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411’s WWE Chronicle Report: Becky Lynch

December 17, 2018 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
Becky Lynch

411’s WWE Chronicle Report: Becky Lynch

-A new episode of Chronicle has dropped and last time we got a fantastic one on Dean Ambrose. This time Becky Lynch takes center stage and the previews indicate this covers the period from her broken nose up to the TLC build. Away we go!

-Becky talks about how calling herself “The Man” has gotten over more than she ever thought. She says she told Mick Foley she was going to start calling herself that and ran the idea past a friend. She knew she was on to something when she started seeing signs in the crowd.

-After the opening, Becky talks about the challenge of being in a TLC match. She feels she has the upper hand because she can endure the mental strain better than anyone.

-We are at SmackDown on Nov 27 and Becky talks about how they wanted to push her to the side, but she has a voice. She can get the people to care more and get them to want to see her fights and see “the man.” It’s been a whole lot sweeter because nobody handed her anything. That right there is a big reason she has gotten as over with the crowd as she has.

-Becky talks about her start in the business as she was first going to get into kickboxing, but found out that was a wrestling school. She was the only girl and she expected a warehouse with big dudes wrestling in a ring, but instead it was 6 scrawny guys in a gym, working on blue mats.

-We jump to her finding out that she’s been medically cleared. She only had to miss one SmackDown, but missing Survivor Series was gut wrenching. She talks about how hard it was to see someone else take her spot. They show Becky’s promo on Asuka and Charlotte hyping the TLC match and the crowd is just crazy for her. Backstage she intimidates the Usos who tell her she is “the man.” Nice!

-She brings up that she was making a name for herself when was 19, but didn’t have guidance or support she needed. She knew getting the WWE was the only real option as far as succeeding and it put a lot of pressure on her. She ended up getting injured and used that as an excuse to get away from the business. That is why she hates being injured and missing shows now as people will call her out for it, and she knows what it is like to hide behind an excuse. That was the lowest point for her, but it has made her grateful and she knows this is what she is meant to do.

-Off to her home gym in California as she is doing her first workout since being cleared. We get a training montage while Becky talks about how she keeps telling herself to keep doing. No matter how long it takes, it just matters getting there and not stopping. She mentions she was going stir crazy not being able to train. She heads outside the gym and flips some massive tires and hits them with a sledge. This montage would fit fine in any Rocky movie.

-Back to Becky talking about her past and that she tried karate and dance, but never went back. Eventually the gym got a wrestling ring and she was so excited to be able to not only work in one, but just seeing one was amazing to her. You can see the joy in her face as she talks about how great it was to be inside a ring.

-Next up she does an interview (with Ariel Helwani I believe it was said) over the phone and she is asked about her opinion on Rousey not having to pay her dues. Lynch defends Rousey as she brings eyes and attention to the woman’s division. Becky also clarifies her catchphrase and says she isn’t talking about being a man to down play being a woman, but in this business being “the man” means you are the best. She talks about Ric Flair always saying “to be the man, you have to beat the man,” and right now she is The Man.

-SmackDown Live: Dec 11, 2018: Becky is pissed she isn’t on the SmackDown Live poster that is hanging in the arena. Instead of her, it’s Charlotte and Becky feels disrespected. She envisions what will happen Sunday as Asuka will be out through a table and Charlotte out in the other corner, while she climbs the ladder to retain her title. She doesn’t want to talk about her weak points with the camera guy. She says everyone has weak points and everyone can be beat, but she will get better.

-Becky takes a beating from a kendo stick wielding Asuka. As she heads back through the curtain, the camera is there to ask her what happened. She says she took a beating and she isn’t ashamed of that as she will always get back up. She has owned Charlotte Flair for months and after what happened tonight, she will own Asuka on Sunday as well.

-Back to her talking about her career as she says that she found this new attitude where she stopped caring what others thought. It was freeing as now she only had to care about herself and that has elevated the Women’s Division. She talks about how Charlotte and Alexa had the title numerous titles and couldn’t get it the level she has gotten it to.

-With that the show abruptly ends as this kind of felt like a rush job. The show was still pretty good and is a breeze to watch at only 24 minutes, but I want more. Becky was great and you can hear the passion and love she has for the business in her voice. Her determination and confidence comes through the screen and you can’t help, but root for someone like that. Again though this seemed to be rushed and hopefully we can get more as I assume after dropping the title tonight, she is winning The Rumble and will be heading to Mania to finally get the Rousey match.

-Thanks for reading!