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411’s WWE Main Event Report 1.23.13

January 23, 2013 | Posted by Michael Benjamin

Hello and welcome! Michael Benjamin here with another Main Event recap. I’m interested in seeing what goes down with tonight’s main event so let’s get to the show!

WWE Championship Roll Call:
WWE Champion: CM Punk
World Champion: Alberto Del Rio
IC Champion: Wade Barrett
US Champion: Antonio Cesaro
Unified Diva’s Champion: Kaitlyn
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Daniel Bryan and Kane



– Cole and Miz welcome us to the show. They hype the Rumble a bit before sending us to one of those bad ass stat videos they’ve been doing. These video packages sell me on the event more than any storyline every year.

– Matt Striker is backstage with Ryback. Ryback says that the Rumble is his for the taking. Ryback and Matt Striker have a nice little exchange before Ryback walks off. He would work in a midcard comedy team with Santino if all else failed.

– Cesaro talks on the way down to the ring. He says that Ryback speaks like a caveman. The crowd starts a “feed me more” chant and Cesaro isn’t pleased. Cesaro’s about to give us a crash course in manners before Ryback’s music interrupts.

~commercial time~

Non Title Match: Antonio Cesaro vs. Ryback

Here we go! Lock up! Cesaro with a quick break. Cesaro applies a side headlock and quickly gets sent into the ropes. Cesaro nails Ryback with a big boot but it doesn’t knock the big man down. He tries for a second boot but Ryback catches his foot and pushes him down. Ryback manhandles him now. Michael Cole says that Ryback is the favorite to win the Rumble this year. Ryback hits a splash in the corner and Cesaro catches him with a stiff clothesline shortly thereafter. Ryback kicks out before one. Cesaro gets up to the second rope. Ryback catches him and gives him some shoulder thrusts in the corner before strong whipping him into the adjacent corner. Ryback is grabbing Cesaro by the head and slamming him face first into the mat. I love that move. Ruthless looking. Cesaro hits a spinning uppercut off the top rope. ONE… No. Just one.

~commercial time!~

We’re back as Antonio Cesaro has a sleeper hold locked in. Ryback makes it to his feet, ducks a clothesline, hits a Thesz press and lifts Cesaro up overhead! He drops Cesaro face first and then throws him to the outside. Cesaro tries to get counted out but Miz leaves the announce table and throws him back in. Antonio walks into a back body drop. He turns the tides quick and hits Ryback with a running knee for two! Reports said that Ryback was in control for most of the match but Cesaro’s looked just as impressive. Ryback hits a few clotheslines and gives Cesaro a spinebuster. The crowd’s chanting with him and he hits Cesaro with the meat hook clothesline. Cesaro rolls to the outside and takes a count out! This was a fun back and forth match that I would have liked to see go a little longer. Ryback is a lot better in the ring than most people give him credit for.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryback @ 10:53 via count out
RATING: **1/2

~commercial time~

RAW REBOUND: We get a video package of The Rock’s promo and The Shield’s attack that followed. I liked the segment. It adds even more intrigue to a match that everybody was already dying to see anyways.

– We get a video package recap of Del Rio winning the WHC two weeks ago in the Last Man Standing match. Then we see Big Show knock out Ryder on Raw and count to ten.

– Matt Striker is backstage with Show. Striker isn’t holding the microphone up high enough and Big Show’s pissed. Big Show says that Striker reeks of weakness. Big Show says that he’s the only one deserving of being World Heavyweight Champion. He holds his fist up to Striker’s face as we head back to ringside.

~commercial time~

– Rhodes and Sandow address the Uso brothers before the match. Damien calls them an unwashed tag team with limited potential. You’re welcome!

The Rhodes Scholars vs. The Uso Brothers

Here we go. Cody and Jimmy Uso start us off. Cody applies a side headlock and Jimmy is out of that quickly. He chops Cody into the corner and gives him a snapmare take down. He grabs Cody’s arm and gets him in the corner before Cody escapes and rolls to the outside. Cody stalls a bit for rolling back in. Jimmy is putting his hair over his lip like a mustache and taunting Cody. Hilarious… Sandow in. They exchange wrist locks and in comes Jey. They exchange flurries of strikes in the corner. Jey whips Sandow into the corner but Sandow slides to the outside for a breather. Sandow tags in Cody now. Some more punches are exchanged. Cody rolls to the outside and tries to give Jey a nut buster on the ring post but Jey pulls Cody into the ring post face first. Cody in and Jey goes for a suplex. Cody escapes and hits an eye rake. He runs at Jey but gets dropped throat first on the top rope. That was kind of like a 3D with Jimmy standing on the apron. Kind of a punch/kick-fest so far before the big spot sending us to…

~commercial time~

I like the Royal Rumble commercial in the bar. Anyways, we’re back as Jimmy goes for a pin on Sandow and gets two. They replay that double team move that sent us to commercial break. Pretty cool on second viewing. Sandow hits a jawbreaker before tagging in Cody. Cody couldn’t mount any offense and quickly tagged Sandow back in. An assisted back breaker off the top from the Uso brothers gets two. Irish whip to Sandow. Nobody home! Damien stomps a mudhole into Jey Uso. He drags Jey to his corner, tags in Cody and now Jey is isolated. Damien drops some knees and locks in a leg scissors on Jey. ELBOW OF DISDAIN! Two count! Sandow doesn’t let him tag out. Cody’s in and Jey’s still being isolated. An abdominal stretch continues the beat down of Jey. Jey back body drops his way out! Cody dives a Jey but gets tossed to the outside! Sandow in! Jimmy in! Jimmy wins and delivers some clotheslines followed by a Samoan Drop! Rhodes gets tossed out! Jimmy gets a roll up on Sandow! TWO! Jey tags in and goes upstairs! NO! Sandow hits the ropes and Jey gets falls on to the mat and gets pinned.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Team Rhodes Scholars @ 15:40 via pin
RATING: **3/4

OVERALL: We had a solid night of wrestling tonight. Main Event continues to be the most consistent hour of wrestling on television every week.


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