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411’s WWE Main Event Report 12.12.12

December 12, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

WWE Championship Roll Call:
WWE Champion: CM Punk
World Champion: Big Show
IC Champion: Kofi Kingston
US Champion: Antonio Cesaro
Unified Diva’s Champion: Eve
WWE World Tag Team Champions: Daniel Bryan and Kane

WWE MAIN EVENT 12.12.12 (Episode 11)

-Michael Cole and The Miz welcome us to the show from the ring. We are four nights away from the TLC PPV. They hype Del Rio vs. Ryback.

-We get a Ryback video package, chronicling the feud with Punk and the debut of the Shield.

-Miz and Cole discuss the knee injury of CM Punk, and the new six-man main event.

-Ricardo Rodriguez makes his way out and says it is time to give the people what they want, a real competitor, Alberto Del Rio. But first, he has a video tribute featuring Del Rio together, a 17-minute package.

-We get an Alberto Del Rio video package.

-Ryback’s entrance interrupts the video package.

-Del Rio then comes out and runs down Ryback for interrupting the video package. He calls Ryback a disgusting animal and says he will teach him a lesson tonight.

Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Ryback

And here we go. Lock up, to the corner and Del Rio breaks and then kicks Ryback in the ribs. Off the ropes, Ryback catches Del Rio and press slams him to the mat. Del Rio to the floor, and takes a powder.

~commercial time~

We are back from the commercial as Del Rio lands head butts and kicks on Ryback. Ryback stops a suplex try, and connects with a stalling suplex. Off the ropes and a back elbow by Ryback. Rights follow, and then slams Del Rio to the corner. A whip to the corner and Del Rio hits hard and drops to the mat. Del Rio to the floor, Ryback pulls him back in and slams Del Rio to the mat and covers for 2. Del Rio back with kicks, stomping Ryback down and continues to stomps away on him. Ryback with a Thesz press, slams Del Rio to the mat repeatedly and then slams Ryback down, running splash off the ropes and a cover for 2.More rights and kicks by Del Rio, heads to the second ropes and gets the double axe smash. More rights follow, which only angers Ryback. Ryback misses a corner charge and hits the steel post, and now Del Rio works the arm. He traps the arm in the steps, and lays in some kicks to try and take out the arm of Ryback…

~commercial time~

We are back from the commercial as Del Rio continues his attack. After some boots, Del Rio covers for 1. Del Rio works the arm again, Ryback escapes and gets a belly to back suplex. BOTH men are down, Ryback to his feet, misses a corner charge and Del Rio hits the double stomp and covers for 2. More rights by Del Rio, chokes out Ryback in the corner and then works a clinch. Ryback to his feet, shoves Del Rio away and gets a pair of Vader style charges. Powerslam by Ryback, sets, and Del Rio rolls to the floor. Ryback stops that, suplexes Del Rio in, counter, and a divorce court to the arm of Ryback. Running enziguri to Ryback and Del Rio covers for 2. Ryback counters the arm breaker, powers Del Rio to the corner, and then connects with the big meat hook clothesline. FINISH HIM! Shellshock by Ryback and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryback @ 15:45 via pin

-Back from a commercial and Ryback is with Matt Striker. He is asked about TLC, and Ryback says that he has come this far believing in survival of the fittest, and only one can be at the top of the food chain. To beat the Shield, his team has to think like the Shield. He and Team Hell No must work like a pack, work together and feed together. Striker says Ryback has been a lone wolf, and Ryback says yes, yes, YES!

-Highlights of the AJ Lee angle with Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler and John Cena.

-They hype Cena vs. Ziggler at TLC.

-The 3MB make their way to the ring. Mahal says if you’re watching Main Event, you know that they are on early due to the 12.12.12 concert. Slater says that it is for the hurricane victims, but he is insulted that they were not invited to perform. McIntyre says this weekend on PPV, they are sponsoring the Rolling Stones in concert. He says they weren’t asked to perform there either. Mahal says Springsteen and Gaga were added the show, but not them. They will give them a taste of their first single, right here tonight. They scream and do some air guitar, and Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd come out and beg them to stop. Gabriel says they aren’t even qualified to clean MSG, let alone perform there. Gabriel puts over the Rolling Stones as the best ever. Kidd then says to stop air guitaring and get ready to face them right now. McIntyre says if they want to fight, they will fight them…three on two. Gabriel and Kidd accept.

Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd vs. The 3MB (Mahal, Slater and McIntyre)

Gabriel and Mahal to begin. Rights by Gabriel, but Mahal with boots and then shoots Gabriel off the ropes and Gabriel battles back with a sweep kick and gets a chinlock and Kidd in with a dropkick and covers for 2. Mahal takes Kidd to his corner, Kidd fights out, but Mahal cuts him off. Slater tags in, lays the boots to Kidd in the corer and then tags in McIntyre. He slams Kidd to the corner, lays in the boots and just beats Kidd down in the corner. Slam by McIntyre, to the second ropes and leaps off but into the boot of Kidd. Tag to Gabriel, kicks to McIntyre. Off the ropes and a spin kick by Gabriel. Flying clothesline off the ropes, corner splash as well. Back elbow in the corner by Gabriel, slams McIntyre down, up top now and Mahal pulls McIntyre to the floor. Suicide dive by Gabriel. Kidd off the apron with a canon ball. McIntyre manages to slam Gabriel into the steps to stop the momentum of Gabriel and Kidd…

~commercial time~

We are back from the commercial as Mahal works over Gabriel with the headlock. Gabriel works to his feet counters a slam and Mahal misses a boot in the corner. Mahal manages to stop Gabriel’s tag, gets the tag to Slater, who gets a leg lariat on Gabriel and covers for 2. Slater stops a tag try by Gabriel, works a front facelock and tries to ground Gabriel. Northern lights suplex by Gabriel, but McIntyre charges in and knocks Kidd to the floor, and the 3MB beat down Gabriel. A suplex by McIntyre follows, and then he covers for 2. Tag to Mahal, Gabriel counters the double suplex and gets a dropkick to both men. McIntyre pulls Kidd to the floor to stop the tag, Slater in and lays the boots to Gabriel. Gabriel back with rights, but Slater slams him to the corner, tags in McIntyre, but Gabriel with an enziguri stops him and both men are down. Tag to Kidd, flies in with the missile dropkick. Kicks to Slater, mocks Slater and then gets a basement dropkick and covers for 2. Kick to the face of Mahal, Slater roll shim up, counter, sharp shooter try by Kidd and he gets it. McIntyre in and stops that, allowing Slater to cover for 2. Kick to Slater, Kidd up top, blockbuster connects and Kidd gets 2 as Mahal and McIntyre make the save. Gabriel in and it breaks down. Gabriel and Mahal to the floor, Kidd low bridges McIntyre to the floor, Kidd in, roll up and that gets 2. Cheap shot by McIntyre as Kidd hits the ropes, smash hit DDT by Slater and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The 3MB @ 12:36 via pin

-The 3MB celebrate and air guitar.

-Kane vs. Cody Rhodes is the featured match on next week’s edition of WWE Main Event.

-End scene.


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