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Kevin’s WWE Fastlane Review

March 10, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
The Shield WWE Fastlane Baron Corbin
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Kevin’s WWE Fastlane Review  

The New Day vs. Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Lana

Nakamura vs. Woods to start. They trade wristlocks before Nakamura lights him up with strikes. Woods hops over him, ducks a clothesline and hits a flying head scissors. A Rusev distraction opens Woods to eat a kick to the head. Tag to Rusev. He kicks at Woods on the ground. Nakamura comes back in and beats on Woods. Rusev uses a bearhug to wear down Woods. He claps his way out but takes a knee. Popup knee by Rusev and kick to the back of the neck by Nakamura gets two. In a split screen as Nakamura works a rest hold, we find out that the Smackdown Tag Team Title match opens the main card. Woods fights free but is set up for a superplex. He fights out and headbutts Rusev to the mat. Missile dropkick connects. Hot tag to Big E, who hits Nakamura with a belly to belly. He grinds and nails the jumping splash. Nakamura applies a guillotine, only for Big E to power out and toss him aside. Nakamura blocks the apron spear with a knee. Big kicks from Nakamura, capped by one to the back fo the head. Off the middle rope, he hits a knee strike for two. Woods hits a big DDT when he comes in but eats a huge kick from Rusev that gets two. Woods sends Rusev back, leaps over him, and gets caught in a modified German suplex for two. Tandem suplex and a sliding knee from Nakamura gets two. Woods avoids Kinshasa and gets a rollup near fall. Tag to Big E for an STO/Backstabber combo. Rusev distracts the referee as Lana crotches Woods to stop UpUpDownDown. Big E runs into a Nakamura boot. Tag to Rusev who comes close to winning with a Matchka Kick but Woods breaks it up. Rusev is sent outside and Woods gets the tag. He tries a tope con hilo onto both but is caught in a double powerbomb. Inside, that only gets two. Rusev applies the Accolade and Nakamura pulls the ropes away from Woods. Big E takes him out and Rusev lets go of the hold. Woods pulls him into a small package for two. Rusev misses a charge, tag to Big E, and the UpUpDownDown finishes this.

Winners: The New Day in 13:14

Very good opener after a slow start. The powerbomb kickout was a bit much but everything else smacked. [***1/4]

Time for the main card.

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship: The Usos [c] vs. The Miz and Shane McMahon

Miz sports Browns colors and has a Cleveland is Awesome shirt on. Shane starts against Jimmy and jabs him followed by arm drags. Russian leg sweep and tag to Miz. They each lay into Jimmy with punches and dancing. Miz gets two on a rollup and tags Shane back in. He does the Bret Hart taunt and gets two on the Hart Attack. Shane gets taken down and now plays the face in peril of sorts. The Usos use quick tags to keep Shane isolated. Jey works a chinlock for a while before getting two on a kick. Back to a chinlock for Jey. USos work a tandem move ending with a headbutt for two. Shane hits an awkward floatover DDT to get an opening. Miz comes in for the hot tag with an axe handle and flapjack. He lights up Jimmy with It Kicks and double knees followed by his corner lothesline. Rollup gets two. Miz backdrops JImmy outside and rips off his jersey. With the Browns shirt, he hits a cross body to the outside in front of his proud papa. Miz’s momentum gets stumped with a popup Samoan drop. Jey blocks the Skull Crushign FInale and hits a superkick. Tag to Jimmy and Miz wants springboard offense but leaps into a double superkick. Shane breaks up the pin. He takes a Samoan drop/neckbreaker combo. Miz sends Jey outside nad hits the Skull Crushing Finale on JImmy. The referee takes time looking at a hurt Shane so he counts late and Jimmy kicks out. Miz is sent into the corner and Jey tags in. He talks trash to Papa Miz and puts Miz on his shoulders but he gets free and sends Jey into Jimmy. Rollup gets two. Miz sends Jey outside but runs into a kick. Miz goes up with Jey and is dropped neck first onto teh ropes. Shane, illegal man, wants Coast to Coast but Jey gets back up to stand in his way. He stands across from Shane and as Jey goes for a splash, Shane catches him with the a midair dropkick in an awesome spot. Miz sees his dad pointing to the top rope. Miz goes up for him and eats a pair of knees. A rollup from there ends this.

Winners: The Usos in 14:08

Another very good tag match. It had a good amount of drama, the midair spot ruled, and Miz stole the show. [***1/2]

Post-match, Miz helps Shane out of the ring. Shane raises Miz’s hand in front of his dad and Miz hugs his father. Shane high fives Miz’s dad and then clocks Miz from behind. He beats on Miz right in front of his father. Major heat for Shane ripping off the Browns shirt. Kicks, punches, and stomps from Shane. He talks smack to Miz’s dad and grabs his face aggressively before shoving him back.

Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre parody one of those old handheld camera Shield promos. They promise to finish the Shield tonight. It won’t be a happy farewell tour for them.

Elias sings about Miz getting his ass kicked and bashing Cleveland.

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship: Asuka [c] vs. Mandy Rose w/ Sonya Deville

Asuka gets in a headlock and Rose keeps hold of the hair. Asuka counters to a leg lock but Mandy scurries to the ropes. Asuka sends her to the corner, ends up on the apron, and is pulled back in. ASuka catches her with an ankle lock but a Sonya distraction changes that. She kicks out of a rollup, nearly hits Sonya, and eats a V-Trigger. Yes, Mandy has the best V-Trigger in the industry. From there, Mandy goes into an abdominal stretch that Asuka fights out of. Rose blocks a German but gets put in an Octopus Hold. Rose gets two before talking trash in between strikes. Asuka with some slaps and a dropkick off the middle rope. She fires off a series of strikes, catches a kick and hits one of her own. Hip attack in the corner and a release German suplex. Knee to the face for two. Asuka with kicks to the back. Asuka misses a hip attack and takes a kick for a close near fall. Mandy wants the Implant Buster but is blocked. Asuka with a popup knee of sorts. Sonya pulls out a kendo stick. Rose misses a kick and is sent into the ropes, where Sonya accidentally seems to trip her. Roundhouse kick gets Asuka the win.

Winner: Asuka in 6:42

The match itself was fine but that finish was all kinds of messed up. Sonya had no reason to go for the kendo stick and it just all came off awkwardly. [**1/2]

Mandy is upset with Sonya as they leave.

The New Day finds Kofi Kingston, who has been waiting outside of the McMahons’ office for over an hour. They convince him to go inside, where Vince awaits. Big E and Woods hype Kofi up to Vince, saying the people want Kofi and he hasn’t listened. Vince does teh right thing and makes the WWE Title match a Triple Threat.

Kofi Kingston comes out for the triple threat that will start now. Kofi thought it was the WWE Title match now but that will be later. Kofi will now face The Bar in a handicap match.

The Bar vs. Kofi Kingston

Also, Big E and Woods are banned from ringside. The Bar beat on him as they don’t have to tag in and out. Kofi fights his hardest but just keeps getting beat on. They just wail on him. Sheamus chops Kofi at ringisde and Cesaro does a gutwrench slam onto the guardrail. Kofi finds a way to get free and goes up top. he takes out Sheamus with a diving chop, but his attempt on Cesaro sees him eat an uppercut. Doomsday Device style powerbomb from the Bar. “This is boring” chants as they hold Kofi up for a Brogue Kick. They want a second but out come the banned New Day, only to get hit by Nakamura and Rusev.Kinshasa on Big E and Matchka Kick on Woods. Double White Noise finishes this.

Winners: The Bar in 5:10

A total squash. [*]

Backstage, Charly Caruso interviews Bayley and Sasha Banks. They give a shoutout to Kofi for inspiring them. They know they’re considered the underdogs, but they won’t give up the titles since they worked so hard for them. On the Twitter “Watch Along” hosted by Pat McAfee, The Iiconics shouted at them for being liars about defending their titles everywhere.

More singing from Elias and more dissing of Cleveland.

Kayla Braxton tries to get a word with Shane McMahon, who says nothing and goes back into his room.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship: The Revival [c] vs. Aleister Black and Ricochet vs. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

Everyone is in the ring to start. The face teams send the Revival packing before fighting. Black and Ricochet go for dives but Roode and Gable avoid, so they do their superhero landing/sit down pose combo. We end up with Gable and Ricochet having one hell of an exchange capped by a Ricochet dropkick. Gable with a monkey flip that Ricochet lands on his feet for. He snaps off a rana but in comes Dash from a tag during that exchange. He and Dawson with a tandem stalling suplex for two. The Revival use quick tags to keep Ricochet isolated in the corner. Dawson throws him onto Dash’s knee for a gutbuster that gets two. Gable ents and suplexes Ricochet for two. Gable works a wristlock before Dawson enters and continues the beating. Back suplex gets two. Ricochet kicks Dawson away and hits a rolling front dropkick for an opening. He makes the hot tag to Black. He lays out both Gable and Roode with strikes. Sweep takes Roode down and he adds a sliding kick. Quebrada connects. Black avoid sa tandem move and kicks Gable. Ricochet tags him as Black hits a Meteroa on Roode. Gable with a rolling kick on Ricochet. Chaos Theory connects and Dash comes off with the top with a splash onto Gable. Ricochet enter swith a Shooting Star Press on Dash but Roode breaks up the pin. Ricochet is sent to the apron and he sends Dash outside. He goes up and is knocked down bt Dawson. Dawson picks Ricochet up but gets punched. Ricochet hooks him for a super rana that comes off weird, but it sends Dawson onto the apron and they spill over into the rest of the participants. Ricochet goes up top on a downed Dawson. Roode sends Black into the guardrail. Dawson rolls to safety. Ricochet leaps over the turnbuckle to take out Roode. Gable tags in as he does it and climbs up top. Cross body connects on Dawson, who rolsl through for two. Rollup by Gable gets two. He eats a hot shot and falls to the Shatter Machine.

Winners: The Revival in 10:49

A banger of a tag match. I saw some people upset Black and Ricochet are a team, but this is the kind of stuff they can help up get. All three teams delivered, Roode showed why he NEEDS to be in a tag team, and this was just a blast for the entire ride. [****]

Roode attacks the Revival after the match. Ricochet and Black also join in and win out, with Ricochet hitting the 630 on Dash.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch are shown preparing backstage.

WWE United States Championship: Samoa Joe [c] vs. Andrade w/ Zelina Vega vs. R-Truth w/ Carmella vs. Rey Mysterio

Everyone attacks at the bell. Rey and Joe remain inside and Rey is sent into Andrade, who is hit by Truth. Joe watches from in the ring before diving out with his elbow suicida to take them all out. Joe chops Andrade, who responds with one of his own. Joe lights him up with more and adds a headbutt. Joe clobbers Rey but is grabbed by Truth. Andrade hits him, then launches Rey into him. Andrade with the back elbow for two. Truth catches him but he counters a back suplex only to eat the Lie Detector for two. Truth grabs a waist lock on Adrade and Rey takes them both out with a springboard rana. He then sends them both flying with a headsicssors coming. Rey and Truth are taken out by a Joe double clothesline. Joe beats on both of them in opposite corners. Truth hits Joe but is put in the Coquina Clutch. Rey dropkicks him to break it up and wants the 619 but Joi avoids. He hoists Rey up but has a powerslam countered into a tornado DDT that gets two. Andrade crotches Rey up top and wants a superplex. Truth comes over and gets him on his shoulders. Rey hits Andrade with a rana off Truth’s shoulders. Truth dumps Rey outside and covers but Rey comes back in with a leg drop to break it up. Elbow and Pele from Joe. Rey springboards in but is caught with ease. Andrade springboards in and dropkicks them both down. Three Amigos by Andrade, but Rey counters the last one into a small package for two. Gory Special applied on Rey but Truth dropkicks them to break it. Truth hits Rey and Andrade with corner attacks. Truth is sent to the apron and Joe pulls him to teh ground. Andrade takes out Joe with a springboard corkscrew plancha. Rey climbs up and snaps off a diving rana to the outside on Andrade. Truth tosses Rey into the guardrail. Zelina misses a dive and kicks Truth, so Carmella takes her down and they trade blows until Truth and Andrade break it up. Joe hits a Uranagi inside on Rey but the pin is broken. Hammerlock DD by Andrade but Truth saves Rey. Andrade with the running knees on Joe. Truth with the John Cena shoulder blocks. He drops Andrade on Joe and hit Joe with the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Axe Kick on Andrade but Joe breaks it up and lands on Andrade with a senton. Axe Kick misses and Joe throws him into the post. Rey ranas Joe into the ropes and nails the 619. He misses the splash and Joe puts on the Coquina Clutch. Mysterio passes out.

Winner: Samoa Joe in 10:51

Like the previous match, they got in, had a banger, and got out. You don’t need to go 35 minutes to have a great match. Non-stop action, great interactions, crisp offense, and just a blast of a match. [****1/4]

Beth Phoenix is on guest commentary.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: The Boss-n-Hug Connection [c] vs. The Samoan Slaughterhouse

Bayley starts with Tamina. Bayley fires off shots and tags Sasha while holding a wristlock. They throw her into the corner. Tamina takes a headlock to their coner and Nia wants a poerslam. Sasha gets free and hits her a few times. Tag to Bayley, who is knocked over with a Samoan drop spin. Nia throws Sasha into Bayley for one. Nia and Tamina beat on Bayley with quick tags and clubbing blows. Tamina gets two after Nia powerbombs Bayley. Bayley gets free as Tamina runs into the corner but Tamina keeps her from tagging. Bayley elbows and makes the tag. She sends Tamina into a knee. Sasha comes off the top with a cross body. After a near fall, she misses Meteora. Tamina blocks her next move and Sasha clocks Nia. Tamina with ane blow. Tag to Nia and Tamina throws her into a Samoan Drop that they botch. She still hits it but Bayley makes the save. Bayley is the legal wrestler and she hits a bunch fo runnign elbows on Nia in the corner. Tamina is dumped outside. Bayley elbows out of Nia’s grasp bt is sent to the apron. She avoids Tamina, who hits the ring post. Tag to Sasha, who uses Bayley’s aid to hit a big Meteora. She helps Sasha with a cross body outside. Nia catches her, Tamina doesn’t. They set back up so Bayley can take them out with a tope suicida. Sasha with offense and Bayley hits an elbow but the pin is broken. Bayley is left alone with Nia. She counters a powerbomb into a rana with a bridge to retain.

Winners: Bayley and Sasha Banks in 7:02

As my friend put it, this was an all time carry job by the champs. They were great, but Nia and Tamina gave them nothing and were bad throughout. Split the difference. [**]

Nia and Tamina attack the champions after the match. Nia throws Sasha over the announce table. Beth Phoenix gets up from commentary for the scuffle and comes face to face with Tamina. Their trash talk leads Beth to go on the offensive, but the numbers game costs her. Nia hits her with a big leg drop inside. Natalya runs out to make the save and hits Nia from behind. Tamina intervenes and again, the numbers are too much. Nia and Tamina leave them all out cold.

WWE Championship: Daniel Bryan [c] w/ Erick Rowan vs. Kevin Owens vs. Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali is the person making it the triple threat that Vince mentioned earlier. Poor Ali is met with “We Want Kofi” chants. Bryan tells them both they don’t deserve to be in the match. It leads them to beat Bryan up. Ali and Owens go at it with Owens winning out. Bryan enters but is dumped out. Chops to Ali who flips over Owens and hits a big dropkick. Bryan clocks him and hits some kicks to the chest. Owens gets two on a rollup and Ali hits Bryan with a tope suicida. Owens follows with a cannonball off the apron. My feed freeze and I miss a bit. It comes back to see Bryan dropkick Ali, who was standing on the top rope and crashed into the guardrail. Bryan stomps on Owens. Ali is out cold at ringside while Bryan works Owens’ arm on the mat. Owens fights back with some strikes but his arm is damaged. Bryan flips over Owens, ducks a clothesline, and hits a running elbow. Bryan fires off kicks to Owens, capping with one to the head. Ali breaks up the pin. Ali gets stopped in his comeback tracks by a clothesline that turns him inside out. Owens is up and hits both men with cannonballs in opposite corners. Superkick by Ali. Superkick by Owens. He hops on Owens’ back, who then sentons both onto Bryan. Bryan is set up top and Owens is knocked into him. Reverse rana from Ali onto Owens. he runs up the ropes and nails Bryan with a huge Spanish Fly. Ali looks for the 054 but Owens moves. He delivers the Stunner but Bryan interrupts the pin. Ali is outside, leaving Owens and Bryan to trade shots. Bryan blocks a Stunner and hits a kick to the head. Popup Powerbomb on Bryan gets two. Bryan backdrops Owens onto the apron and misses a knee that sees him hit the ring post. Inside, Ali hits a slingshot that drives his throat into the bottom rope. Ali goes up and hits a 450 splash onto Bryan on the apron. He’s too hurt to cover instantly and Rowan pulls Bryan to safety. Ali and owens hit a superkick each and then stereo superkicks that send Rowan off the apron. Ali with a rana off the apron that sends Rowan into the post and then Owens takes him out with a somersault senton. Bryan hits a diving knee off the apron. Inside, Bryan goes up top but Ali cuts him off. Bryan shoves him off the top and he lands in a bkacflip onto his feet. Bryan misses a diving knee, Ali climbs back up, and hits a moonsault tornado DDT on the outside. He runs to Owens and eats a popup powerbomb on the apron. Rowan takes Owens out with a spin kick. He sends Bryan inside to take the win. Rowan dumps Owens into the timekeeper’s area. Ali kicks out inside. Bryan stands over Ali and tells him he doesn’t deserve to be there. He slaps him down. Ali fights back and hits an uppercut. He goes for a moonsault but takes a midair Busaiku Knee for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Daniel Bryan in 18:39

If you want to know how good Ali is, he took a crowd that was pissed and helped get them hot. This match ruled. Owens brought fire, Ali was all over the place, and Bryan played his role to perfection. One of hte better Triple Threat matches I can recall. [****1/2]

Post-match, Erick Rowan chokeslams Ali.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

Becky Lynch still has the crutch. Charlotte shoves her, mocks the limp, and laughs at her. Major connection issues for me. I had to reboot my Fire Stick and my laptop for separate reasons so I missed a big chunk. Commentary indicates this has been one sided. Charlotte elbows Becky in the corner and dirves her knee into Becky’s leg. Charlotte continues to dominate and struts. She throws Becky into the guardrail. Becky finds an opening that sends Charlotte outside and gets her close to a countout win. Charlotte enters and is put in the Dis-Arm-Her. Charlotte counters and goes into the Figure Four. Out runs Ronda Rousey to drop a left hand on Becky. Charles Robinson calls for the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Becky Lynch (stopwatch issues)

I can’t get this a real rating because I missed a big chunk. My apologies. [NR]

Ronda gets the match she wanted. She rolls out and leaves without saying a word. Becky smirks in the corner.

Tomorrow on Raw, Finn Balor defends the Intercontinental Title against Bobby Lashley. Also, Batista goes face to face with Triple H.

Elias is out one more time to run down Ohio some more. When he’s done, Lacey Evans comes out and does her walking thing. From out of nowhere, Randy Orton hits Elias with the RKO. As he celebrates, AJ Styles comes from out of nowhere with the Phenomenal Forearm.

Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre vs. The Shield

Huge ovation for the Shield. The teams face off and brawl, with the Shield cleaning house. Lashley and Seth officially start. Lashley drives his shoulder into him but Seth comes back with Slingblade. Lashley puts Seth in the corner and tags Corbin who throws him into the corner. Seth turns it around, tags Dean and the work a series of shots like a sliding clothesline and diving knee. In the heel corner, Drew gets tagged and chops Dean. The Shield work their own quick offense as Roman becomes the legal man for the first time. We get the big Roman/Drew standoff. Drew sends him to the corner and wails on him. He talks trash but runs into an elbow. Big right hand from Roman. Tag to Seth for a double shoulder tackle and wish bone. The heels take over as Lashley drives Seth into the guardrail. The heels remain in control, isolating Seth. Corbin wears him down until Seth hits a dropkick. Seth gets free and tags Dean who uses his wild offense on Drew. Dean rolls him up for two and clothesline Drew to the outside. Dean leaps off the ring post with an elbow onto Drew. Inside, Dean takes a Lashley Spear but Roman makes the save. Drew measures Dean and hits a big boot that sends Dean outside. Dean beats the countout but gets wailed on. Lashley enters and works a neck wrench on Dean. Drew comes in and gets a near fall. Dean gets cut off up top by Lashley. He knocks him back, rolls away from him and takes him out. Drew comes in and throws Dean to the ropes and he comes out with the Nigel. Dean makes the tag to Reigns as Corbin comes in. Clotheslines galore and a leaping one. He knocks Lashley and Drew off the apron. Big boot to Corbin. and Drive by dropkick on the apron. Seth takes out Drew but then is picked up for a Dominator. Dean with the save and a running dropkick. Seth follows with one of his own. Dean and Seth take out Drew and Lashley with stereo tope suicidas. Roman clothesline Corbin outside. Roman’s dive is cut off by Deep Six for a near fall. Seth gets beat on in the timekeeper’s area until Dean runs the announce tables and saves him with a splash. Corbin and Reigns trade shots. Roman eats a Chokeslam for two as the other four men fight in the crowd. Corbin and Reigns fight up top. Reigns gets free and hits a sitout powerbomb. As Dean is placed on the Kickoff panel table, Dean leaps off onto them but is caught. Seth then leaps off the stage onto them, taking out his opponents. Corbin avoids the Superman Punch but Roman fights off and hits one anyway for a near fall. Roman calls for the Spear and Drew throws Dean outside. Lashley gets on the apron and takes  Superman Punch. So does Drew. Reigns walks into End of Days but the pin is broken up. The heels clear off announce tables and want the triple powerbomb.  They even mock the Roman “OOOH-AAHH” but Seth and Dave interrupt. Roman saves Seth with a Superman Punch and he then Curb Stomps Lashley onto the table. MASSIVE Spear on Corbin. They beat on Drew and hit him with the real triple powerbomb through the table. The crowd wants another. They surround Corbin in the ring with his partners out of it. Superkick from Seth. Superman Punch and Dirty Deeds. Triple Powerbomb for Corbin and that’s a wrap.

Winners: The Shield in 24:52

This was about as good as it could have been. Corbin’s offense was dull and Lashley didn’t impress. The Shield guys were game and Drew delivered once again. It picked up late and became pretty fun for the hot crowd. [***1/4]

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
The WWE continues their hot streak with another banger of a pay-per-view. The only things I didn't care for were the handicap match and the performances of Nia and Tamina. Other than that, this was filled with fun matches and great setup for Mania.

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