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411’s WWE NXT Report 02.06.13

February 7, 2013 | Posted by Marc Elusive

From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

Commentators: Tony Dawson & William Regal

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: The Rock… World Champion: Alberto Del Rio… Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett… United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro… Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No… NXT Champion: Big E Langston… NXT Tag Team Champions: Vacant… Diva’s Champion: Kaitlyn

Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey vs. Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament, semi-final round:   Ohno and Grey open the contest; they lock up and Grey does some mat work pissing Kassius off. Kruger tags in and they lock up; Kruger backs Grey into the corner but he avoids a clothesline. Kruger locks up again and Grey manages to reverse into a headlock; Leo reverses it and then Grey reverses into another headlock. Kruger powers up and tosses Grey into the ropes; he tries an O’Connor Roll but Kruger grabs the ropes… and gets caught in a headlock. Neville tags in and works a headlock as well. Kruger frees himself with a jawjacker; Ohno tags in but Neville gets the immediate advantage. He and Grey quick tag and work over Kassius’ arm, the KO arm actually; smart strategy. Grey comes off the second rope with a sledge and then forces him down into an armbar. Neville returns and hits a top-rope double stomp to the arm. Grey tags in and goes back to the arm. Kassius tries to mount a comeback but Grey sunset flips him; Ohno blocks long enough to tag in Kruger and he nails him in the back. Kruger works the arm as we head to break. We return with Ohno working a chinlock. Kruger tags in and hits a backbreaker, for two. Leo works the old fashioned abdominal stretch. Ohno tags in and… applies his own abdominal stretch. Kruger tags in and he works another abs stretch. William Regal analyzes the muscles that are worked in this hold. Ohno tags and slaps on the move again but Grey hiplocks free. He can’t quite make the tag and Kassius maintains the advantage with a senton splash. Ohno applies a chinlock. Grey fights back and hits a sunset flip; Ohno reverses it but Grey slips under him and almost makes a tag but he’s caught and Kruger tags. Leo kicks the snot out of Grey and hits a backdrop suplex, for two. Kruger applies another chinlock. He releases and tries a suplex but Grey reverses into an inside cradle; when that fails he tries a backslide also to no avail. Kruger hits a clothesline and then tries a running forearm but Grey moves. Neville finally gets the tag and he springboards in with a forearm. He hits everything that moves and levels Ohno with a running elbow in the corner. He floats over in the corner and flips into a kick to knock Kruger off the apron. Ohno tries a forearm but Neville kicks him in the guts. He hits the ropes but Ohno kicks him square in the face. He falls to the floor where Ohno chases him and yells at Regal in the announce booth. Neville comes back with a crazy flipping plancha. He heads to the top, Grey interrupts Kruger, and Neville is able to hit that crazy corkscrew shooting star splash for the pinfall.   5.5/10 The bulk of the match was all armbars and chinlocks but the work that was done was good. The ending was spectacular and that finisher that Neville uses; it is really something to see. Neville and Grey head to the finals and will meet the winners of the other semifinal match.

Here are your winners… Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey via corkscrew shooting star splash

Summer Rae explains her actions; she feels she is the prettiest diva in NXT. She is jealous of Paige whom she feels it ugly and that’s why she attacked her.

Mike Dalton vs. “The Ascension” Conor O’Brian:   Now that the Ascension is gone, O’Brian goes it alone. He mauls Dalton who tries to use his speed; O’Brian hits a clothesline in the corner and tosses him across the ring. A running clothesline flattens Dalton as does a flapjack. Conor drops a leg to the back of Dalton’s head and gets a three count. Post-match, O’Brian demands a five count. Big E Langston comes out and stares O’Brian down. Langston comes in and nails poor Dalton with a Big Ending and leaves.    3/10 Total squash to reintroduce O’Brian since his tag partner was fired; it also opens his feud with Big E Langston.

Here is your winner… Conor O’Brian via Fall of Man pinfall

Dusty Rhodes is in the back with an angry Paige; she is coming for Summer Rae and will slap the smile off her face. She threatens to ruin the show next week if she does not get her match. She storms off and bumps into Sasha Banks who talks to Dusty who gives her another secret admirer letter.

Highlights of the NXT Royal Rumble tournament are shown; Bo Dallas won and is now in the WWE.

In the back Bo Dallas is approached by his brother Bray Wyatt who congratulates him on making the Rumble. Dallas says the end of the Wyatt Family is coming.

Bo Dallas & Michael McGillicutty vs. The Wyatt Family (w/Bray Wyatt) NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament, semi-final round:   Harper and Dallas open the contest. They try to lock up and Harper uses his power to keep Dallas back. Bo fights back and tags in McGillicutty. Harper punches back but McGillicutty hits a nice dropkick. He chops a bit and kicks away in the corner. Dallas tags in again and maintains control. He tries a Dudley Bulldog but Harper shoves him off and tags in Rowan. Erick stomps the back and mauls him in the Wyatt corner; Harper tags as we head to break. We return, watching Wyatt rocking in his chair. Rowan slams Dallas and drops an elbow. Bray nods in approval. He tries to slam Dallas again but he slips free and falls into a tag. McGillicutty is in on fire. Rowan misses a boot and McGillicutty pounds away; he hits some clotheslines and a Saito suplex. Wyatt shows up to provide a distraction and gets ejected by the referee. The Family is able to take over with a discus clothesline from Harper to McGillicutty; it knocks him out allowing Rowan to get the pinfall. Post-match, Wyatt heads back into the ring and offers a handshake to his brother. Dallas tells him to fuck off so Wyatt leaves with his other family. He sends Rowan and Harper back to distract Dallas. Wyatt hits him with a splash in the back and nails the Waltzing Neckbreaker. He shakes Dallas’ hand and leaves him lying.   5/10 The Family advances to face the new British Invasion in the finals and it should be a good David verses Goliath matchup next week. Here we have the usual Family mauling with the added intrigue of the real Rotunda Family on opposite sides.

Here are your winners… The Wyatt Family via discus clothesline pinfall

OVERALL 6/10   The show was about the tag tournament this week and it delivered. We also got a look into the next contender for the NXT title in Conor O’Brian. Good show this week.

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