talking about Edge later and Christian down playing it is fantastic.  Renee asks for favorite moment in the Men’s Rumble outside of Edge returning.  Booker picks Drew winning and Christian loved Ricochet getting pay back by hitting Brock in the balls leading to the Claymore ending his night.  Renee loved Keith Lee getting his showdown with Brock.

-Now to the Women’s Rumble and the crowd is mixed on Charlotte winning.  A fan shouts out that he wants Charlotte to challenge The Undertaker which causes Renee and Christian to laugh.  Christian wants to see Charlotte face heel Bayley and Booker seconds that.  They discuss who else stood out and Booker says Shayna is a star.  Renee brings up Bianca lasting 33 minutes and the fact she made her own gear.  Christian calls her a super athletic talent and she solidified herself as a future WWE star.  They also bring up Beth Phoenix and her run.  Booker calls her the Warrior Princess for how she powered through the match with her head split open.  Christian says the injury only seemed to fuel her in that match.


-We are back and Roman Reigns joins the set with a sweet entrance.  Again, they should have a studio crowd every week.  Roman and Corbin were both part of Super Bowl opening night as it dawns on me that Reigns is a 49ers fan and Corbin is a Chiefs fan.  Corbin interviewing Chiefs while wearing his crown is spectacular and kind of sad at the same time.  Corbin talks trash to 49er fans as any true heel would do.

-Roman talks about how great it has been this week in Miami and how it is like Mania in that they take over a city for the week.  He talks about The Rumble this past week and how great it felt to be healthy and part of the show.  He talks about taking pride in making that moment to help Drew get to the next level and mentions Drew deserves it.  Booker asks how hard it was to pull double duty on Sunday.  Reigns says it was tough as he worked 20 minutes and then cooled down and had to get fired back up again for the Rumble.  He is happy to do things like that though as that is what is expected of him.  Christian asks about using the baseball stadium to help with their match.  Reigns loved all the cool pockets and areas that you don’t usually get with standard arenas.

-Renee brings up the tragedy with Kobe Bryant and everyone else on the helicopter.  He talks about the heaviness backstage on Sunday.  He mentions he was raised a Laker fan and people his age adored Kobe.  They had a job to do Sunday and they hope it helped provide an escape even if brief for people who watched.  His heart goes out to all families involved and is praying for all of them. Well said, Roman!


-Renee plugs the Halftime Show on Sunday with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

-That segues to a video package on the first Halftime Heat.  Foley says it was his idea and he had to talk Rock into the idea.  He brings up having his eyes burned by the salsa.  He also mentions that he did defeat the biggest star in the world on that evening.  Renee tells everyone to check the match out on the WWE Network.  Christian talks about how hard it would be for pros to work a match without a crowd as you feed off their energy.  He puts Foley over for putting his body on the line.  Booker calls it a history making moment and says people have tried to recreate that match so many times.

-We jump back to The Rumble and they focus on Bayley.  Renee asks what’s next for Bayley and Booker thinks she needs to get more of a mean streak and attitude.  Christian wonders where Sasha Banks was and thinks it was good for Bayley to do it on her own.

-Now to Becky vs Asuka and we get a video package on the match.  Christian talks about how Becky has her groove back and he thinks her goal is to Main Event WrestleMania for a second straight year.

-More commercials as Frank Caliendo is apparently joining us next.

-Back and we hear the news that Sheamus will be the pace car driver for the Daytona 500, which will also be televised by FOX.

-Renee throws to a package about the connection between the WWE and NFL.  Pat Mcafee strutting as a Colt, Rodgers with his belt celebration are shown and then we hear about LT being in the Main Event of Mania XI, The Gronk being at Mania, and Ernie Ladd coming from the football field.  They bring up Corbin, Roman, Brock, and Goldberg all getting shots in the NFL.  Then they show NFL players celebrating like The Rock and Ric Flair.  This was fantastic!

-Frank Caliendo is here and he is rocking a Chiefs jersey, so I am already annoyed by him. He immediately starts doing his impression of Hogan and Savage.  He grew up a huge wrestling fan and always looked forward to Saturday Night’s Main Event.  He is so blown up from running around screaming that he is struggling to do his Morgan Freeman impression.  He calls out The New Day and they just happen to be here and pelt him with pancakes.  The crowd loves the New Day!  They set Frank up to do impressions of John Gruden singing The Golden Girls theme, Adam Sandler, and Al Pacino as Kofi talking about being a vegan.  This is dying a thousand deaths in front of the crowd as all they want is to see the WWE Stars.  They bring out Booker T and Frank cuts a promo on him as Super Mario, Charles Barkley, and Robert De Niro.  Booker puts Frank in a headlock and we take another break.


-A nice package of fans reacting to Edge’s return.  I went crazy just like the rest of the wrestling world as Edge is one of my favorites of all time.

-Roman is back with the panel and they discuss Edge’s return.  Christian jokes that his return was alright, but then gets serious and calls it a fantastic moment.  He told Christian that he was really nervous before the match and that is abnormal for him.  Roman talks about being in the middle of the storm during it and calls it inspiring.  He has always been a fan and he knows the emotion that Edge was feeling.  He calls it a blessing to be out there and be healthy.  Christian brings up that Edge was drooling about being in the ring with Reigns, AJ, Black, Rollins, etc.  Renee brings up the moment with Edge and AJ standing nose to nose and it made me think that is where they were heading for Mania, but Orton works as well.  Reigns talks about how all the boys are already wanting a piece and he thinks he is first in line.  They laugh about Orton pointing out that Edge was shredded.  Roman is more than welcoming to have someone like Edge back in the locker room.

-Booker mentions it is Rick Ross’ birthday and he is here so he gets a shoutout.  That seemed kind of awkward and nobody else really knew what was happening.


-GEORGE KITTLE via per-taped video as he talks about his wrestling fandom. We all should be thrilled to be blessed by The Greatness of the best TE in all of the world.  He loves Austin 3:16 and talks about being a little kid when he sees The Rock.  He says he can retire knowing that he is followed on Twitter by The Rock and Stone Cold.

-Renee plugs the Super Bowl this Sunday incase you haven’t heard.  It will be on FOX and Reigns cuts a promo to Kansas City fans as this is The Niner Gang.  We run the NFL now and will get you on offense, defense, and special teams.  We aren’t The Titans and we are getting a ring for our other hand. Kofi is cool with SF matching the Patriots with 6 rings.  I live in the Pittsburgh area and all my friends/family are Steeler fans and they don’t want my Niners getting to 6 to tie them and NE.  Roman was fantastic here, but I could be biased and now I am the biggest Roman fan in the world now.  That wraps up the show and one last time: GO NINERS!

-This show was fun and different as the live crowd was great.  Seeing the WWE get to use all the FOX Super Bowl sets was pretty cool and shows they are part of the family.  The stuff with Caliendo was pretty bad, but I guess everything they do can’t be a winner.  With that said, best show ever thanks to GEORGE KITTLE (yes, he deserves the WALTER treatment) and Roman throwing down for The Niner Empire.  As always thanks for reading!

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