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411’s WWE Chronicle Report: Jey Uso On Growing Up With Roman Reigns, Being Without His Brother, More

September 27, 2020 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
WWE Chronicle Jey Uso

411’s WWE Chronicle: Jey Uso Report

-So I was watching Dallas win in 2 OT to force a game 6 when I saw a tweet that a new episode of WWE Chronicle about Jey Uso had dropped. Since I am all in on this match on Sunday, and because I love this series, let’s check out this episode. Let’s get to it!

-Air Date: 09.27.20
-Run Time: 29:01

-Jey talks about “Day One” and that it is you. His Day One is his wife, his kids, his mom and his dad. He is facing his Day One on the 27th. This is WWE Chronicle!

-The following takes place from Sept 4, 2020 to Sept 18, 2020. Home video footage of Jey and his brother playing in the yard with their father, Rikishi. More footage as Rikishi jokes that he gets his boys confused at times. Jey talks about the lifestyle of his father being on the road all the time and as he and his brother got older they realized their father was out there hustling. He talks about The Samoan Family Tree and how it has resonated throughout his career. He is proud of where he comes from and this is what he was supposed to do. It’s their bloodline and you can’t be scared of it or run from it.

-April 4, 2020: WrestleMania 36: Jimmy Uso tears his ACL during the Ladder Match.

-Sept 4, 2020: Jey Uso takes Big E’s spot in the #1 Contender spot. Jey, backstage, talks about being on his own and how it is going to be weird walking that aisle by himself. He compares it going from High School to the pros as he was sitting at home waiting and now he is in a #1 contender’s match for The Universal Title. Highlights from the match are shown including the cool spot where Uso got tossed over a bank of monitors in the crowd, but he returns and hits the splash to get the #1 contender spot.

-He calls the situation a win win for the entire family. He might not give Roman a plate at their next BBQ or not give him a big piece of chicken. We meet his son, Jeyce Fatu, who admits he is rooting for Uncle Joe and his older son is smart and says he has to say his dad, since he is his son. Fantastic!

-The producer asks how he met his wife and Jey says it was in high school. He was 14 years old and was nervous, but walked up to her and caught himself one. They laugh about it and it’s cute.

-Jey talks about Cousin Joe and how they were all glued at the hip. More home videos of them at football practice. They loved going to Joe’s house because he had all the treats. They would play all kinds of games together and broke so many windows in the house with all the sports. They were given the nickname of Triple Threat in High School. They were 3 linebackers on the same team and we see some highlights from their football days. I am a sucker for that as I love me some high school football.

-Sept 11, 2020: Jey wrestles around before the show with Tamina and then talks about getting his first singles title match in 2 weeks. He is 9 minutes younger than his brother and that means a lot as Jimmy acts like he is 9 years older. The producer asks who was the better football player at pee wee age and we don’t get an answer.

-Roman is here and they tell stories in the locker room and laugh at the way Sheamus looks now. He is their Irish Fella that is legit. They tape a promo and Jey just goes off while Roman sits their stoic and then when the director years clear, Roman loses and tells the producer she should have left him going.

-On SmackDown Roman shows up to the tag match in the last moments and gets the win for his team.

-Jey tells us that when they first started wrestling Roman and him were neighbors. They would sit on the porch and talk wrestling the entire time.

-FCW promo from young Usos. He mentions that Umaga is the one that took them by the hand to get in the wrestling business. Umaga told them he was leaving tonight for Houston and if they wanted to do this they needed to leave tonight. Jey kissed his wife and kid goodbye and made the decision to pursue this. He knows Umaga is watching and he knows he is proud of them. Most of this game is for him.

-His wife is asked about the decision to leave for wrestling. She calls it hard, but trusted it was a good decision as things couldn’t get worse. He took a risk, but it was definitely worth it. Jey puts over the greatness and toughness of the women that are married to pro-wrestlers. He wouldn’t be sitting here right now if it wasn’t here for her and then jokes that he is getting points right now.

-Jey talks about wrestling Roman and how Roman is used to this spot and pressure. He is used to having his brother pushing him and while he is not here, he can still hear him in his ear hyping him up. For Jey this is battling blood and he wouldn’t be where he is without the lessons from his brother. He isn’t going to waste this opportunity and this is for him and his brother. He is ready to silence the haters.

-Sept 18, 2020: Big E hypes up Jey as he tells him it’s his time to shine. Jey tells us that his confidence is growing week by week. Jey pins Corbin to win the Samoan Street Fight for him and Reigns.

-He talks with Tamina backstage and she tells him it is all about him now. She is so proud of him and is brought to tears as she talks about him and Jon. He admits that he may be cheesing during the match as he sees his cousin standing across from him. They have gone from The Porch to PPV.

-Jey gets a video chat from his brother Jimmy as they catch up a bit. Jimmy is barbecuing in a hurricane and tells his brother this is nothing new. He tells him it is all about Jey Uso right now and to do what he does. Jey admits he had to hear that as it is usually all about him and his brother. Now it’s just him. He has goosebumps and his hands are sweaty as there are blurred lines right now. He always accepts family first over everything but right now Roman is standing on the other side from him.

-Part of him wants the day to get here quick as he has spent each day wondering what Roman is doing, what his brother is doing and what the family things. He does feel the pressure of this moment and while he had Jimmy to lean on in the past, it’s not like that this time. He wants to get out of the shadow of his brother and his cousin. It’s all about Jey Uso and we close with a final home video of Josh telling Rikishi goodbye.

-Great stuff as always even if it was a little shorter than what we usually get from this show. Just a nice piece to go along with the build to this match. They have hit all the right notes with this one and while Roman crushing Jey is probably best for the story, I do hope to see Jey get to turn it loose and tear the house down. At only 30 minutes long this is an easy watch and fits in nicely with all the other entries in this series. Thanks for reading and see you late tomorrow for a new Broken Skull Sessions as Austin will be interviewing Kurt Angle.