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411’s WWE NXT Report 04.10.13

April 11, 2013 | Posted by Marc Elusive

From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

Commentators: Tom Phillips & Brad Maddox

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: John Cena… World Champion: Dolph Ziggler… Intercontinental Champion: Wade Barrett… United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro… Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No… NXT Champion: Big E Langston… NXT Tag Team Champions: Adrian Neville & Oliver Grey… Diva’s Champion: Kaitlyn

Percy Watson, Axl Keegan & Scott Dawson vs. The Shield:   A huge brawl starts up and the Shield clears the ring. Dawson is the sacrificial lamb and thrown to Reigns. Roman hits a head-butt as the bell rings. The Shield brags Dawson into their corner where Ambrose hits his running dropkick and Rollins follows up immediately after with his. Rollins hits a splash in the corner and Ambrose tags in with a horse collar clothesline. The beating continues as Dawson tries to tag; Ambrose tries a suplex but Dawson lands on his feet and Keegan gets the tag. Axl hits some rights but Ambrose catches him with a knee to the gut. He snags Keegan in a surfboard and tags in Rollins who nails the top-rope knee drop. Reigns wipes out Watson and Ambrose does the same to Dawson. Meanwhile in the ring, Rollins nails Keegan with the Skywalker for the pinfall. Post-match, the Shield Horseman Stomp on Dawson and nail him with the Shield Bomb.   4/10 Quick work of team jobber by the Shield here; Watson did not even get into the match legally! The WWE has done everything right with them since they debuted at the Survivor Series. I feared they may have dumbassed it up (like Nexus), especially after they had them go up against John Cena at one point but they continue to survive and win clean, including WrestleMania. This squash was merely a nice setup for the following promo…

Here are your winners… The Shield via Skywalker pinfall

After the decimation, Dean Ambrose grabs a mic and says justice is served at NXT. Seth Rollins calls themselves the most dominant force on the WWE, they run Raw, SmackDown and NXT. Roman Reigns tells us to believe in the Shield. All of a sudden, Corey Graves appears on the NXTron and reminds us he exists. Corey says he does not believe in the Shield and that NXT is his wasteland. Next week, he wants a member of the Shield and he will make them stay down. Rollins answers the challenge and tells Ambrose and Reigns to take the night off, as he wants him one-on-one.

Tony Dawson is with Summer Rae; she corrects him and says she’s the first lady of NXT. He asks her about running away; she gives a classic 80’s heel excuse and insists she left her curing iron on and didn’t want to burn the arena down. She says that she would have kicked Paige’s ass.

Renee Young talks to Emma; she says her path is like Lady Gaga’s to which Young laughs at her. Renee mentions the fact that she is a klutz. Emma says “kids these days” with their electric slides and Macarenas can’t hold a candle to the Emma-lution… and then she falls on her face.

The Funkadactyls vs. The Bella Twins:   I guess this is a more recent taping since the Bellas just recently returned to the WWE. The commentators reveal this was recorded prior to ‘Mania because they say bad blood here stemmed from WrestleMania but their match was cut from ‘Mania due to time constraints. The Bellas ring gear is a bit too similar to Paige’s. Naomi and Brie opens the contest; she kicks Naomi and throws her into the corner. She tries a float over but Brie catches her; Naomi blocks and pulls Brie’s face into her ass and shakes it a little. She hits the Rear View and tries a slam but Brie tosses her into the ropes; Naomi rebounds with a flip clothesline and get two. Cameron tags in and they hit a tandem splits legdrops. Nikki distracts allowing Brie to take over; the Bellas choke Cameron in the corner with her boot. Nikki tags in and then Brie as the commentators argue over which Bella is which. Brie works the arm with a whiplash and then a chinlock. She sequesters Cameron in the corner until she hits a neckbreaker… but cannot complete a tag. The Bellas tag on the other end and hit a rolling leglock which gets Nikki the pinfall.   4.5/10 Not a bad match but the ending was really abrupt. The Funkadactyls are really not that bad in the ring and I’ve always enjoyed the Bellas in the ring because (when Nikki was Divas Champion) they had a pretty good grasp of in-ring psychology, the only divas to do so (at that time). Anyway, that all leads to a pretty decent match here despite the odd ending.

Here are your winners… The Bella Twins via double rolling leglock pinfall

Tony Dawson is with Kassius Ohno this time who is wearing a Real Man’s Man William Regal shirt. Awesome. Ohno says he is not obsessed with Regal ALTHOUGH he’s seen every Regal match, heard every promo, seen every Duchess of Queensbury Cup battle… but after this match no one will see or hear Regal again.

WrestleMania week highlights are shown.

Elsewhere, William Regal is deep in thought when Renee Young asks him why he chose to challenge. William was happy being a commentator but Kassius Ohno reopened a door; for tonight: he hopes that his children forgive him.

William Regal vs. Kassius Ohno:   They lock up and the fans chant Regal immediately. They lock up again and they roll around in a tie up. Kassius backs him into the corner and punches away; William goes right for the arm again and wrings it a few more times. He forces Ohno down to his back and does mean thins to his arm. Kassius backs him into the corner, predicating a break. Regal goes for the arm again and goes to work on it; he twists it into a hammerlock and adds some forearms to the back. Ohno comes free but Regal quickly drop-toeholds him back down into another armbar. Regal just releases the hold and allows Kassius back to his feet. They link up again and Regal backs Ohno into the corner and, the good villain, does not provide a clean break. He chokes Ohno in the ropes with his boot but does break on four. HE HAS TILL FIVE! Back to action Regal hits some forearms and a lefty lariat as Regal plays to the crowd.  Ohno finally gets his wits back and knees Regal to the floor; William tumbles to the floor where Ohno baseball slides onto him from the ring. Back from commercial, Ohno is in complete control and hits a nasty looking trio of Yakuza kicks in the corner, for a two count. Ohno now applies a keylock which segues into a full nelson; Regal uses his legs for leverage to reverse and hits a forearm. He stomps on Kassius’ fingers and bends them awkwardly in the ropes until the ref breaks it up. Regal takes back over with a Judo toss and works the fingers, bending them backwards. He keeps on the hands and whips Ohno down again; he keeps on the arm but Kassius breaks free and kicks Regal right behind the ear. We get a close-up of Ohno bending his fingers back into place and locking them there. It actually looks like Regal dislocated them all and Ohno popped them back into place. Regal is down and out so Ohno heads to the floor and kicks Regal’s head against the ringpost. He maintains control as Regal is helpless and continues to pulverize Regal’s head. The referee checks on him but Ohno is relentless; he tries for the Kassius Clutch but cannot lock the fingers together because of all of the work Regal did up to this point. Little things like that, is why I love this show. Since his big move is neutered, Ohno applied a chinlock to rethink his stratagem.  Regal hits an exploder suplex out of nowhere and tries for the Regal Stretch. Kassius elbows Regal in the head to break and links him up with a backdrop suplex, for two. Regal calls Ohno on as he gets to his feet; he stumbles around so Ohno kicks him square in the bean… for two. Ohno looks for the Roaring Elbow but Regal avoids and hits his own forearm shiver. There’s the knee trembler! Regal gets the win!   8/10 Very good main event this week; Regal won but Ohno looked great in the loss. This was quite possible the best Ohno match I’ve seen in the WWE. I knew that all of those lesser matches would pale in comparison to when he finally got some time to work (and also a legit awesome opponent to work with) he would shine. This was a lot of fun to watch and even more fun to recap. Great main event.

Here is your winner… William Regal via knee trembler pinfall

OVERALL 7/10 Well, a rare in-ring appearance from Regal highlights a good show this week. The main event was quite the brutal hard hitting stiff looking match. An in-ring Shield sighting as well and you have a great episode of NXT to kick off the post-WrestleMania season.

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