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411’s WWE NXT Report 1.16.19

January 16, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Kassius Ohno NXT 1-16-19

Just a heads up for anyone joining us tonight. We are experiencing some technical difficulties. It could cause the live updates to come through later than expected, so please bear with us.

The Metro Brothers vs. The Street Profits

Ford begins against Chris. He makes jokes about remembering Chris from somewhere. Chris shoves him and takes a hard one back. He kicks Ford away and nails a forearm. Ford does his double leap frog and nails a dropkick. Dance time. Tag to Dawkins for a shoulder block. He then back suplexes Ford onto Chris. The Profits hype each other up, allowing Chris to tag out. Hilariously, Ford gets shoved so hard he hits the floor. Dawkins slaps both members and Montez finds it funny. Tag to Ford for a frog splash.

Winners: The Street Profits in 1:48 [NR]

As the Profits celebrate, the Forgotten Sons show up and jump them. It’s about even until Jackson Ryker joins the fray. “We forgot you” chants while they do their thing and pose over Ford. “Stay forgotten” chants as they also beat up on Dawkins.

Backstage, Cathy Kelley interviews Matt Riddle, standing with Keith Lee, to see if he’ll be at ringside with his bro. Matt says he can’t because he’s not cleared, but he would love to be there. Riddle wants Lee to leave some of Ohno for him.

We get an Aleister Black promo somewhere. He says that Tommaso Ciampa can feel that his time is coming up. Black will absolve him of his sins and take back his NXT Title. He challenges Ciampa to start the fight early next Wednesday.

Bianca Belair comes out to address the fans. “Undefeated” chants. Bianca says she sent Nikki Cross packing and everyone learned that she can’t be held down. It’s her time to finish her climb. She has 20/20 vision on the NXT Women’s Title even though it’s early in 2019. She says she sees Shayna Baszler and the Horsewomen galloping behind her. She thinks she’s the baddest but Bianca is walking out with the title because she’s “un-de-fe-ted.” That brings out Shayna and her buddies. Shayna says she doesn’t see what makes Bianca the “E-S-T,” even though she’s fast, strong, and has set Performance Center records. Shayna says Bianca isn’t smart because if she was, she’d understand that her arms will get torn apart in Phoenix. Bianca hits her with the, “GIRRRLLL, UH-UH.” The only thing her arms will do is hold the title high. Shayna claims Bianca is afraid to fight her and get broken. She doens’t want to go from undefeated to overrated. That triggers dueling chants of those words as the women have a staredown. Shayna backs her friends down, telling Bianca not to worry about them. When she goes back to Bianca, Shayna gets slapped. Bianca ducks shots from Jessamyn and Marina, before escaping to the outside.

Adrian Jaoude vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Adrian surprises Dijakovic with some amateur style takedowns. Dijakovic nearly escapes but is taken over with a fireman’s carry. Dijakovic finds his way out and hits an avalanche in the corner. Suplex throw sends Adrian across the ring. Big chops by Dijakovic and a lariat. It’s apparently called the Bloodline. Adrian catches a stomp and goes for a knee bar, but Dijakovic is too big and gets the ropes easy. Kick from Adrian but he charges into a big boot. Feast Your Eyes ends it.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic in 4:20 [*]

A War Raiders video package runs basically showing them being very viking like. They direct the promo at Undisputed Era, saying their dynasty will crumble. They stand around something set up with UE chairs. They say the era ends in Phoenix and that’s undispusted. They then set the UE stuff on fire.

A video recap was shown of TakeOver: Blackpool.

Humberto Carrillo vs. Johnny Gargano

Commentary notes that Carrillo has a similar style to Ricochet. Johnny gives a clean break in the corner. Toe hold after taking Humberto down. They trade wristlocks until Johnny hits a forearm. Humberto continually uses his speed and athleticism to avoid Johnny and frustrate him. He ducks a clothesline and hits a sweet springboard hip toss. The fight goes outside, where Humberto hits a back kick. As he preps for a dive, Johnny cuts him off with the slingshot spear. Abdominal stretch by Johnny. Carrillo begins a rally capped with a sweet dive to the outside. Missile dropkick inside and Carrillo follows with a back roll into a standing moonsault for two. Gargano cuts him off with a superkick and Lawn Dart. He wins with the slingshot DDT.

Winner: Johnny Gargano in 4:44 [**1/4]

Johnny addresses Ricochet to the camera. He tells Ricochet to show up next week and he’ll show him the respect he deserves.

Backstage, Tommaso Ciampa addresses Aleister Black about his challenge to fight next week. Ciampa says he only competes on the biggest stages because that’s what main event players do, though he wouldn’t expect Black to know about that. He warns Black to be careful what he wishes for.

A Velveteen Dream vignette runs. It’s like the one from last week.

Kassius Ohno vs. Keith Lee

When I saw them wrestle in Evolve, they broke the ring. Lee surprises Ohno by overpowering him twice. Ohno hits strikes. Lee leaps over him and nails a cross body for two. Lee sets up for a five but Ohno scatters away and Lee puts on the brakes. Inside, Lee nails a back body drop. Ohno gets in a shot that stalls Lee. From there, he ads three pump boots. Ohno takes to wearing him down with a rest hold. Lee fights out but eats another strike. Ohno picks up some near falls and goes back to wearing Lee down. Lee again gets free and throws Ohno across the ring. Ohno gets him on the apron but has his face smashed into the turnbuckle. Lee gets two on a slingshot cross body. Lee catches a punch and clubs Ohno in the back. POUNCE from Lee. Ohno grabs the ropes to prevent the next bit of offense. Ohno shoves Lee into the referee and eats a right hand. As Lee check on the ref, Ohno low blows him. Rolling Elbow connects and that’s all.

Winner: Kassius Ohno in 8:13 [**1/2]

Not cleared to wrestle, Matt Riddle attempts to run out and attack Ohno, but is held back by officials. He breaks free and Ohno escapes before he gets to him.

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