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411’s WWE Main Event Report 11.28.12

November 28, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

WWE Championship Roll Call:
WWE Champion: CM Punk
World Champion: Big Show
IC Champion: Kofi Kingston
US Champion: Antonio Cesaro
Unified Diva’s Champion: Eve
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Daniel Bryan and Kane

WWE MAIN EVENT 11.28.12 (Episode 9)

-Michel Cole and JBL are the hosts for the evening. They hype Cena’s debut on the show, and we go to a video package.

-Back to Cole and JBL in the ring, and they then discuss Sandow’s potential and how he can step up tonight.

-We get a video package for Damien Sandow.

-We see Cody Rhodes TOUTING good luck to Damien Sandow.

-John Cena makes his way to the ring.

-Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring, and runs Cena down. Your intellectual savior begs out indulgence for a moment, because he is here to help. Sandow states that the only good is knowledge, and the only evil is ignorance. Cena is a false idol, and his strangle hold of ignorance will come to a just and swift end. You’re welcome.

Damien Sandow vs. John Cena

And here we go. Lock up, and a side headlock by Sandow. Cena escapes, works the arm and takes Sandow down with the side headlock. To the ropes and Sandow bails after complaining that Cena pulled his hair. Cena chases, Sandow back into the ring and poses. Cena back in now, lock up and Cena works the arm. To the corner and Cena blocks the boot and sends Sandow to the mat. Sandow to the apron for a break, and then comes back in. Lock up again, side headlock by Cena. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cena, and Sandow bails to the floor and decides to leave. Cena chases and attacks. He tosses Sandow back into the ring and slams Sandow to the corner. Cena with the bulldog for 2. Off the ropes, boot by Sandow and then lays the boots to Cena. He stomps on Cena’s head and the ref breaks that up…

~commercial time~

We are back from commercial as Sandow does his cartwheel and stays in control of Cena with a side headlock. Sandow with rights now, hits the Russian leg sweep and then hits the elbow with the fancy name, and covers for 2. Sandow back to the side headlock, Cena fights to his feet and powers out. Rights by Cena follow, off the ropes and misses a shoulder block and rolls to the floor. Cena makes his way back into the ring, Sandow attacks as Cena comes through the ropes but Cena stun guns him off the ropes. Cena back in the ring, Sandow takes him down and then beats him down and covers for 2. Sandow back to the chinlock, Cena powers to his feet, escapes and looks for the STF. Sandow escapes, and then they clothesline each other. BOTH men are down. To their feet, they trade rights, but Sandow trips Cena into the ropes and then charges and connects with a shot to the back. Sandow covers for 2…

~commercial time~

We are back from commercial as Sandow remains in control. Sandow has Cena tied in the ropes, and another cartwheel and then lays the boots to Cena. More boots by Sandow, as Cena remains trapped. Cena escapes and tackles Sandow and they roll to the floor. Sandow is able to whip Cena to the steps, and remains in control. Sandow tosses Cena back into the ring, and covers for 2. Sandow is frustrated now; he backs off and waits for Cena to get to his feet. Rolling neck breaker by Cena and that gets 2. Another cartwheel by Sandow, and the knee drop then connects. Back to the headlock for Sandow, Cena works back to his feet, and a backdrop by Cena. Cena charge sin and eats a back elbow, allowing Sandow to cover for 2. Yet another cartwheel, and Sandow misses a knee drop. Shoulder block by Cena, another, proto bomb, five-knuckle shuffle. Cena calls for the AA, Sandow escapes, facebuster by Sandow gets 2. Sandow looks for the necktie neck breaker, Cena counters and locks in the STF and that is all as Sandow taps immediately.

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Cena @ 20:02 via submission
RATING: **¾ {It was a solid showing for Sandow, who worked hard, but seemed repetitive in the longer match format. Not bad at all, but not great either.}

-We get highlights from Raw, featuring THE SHIELD!


-Backstage with Matthews, reading a letter from Damien Sandow. The letter mocks Matthews, and says there will be not interview. He also adds that Cena is a false idol, and enlightenment is postponed due to ignorance.

-Antonio Cesaro makes his way to the ring.

US Champion Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder

Lock up to begin, takedown by Cesaro and rolls into a pinning combo for 2. Cesaro into the side headlock as Ryder works to his feet. Off the ropes, shoulder block by Cesaro. Cesaro counters a hip toss, but Ryder with the sunset flip for 2. Big takedown by Cesaro, to the corner and Cesaro works Ryder over with rights and boots. Running uppercut by Cesaro in the corner. Cross face shots follow, and then an uppercut to the back by Cesaro. Forearm shots follow, off the ropes and Ryder tries a sunset flip, countered and then a dropkick by Ryder. Baseball slide connects and to the floor they go. Ryder tosses Cesaro in, boot connects to Ryder as he tries to reenter the ring. Cesaro slams him to the post and Ryder falls to the floor…

~commercial time~

We are back from the commercial as Cesaro works a headlock. Ryder battles back, but runs into the tilt a whirl back breaker, and Cesaro covers for 2. Double stomp by Cesaro connects and a cover gets 2. Hard kick to the back by Cesaro, and another cover for 2. Gut wrench suplex by Cesaro, and then back to the headlock. Ryder back with a clothesline, and Cesaro is not happy about that. Rights by Ryder follow, and a dropkick off the second ropes connects. Corner clothesline follows, goes for the broski boot, but Cesaro rolls to the floor. Ryder goes for a slingshot plancha by Cesaro MURDERIZES HIM with the uppercut! Back in the ring, neutralizer by Cesaro finishes things.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Antonio Cesaro @ 8:53 via pin
RATING: ** {Solid stuff here, which is par for the course for Cesaro. Ryder continues to work hard when he gets the chance.}

-Cesaro mocks Ryder after the match, noting that Ryder cannot cut it in the real world. He is the US Champion, and look at you people, Cesaro says he is disgusted with them, and hates coming to this part of the country. But he has to because he is their champion. While he is the champion of an inferior country, he is a superior champion. His record proves that, the greatest champion in WWE history.

Kofi Kingston makes his way out, interrupting our US Champion. Kofi disagrees with Cesaro, and says Cesaro needs to back up his claims. Kofi says Cesaro is wrong and challenges him for a match on next week’s main event.

-End scene.


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