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411’s WWE Bring It To The Table Report 6.12.17: Indy Dives, Broken Hardys, & More

June 13, 2017 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.

411’s WWE Bring It To The Table Report: 06/12/17

-Not even the prospects of having to cover this show will bring me down tonight. Reason being is that for a second straight season your Stanley Cup Champions are The Pittsburgh Penguins. That is now 5 Titles I have seen them win and my 26 day old son just witnessed his first.

-Peter Rosenberg is once again your host and is joined by Corey Graves and JBL. We open with JBL making fun of Rosenberg as apparently even Byron Saxton didn’t know who he was.

-Graves hypes a sit down interview he has tonight with Matt and Jeff Hardy.

-Hot Start time and it begins with the awful “This is Your Life” segment from a few weeks back. They make sure highlight the crowd chanting boring and Angle crushing the segment. JBL says that if the segment was any better than it would still classify as “sucks.” He says the JR vs Cole rap battle is the one thing that may be worse and Graves makes sure to get it digs at some of the crap WCW pulled. He also takes a shot at Russo and then dumps on the Fake Razor and Diesel storyline.

-JBL says the worst segment in the history of all television was the mixed tag with him, Nowinski, Jackie Gayda, and Trish Stratus. Just a brutal, brutal match.

-Next they talk about how Bayley has lost something in her transition to RAW from NXT. Graves says he was there to see the entire rise and that when she caught on in NXT everyone had dollar signs in their eyes with the way she related to little girls. JBL says that the horrible This is Your Life segment is not a knock on them as performers as some things happen and you have to move on. He brings up Marc Mero and how he was one of the first guys to get a guaranteed contract in the WWE for jumping and he sucked so much the WWE decided to pay him to sit at home. His brings up Mero because just because you make it one place doesn’t mean it will work somewhere else. One segment doesn’t make or break anyone’s career as that mixed tag he had didn’t break his career years ago.

-They next discuss the SD Women getting to take part in a Money in the Bank Match. Graves is excited to see what they can do and he thinks that bar was raised by the first Women’s Hell in a Cell Match.

-Samoa Joe vs. Brock is next and Rosenberg asks JBL if Joe has a chance. Of course he does says JBL and he says Brock is now a big money attraction like Andre and Brody. Corey calls this a dream match and the one match he has always wanted to call.

-They have a little fun with the “Great Balls of Fire” name and JBL says he won’t even say it as he doesn’t want to get in trouble.

-They discuss potential Match of The Year Candidates: Rosenberg picks Reigns vs. Strowman at PayBack and Graves agrees with him that it is a candidate. JBL calls Reigns one of the best workers in the WWE. Graves picks the UK Title Match from NXT TakeOver Chicago. Great call! JBL picks Cena vs Styles at The Royal Rumble and that would be my pick as well.

-Oh boy they are touching on the Indy Wrestlers/Bubbay Ray Dudley vs Orton/Rip Rogers twitter feud. They focus more of the attention on what Orton had posted. JBL doesn’t want to get into the feud between Randy and Bubba as he is friends of both, but he will touch on the “dive” aspect. He says guys do flips and dives because they don’t know how to work. He thinks guys just do it to get the crowd to chant “holy shit,” and that guys like Orton and Cena can have great matches without all that nonsense. Graves says that JBL is wrong as the business has evolved. The audience’s attention spans have changed and he thinks 205 Live would be better if the guys got to go full out. Graves drops the names of Ospreay and Ricochet which just blows my mind. He calls them incredibly talented guys for what they do and it is a way to get them noticed. JBL asks if those two guys can put 100,000 people in a stadium. He isn’t hating on Indy guys for working hard, but he doesn’t like that they work stupid.

-That may have been the best debate in the history of this show and I actually enjoyed that. From there they transition to talking about Lana. Yeah! Graves compares her to Eva Marie and how nobody knew if she could work, but she got one of the best reactions. He is interested to see what she can do and maybe it is a car wreck. JBL thinks it will be great either way as he either gets to call a car wreck or gets to see people eat crow. Graves says that Lana has been at the Performance Center training for months and we will all get to see what she she has.

-Graves interview with The Hardy Boys next. Matt says the stars aligned and it was time for them to come home. Whatever time they have left they want to do it in the WWE. Graves asks about any individual goals they have. Matt says he is happy with their tag duties now, but somewhere down the line their could be single goals. Jeff wants to have a Hell in a Cell match as that is the one thing he hasn’t done and he doesn’t care if it happens as a team or solo. Graves asks about their “broken” characters and the chances we see that in the WWE. Matt says that due to legal reasons he can’t go into that right now and he is flattered that the WWE Universe keeps chanting for it. Jeff is so glad that his middle name is Nero and Matt says “This is my Brother comma Nero.” Awesome!

-The rest of the interview can be watched anytime on the WWE Network, and I am sure I will check it out at some point.

-Dig It: HELL YEAH! They bring up The Stanley Cup Finals and how the Preds used “Glorious” during stoppages. Didn’t help in Game 6 as what was Glorious was Crosby raising another Cup! JBL apparently doesn’t care for hockey. Next there is a picture of someone watching Extreme Rules while at the NBA Finals, and then the Orioles’ Adam Jones at RAW dressed up like Virgil. Fantastic! They show Orton delivering a RKO to a kid diving into a swimming pool which is pretty sweet.

-Jinder Mahal has to be talked about I guess and they show YouTube videos of fans reacting to the Orton/Jinder match. This is kind of cool actually. The fans losing their minds when Jinder wins the title is pretty hilarious. JBL loves when fans are shocked and kids cry because their favorite lost.

-Big Finish: Rosenberg wants to know if the Super Star makes the Title or vice versa. JBL says you aren’t made just because you win a title as he refers to David Arquette. Graves brings up how Miz is killing it as IC Champ and he can’t remember anything Dean did with the title other than lose to Miz. They all agree that Jinder looks like a big time champion with the presentation and is carrying himself like a champion. Graves says that Brock is making the Universal Title mean something for the first time.

-They end with Rosenberg showing a picture of JBL on a moped with Bruce Prichard riding on back with his legs around JBL. Not a visual I wanted and that leaves JBL flustered as he claims Rosenberg hacked his phone.

-This was easily the best episode of this show since it debuted. They actually touched on some interesting things and gave some decent debate. More of this please!

-Join more tomorrow for Talking Smack where I will probably bring up The Pittsburgh Penguins being Stanley Cup Champions once again.