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411’s WWE Backstage Report 11.26.19

November 27, 2019 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Triple H WWE Backstage 11-26-19

-Welcome to your weekly dose of WWE Backstage.  Last week we had the debut of CM Punk on the show and it made of the best episode of the series.  Sadly, there is no Punk this week, but hopefully they can continue with what worked last week and we can get another fun show.

-Renee hypes the show before the opening and promises a look at Seth Rollins being back, HHH joining the show, and recapping Austin’s interview with Taker.

-Show opening!

-Renee Young welcomes us to the show and is joined by her co-host, Booker T.  This week they are joined on stage by Paige, Christian, and Samoa Joe.  Nice to see Christian and Joe back.

-We get a Survivor Series recap package and all 3 major champions defended their titles and NXT won the night.  From there we get a RAW package and the Rusev beatdown of Lashley was fantastic and made Rusev look like a star for a change.

-Back to the panel and Renee wants to talk about the return of the real Seth Rollins.  Paige loves seeing the edgier side and says he delivered last night. Booker has been saying that Seth needed to get some dirt on him, and loves the new old Seth Rollins.  Joe says what we saw last night was the best version of Seth Rollins and gives him a chance to express his emotions.  Christian says it comes down to “be who you are,” and that he thinks Seth was being someone that others wanted him to be.  Booker hints that AOP will be Rollins’ new buffer and Joe talks about how they are young guys chomping at the bit and need to take advantage of this spot.

-Renee turns the talk to Kevin Owens and Christian says he Owens is fearless when he speaks and he wants to be in the top spot.  Booker puts over Owens for carving his own path.

-They cover Rey winning the US Title and Joe says it is no surprise to him.  He says Rey having gold always makes for an interesting story.  Christian calls Rey a Living Legend and that most of the locker room would say Rey is their dream match.  Booker thinks Rey’s son is the biggest winner in this scenario and then puts over Brock Lesnar.  He brings up the matches Brock has had with AJ, Balor, Bryan, and Rey.

-They throw to a poll question asking who wore the turtle neck the best this past weekend as we get side by side pictures of Christian and The Gronk.  The twitter vote is actually 50/50 at this point.  We are told we will be updated throughout the show.


-Shock The System with an Adam Cole video package as Renee calls him Mr. November.  Joe and Renee introduce HHH who is joining us from The WWE Performance Center.  HHH talks about the month that NXT has had and it all started with them taking over SmackDown and Cole beating Daniel Bryan.  He calls NXT’s month monumental and that they added another layer to RAW and SmackDown.  He thinks NXT has proven they are a 3rd brand in the WWE on par with the other two shows.  Joe brings up how much some of the NXT guys were asked to work in the last month and if HHH had any concern.  HHH says no matter how great they are, you don’t know how much someone can handle in the ring.  That is part of the reason they didn’t know who would be on the NXT team at Survivor Series as they wanted to get through War Games and see who was left.  He names Adam Cole the Iron Man of NXT and likes Renee calling him Mr. November.  Joe asks if we will still be seeing NXT mix it up with RAW and SmackDown and HHH says things should settle back down with the different rosters focusing on their own brand.  Renee wants to talk about Keith Lee and HHH basically calls him a freak and puts over how big of a moment it was for him to end the Men’s match with Roman Reigns giving him props.  Joe wants to know if HHH is happy with the way Dakota Kai’s turn went down.  HHH is very happy as they were able to keep things on the low down with the turn and that they were able to shock the people in the arena.  He is proud of the way she was able to turn on a dime and bring up her intensity and aggression.  He feels it was executed extremely well and is proud of Dakota.  Renee thanks HHH for joining and he puts over the Backstage and congratulates Renee and Joe for how well things are going.  Renee says she is hopeful they will get him in studio one day.

-They throw to a pre-taped segment where Adam Cole is visiting a psychiatrist (Rachel Bonnetta) .  She has notes that Adam is quick to anger and he starts yelling that he is the best and wants her to say it.  She calms him down and tells him to use his lowered voice.  She wants Cole to change his name to something tougher as it reminds her of her accountant, but then she tells him he is a genius because she hates her accountant.  Cole says he has the sweetest name because “Jeff Jones Bay Bay,” wouldn’t work.  “Colonel Sanders Bay Bay” got a chuckle out of me.  She wants Cole to take a look at himself in the mirror and he says he looks at himself in the mirror everyday and she realizes that was a bad idea to suggest that.  Cole leaves saying he is going to figure her out.

-Back to the panel as they pick their MVPs of the week.  Joe goes with Adam Cole (smart choice), Booker picks Shayna Baszler and the panel gets on him for saying she is “down” in NXT.  Apparently NXT is no longer seen as being down anywhere.  Paige goes with Rhea Ripley, which is another great choice.  Christian picks Keith Lee and doesn’t know what to make of him, which is a good thing because he can’t put him in a box.  He calls him a Superstar and Booker says he is a made man.


-We are back and talk about Charlotte vs Rousey from Survivor Series a year ago.  Charlotte says the moment Ronda signed it became a dream match she needed to have.  It happened because of Becky’s injury and she only had 4 days to prepare.  They show highlights from the match as Charlotte says she went into the match thinking she was the baddest woman on the planet and that’s they story she wanted to tell.  The match ends with Charlotte snapping and beating Rousey down with a chair and kendo stick.  Charlotte loved the ending because Ronda looked tough walking out and she loved turning heel and showing she was more than just a replacement.  Back to Renee with Paige and both say they got goosebumps just watching that.  Paige puts over both women and is amazed to see how Charlotte has blossomed since her FCW, now NXT, days.  Joe says the match set a bar as far as physicality and Christian puts over that Ronda did more than just show up to collect a paycheck.  She was the biggest female superstar on the planet and came to work in the WWE.  Joe talks about how there are times you work with someone that clicks with you and gets the timing easily.  Christian compares Ronda to Kurt Angle in the way they took to the business so quickly.

-Booker is with former NFL star, Lavar Arrington who will be going to promo school.  Lavar is a Western PA kid, like myself, and went to North Hills High School before going to Penn State and then the Washington Redskins.  He says he became a fan of wrestling because of Booker T and they show him at a RAW at State College just after he was drafted by Washington.  He puts over Deion Sanders as a great promo guy in the NFL.


-Back with a weird TLC commercial that looks like something out of an 80s sitcom opening.

-Renee brings up that this is the last PPV of the decade which means we will be getting hammered with Best of the Decade lists.  Bring them on, I say.

-Promo School and as mentioned it is FOX NFL analyst and former NFL star, Lavar Arrington.  He certainly comes off more at ease than others who have done this the last few weeks.  The judges are everyone on the panel outside of Joe, who is sitting this one out.  Christian bonds with him over fashion and tells him the best advice he has is get to the point.  Rambling means he will tune him out.  Paige wants him to show energy.  Lavar promises to deliver.  Now we see where Joe is as he is the one who will be the target of Lavar’s promo.

-Lavar compares himself to a King and says Joe stole his style cadence from Booker.  He brings up how Joe had some rhymes and bars a few weeks ago, so he has a rhyme for him: “Roses are red and violets are blue, wherever you see me, I’m going to dog you.”  He says that’s all Joe is going to get and ends the promo.  Booker gives him a C- for a strong start, but it started to fall off towards the end.  He didn’t feel it like he wanted to.  Renee gives him a C+ as she wanted to see Joe cry and didn’t get anything vicious from Lavar.  Christian is a little more forgiving with a B and also thinks he started well, but needed a stronger end.  He did enjoy the playing off Joe’s rhymes from a few weeks back.  Paige goes with a B- and wanted a better ending as well.

-Now Joe gets his turn and the man is just amazing on the mic.  He is just so calm, focused and believable no matter what subject matter he is trying to get over.  He promises to put Lavar to sleep and make his drawers the same color as his shirt.  Joe then goes off on Lavar for thinking he knew his cadence or that he was the man with bars.  Lavar keeps interrupting and this is actually pretty fantastic as Joe seems kind of annoyed.  After these last two weeks, I need Joe and Punk cutting promos on athletes and celebrities until the earth falls into the sun.


-Back and Renee pays the bills by hyping FOX’s Thanksgiving NFL game (Bears vs Lions) and it seems Braun will be there.  They will actually handout a WWE Title to the MVP of the game.

-Renee throws to a brief video of the Gooker debuting from the egg at Survivor Series 1990 since Thanksgiving is just a few days away.

-Back to the panel and they get on Renee about having her tramp stamped removed recently and yes, we have video.  She says she was 16 and thought it was cool, but wanted some of her dignity back.  She says tattoo removal hurts like hell.  More tweets as someone mentions Christian wore the turtleneck well, but nothing will beat The Rock (you know the photo).  That leads to the GRONK vs Christian poll, and Christian is running away with 87% of the vote.


-Back with hype for SmackDown and Bray’s promise to have a new member of the Fun House.

-They touch on Taker’s interview with Austin and cover the part where Booker tried to get Taker to do a Taker-rooni.  Christian breaks out a peep-a-roni and Joe calls it a great b-boy pose.  They want to see a Joe-a-roni and the video cuts out just before we see it happen.

-No CM Punk, but I still enjoyed the show.  They have seemingly found a decent formula, but no Satin Sheets the last 2 weeks.  The Promo School segments are kind of cheesy as no celebrity has really show anything, but man is Joe great in those.  Actually Joe is great on this show and I hope he stays on when he is healthy.  Christian is fun as well and Paige has found a nice spot as well.  The HHH interview was nothing ground breaking, but helped put over NXT which is what they were trying to accomplish.  All around a fine show with Joe as this week’s MVP.

-As always thanks for reading and join me again next week.

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