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411’s WWE Backstage Report 11.12.19

November 13, 2019 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Backstage

-Renee Young welcomes us to this edition of WWE Backstage and she tells us that Mick Foley, Samoa Joe, and Adam Cole will be joining the show tonight.

-Opening Credits and we are on set with Renee Young, Booker T, and Paige.  The 3rd chair between Paige and Renee is empty, but Samoa Joe is soon out to his theme and a sweet looking suit to fill the chair.  Paige and Renee doing the “Joe Joe Joe” chant is pretty sweet and Renee says he has the best entrance music in the WWE.  Joe gives an update on his injury and says he should be back in a few weeks.  Booker T jokes that he should milk the injury, but Joe says he is getting too many calls to come back.

-Renee throws it to a recap package of what went down on SmackDown and RAW.  Booker T says that the NXT Invasion is what stood out the most to him and he specifically mentions WALTER.  He was impressed with WALTER and he says he reminded him of a bigger and stronger William Regal.  Paige also thinks WALTER is gong to be a big star.  She loves that we are getting new faces every week and it spices things up.  Joe talks about WALTER and Keith Lee and calls them the future of big bruisers in the company.  Joe also puts over the mind games being played by Randy Orton.  Booker T talks about the rub that Ricochet is getting being paired with Randy Orton.

-Renee clears her throat as he talks about the Rusev/Lana/Lashley storyline being polarizing.  They throw to a package recapping what happened last night and when they head back to the panel they are all laughing.  Renee loves this kind of smut storyline in the WWE and Paige said she hates it as it isn’t for her.  Renee brings up the Women’s Evolution and wants to know if this kind of story takes away from that.  Booker says that everyone loves the Attitude Era, but times change and the question is if people want this in 2019.  Joe looks at it as to who is going to end up coming out looking good and he is having a hard time seeing the payoff.  Booker brings up that he saw a tweet reading if they stop the storyline right now everyone can forget it happened.  Renee brings up the Attitude Era again and talks about how they have tried to make the 3rd hour of RAW edgier.  She mentions the lights being changed and graphics being changed, which only lasted a week or two.  Man, they are kind of crushing what they’ve been trying to do on RAW.

-We head to our first commercial break as they hype Foley appearing next.

-Back from break to Mick Foley’s theme music and he is in studio with Renee and Booker T.  Mick says he has been crossing the globe with his Have a Nice Day Tour to promote the 20th anniversary of his first book release.  He also plugs the upcoming shows on the tour.  Renee asks about Mick’s thoughts on The Fiend and obviously Mick loves it.  He admits he multi-tasks while watching RAW, but stops everything he is doing when Bray or The Fiend show up on screen.  He talks about how he needed time to prepare to be Mankind, or Cactus Jack, or Dude Love and is amazed Bray can switch from Fiend to Firefly Fun House so easily.

-Booker brings up his first over seas tour in Germany and he watched Vader and Foley have a war that cost Foley his ear.  He says everything was chaos in the back and Mick impressed him by finishing the match.  Booker says Gary Michael Capetta came to the back with the ear and told everyone he thinks it’s Mick’s ear and Mick responds with a “Bang Bang.”  Booker thought Mick was certifiable from that moment on and that was his first impression of Mick Foley.  Mick says that he wants Renee to take note that even with the injury he was able to get a pop and his catchphrase in with all the boys.  Mick says he knew some German and knew enough to tell them to make sure they bring his ear with him to the hospital.  Mick was looking at the bright side in that losing a body part was a plus in pro-wrestling.  Renee asks Mick if he can hang around a bit and he is cool with that.

-Commercial break!

-We are back with “This Date in History” and it’s Becky getting her nose broken by Nia Jaxx on RAW in a moment that changed the course of her career as getting the match with Rousey postponed was a blessing in disguise.  The visual of Becky basking in the cheers in the crowd while blood poured form her nose has become rather famous.

-Renee is joined by Gabriel Iglesias and it seems he will be going to promo school.  He says he has been a fan since 1987 when he saw WrestleMania III and says his favorite match is Taker/Shawn at Mania XXV (I was there for that).  His favorite Superstar of all time is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and his favorite finisher is The Rock Bottom.  With that it is time for promo school and the judges will be Booker T, Adam Cole, Mick Foley, and Paige.  Gabriel heads down the ramp and says his wrestling name today is Gab.  Foley tells him to play up to his strengths, and Cole wants to see it in his eyes and body language.  Paige tells him that his target will be Samoa Joe.  Iglesias cuts a promo on Joe calling him the man that IHOP fears more than anyone else and knows why it took Joe so long to get to the WWE.  He calls Joe butter and says only his mother could love him, but he is his daddy.  I found that way more entertaining than I thought I would.  Booker T gives him a B+ and says he brought the smoke.  Mick gives him A- and Cole follows with a B+.  Paige thought the ending was a little weak, but gives him a B.

-Now Joe gets his turn to cut a promo of his own.  Joe goes from joking to telling a Samoan tale threatening Fluffy.  Iglesias tells Joe he smells like SPAM and Joe responds that with his whack promo he is John Cena to core and that they don’t want to see him no more.  Man, I still want to see Joe vs Cena.  Renee is back out and everyone gives Iglesias props.  Foley says he wants to see Gab vs Joe now.  As they head to break, Joe says he kept it light as the SPAM line caught him off guard.

-Commercial break!

-Back with Renee, Cole, Joe, and Paige.  Cole has the old school NXT Title with him while Cole has his current NXT Title and Paige the NXT Women’s Title.  Cole talks about his hectic week and how last minute it was in getting to SmackDown in Buffalo.  Cole had to change into his gear while on the plane and all the women were trying to do their makeup on the plane.  He then found out he was in the Main Event against Daniel Bryan.  It was a match he always wanted and it’s crazy that he only had an hour to get ready and focused for this dream match.  Renee asks if he wishes the match was on different circumstances and he says absolutely not as it being last minute and hectic made it memorable.  Joe brings up that Bryan made the pitch that he always does and that’s asking if the match can go an hour.  Renee asks which match he enjoyed more: Bryan or Rollins.  Cole says that both were special for different reason, but all things considered he would go with the Bryan match.  Renee calls it a hell of a match and that she loathes doing commentary, but loved calling that match.

-Renee wants to know which of the 3 of them made the best NXT Champion.  Mick brings up that Paige had to relinquish her title because she was called up to the Main Roster.  Mick goes with Samoa Joe as he was making the case for him back in 2004.  Booker talks about Joe and how they worked together and he told Joe he was bigger than what he was doing back in 2008.  He talks about Paige having a leg up in the business because of her family, but ends up going with Adam Cole.  Paige is quite annoyed that neither picked her and goes running after both of them as we head to break.  Mick yelling I love your family and your movie too was funny for some reason.

-Commercial break!

-We are back with the ending to the LT/Bigelow WrestleMania XI Main Event.  That leads to Ric Flair calling LT the great football player of all time.  It looks like Ric was interviewed for a NFL special and are just using that here.  He says LT is still crazy and still having fun.  He made every football team redesign their entire offensive scheme.

-All that segues nicely to Renee pimping FOX’s upcoming slate:  Brown/Steelers on Thursday, SmackDown on Friday, Michigan State/Michigan on Saturday, and NFL on FOX Sunday.  For those unaware I have been a 49ers fan since I was 7 years old (yes, somehow I became a Niners fan in SW PA while everyone else in my family roots for the Steelers).

-Ray Satin is back for The Satin Sheet.  His notes that Johnny Gargano has been ruled out of Survivor Series weekend with a neck injury.  The Miz inked a multi-year contract extension and Paige has also signed a new deal.  She confirms that she did sign a new deal and threatens Ryan as she should have been the one to make the announcement.

-Next segment is Hot Tag where everyone gets 30 seconds on a topic.  Joe gets to pick what match will steal the show at Survivor Series and he picks the Women’s Three Way Champion Match.  Paige gets to pick who should face Aleister Black next and Samoa Joe is her choice.  Give me of all that!  Booker gets to pick who is the best heel in the WWE.  He says it is King Corbin as he knows his job is to get booed and get the other guy cheered.

-More breaking news as they announce the SmackDown Team for Survivor Series: Reigns, Corbin, Mustafa Ali, Shorty G, and Braun Strowman.

-Commercial break!

-We are back for the last time as they hype that either Bray or The Fiend will be on SmackDown this Friday.

-Renee Young says that in the WWE you like to make epic moments and they have one here.  CULT OF PERSONALITY HITS AND HOLY HELL!  IT’S CM PUNK!  Punk says that when they think they have the answers, he changes the culture and he will see them next week.  OH MY!

-Obviously everyone heard the rumors in the months leading up to this show, but that was just surreal.  Punk ending aside, I did find this episode better than last weeks.  The flow seemed less constricted and I enjoyed Joe as the guest commentator this week.  The segment with Satin does add some realism to the show and I am fine with them breaking news on the show.  With all that said, CM Punk’s return is the story here and next week should be quite interesting.  Thanks as always for reading!

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