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411’s WWE Main Event Report 11.07.12

November 7, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

WWE Championship Roll Call:
WWE Champion: CM Punk
World Champion: Big Show
IC Champion: Kofi Kingston
US Champion: Antonio Cesaro
Unified Diva’s Champion: Eve
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Daniel Bryan and Kane

WWE MAIN EVENT 11.07.12 (Episode 6)

-Michael Cole and the Miz welcome us to the show. Speaking of Show…

-The Big Show makes his way to the ring. We then see footage of the pub brawl with Show and Sheamus. Show then joins the commentary team.

-Wade Barrett makes his way to the ring, and we get a video profile on Barrett.

-After the video, Barrett grabs the mic and cuts a promo. He says that he is in the big Survivor Series match. Before he can say anything else, Sheamus makes his way to the ring. Sheamus tries to attack Big Show before his match, and officials separate Sheamus, Show and Barrett.

Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus

Back from the commercial as the bell rings, and the match is underway. Show is pissed at the actions of Sheamus, which e feels is unprofessional. Stalemate in the ring in the first minute, lock up and a takedown by Sheamus. Some mat work as they focus on Show trying to kill Cole at the commentary table. Miz keeps the peace as Sheamus levels Barrett with a shoulder block. Lock up, to the corner and back elbows by Barrett. Lays the boots to Sheamus, whips him to the other corner and Sheamus tackles Barrett down. Snap mare by Sheamus, knee drops follow and covers for 1. Barrett back in control with right in the corner, but Sheamus battles back and they trade rights. Shoulder blocks by Barrett in the corner. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Barrett connects. Sheamus counters a suplex, and lands one of his own and covers for 2. Sheamus side steps Barrett and pulls down the ropes, and Barrett falls to the floor. Sheamus looks for the clubbing blows to the chest and connects with them. Sheamus then suplexes Barrett back in and covers for 2. Barrett battles back and clotheslines Sheamus to the floor. Barrett follows, slams Sheamus to the steps and rolls back into the ring. Sheamus to the apron and Barrett stops him as he tries to reenter the ring, and Sheamus is down on the floor…

~commercial time~

We are back from a commercial as Barrett covers Sheamus for 2. Barrett in control with a chinlock, Sheamus battles back to his feet and a sidekick by Barrett stops the momentum. Pump handle slam by Barrett gets 2. Barrett ha Sheamus in the ropes and delivers knees to Sheamus, sending him to the apron. To the floor they go and Barrett slams Sheamus to the steps. Barrett on the barricade and delivers an elbow drop to Sheamus on the floor. Back into the ring they go and Barrett covers for 2. Sheamus tries to fight back, slammed to the corner and Barrett covers for 2 again. Modified camel clutch by Barrett, then transitions to the headlock, keeping control. Sheamus counters and escapes, and both men work to their feet. Clothesline by Sheamus connects….

~commercial time~

We are back from a commercial as Sheamus and Barrett trade rights. Off the ropes and a double axe smash by Sheamus. Running knee follows, and then Barrett bails to the floor to escape. Sheamus connects with the shoulder block off the apron. Back into the ring as Sheamus gets the slingshot shoulder block and covers for 2. Off the ropes, knee by Barrett and Sheamus is down, and a cover gets 2. Barrett looks for wasteland, countered and Barrett escapes the Celtic cross and gets the black hole slam for a close 2. Off the ropes, counter and a boot by Barrett. Sheamus back with the Irish curse, and covers for 2. Sheamus now heads up top, Barrett stops him with rights. Barrett up top now, Sheamus tosses Barrett down but then Barrett pulls Sheamus off the top and covers for 2. Barrett to the second rope, elbow drop eats the knees of Sheamus. White noise by Sheamus connects and Show gets up and leaves commentary. Sheamus sets, brogue kick connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sheamus @ 23:00 via pin
RATING: ***½

-Show claps from the ramp, and then poses with the title belt.

-After a commercial they discuss Show vs. Sheamus, and show replays from earlier tonight when Sheamus tried to attack Show.

-Matt Striker is backstage and catches up with Big Show. When asked about Sheamus, he wants to walk away. Striker presses for an answer, bad idea son, KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!

-Highlights from Raw, on the Brad Maddox situation.

R Truth vs. Heath Slater w/Jinder Mahal

JIP as Slater hits an arm drag. McIntyre is not here, and Cole says he is “scouting venues and booking gigs.” Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Truth. Slater talks trash, does his air guitar, and Truth then dances. Slater misses a right, one connects for Truth. Mounted rights in the corner, but then Slater back with a boot and rights. Off the ropes and a spinebuster by Truth connects. Off the ropes and a leg drop by Truth, and a cover gets 2. Boot by Truth, gets tripped up by Mahal and Slater tries to attack. Rights by Truth, clotheslines Slater to the floor. Mahal distracts Truth, to the floor he goes and that allows Slater to attack and level Truth with a right. Slater slams Truth to the apron and then the barricade. Back into the ring they go and Slater covers for 2. Slater works a chinlock now, Truth fights out and then runs into a high knee by Slater, and a cover gets 2. Slater chokes out Truth in the ropes, and then does his air guitar. Truth again fights back, but gets tossed to the floor. Mahal lays the boots to him and then Slater drops to the floor and tosses Truth back into the ring. Back to the chinlock by Slater, to the feet and Slater lays in the rights in the corner. Truth battles back, hits a clothesline and then a heel kick. Roll up by Truth gets 2. Slater slams Truth into the corner, and then covers for 2. Air guitar by Slater, Truth fights back and gets the suplex into a cutter for 2 as Mahal breaks it up and we have a DQ finish.

OFFICIAL RESULT: R Truth @ 7:00 via DQ

-Running knee by Mahal connects, and Slater then gets the implant DDT (smash hit) and the 3MB stand tall.

-Air guitar time.

-Next week’s main event is a TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Team Hell No © vs. The Rhodes Scholars.

-End scene.


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