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411’s WWE Backstage Report 11.19.19: CM Punk Debuts & Addresses Seth Rollins Tweets, More

November 20, 2019 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
CM Punk Renee Young WWE Backstage

411’s WWE Backstage Report: 11/19/19

-Last week the internet exploded when CM Punk made his return to WWE programming.  He hyped that he would be appearing tonight and I am sure his presence will help draw eyeballs to the show.  He has promised that nobody is safe which has already caused a twitter war between AEW and WWE personalities.  How will Punk react to what he has seen in the WWE?  Will he bury anyone?  Will he address his in ring future?  Let’s find out together.

-Renee Young welcomes us to the show and hypes that David Arquette will be joining the show for Promo School.  She is joined by CM Punk and he jokes that they added zeroes to the account so he is good to go and has a lot to say.


-Renee introduces us to those joining her on set: Booker T. Paige, and Ember Moon.  Ember starts by showing off her walking boot and says she is out indefinitely with a torn achilles.  She doesn’t know if it will be 4 months or 18 months, but she is here to have fun.

-Renee hypes Survivor Series and pitches to the weekly video recap of what went down on SmackDown and RAW since last week’s show.  Back to the set and Renee asks for each one’s biggest take away from the week.  Booker loved seeing KO get back on track.  He says KO has everything to be one of the best of all time and calls him Top 5 in WWE as far as mat technicians.  Ember is all about NXT and admits she is very pro NXT.  She puts over the week they have with their show tomorrow and then the two shows this weekend.  Paige loved Joe on commentary and that seems to be universal from everyone as he immediately came off as the best commentator in the company.

-The panel talks about Survivor Series on Sunday and they all love the idea of NXT being involved.  They discuss if bragging rights are enough and Ember wishes there were higher stakes and throws out the idea of the winning brand getting a chance at the 30 slot in the Royal Rumble.  Renee likes that idea and Booker thinks someone is going to be able to grab the brass ring on Sunday.

-Up next is CM Punk as he has a sit down interview with Renee Young.

-Commercial break!

-Back with footage from last week of Punk making is return and it leads to a rather awesome video package hyping who he is.

-Renee is still having a hard time wrapping her head around this, but introduces CM PUNK and he says “It’s Clobbering Time.”  This is just so surreal.  Punk doesn’t know what really brought him back into the world of wrestling.  This job didn’t exist 6 months ago and someone floated the idea to him.  He didn’t immediately say no, so he thought that meant it could be interesting.  Renee asks why now after 6 years and Punk says that wrestling and what he is doing now are different things.  He says he has no relationship and hasn’t talked to anyone in the WWE.  This is a FOX deal for him and he finds that dynamic interesting.  He gets to criticize the business and he has no filter and has the freedom to talk about a broken business.  The product and the fans need someone without ties to worry about being punished for saying something.  He isn’t going to be fired or jobbed out or sent to TV and told he isn’t needed.  He says he will talk about the good and people probably won’t like him when it’s bad.

-Renee wants to go back and talk about what happened last week.  He says that he hated when the office would try to work the boys and brings up the Nexus Invasion and how he and Gallows weren’t told what was happening.  They show him being snuck inside the building last week and brings up that having butterflies is good.  He says that wrestling is something he mastered and he felt he was better than everyone else.  Now he is nervous which is a good thing and so far he is having fun.  Renee asks about how many people in his inner circle knew and Punk says his inner circle is very small.  His wife knew and Renee knew and maybe 10 more people.  Punk talks about the reactions and says Joe was trying to be cool, but Renee and Paige were neck and neck as far as their reactions.

-He jokes that he thought about doing a Shockmaster thing and trip getting into the ring but figured nobody would believe he tripped on purpose.  Renee asks about his phone blowing up and if anyone odd contacted him and he mentions Jim Ross.  He says that isn’t odd to him as they keep in contact, but it might be to some.

-Renee gets to the tough questions and asks if we will see CM Punk back in the ring and brings up Survivor Series being in Chicago and then the Royal Rumble is around the corner.  Punk says regardless of his answer, someone is going to be upset.  It is nothing he is actively pursuing or trying to do, but he has learned to never say never.  He admits there are a lot of hurdles and reiterates he has had no contact with WWE officials.  He says it is a wall that has to rebuilt and says it could take as long to rebuild as it did to build The Great Wall.  Renee jokes that he is telling the internet that there is a chance.  Punk tells her not be that person and people are going to start chanting his name at shows.  Renee jokes that hasn’t really stopped.

-Renee asks Punk his thoughts about the product.  He says he feels it is the same as when he left.  He thinks things are overproduced and micromanaged.  He says he does see a lot of the bright spots and mentions the women.  He doesn’t think they need to force the Women’s Revolution and hash tag the crap out of it as he just thinks they need to let the women be the women and kick ass.  Selfishly he loves NXT as he sees a lot of himself in the roster.  He was an indy guy that was in developmental that was told he would never make TV.  Punk says he will be back soon and will talk a lot more in the future as there is a lot of wrestling on TV.  Renee teases that Punk will be cutting a promo later and I guess we know who Arquette will be cutting a promo on.


-We are back with WCW Thunder where David Arquette won the WCW World Title.  He is here to cut a promo and I guess it won’t be on Punk as he is one of the 4 judges with Renee, Ember, and Paige.  Arquette is fired up about this and Renee says the expectations are high since he is familiar with the business.  Punk says he doesn’t have to give much advice and says for David to do him.  Ember wants him to throw in a reference to 8 Legged Freaks.  Paige brings out Booker T who brings out the Big Gold Belt.  Arquette takes his jacket off and says that he won the WCW Title before Booker T did.  He name drops being in all the Scream movies and says he can make Booker scream, but perhaps he should save that for Booker’s wife.  That draws oohs and ahs from the judges.  He then mentions that Booker was carried by Stevie Ray and that the T stands for Totally giving up his career after WCW.  Arquette says that if Punk gets back in the ring the fans might chant his name when there’s something happening they don’t like.  He finishes by saying he had a horrible wrestling career, but it was better than Punk’s MMA career.  WOW!  He apologizes for that one and tells Punk it takes a lot of guts to get in MMA and is happy to see Punk back.  Arquette then gets lost as he finishes.

-Renee gives him a D+ as she mentions that he went way too long.  Punk gives him an F- and says that he should have went even harder on the MMA stuff.  He says that he was too battle rap and not enough promo.  Ember gives him a C- as it was all over the place and Paige hit him with a C.  She admits she is being biased and echoes that he went way too long.

-Now Booker gets to cut his promo and says that in the last 20 years David has only done movies that went straight to DVD.  He brings up that when Arquette won the WCW Title he asked Booker backstage how many times he won the title and Booker told him he never did.  He says that he thought about kicking his ass, but the next night Arquette took the title on National TV and said he didn’t deserve the title but Booker T did.  Booker never forgot about that and thanks David for possibly being the spark that helped get him to the World Title.  He tells David he loves him and ends the segment.  The panel give him a hard time and say he has gotten soft in his older age.

-Commercial break!

-Tyson Fury video and Renee brings up that Fury’s rival, Wilder was on a boxing show and mentioned he would be all for getting involved in wrestling and dropping elbows off ladders.  They hype Wilder’s next fight that will be on FOX.

-Back to SmackDown and we get the much talked about Baron Corbin segment with a guy dressed in a dog suit.  We come back with Booker laughing and Renee just turns things over to CM Punk.  Here we go!  Punk says the less said about it the better and it makes him question joining this show.  He doesn’t know Corbin, but calls the segment horrible and a bad start.  He asks Paige’s opinion and she just gives it a thumbs down as Punk just keeps calling it garbage.

-Pay It Off: Booker is asked who will shine the brightest in the 5 on 5 on 5 Men’s Elimination Match.  He picks Mustafa Ali and says that cream will rise to the top and he will put on a show.  Paige is asked about the Women’s Triple Threat match and she wants to see Bayley get the win.  She says Becky doesn’t need anymore elevation.  They set Punk up with his thoughts on the payoff for Brock vs Rey.  Punk says it is something that will be great.  He loves Rey and says Brock is amazing when is motivated.

-Video of the Wyatt/Bryan interaction.

-Booker says Daniel is the perfect matchup for The Fiend.  He can go all night long and he will display all his talent in the match with The Fiend.  Punk calls the blue title stupid, and Paige tells him not to get her started.

-They take another break but hype Rollins reaction to Punk’s return.

-Back with This Date in History: CM Punk celebrates day 365 of his WWE Title reign which was longest since Hogan’s reign at the peak of Hulk-a-mania.  Renee brings up the reaction from twitter and the fans when Punk made his return last week.  One fan admits that he actually cried and there is a great interview with a husband and wife and the wife admits she is just here to support her husband.  That’s awesome!  The fans all say they want him back in the ring.

-Renee brings up Seth’s tweet about wanting to fight CM Punk.  Punk says Seth needs to stop tweeting and this isn’t the show where he can shoot his own angles.  Renee mentions the “Shield guys” and Punk asks her who her favorite is and she sheepishly says she likes them all equally as Punk is cracking up laughing.  This show is so much better with him on it.  Renee compares Roman vs Seth as far as how they have handled being on top.  Punk admits it is very hard and that it is hard to be on top for so long and try to stay fresh.  He again says that Seth just needs to stop tweeting and take a break.

-Commercial break!

-They plug SmackDown on Friday.

-They read tweets from fans that were hyped to see Punk return.  There were some who weren’t happy to see him and put up a tweet from Tom Arnold who tweeted that Punk weighs about a buck fifty and he could take him now.  Punk says the guy famous for marrying Roseanne Barr.  He wants to know what level of hell he woke up in and goes off on Tom Arnold.  He says if he wanted shit from Tom he would scrap his tongue.  He doesn’t care how much he weighs as Tom couldn’t even take him bowling. He then tells Seth, he means Tom to search for relevancy somewhere else.  Booker says that Punk is getting back in the ring with Seth.  AWESOME!  Renee yells at him for swearing and he says it is in his contract that he can swear.

-This was amazing and Punk is a breath of fresh air.  The interview with Renee was great as she is wonderful in those scenarios and asked the questions people wanted answered.  The fact that Punk didn’t close the door on an in ring return is the big news even if it may just be a pipe dream.  Punk was definitely unfiltered as advertised and his chemistry with Renee was great.  I started getting flash backs of Talking Smack as Punk filled the Daniel Bryan role nicely.  Bryan was a little slyer with his criticism while Punk was just blunt, but still amazing.  The only slow part was Arquette’s promo as he rambled on way too long and he even admitted so.  Even though that was redeemed by Punk ripping on himself as far as his MMA run went. Also, poor Seth!  I can’t wait for the next Punk episode.  Just fantastic!

-Thanks for reading!

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