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411’s WWE NXT Report 02.13.13

February 16, 2013 | Posted by Marc Elusive

From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

Commentators: Tony Dawson & William Regal

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: The Rock… World Champion: Alberto Del Rio… Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett… United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro… Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No… NXT Champion: Big E Langston… NXT Tag Team Champions: Vacant… Diva’s Champion: Kaitlyn

A nice video package, highlighting the entire tag title tournament, is shown.

Mike Dalton vs. Axl Keegan:   Paige storms the ring, pre-match and chases ring announcer Summer Rae away. Paige grabs the mic and says the show will not move forward until Rae gets back into the ring. She SLAPS Keegan and DEMANDS he get out of the ring. Here’s the Commish, Dusty Rhodes. He says Paige is not holding the show hostage and tells her to leave the ring. He tells the referee to get Paige out of the ring; Paige won’t leave. Summer reappears behind Dusty and Paige makes a beeline for Rae. A brawl occurs and NXT officials manage to separate them. Paige looks to have hurt her shoulder, either that or a boob fly.5.5/10 Not a match but one of the better divas feuds in a while; I’ve never seen Rae wrestle, I hope she’s decent, but I have seen Paige and she is pretty good. NXT needs to get these girls ready because the divas division in the WWE is dreadful and is in BAD need of a face.

Here is your winner… No Match

In the back the doctors are looking at Paige’s shoulder.

Alex Riley vs. Corey Graves:   I like Riley and am still disappointed that A-Ry is not getting much of a push. I’m sure the whole John Cena thing must have blown over by now. I like Graves too, been a while since we’ve had a submission wrestler in the WWE, Daniel Bryan notwithstanding, but his character is less submission; all of Graves’ matches he specifically targets the leg and works it over the entire match. Riley opens as a house of fire, punching away at the bell and hits some running clotheslines. A big bodyslam puts Graves onto the apron for Riley to hiplock him back in. Corey feigns a handshake but meets an atomic drop and dropkick. Riley gets two. Riley tosses him into the ropes but Graves counters a backdrop and kicks the knee. Here we go… Graves attacks the knee and drops a fist. He mauls Riley’s face with the bone of his forearm; he locks in a chinlock to wear A-Ry down. Graves hits a clothesline and then goes to a reverse armbar. This goes on for a while. Alex battles back but Graves roughs him up with fisticuffs and sledges him down. Riley surprises Graves reversing a suplex; he nails a spinebuster for two. A-Ry charges in the corner with an elbow and tries the A-Bomb but Graves shoves him off and submarines the knee; Graves goes straight to the Thirteenth Step for the tapout.   5/10 Graves dominates Riley as the commentators do not know the name of the submission move which makes me doubt if it is the Thirteenth Step. Graves continues to dominate NXT with his sinister and punishing character. We will probably see him in the WWE in 2013.

Here is your winner… Corey Graves via leglock submission

Back to Paige who is being taped up in anticipation for her upcoming match.

Paige vs. Summer Rae:   Well, the Commish gave Paige her wish… and quick. Summer wears a cross between Maryse and Eve Torres. Paige is, of course, major over. Paige attacks right at the bell and the referee has to pry her off; Rae quickly plants her with a single-arm DDT. Rae drops a knee onto it and gets a one count. She applies a legdrop armbar and wrenches back on it with a leg scissors. She works in a short-arm scissors; Paige rolls her over into a cradle for two. She comes back with a savate kick and launches her across the ring with one arm. Summer retreats to the floor and pulls the overaggressive Paige’s arm into the ropes, hurting the shoulder more. This has been better than 95% of the divas matches in the WWE over the past five months. Yes it may be short but there is a well-defined story to it and the two divas are sticking to it. Back in the ring, Summer takes Paige’s head off with a roundhouse kick as the referee is tending to her shoulder. HEEL! Summer gets the SHOCKING pinfall.   5/10 I really enjoyed this, it may have been quick but they sold the storyline of the weakened shoulder. We did not get a chance to see much of Summer in the ring other than she’s hot, knows how to work an arm and hits a roundhouse kick. This is a good feud.

Here is your winner… Summer Rae via roundhouse kick

Onto another NXT diva storyline, Sasha Banks gets another letter from her admirer. We have to wait another week to find out who it is.

Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey vs. The Wyatt Family (w/Bray Wyatt) NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament finals:   This should be an interesting matchup. Unfortunately, I already know who wins, it’s impossible to go on the internet and not know who wins this match; I’m going to enjoy it regardless. The Commish Dusty Rhodes is in the ring with the titles. Englishman William Regal is all psyched up for an all British team holding tag gold since the British Bulldogs. Wyatt calls facing his family daunting and undefeatable… follow the buzzards. Luke Harper holds Erick Rowan back because he wants to start with Grey. Harper pushes him around but Grey utilizes his speed until he runs into a pair of knees in the corner. Harper charges so Grey pulls the ropes down and he takes a tumble. Grey topés out onto him right in front of Wyatt rocking in his chair. Back from commercial, Grey and Neville are working over Rowan’s arm. Erick head-butts him down and is able to take over on Neville; Adrian is able to speed it up and tags in Grey. Wyatt is off his rocker and actually in the corner of his family, selling the importance of the title match. Grey keeps on the arm and brings Neville in for a top-rope double stomp to the arm. Oliver returns but Rowan is able to knee his way back and force Grey into his corner; Harper receives a tag and the Family mauls him the corner. Grey somehow manages to force Harper back to his corner and tags in Neville. Adrian kicks in the ropes; Harper reverses a cross-corner whip so Neville flips off the top and hits a dropkick. The Brits have been controlling the pace of most of this match, which is surprising. Grey tags in but Harper punches him square in the face and tags Rowan in. Erick tries a backbreaker but Oliver slips free and goes back to the arm. Rowan breaks the hold with another punch to the face but Grey falls into his corner and tags Neville back in. Neville slaps on a sleeper; Rowan forces him back to the good guy corner so the hold is broken but Grey is able to tag. Harper gets a tag but Grey dropkicks him; Luke backdrops Grey onto the apron where Wyatt clips his leg and the Family finally has the meat in their corner. Dusty Rhodes reappears and ejects Wyatt from ringside. Back from second commercial, Harper is wearing Grey down with a chinlock. Rowan tags and slams Oliver for two; Erick with a neck crank. He hits a nice pump-handle backbreaker, which gets two. Rowan returns to the neck crank. Neville paces on the apron. Harper tags and drops elbows and chinlocks. Rowan comes back and applies a bearhug (and he swings Grey back and forth for added emphasis). Grey eventually battles back but Harper gets a tag and cuts the tag off with elbows… no wait! Grey’s tenacity allows him to crawl to a tag and Neville is in! Adrian dropkicks everything in sight and counters a powerslam with a swinging DDT. He gets backdropped onto the apron and tries a springboard move but sails right into a big boot. Grey interrupts the potential three count. Rowan shows up and cancels Grey out. Back in the ring, Neville kicks Rowan off the apron; when he recovers Harper accidentally knock him back off with a clothesline. Neville hits a leg lariat and heads up top for a corkscrew shooting star press for the titles!   7.5/10 Quite the match up here; Adrian and Neville controlled a lot of the O in the early portion of the match so as not to lull the crowd to sleep with the Family’s deliberate offense. I like the team of Grey and Neville but they need a team name and matching trunks now to feel like a REAL team. I hope they keep these two together and bring them up to the WWE together (same for the Wyatt Family plus Bray). I look forward to the NXT tag division… now all they need are a few more regular tag teams!

Here are your winners AND NEW NXT Tag Team Champions… Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey via corkscrew shooting star press pinfall

After the match, Dusty Rhodes presents the NXT tag titles to Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey. Tony Dawson asks them what is going through their minds. All they can say is that “they’ve done it.” I like this promo as it felt very genuine and happy to win the tag titles.

OVERALL 7/10   This show was all about the tag tournament and it delivered; the Paige/Rae situation continued to fester. I like the new British Invasion team and look forward to their upcoming matches. This show gets NXT back on track as the best forty-five minutes of wrestling every week.

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