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411’s WWE Great American Bash Report 7.24.05

July 24, 2005 | Posted by Larry Csonka

**A little bit of Americana in the intro…well put together intro as always by the WWE production crew.**


Cole and Tazz welcome us to the show! 20-years ago the GAB started in Charlotte, and it continues tonight! Hugo and Carlos are here as well for our Hispanic friends!

Match #1 MNM © vs. Heidenreich and Road Warrior Animal

Heidenreich and Mercury to start. Lock up and Heidenreich tosses him to the floor. Back in and a lock up, and Heidenreich tosses him again and Mercury to the floor. Back in and a lock up and Heidenreich tosses him down again and to the floor. Animal tosses him back in and Heidenreich tags to Animal. Double shoulder block to Mercury. Boot to Animal and a tag to Nitro. Double team boot, thy try a suplex but Animal reverses into one of his own! Throat shot by Nitro, and a backdrop by Animal. Tag to Heidenreich, double choke to Nitro, but Mercury in to clip out the leg of Heidenreich. LOD chants…but MNM work the leg of Heidenreich. Mercury with an odd leg bar, tag to Nitro and an elbow to Heidenreich. Nitro works the leg and tags back to Mercury. Double leg drop to Heidenreich. Cover and Mercury gets 2. Back to the leg and Heidenreich is in trouble. Tag to Nitro again and he nails the leg and covers for 2. Nitro misses the leg and is down…tag to Mercury and Heidenreich is stopped from tagging in Animal. Elbows to the knee of Heidenreich, but he kicks off Mercury. TAG to Animal! Fore arm! Nitro down! Suplex to Mercury. Dropkick to Nitro! Corner whip and Animal misses a charge, BELT SHOT and Mercury covers for 2! Snap shot try… Heidenreich stops then! Powerslam to Mercury! DOOMSDAY CALL! Heidenreich up top…NAILS IT! Animal covers 1…2…3!

Winners: And NEW WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS Heidenreich and Animal @ 6:50 via pin

They celebrate in the ring. Animal says this one was for Hawk. Melina is devastated…I must console her.

Cole and Tazz hype Eddie vs. Rey.

In the back, Josh is with Eddie. Eddie says that he has a new stip for the match. He gave Rey a call this weekend…and he suggested something which Rey didn’t like. Rey finally saw Eddie’s way…because if he didn’t he wouldn’t be able to keep the secret. Manipulation is Eddie’s new addiction. The new stip is his son Dominic. He gets to watch the match…and he gets to see Uncle Eddie pond and beat down his daddy. Then Dominic will listen to the bedtime story that Eddie promised him.

Match #2 Christian vs. Booker T w/Sharmell

Booker chases Christian, but Christian gets him as he enters the ring. They chase some more now and Christian chills on the floor. They jaw at each other, and they say Booker is 5-1 at the GAB. Booker after Christian and nails him on the floor. Back in and Christian kicks away at him. Off the ropes and an elbow by Booker. Chops to Christian, and off the ropes and Christian goes to the floor. Booker chases and they brawl on the ramp. Back in with Booker in control. Suplex to Christian. Rights by Booker now as Tazz mentions Booker is a 28-time champion, and he beats down Christian in the corner. Catapult by Booker and Christian nails the corner. Roll up and Booker gets 2. Christian with a cheap shot, and rams Booker into the post shoulder first. Christian up top and gets the reverse DDT for 2. Boots by Christian, and he chokes out Booker. Booker misses a spinkick and Christian gets a single arm DDT for 2. Rear choke by Christian now. Booker fights to his feet and elbows out. Christian pull shim back down by the hair. Side headlock by Christian now and Booker gets the ropes. Slaps by Christian now, and Booker is up. Chops to Christian now and a boot by Christian. Off the ropes and a side slam by Booker. Booker misses the sidekick and hangs himself on the top rope. Christian grabs Sharmell and she slaps him! Christian is pissed! He goes after her…BOOK END by Booker for 2! They exchange rights, off the ropes and a forearm by Booker. Another and Christian is down. Boot to Christian, suplex and a cover for 2. Chops to Christian, Dory Funk roll up by Booker, but Christian reverses it for 2. SPINE BUSTER by Booker! Booker is feeling it! BOOO’s for Booker! Flap jack to Christian. SPINAROONIE to Booo’s and some cheers. Boot to v, misses the scissors kick…Unprettier reversed. Booker with corner mount punches…POWERBOMB by Christian for 2 with the legs on the ropes. Booker on the apron… Christian grabs him…stunner off the ropes by Booker. Up top he goes…MISSILE DROPKICK connects! Cover 1…2…NO! Foot on the ropes. Christian sends Booker to the floor. Christian after him and Booker rams him into the steel post. Christian rammed off of the steps now. Christian shoulder first into the steps now! Back in the ring now and Booker to the 2nd rope… Christian up and SCISSORS KICK to Christian gets the win!

Winner: Booker [email protected] 11:45 via pin

Melina is backstage with Steve Romero. She says they will win the tag titles back. Her match later will be an example over the hag. No one will see her in her bra and panties.

They hype Summerslam.

Match #3 Orlando Jordan © vs. Chris Benoit

Lock up and OJ tries a take down, but they go to the corner and they break. Lock up and to the corner again but Benoit with knees to OJ. Off the ropes and a clothesline to OJ. Knees to the head of OJ. Chops now and then rights to OJ. OJ with a boot and clubbing shots to Benoit. Benoit back with right and chops. Rights by OJ and snap suplex, followed by a basement dropkick by Benoit for 2. OJ tries to work the arm, and gets a wrist lock. He pulls and works the arm now, but Benoit with rights to escape. Dragon whip by Benoit and OJ to the floor. Baseball slide misses and OJ rams him into the steel post. OJ tries to take off a turnbuckle pad, and Benoit in with a GERMAN! Chops by Benoit, knees to OJ now. Northern light suplex for 2 by Benoit. Boot to the gut by OJ, and he works the ribs and neck of Benoit. Rights to Benoit now, corner whip and a clothesline by OJ. OJ works the left arm now with the single arm DDT, and into an arm scissors. Arm bar now, and Benoit fights to escape. Benoit to his feet, escapes but OJ with a dropkick takes Benoit down. OJ celebrates, but Benoit takes him down and beats on him. Reversal by OJ and he beats on Benoit with rights. Cover by OJ for 2. Another and another 2 count. OJ back to the arm, rolls up Benoit for 2. Benoit up, tries a sharpshooter but OJ escapes. Chops by Benoit, but OJ drops him with a right. Back to the arm bar by OJ. OJ locks in the body scissors as well, but Benoit with rights escapes. Boots by OJ to the neck of Benoit, swinging neck breaker gets 2 for OJ. Snap mare by OJ, and punches Benoit in the neck. Cover and another 2 for OJ. Off the ropes and am elbow by OJ takes Benoit down and OJ covers for 2. Surfboard like hold now by OJ, Benoit escapes to his feet but OJ knees him in the ribs and slams him down. OJ up top… Benoit nails him. Chops to OJ now. Benoit up…SUPERPLEX to OJ! Clothesline by Benoit. Another. Off the ropes goes OJ and a backdrop by Benoit. Corner whip and an elbow by Benoit. Tries the sharpshooter, but fails. GERMAN! OJ Escapes…ANOTHER GERMAN! A THIRD! Both men down… Benoit up and CUT THROAT! Benoit up top…HEAD BUTT CONNECTS! Cover 1…2…NO! Benoit back on the attack, chops to OJ. OJ rammed in the corner and his head bounced back and nailed Benoit in the face. OJ takes off the turnbuckle cover. Benoit tries a German, but OJ ducks and rams Benoit’s head into the exposed steel and wins!

Winners: OJ @ 14:35 via pin

OJ celebrates and kisses the belt.

Benoit is helped to his feet and gets a nice ovation from the crowd.

Hassan vs. Taker video history.

Hassan comes to the ring on basically a pile of pillows carried by his “sympathizers” ala the old King of the Ring would be carried out.

Hassan has the mic. He says to shut up and respect him. He said if he didn’t defeat the UT, he would never show his face again. Cheer while you can, because he promises tonight to defeat the UT, and he will be back on SD and will be the #1 contender. At Summerslam, he will become the World Champion and fulfill his destiny as the first Arab American Champion. He showed the UT what it was like to be a target. He knows all about sacrifice, he sacrificed Davari and his lawyer…he refuses to run scared from the UT, and stands tall against bigotry. After he disposes of the UT…he will be known as the great Muhammad Hassan!




Davari and the masked men surround the ring. Think Orton is one of them?

Match #4 #1 Contenders Match: The Undertaker vs. Hassan w/Davari

Here we go. Hassan runs to start. Avid those soup bones Hassan! Right by UT and Hassan runs. Rights to UT now and boots to UT. UT grabs him and tosses him in the corner and beats him down. Back elbow in the corner by UT. Corner whip and a boot by Hassan. Big boot by UT and a cover for 2. UT works the arm…to the corner…OLD SCHOOL! Flatliner by UT and a cover for 2. UT with rights to Hassan in the corner. UT chokes him now and then scares the ref to the floor. UT misses a running boot to Hassan and the masked men beat down the UT! Hassan after him now and rams him to the steps. Rights by Hassan, and then chokes the UT. Back in the ring now and rights by Hassan. Random masked man chokes UT now. DDT by Hassan and a cover for 2. Hassan rakes the eyes of UT and then a rear choke. UT to his feet, and to the ropes they go. Knee by UT, boot by Hassan and now rights to Hassan. Hassan is down by a stiff right. UT to the floor and the masked man choke shim out with the piano wire. UT tossed back in now and Hassan locks in the clutch! UT looks pissed and is bleeding from the lip. UT stands up with Hassan on his back and ELECTRIC CHAIR DROP! Boot to a masked man. Corner whip to Hassan, snake eyes. Boot to another masked man. Elbow to Hassan gets 2. Masked men in and UT in control. Tombstone try, escape and a GOOZLE! CHOKE SLAM! 1…2…3!

Winners: Undertaker @ 8:08 via pin

The masked men beat him down but UT fights back! Boot to another! UT with a chair and rams it n the throat of one of the men, slam on the floor to another one! UT in the ring and has Davari! Hassan shoved him into the UT. Davari tossed to the floor. Tombstone to the last masked man. UT to the floor and has Davari. Tosses him through an announce table! Hassan tries to crawl away but UT is in pursuit. Hassan begs off…GOOZLE! Choke slam on the ramp! UT takes up pieces of steel paneling and is dismantling the stage! Grabs Hassan…LAST RIDE THROUGH THE HOLE IN THE STAGE! HASSAN IS DEAD BAH GAWD!

They show Hassan lying on the floor over some lighting rigging.

Steve Romero is Torrie. She says that she will win for the armed forces and show Melina in her bra and panties.

The EMT’s attend to Hassan as they show the replay again. Hassan is “bleeding” everywhere.

The MexiCOOLS~! present Hugo and Carlos with a rake! How nice.

The bWo ride out BIG WHEELS!

Match #5 The MEXICOOLS~! (Juvi, Psicosis and Super Crazy) vs. The bWo (Stevie, Meanie and Nova)

Juvi and Nova to start. Trip by Juvi and he celebrates. Boot by Juvi and off the ropes and a flip out by Juvi and Stevie in to nail Juvi. They double-team them and a Meanie splash to Psicosis and the bWo clears the ring. Spring in by Juvi nails Nova. Boots to Nova now and a spin kick by Juvi. Arm bar by Juvi, but Nova NOVA’s up! Kick by Juvi who doesn’t seem to be playing nice. Tag to SC and a basement dropkick for 2. Tag to Juvi and an arm bar to Nova again. Nova to his feet and escapes. Big boot to Juvi. Tag to Psicosis and to Stevie. Stevie nails Psicosis and chops him. Backdrop by Stevie. Juvi misses a springboard and grabs his knee. SC to the floor and the bWo takes control. Stevie misses Psicosis, and SC in with a moonsault to Stevie. Psicosis with the top rope leg drop and that’s all.

Winner: MexiCOOLS~! @ 5:15 via pin

Eddie vs. Rey video package.

Rey and Dominic talk, Dominic is scared. Rey says that nothing should scare him, and everything will be ok. Rey says that he loved him. Dominic is almost as tall as Rey and has badly dyed blond hair.

Match #6 Rey Mysterio vs. Eddie Guerrero

Eddie tells Dominic to smile…he’s so evil! Eddie wants to shake hands with Rey…then makes him. Eddie tells Rey to smile. Eddie with a hug for Rey but Rey clotheslines him! Rights to Eddie, but Rey misses a springboard. Back suplex reversed by Rey and covers for 2. Backslide for 2. Wheel barrel Bulldog by Rey get 2. Rey grabs him, rights to Eddie. Corner whip, reversal and a back elbow by Rey. Rights to Eddie and Rey is caught in an atomic drop. Eddie up top…Rey dropkicks him down and Eddie is crotched. Rights by Rey. Up Rey goes…RANA by Rey 1…2…NO! Eddie crotches Rey on the top. Eddie looks hurt, and is shaking his leg out. Eddie tries the Razor’s edge, reversed into a RANA! 619! Drop of the dime 1…2…NO! Eddie is pissed and goes to the floor. He goes over to Dominic and hugs him. Rey comes over and Eddie holds Dominic in front of him. Eddie looks like he will snap his neck, and kisses him. Rey pleads with Eddie, and Eddie lets him go. Nails Rey and back in the ring and Tazz calls Eddie an ASSHOLE! Back breaker by Eddie gets 2. Another cover and another 2. Eddie chokes out Rey now. Eddie tosses Rey to the floor. Eddie goes to talk to Dominic again. Back in the ring and a corner whip to Rey and he slams the corner hard. Eddie steps on Rey’s head and then picks him up. Chops by Eddie. He chokes him in the ropes again, off the ropes and Rey tries the bulldog again, but Eddie with a German for 2! Eddie covers two more times but only get 2. Eddie tells Dominic he loves him as Cole and Tazz do their best to sell the angle. Clubbing shots by Eddie and then kidney shots. Off the ropes and Rey gets a tilt a whirl into a cover for 2. Gory Special by Eddie now. Rey gets a roll up but Eddie gets the catapult and Rey goes to the floor. Eddie talks to Dominic…again. Rey is up and nails Eddie with rights. Boot by Eddie, and back in and a dropkick to the knee of Eddie and Rey covers for 2. Eddie catches Rey off a moonsault…Tornado DDT by Rey gets 2. Rey springs in with a dropkick. 619! MISSES the drop of the dime. Rey plays with his mask again. Eddie dances and boots to Rey. Three Amigos try, 1, 2…and 3. Eddie up top…but back down as Rey started to roll away. Eddie kicks Rey in the head and picks him up. Three Amigos again…1…2…and Rey is dead on the mat. Eddie looks at Dominic, and picks up Rey again. BRAIN BUSTER to Rey. Eddie up top…FROG SPLASH! Eddie looks at Dominic, and covers 1, but Rey rolls him up off the cocky pin and WINS!

Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 15:50 via pin

Rey celebrates with Dominic on the ramp. Eddie is pissed. The crowd mocks him and Eddie talks shit to a fan.

Backstage, JBL is with Josh. JBL says to shut up! Batista has causes JBL a lot of embarrassment. He lost to Meanie, and Batista ruined his speech. Tonight, it is payback time. He will take the world title…he is wearing his red white and blue and will succeed where the Bills failed. He will go down as a great American tonight, he promises…he will beat Batista tonight…because there is only one…wrestling god!

Match #7 Bra and Panties match: Torrie vs. Melina w/ Candice as referee

Lock up…Torrie shoves her after a break and then Melina slams her down. Bad head scissors by Torrie. Abdominal stretch by Torrie? Melina’s shirt is off. Tries the pants, but Torrie is tossed to the floor. Back in and Melina slams her face in the mat. NO shirt for Torrie now. Forearms by Melina. Melina grabs Torrie, and chokes her out now. Candice steps in and Melina is pissed. Melina gets an ax handle to Torrie, and her and Candice bitch at each other. Kick by Torrie. She slams Melina back in and a clothesline Suplex into a float over and Melina tosses her off. Hot shot to Torrie. Melina strips her pants off and wins as I lose some dignity.

Winner: Melina @ 4:00 via stripping

Torrie and Candice strip Melina after the match. Candice then strips for fun.

Video history of JBL vs. Batista.

JBL has a police motorcade escorting him to the ring. He has the Uncle Sam outfit, but with a red, white and blue cowboy hat! He tosses out mini American flags to the crowd. JBL! JBL! JBL! He is the REAL AMERICAN!

JBL needs to be God to save this show, because right now baby Jesus is crying.

Batista’s buzz cut sucks.

Match #8 JBL vs. Batista ©

Here we go. Stare down, and a lock up. To the corner and Batista breaks clean. Lock up again and JBL with a go behind, but Batista elbows out. Lock up again and JBL off the ropes and Batista takes him down. Batista poses for JBL. Knee by JBL and Batista is down. Rights by JBL and a corner whip now, but Batista explodes with a clothesline by Batista. To the floor and Batista chases. JBL back in and catches Batista on the way in. Batista with a side slam to JBL for 2. Forearm by Batista and rights now. Elbows in the corner to JBL, and then chokes him out with his boot. Corner whip by Batista, boot by JBL and a clothesline takes Batista down. Rights by JBL, but Batista gets a backdrop. Clothesline to JBL takes him to the floor. JBL rammed to the security wall. Back in the ring we go and JBL tries to suplex Batista in, blocked, but JBL with a stunner on the ropes and Batista is down. JBL leaps but Batista catches him and rams him to the apron. Knees by Batista and JBL rolls back in. Batista chases and JBL crawls away. Rights by Batista, and Nick Patrick tries to stop him. Batista charges but JBL moves and Batista eats the steel post. Batista sent to the floor. JNL stalks him and clotheslines him over the announce table. JBL with rights to Batista on the floor. JBL rams Batista off of the ring bell. JBL breaks the count, and back after Batista. JBL leaps from atop the announce table and nails Batista. Back in the ring and JBL covers for 2. JBL with a catapult in the ropes and Batista catches his throat. Off the ropes and a big boot by JBL. Elbow drops by JBL. Covers and gets 2. Batista fights back with rights, off the ropes goes JBL, reversal and a sleeper by JBL. Batista tries to fight out…but he is down to one knee. Now to both knees. Batista fades…as this move has been on forever. Ref checks the arm…1 drop…2 drops… Batista is alive. Fights to his feet and elbows out. Backdrop suplex to JBL. Both men are down. JBL pulls Batista to the floor. Batista rammed off of the steps and JBL celebrates. Batista rammed off the steps again. Rights by JBL and rams Batista to the steel post. JBK charges, but Batista moves and JBL eats the steel post. Clothesline by Batista and they go over the security wall. They brawl in the crowd. Back to ringside and in the ring. JBL clubs away at Batista. Off the ropes…elbow by Batista. Corner whip, Batista misses…CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL to the ref! SPINE BUSTER to JBL! OJ is out but Batista nails him. OJ in and KILLS Batista with a chair shot. JBL covers…OJ tosses in the ref 1…2…No. JBL is pissed. CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL to Batista! Ref still hurt…JBL looks like he may cry. JBL up… Batista up…Spine buster by Batista! OJ in and tossed to the floor. Batista clothesline to JBL. Power slam to JBL. Batista grabs OJ, who had a chair. Batista KILLS OJ with the chair, nails JBL and DQ!

Winner: JBL @ 19:53 via DQ

Batista beats on OJ with the chair repeatedly. Then JBL. Dear god! Fine that man! Is there no justice?

JBL is announced the winner by DQ and Batista snaps. Back to the ring and DEMON BOMB to OJ! DEMON BOMB to JBL!

I demand the suspension on Batista!


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