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411’s WWE Main Event Report 06.12.13

June 12, 2013 | Posted by Michael Benjamin

It’s Main Event tiiiiime! The card doesn’t look that great. Lets see if the talent can surprise us! Scroll down and you’ll get the results. #BenjaminGuarantee


WWE Championship Roll Call:
WWE Champion: John Cena
World Champion: Dolph Ziggler
IC Champion: Wade Barrett
US Champion: Dean Ambrose
Unified Diva’s Champion: Kaitlyn
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns


– Wade Barrett and Josh Matthews are on commentary tonight.

The Miz vs. Cody Rhodes
They stare each other down for a moment before Cody locks in a headlock and Miz counters with an Irish Whip into a shoulder block. Miz locks in a side headlock of his own next. He launches Cody into the corner face first and rolls him up for TWO! He locks in a side headlock and Cody makes it to his feet. He can’t capitalize however and Miz pummels him in the corner. Miz follows up with a kick to the face and covers for another two. They exchange some strikes before Cody knocks Miz down with a dropkick. TWOOOO. Cody locks in a sleeper and Miz makes it to his feet. He corners Cody charges but Cody gets his elbow up. Cody goes upstairs but Miz catches him and attempts to lock in a figure four. Cody kicks him to the outside as we head to commercial break. .

-Commercial Break-

We’re back from break as Miz sends Cody Rhodes to the outside. Miz steps on the apron and delivers an axe handle to the floor. He slams Cody into the barricade a few times before rolling him in. Cody stops him on the apron and slams him arm and shoulder into the ring post. Miz falls to the outside as Cody rolls in. Miz manages to roll in at 8. Cody dominates him for a bit with some meticulous offense working over the arm. Miz fights out of an arm bar but Cody ends up dropping him elbow first on the top turnbuckle and covers for TWO. Cody continues the beating. He delivers a front faced suplex for two. He locks in a short arm scissors and continues his streak of boring offense. He charges at the Miz and gets back body dropped over the top rope. Nice spot. Cody took a big bump there. Cody rolls in and Miz beats on Cody like he just got a hot tag. He rolls Cody up for two. Cody lifts himself up in the corner but takes a vintage Miz corner elbow followed by a forearm from the top rope by Miz. Miz tries to catch his breath and Cody goes right back to the arm. Miz fights back with a modified back breaker for two. Cody escapes the Skull Crushing Finale and sends Miz shoulder first into the ring post. He hits a disaster kick and only gets two. Miz ducks a kick and locks in the Figure Four. It’s over. This match was just “there” for lack of a better term. They had nearly fourteen minutes and never got out of second gear.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Miz @ 13:23 aired via submission
RATING: **1/4

-Commercial Break-

– Sandow has a microphone on his way to the ring! It’s a damn shame whenever he doesn’t. SILENCE. He cuts a typical Sandow promo on the audience and Sheamus. “You may not like this, but you will learn from it. You’re welcome.”

Damien Sandow vs. Sin Cara
Yellow Sin Cara lighting! Sandow immediately gets on offense and takes Sin Cara down with strikes a kicks. Sandow misses a clothesline and Cara hits a few kicks before Sandow shoulder thrusts him into the corner. He locks in a headlock to follow through. Wade Barrett is saying that whenever Sheamus embarrassed he resorts to violence. Be a star? Sandow takes a dropkick to the outside and Sin Cara launches himself at Sandow through the ropes and rolls back in as we head to commercial break.

Commercial Break

We’re back as Sandow delivers a scoop slam and gets two. This Sin Cara lighting is distracting and completely unnecessary at this point. Sandow continues the beating on Sin Cara with a few near falls in between. ELBOW OF DISDAIN~! TWOOOOOO. He stays on top of Cara and locks in a side headlock. He whips Sin Cara into the ropes but Cara comes back with a modified elbow thrust followed by a roll up for two. He hits an assisted kick to the back of the head off of the ropes and follows through with a senton attempt! TWO. Sandow hits a powerful looking Rock Bottom for three. New finisher? Sandow looked good here but it was nothing to write home about. Their styles didn’t mesh very well and we got a cookie cutter match as a result.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Damien Sandow @ 5:33 aired via pinfall
RATING: *3/4

-Commercial Break-

– They air a video package of the Cena/Ryback rivalry.

The Usos vs. Tons of Funk (w/ The Funkadactyls)
Brodus and Jey start us off. Jey delivers a few chops and Brodus isn’t having any of that. Tons of Funk should turn heel. Why the hell not? It’s not like they’re pushing merch. Two monsters killing bitches? I’d be down with that. We”re a minute in and they’re still feeling each other out with chops/ Not the best use of their allotted time. Sweet T is in and delivers a beat down. Tensai does some dancing and some typical power offense. Barrett puts over how much the Usos are refocused now that they have war paint. Kind of looks like the same team with paint on their faces but alright. Tensai tags in Brodus and Jey tags in Jimmy. Jimmy hits a few toe kicks to the face of Brodus and delivers a flying elbow strike to the face of Brodus. Brodus doesn’t care about that shit and beats him up a bit before delivering a T-Bone suplex. He gets two off of that and Jey breaks it up. The match is breaking down already. The Usos hit a double superkick followed by Jey hitting the assisted splash off of Jimmy’s shoulders for three. They worked the first four minutes like it was going to be a long match and then went into hyper-mode for the quick finish sequence. Not good.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Usos @ 4:56 via pinfall

OVERALL: All of the matches under-delivered this week. Cody and Miz could have been a lot better but neither man looked motivated to deliver the goods. The rest was inoffensive and boring midcard bouts. Main Event always under-delivers on the go home show to a PPV and this was no different. There’s nothing to see here.

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