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411’s WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Report

June 18, 2017 | Posted by Scott Slimmer
Baron Corbin

Welcome to 411’s WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Report. We are LIVE in beautiful St. Louis, Missouri.

Tonight’s Kickoff Show panel is Renee Young, Sam Roberts, and Booker T. Dasha Fuentes is backstage in the Social Media Lounge, and she’ll be joined later the Usos later in the Kickoff Show. They start off with a video package for the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Naomi joins the panel to discuss the match. She says that everyone is excited for the match and to have the opportunity like they’ve never had before. She also knows that the winner of the match could cash in on her at any time. She says that you can’t plan for that many possibilities, but Booker gets hot and tells her that failing to plan is planning to fail. Renee announces that the Women’s MitB match will be the first match on the main card. Roberts picks Charlotte, but Booker picks Tamina.

We head back to the Social Media Lounge where the Usos have joined Dasha Fuentes. They explain that Day One Ish is the Uso struggle, but if you don’t understand Day One Ish, then Day One Ish isn’t for you. They know they can beat the New Day tonight, but when it comes to classic tag teams they’d like to face, they’d love to have matches with the Hart Foundation, Harlem Heat, Demolition, and Samoan Swat Team… and maybe even the Hardy Boyz. Roberts picks the Usos tonight if the New Day aren’t focused, but Booker picks the Usos without caveat. Next up is a video package for Naomi vs. Lana. Renee and Booker pick Naomi, but Roberts picks Lana. We move on to a video package for Jinder Mahal vs. Randy Orton. Renee and Roberts both pick Orton, but Booker picks Mahal.

Kickoff Show Tag Team Match
The Hype Bros vs. The Colons
 photo The_Hype_Bros_vs_The_Colons_Cropped_zpse82z2qyh.jpg

Ryder and Epico start the match, and Epico quickly drops Ryder with a shoulder block. Ryder fights back with a drop kick and slams Epico’s head into the top turnbuckle. Rawley gets the tag and takes Epico down to the mat, but Epico creates distance and makes the tag to Primo. Primo tries to work over Rawley in the corner but ends up eating a scoop slam. Ryder gets the tag and hits a running forearm shot in the corner. Ryder sets up for the Broski Boot, but Epico pulls Primo out of the ring. Ryder retrieves Primo, but Epico distracts Ryder and allows Primo to sweep Ryder’s bad leg. Ryder writhes in pain on the mat as we head to a commercial. We return from the break with Epico now legal for the Colons. Epico continues to work over Ryder’s surgically repaired knee and locks in a single leg crab. Epico wraps Ryder’s leg around the middle ropes and twists to apply pressure. Primo gets the tag and drives Ryder’s bad knee into the mat. Primo wrenches the knee and whips Ryder to the corner before making the tag back to Epico. Epico continues the leg work and make the cover for a two count. Epico goes for a vertical suplex, but Ryder counters into a neck breaker. Epico tags Primo as Ryder FINALLY makes the hot tag to Rawley. Rawley splashes Primo in the corner and hits Hyper Drive, but Epico breaks up the pin. Ryder takes out Epico with the Broski Boot, gets the tag from Rawley, and hits the Hype Ryder for the three count.

Match Result: Zack Ryder defeats Primo with the Hype Ryder.
Match Length: 8:23
Slimmer’s Rating: **¼

The Kickoff Show finishes up with a video package for the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Roberts picks Sami Zayn, but Booker picks AJ Styles.

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Tamina vs. Carmella w/ James Ellsworth
 photo Womens_Money_in_the_Bank_Ladder_Match_Cropped_zpscl0pnkqb.jpg

The bell rings, and everyone except for Tamina heads to the outside to grab ladders. Tamina plays Queen of the Mountain and kicks ladders out of the ring as quickly as the other women can slide them into the ring. Charlotte tosses Natalya across the ring as Tamina hits Carmella with a Samoan Drop. Tamina grabs a ladder and levels Natalya with a super kick. Tamina wedges the ladder in the corner and slingshots Natalya into it from below. Tamina starts to set up a ladder but instead decides to toss it into Becky’s face. Charlotte stomps on Natalya and drives a ladder into Tamina’s gut. Becky and Natalya battle over a ladder but join forces to driver the ladder into Tamina. Becky drives the ladder into Natalya, but Natalya fights back and scoop slams Becky onto the ladder. Natalya sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and begins to climb, but Charlotte climbs behind her. Natalya knocks Charlotte off the ladder, but Charlotte quickly heads back up the ladder and pulls Natalya into an electric chair drop. Charlotte positions the ladder and climbs, but Carmella pulls her down and climbs over her. Carmella swings to the other side of the ladder before trading punches with Charlotte up top. Tamina tips the ladder, and both Charlotte and Carmella crash to the mat. Natalya drives a ladder into Tamina’s back and locks in the Sharpshooter on Becky. Carmella breaks the hold with a super kick, but Natalya gets back to her feet and hits Charlotte with a butterfly suplex. Becky connects with a springboard side kick that sends Natalya into a ladder in the corner. Becky climbs a ladder in the corner, but Carmella hits a handstand hurricanrana to send Becky back down to the mat. Carmella climbs a ladder, but Charlotte makes the save. Charlotte climbs, but Tamina climbs right behind her. Tamina head butts Charlotte off the ladder, but Tamina tumbles to the mat as well. Charlotte spears Tamina out of the ring and then spears her into the ring steps. Charlotte heads up top and connects with a corkscrew moonsault that takes out Natalya and Tamina on the outside. Carmella climbs a ladder in the ring, but Becky pulls her into a powerbomb. Becky climbs, but James Ellsworth charges into the ring and tips the ladder. Carmella is in no shape to climb, so Ellsworth climbs, retrieves the briefcase, and tosses it down to Carmella. Three referees at ringside argue about the legality of the finish, but it appears that Carmella is the winner… for now.

Match Result: Carmella wins the match after James Ellsworth retrieves the briefcase.
Match Length: 13:15
Slimmer’s Rating: ***¼

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
The Usos (Champions) vs. The New Day
 photo The_Usos_vs_The_New_Day_Cropped_zpskjwiewxn.jpg

It’s going to be Kofi Kingston and Big E for the New Day in this match. Jimmy and Kingston start the match, and Kingston hits a standing splash for a quick one count. Jey gets the tag, but Kingston takes out the legs and makes the tag to Big E. Big E hits a running splash and makes the quick tag back to Kingston. Kingston runs the ropes, but Jimmy makes the blind tag and low bridges the top rope to send Kingston tumbling to the outside. Jimmy levels Kingston with a vicious clothesline on the outside. Jimmy rolls Kingston back into the ring and tags Jey. Jey immediately tosses Kingston back out of the ring and tags Jimmy. Jimmy and Jey suplex Kingston into the ring post on the outside before rolling him back into the ring. Jimmy locks in a side head lock on the mat, but Kingston fights back to his feet. Jimmy levels Kingston with a single punch and makes the tag to Jey. Jey stalks Kingston as he pulls himself back to his feet on the apron. Kingston blocks a punch from Jey and goes for a slingshot sunset flip, but Jimmy pulls Kingston out of the ring. Jey rolls Kingston back into the ring but eats a drop kick. Kingston FINALLY makes the hot tag to Big E as Jey tags Jimmy. Big E hits a belly-to-belly suplex, but Jey connects with a kick to the gut. Jey charges at Big E in the corner, but Big E counters with a uranage. Kingston gets the tag, but Jey locks him up in a modified single leg crab. Jimmy dives to the outside to take out Xavier Woods. Jey gets distracted by Big E and misses a super kick, which allows Kingston to lock in a modified dragon sleeper. Kingston follows up with the S.O.S., but Jey kicks out at two. Big E gets the blind tag and hits the Big Ending, but Jimmy breaks up the pin at two and three quarters. Woods distracts Jimmy but inadvertently gives Jey the opportunity to roll up Big E for a two count of his own. Big E dumps both Usos to the outside. Kingston gets the tag and dives to the outside to take out both opponents. Kingston rolls Jimmy back into the ring and hits the Midnight Hour, but Jey pulls Jimmy out of the ring to break up the pin. The Usos head to the time keeper’s area to grab their titles and gladly take the countout to retain.

Match Result: The New Day defeats the Usos via countout.
Match Length: 12:22
Slimmer’s Rating: ***½

Smackdown Women’s Championship Match
Naomi (Champion) vs. Lana
 photo Naomi_vs_Lana_Cropped_zpswgxwelwg.jpg

Naomi starts strong and muscles Lana to the corner. Lana fights back and slams Naomi face-first to the mat. Naomi bulldogs Lana’s face into the middle turnbuckle but misses a crossbody. Naomi goes for a head kick over the top rope, but Lana catches the leg and wrenches it over the top rope. Naomi falls to the outside, so Lana retrieves her and covers for a two count. Lana slams Naomi into the mat and hits a snap suplex that drives Naomi’s injured leg into the bottom rope. Lana hits another snap suplex into the ropes and then wrenches Naomi’s leg around the bottom rope. Lana hooks both legs and makes the cover, but Naomi kicks out at two. Lana continues to work over the knee, but Naomi counters into a cross arm breaker. Naomi connects with a back elbow shot and follows up with three roundhouse kicks. Naomi hits the Rear View, but Lana rolls out of the ring. Lana heads back into the ring and hits a sit-out spinebuster, but Naomi kicks out at two. HERE COMES CARMELLA! Carmella doesn’t actually cash in her contract, but she does make sure both women know she’s at ringside. That distraction allows Naomi to lock in the Spider Twist and make Lana tap. Carmella decides this isn’t the right time to cash in MitB and heads back up the ramp.

Match Result: Naomi defeats Lana with the Spider Twist.
Match Length: 7:29
Slimmer’s Rating: ½*

The Fashion Police find a mysterious VHS tape and are challenged to a match tonight by the unknown assailants who attacked Tyler Breeze.

Mike & Maria Kanellis are here! Maria announces that she’s back, and she’s brought the perfect partner, Mike Kanellis. They’re here to educate everyone on Smackdown Live about the power of love.

WWE Championship Match
Jinder Mahal (Champion) w/ The Singh Brothers vs. Randy Orton
 photo Jinder_Mahal_vs_Randy_Orton_Cropped_zpsv4vafuij.jpg

Greg Gagne, Larry “The Axe” Hennig, Baron Von Raschke, Sgt. Slaughter, Cowboy Bob Orton, and Ric Flair are all at ringside for the WWE Championship match. That’s a hell of a collection of talent in the front row. The bell rings and Orton goes right after Mahal. Orton muscles Mahal into the corner and pounds on him mercilessly. Orton whips Mahal to the opposite corner and goes for a quick RKO, but Mahal rolls out of the ring to avoid disaster. Mahal consults with the Singh Brothers before charging back into the ring. Orton immediately catches Mahal with a Thesz press and then repeatedly stomps on him. Mahal climbs back to his feet, but Orton clotheslines him to the outside. Orton connects with another clothesline on the outside and then slams his head onto the announce table. Orton rolls Mahal back into the ring and goes for this patented rope-assisted DDT, but the Singh Brothers distract Orton long enough for Mahal to back body drop Orton to the outside. Orton looks to have tweaked his knee on the landing, so Mahal starts working over the leg on the outside. Mahal whips Orton into the ring steps and then slams the leg into the ring apron. Orton rolls back into the ring, but Mahal traps him in the corner and wrenches the leg around the middle rope. Orton again rolls to the outside, and Mahal gives chase. Orton back body drops Mahal onto the barricade, and Mahal ends up in Cowboy Bob’s lap. Orton tries to slam Mahal’s head into the announce table, but Mahal counters and drops Orton knee-first onto the announce table. Mahal rolls Orton back into the ring and wrenches on the leg. The action spills back out of the ring, and Mahal drops Orton knee-first onto the barricade. Mahal rolls Orton back into the ring and counters an RKO into a big boot. Mahal locks in a step-over toe hold and then switches to the Figure Four Leg Lock while staring right at Ric Flair. Orton rolls to reverse the pressure, but Mahal makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Mahal springboards onto the injured knee and then slams the knee into the mat. Mahal locks in the Funk spinning toe hold, but Orton counters into a rollup for a two count. Mahal takes Orton up top and sets up for Cowboy Bob’s superplex, but Orton knocks Mahal back down to the mat. Orton turns the tables, takes Mahal up top, and hits the superplex for a two count. Orton and Mahal slug it out in the middle of the ring, but Orton levels Mahal with a clothesline. Orton catches Mahal with a power slam and follows up with his patented rope-assisted DDT. Orton hits the RKO, but Mahal gets his foot on the ropes to break the pin. It looks like the Singh Brothers may have put Mahal’s foot on the rope. Orton argues his case, and the referee ejects the Singh Brothers from ringside. They get in the legends’ faces and put their hands on Cowboy Bob. Randy makes the save and begins tossing the Singhs around ringside. Orton drops one of the Singhs on the announce table and then RKOs him on the arena floor. Orton puts the other Singh on an announce table, stands on the adjacent announce table, and hits a running RKO through the table. Orton heads back into the ring but walks right into the Khallas from Mahal for the three count.

Match Result: Jinder Mahal defeats Randy Orton with the Khallas.
Match Length: 21:00
Slimmer’s Rating: ***¾

Breezango vs. The Ascension

It looks like the Ascension are the vile scoundrels who trashed Fashion Police headquarters. Viktor and Breeze start the match, but all four men quickly start brawling. The referee regains control, and Viktor takes Breeze down to the mat. Konnor gets the tag, works over Breeze, and makes the quick tag back to Viktor. Viktor stomps on Breeze and delivers a STIFF chop to the chest. Konnor gets the tag and locks in a rear chin lock on the mat. Breeze fights back to his feet, but Konnor clotheslines him to the outside. Fandango gets the tag but eats a spinebuster from Konnor. Viktor gets the tag and repeatedly stomps on Fandango. Viktor hits a back breaker as Konnor heads up top, but Breeze shoves Konnor to the floor. Fandango rolls up Viktor and gets the three count.

Match Result: Fandango defeats Viktor with a rollup pin.
Match Length: 3:55
Slimmer’s Rating: *

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match
AJ Styles vs. Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin
 photo Mens_Money_in_the_Bank_Ladder_Match_Cropped_zpsm6jlmzrq.jpg

Baron Corbin attacks Shinsuke Nakamura during Nakamura’s entrance and absolutely destroys him with a ladder and a spot light. The match begins with only five competitors as Nakamura remains motionless on the ramp. The action spills to the outside, and Owens slams Ziggler’s face into a ladder. Corbin whips Zayn into the barricade as Styles and Ziggler trade punches. Nakamura is helped to the back as Zayn connects with a dive onto Owens. Ziggler and Corbin double team Styles at ringside and level him with a ladder. Corbin quickly turns on Ziggler and levels him with a single punch. Corbin slides a ladder into the ring but turns and eats a super kick from Ziggler. Ziggler hops up onto the ring apron, but Zayn knocks him back down to the floor. Zayn pulls a ladder into the ring, but Owens quickly pulls it back out of the ring. Zayn heads to the outside and clotheslines Owens. Ziggler tries to slide a ladder into the ring, but Styles shoves the ladder back into Ziggler and sends him flying into another ladder on the outside. Styles looks for a Phenomenal Forearm to the outside, but Ziggler runs up the ladder and knocks Styles off the top rope. Ziggler dives off the apron toward Corbin, but Corbin catches him and counters into Deep Six. Owens brings a ladder into the ring and levels Styles. Owens uses the ladder to knock Corbin and Ziggler off the apron, but Styles drop toe holds Owens right onto the ladder. Styles goes for the Styles Clash, but Owens counters and back body drops Styles to the outside. Zayn rushes into the ring and works over Owens in the corner. Owens drops Zayn throat-first onto the top rope. Owens heads up top and looks for a dive onto Styles, Ziggler, and Corbin on the outside, but Zayn slides under Owens and flips him into the ladder into the middle of the ring. Owens destroys the ladder, so Zayn heads to the outside to get a fresh ladder. Zayn starts to set up the ladder, but Ziggler attacks from behind. Ziggler sets the ladder in the corner and tosses Zayn onto it. Ziggler sets up the ladder and starts to climb, but Zayn pulls him down. Zayn climbs, but Ziggler super kicks him off of it. Zayn hits the Blue Thunder Bomb and starts to climb, but Corbin pulls him down. Corbin whips Zayn face-first into the ladder, but here comes Styles. Styles levels Corbin with a forearm shot, sets up a ladder, and starts to climb. Corbin climbs the other side of the ladder and trades punches with Styles up top. Styles punches Corbin down a few rungs, and Ziggler climbs over Corbin. Styles and Ziggler get knocked off the ladder, so Corbin again climbs, but Ziggler hits the Zig Zag to halt his progress. Zayn and Ziggler climb the ladder and slug it out up top. ZAYN HITS A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!! Zayn tries to climb, but Owens pulls him out of the ring. Owens goes for the apron powerbomb, but Zayn grabs the ropes to block. ZAYN HITS OWENS WITH A HALF AND HALF SUPLEX ON THE RING APRON!!! Zayn heads back into the ring and climbs the ladder, BUT STYLES HITS A PHENOMENAL FOREARM OUT OF NOWHERE TO KNOCK ZAYN OFF THE APRON!!! Corbin pulls Styles out of the ring and slams him face-first into the announce table. Corbin uses a ladder to bridge the announce table and the ring steps. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm off the apron, but Corbin catches him and choke slams him onto the bridging ladder. Corbin heads into the ring, but Zayn hits him with a Helluva Kick. Zayn climbs the ladder, but Ziggler tries to pull him down. Zayn kicks Ziggler away, but Owens pulls him down and drops him with a low blow. Owens climbs, but Styles pulls him down. Owens back body drops Styles to the apron and tries to powerbomb him onto the bridging ladder, but Styles counters into an Attitude Adjustment from the apron onto the ladder. Styles heads into the ring and begins to climb, but Ziggler pulls the ladder out from under him. Styles is left dangling from the briefcase, and eventually he loses his grip and crashes to the mat. Corbin sets up the ladder and looks to climb, BUT HERE COMES SHINSUKE NAKAMURA!!! Corbin launches a ladder at Nakamura, but Nakamura ducks and slides into the ring. Nakamura hits an enzuigiri and lands a knee shot to the gut in the corner. Nakamura knocks Corbin out of the ring and hits Ziggler with two Kinshasas. Zayn heads into the ring, but Nakamura connects with a Kinshasa to him as well. Nakamura tries to slide a ladder into the ring, but Owens pulls from the other side. Nakamura levels Owens with a Kinshasa on the outside and then heads back into the ring. Nakamura gets ready to climb, but suddenly he sees Styles on the other side of the ladder. Styles and Nakamura move the ladder to the side and face off in the middle of the ring. Styles and Nakamura trade punches and kicks, but Nakamura catches Styles with the inverted exploder. Nakamura goes for the Kinshasa, but Styles counters with the Phenomenal Forearm. Styles sets up the ladder and climbs, but Nakamura climbs the other side. Styles and Nakamura do battle at the top of the ladder, but Corbin tips the ladder to dump both men. Corbin climbs the ladder and retrieves the briefcase to win the match.

Match Result: Baron Corbin retrieves the briefcase to win the match.
Match Length: 29:45
Slimmer’s Rating: ****½