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411’s WWE Chronicle – Sasha Banks Report: Sasha Addresses Rumors on Her Hiatus, Paige Situation, More

September 14, 2019 | Posted by Robert Leighty Jr.
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411’s WWE Chronicle Report: Sasha Banks

-A new episode of WWE Chronicle was dropped tonight and this one is about Sasha Banks. I haven’t seen the previous few episodes, but this show has been one of the best produced by the WWE and Sasha’s side of the story following her Mania disappearance should prove interesting. Away we go!

-We start with a producer asking Sasha what it’s like to have something you love so much be the thing that is ultimately one of your down falls. Sasha starts to cry and says it broke her spirit and made her question who she was as a person. The path she was going scared her and she is proud she took the step to walk away. She thinks she is going to come back better than ever and she knows who she is and what she wants.

-This is WWE Chronicle: Sasha Banks

-The following takes place from August 12, 2019 to Sept 9, 2019. Text on the screen lets us know that Sasha and Bayley lost the Tag Titles at Mania and Sasha disappeared. Questions arose about her behavior and cryptic messages she left on social media. She returned in August without telling her side of the story until now.

-The Producer asks her to talk about how wrestling saved her life. An emotional Sasha says she had a troubled upbringing and without going into detail watching RAW and SmackDown were two hours she got for herself. Looking forward to those shows kept her going and she would run to the library in school to look up all things wrestling. Wrestling is what kept her going since she was 10 years old.

-August 12, 2019: Sasha says the last few months have been time for her to grow and to find the person she lost in the last 7 years. She mentions she hasn’t heard her real name in 7 years and hasn’t seen her real color in the last 7 years. The last few months gave her a chance to take a step back as wrestling did save her life, but recently it was destroying it.

-She talks about all she has done and that she feels her heart is full. She has done more than she ever dreamed and checked off all the goals she put in a notebook when she was ten. The producer talks about what lead up to her taking time away and Sasha says a lot of bad things started happening and she didn’t know to deal with them. She says the Paige situation (where she was injured in a match with Sasha) took an emotional toll on her. She breaks down talking about the fans taking shots at her and questioning her work and if she is safe.

– We see Sasha leaving her hotel and heading to Buffalo as they are keeping her return a secret. The plan is for her to sneak on a bus and then just wait until it is time. She says she wants today to be done and over with it as she has been getting emotional and then calming herself down thinking about it. On the way they make a stop to pick up “Pam” who ends up being Bayley. She tosses a blanket over Sasha as she yells there is a fan looking. We arrive at RAW and Sasha is quickly ushered to a bus for hiding.

-Back to the sit down interview and Sasha says she went out at Mania with no feelings which makes her ashamed. She hates that she lost the love she had for moments like that. She tried getting herself pumped up in Gorilla, but it just didn’t happen for her.

-Back to the bus and her and Bayley are goofing off and having fun like best friends should be doing. Bayley is still trying to get over the blue hair.

-Sasha says she told her husband first and he was 100% behind her leaving if that is what she wanted. He saw how depressed she was and saying it to him made her question what she was doing. Telling Bayley though and not having her try to stop her, made her realize that she was so far gone. She wasn’t herself and turned into someone she hated. She lost the light in her eye and lost the love she had for wrestling. Wrestling is the only thing she has ever known and loved and she lost her passion for it, so she knew she had to go.

-She talks about hiding on that bus and how long of a wait it was. She was trying to figure everything out and calls the whole ordeal crazy. She hypes herself up by saying “I was born to do this,” as they usher her to Gorilla. She meets Vince and he greets her with a hug and tells her it is good to have her back. HHH also gets in a hug as does Bayley (all about that Hug Life). Her music hits and the crowd pop is impressive. You know the story now as he attacks Nattie to immediately turn heel and become the biggest threat to Lynch since Mania. Graves hating Sasha even when she is a heel is great and reminds me of Heenan always hating Hogan even when he went nWo.

-The producer asks Sasha how she found herself. She says it took time and she wants to tell people to never give up on yourself as it takes time. She did go to therapy, took meditation classes, and even visited a psychic. She laughs, but says the first thing the psychic told her was she had a cloud over her and she needed to go back to her work place. This was said to her before she said a single word and she can’t think that it was only a coincidence.

-We see Sasha at home with her dog (a corgi I believe). We see her memorabilia collection with photos, PPV posters, and belts framed and mounted on the walls. We meet her husband who is working on some of her new ring gear. She talks about how he never gave up on her and that they have been together since she was 19. Good for them!

-She can’t believe how sad she was and that cloud started to fade away and she started enjoying waking up every morning. People were calling her Mercedes again and that was one of the best feelings. It made her feels like a person again.

-August 19, 2019 RAW: Minneapolis, MN: She talks about how she started training when she was 19 and all she knows is the wrestling business. She has had to discover new things as no matter how much she loves wrestling, she knows it won’t always be there. She knows people said she disappointed them, and she is sorry, but she needed time away.

-Wrestling makes her feel like a superhero and makes her feel safe. She believes she was born to do this. We see her at the Performance Center and she talks about pitching The Boss character and Dusty was the only person to say that character was the one, but they needed to work on it. She gets emotional talking about Dusty as he was that one voice to believe in her. She also learned not to push your dreams on someone else. She feels she is stronger than even before as the time away gave her a clear picture of the next dreams she wants to reach. One of her dreams is to have a ring in her backyard or her basement as it is home to her. She feels safe there and knows exactly who she is there. She is happy to be back ad performing again.

-August 26, 2019 RAW: New Orleans, LA: They talk about how much she has grown in the last 4 years since being called up to the main roster. She did everything that 10 year old dreamed of and now at 27 she has to see what new dreams she can achieve. She says the chapter of that 10 year old girl has come to an end, but there is more for her to accomplish. She jokes the 27 year old wanted a dog and she did that.

-Her husband and the in house designer are backstage making her ring gear. She has some ideas and he tells her that he will take care of it. She jokes with him that it is hard being married. She heads off with her ring jacket for a photo shoot. She wears tassels now for Bayley. Nice touch!

-She is at Gorilla and ready for her in ring return against Nattie. She doesn’t want to say it is easy, but it was for her. She felt like the Beyonce of wrestling again. She meets backstage with her husband and he tells her how great things went. It felt great for her to arrive with people cheering her and getting them to boo her when she left the ring. It’s crazy to her that she loves people hating her.

-Back to the sit down as Sasha talks about the crazy rumors that were spread online about what went down at Mania. She mentions the rumor that she was on the ground crying about losing. She says that she got out of her ring gear, changed, and went out with “Pam” to watch the Main Event. She was so happy to see those girls out there. Then there were rumors she was crying on the hotel floor. She wants someone to show her those pictures or video. They don’t know Mercedes or Sasha Banks. She says those fans will think what they want without changing, so she knows so doesn’t need to change either.

-Sept 2, 2019 RAW: Baltimore, MD: R Truth and Sasha are backstage playing with her dog. I am shocked Truth didn’t pitch an idea for the dog to crawl on him while he was slapping to win the 24/7 Title. Sasha and Becky have a verbal confrontation and the match is made for Clash of the Champions. Before that though Sasha attacks Lynch with a chair after Lynch’s tag match with Bayley. Then Bayley turns heel to join Sasha on the dark side. The crowd chanting “yes” kind of undercut the heel moment, but they were hot for it.

-Sasha is buying jewelry that will fit her character. They meet with Greg Yuna who is a jeweler and he will help her figure out what she needs. Greg tells the producer it takes about 3 weeks to complete the kind of piece Sasha wants. She does get an ankle bracelet while she waits for her custom piece.

-Sept 9, 2019: RAW: MSG: Sasha cries on the car ride to The Garden because she is so excited. She talks about her first live match on the main roster and how she fell on the floor with excitement. She is that excited now having such a big match in The Garden. Her husband is at work on her gear and she marks out as it has touches of Eddie Guerrero’s WCW gear and her husband tells her it is the some colors she wore when she won the NXT Title.

-Sasha tells the producer she has goosebumps now and had them last night when she was told they were going to do the MSG tag match with The 4 Horsewomen. She reflects on what they have accomplished and how they have helped get the women more time on the air and how the crowd is just excited for their matches as they are for the men.

-The MSG match happens and they are given plenty of time to deliver a very solid match. Charlotte gets the pin on Bayley to get heat for their match on Sunday. She reflects on the match and looks towards the match on Sunday. She says she got beat the hell up tonight, but she had fun. Timing works out and calls this whole adventure a wild ride that she is enjoying.

-Back to the sit down as she didn’t have a game plan when she took her leave. It is incredible to her how the last few weeks have turned out for her. She forgot how to have fun while doing this and the last few weeks she has legit had some of the best times she has ever had in the company. She doesn’t have to put up a wall or character to hide who she is. The most important thing is she has found self love. The character of Sasha Banks hid Mercedes and it took a long time for her to find that girl who fell in love wrestling. I was thinking it the whole episode and Sasha finally puts in terms every wrestling fan can understand: She found her smile, and she even says “Hi Shawn Michaels.”

-That ends this episode of WWE Chronicle and this show continues to deliver. Sasha was obviously very emotional here and touched on the rumors out there and what she did while she was away. It does seem like she is in a good place right now and hopefully she can stay there. The episode was very good, but didn’t hit the awesome level of the Dean Ambrose one which is still the standard bearer by which I will judge this. They probably could have gone into a little more detail on what caused her to leave, but that is Sasha’s story and it is her place to tell it if and when she wants. If you have 45 minutes to spend check this one out though.

-Thanks for reading!

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