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411’s WWE NXT Report 1.4.17

January 4, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

Tonight’s special two hour show is from a recent event in Melbourne, Australia.

The Revival vs. Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli

Dawson begins with Moss and they go ot the mat. Moss breaks two headlocks with head scissors and rolls Dawson up for two. He does the “I was this close” hand signal. Dawson works the wrist until Tino gets tagged and takes him over. He has a wristlock now but Dawson breaks free and tags out. He throws Tino into Dash’s boot. Dash wears him down in the corner before using a shoulder block and mocking Tino’s ab taunt. Tino leap frogs over and hits a cross body for two. Moss and Tino botch a double team move. Tino whiffs on a punch while Moss hits a knee. Their next double team move also gets timed wrong, which Corey Graves covers by saying they haven’t teamed for long so they have issues the Revival don’t. The Revival get back in control until Moss hits some clotheslines. He nails Dash with a fallaway slam but Dawson knees him in the back. Moss sends him in but charges into a high knee. Dawson comes off the top and gets caught in a fallaway slam. Team green go for stereo clotheslines but the Revival duck and escape to regroup. Moss brings Dawson in the hard way but he holds onto Dash. The referee gets Dash out, while Dawson uses a rake of the eyes behind his back. Classic. Dash delivers a shoulder block and they cut the ring in half on Moss. CLUBBERING in the corner. Rebound suplex by Dawson gets two. Dash misses a move in the corner but prevents Moss from tagging. When he ducks Moss’s enziguri, the crowd claps. Moss makes the tag to boos and Tino comes in mild. Tino press slams Dawson into Dash and then powerslams Dawson for two. Dash cuts off a double team move by tripped Tino after a tag to Moss. Dawson tries the singshot suplex again but Moss gets free. he rolls up Dawson and then does the same to Dash for two. Dash levels Dawson by mistake and Moss rolls him up for a near fall. Dash blind tags Dawson and the unsuspecting Moss falls to the Shatter Machine.

Winners: The Revival in 11:01 (*3/4)

Bobby Roode and Elias Samson vs. Buddy Murphy and Tye Dillinger

Buddy Murphy gets a big pop in his home continent Tye and Bobby get strong reactions too. Lots of “ten” chants. Roode and Murphy start. Roode takes him to the mat and spins on his back before slapping up Buddy and doing the GLORIOUS taunt. Murphy does it back to him, while Roode is offended that the water from Murphy’s hair gets in his eyes. Roode knocks him down and comes off the ropes. Murphy leaps over and rolls through a sunset flip into a dropkick for one. Tye tags in and nearly has a showdown with Roode, but Roode calmly tags out. “Drift away” chants towards Samson. Elias works the arm but Tye gets out and does the “ten” taunt. Tye tags Buddy while holding Samson’s arm and Buddy comes off the top with a double stomp on it. Murphy gets “Aussie ten” chants. They do the same spot again but with Tye using a double axe handle. Tye brings Roode in the hard way and delivers stomps in the corner. He sends Samson back and hits ten corner punches. A Roode distraction gives Samson the upper hand and now Bobby will come in for corner stomps. The fans chant “one” on each. Roode sends him in but charges into an elbow. Tye runs into a spinebuster. Samson and Roode wear down Tye for a bit. Roode goes for ten punches but stops to annoy the crowd. Roode get shut up by a superkick from Tye, who then tags Murphy. Samson gets the tag too and Murphy comes in hot. He delivers a small meteora for two. Murphy hits a sweet tope con hilo to take out Roode. Tye is the legal man and hits the Tye Breaker on Samson to win.

Winners: Buddy Murphy and Tye Dillinger in 11:19 (**1/4)

Billie Kay vs. Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan

Home country girl Billie gets a solid pop. Ember’s pop is bigger but there is a Billie chant. The faces don’t like Billie and back her into the ropes, where she scurries outside. Ember and Liv lock up and Liv hits a shoulder block. Ember kips up with a rana. Billie enters but Ember sees and she runs away. Liv dropkicks Ember and hit sa flying head scissors. Billie comes in but gets pulled into a pin. Liv does her spin cycle thing and covers for two. Liv hits each woman with a right and then uses a double bulldog. She leap frogs over Billie into a Thez Press on Ember and Billie breaks the pin. The crowd cheers when Billie dumps Liv outside. Moon rolls her up for two before Billie counters her into Eat Defeat for a near fall. She clubs Ember as she calls the fans “stupid idiots.” Billie stomps on Ember in the corner and chokes her with her boot. Liv tries to get in but is kicked out. Billie clotheslines Ember as the fans chant “Billie, will you be my girl?” like she’s Bayley. Liv rejoins and gets a near fall. She is kicked back out by Ember. Kay scores with a roaring elbow for two. Billie stays in control and Ember is tossed outside. Liv enters and takes a horrible backdrop bump outside and onto Ember. Billie gets both inside and picks up near falls on each. She picks them up and delivers chops. She runs off the ropes into a double chop. Liv and Ember go at it and Ember hits a springboard cross body for two. Ember rolls out of a big boot and fires off a series of kicks on Billie. She hits a butterfly suplex and handspring forearm. Ember goes up for the finish but Liv prevents it to a chorus of boos. Liv looks for a superplex but Ember blocks. Billie comes over fo rthe tower of doom spot. However, Ember holds on so Liv takes the powerbomb alone. Liv kicks out and a bewildered Billie turns around into the eclipse.

Winner: Ember Moon in 8:26 (**1/2)

NXT Tag Team Championship: #DIY (c) vs. TM61

TM61 get the title shot in their home continent. Ciampa kicks things off with Thorne. Ciampa gets a wristlock, but Thorn athletically gets free only to get tripped up. Ciampa tries a big kick but Thorn ducks and they trade lateral presses. Standoff. Miller and Gargano get tagged. Miller with the shoulder block, Gargano leap frogs over and gets rolled up for two. Miller goes to the wrist before Thorne is tagged back in. He takes over and delivers a series of European uppercuts. Miller tags back in and does a stalling vertical suplex in impressive fashion. Gargano finds an opening and hits his rolling kick. Miller slides in between the champions to avoid them tagging but gets stuck in the corner. Ciampa tags and Miller eats a knee/kick corner combo. Northern lights suplex gets two for Ciampa. TM61 take over and hit their moonsault/fist drop double team. With DIY regrouping outside, Miller takes them out with a suicide dive. Ciampa is tossed back in for a falcon arrow. HE DID THE DEAL! It only gets a near fall heading into commercial. Returning, Gargano delivers a dropkick to the back of Thorne’s head for two. Thorne continues to take a beating until Ciampa runs into a boot. Thorne hits a great dropkick and looks to make the tag. He makes it and Miller comes in with clotheslines. He stops Gargano with a knee strike and then a back suplex on Ciampa. Exploder to Gargano and running forearm to Ciampa gets two. Ciampa tags Gargano, who comes in with the slingshot spear for two. Gargano gets a boot up on Miller and elbows Thorne. He looks to tag but Ciampa is hurt outside. Gargano hits a tornado DDT on Miller while kicking an incoming Thorne for two. They get Miller in the corner and Ciampa tags in. They try their corner double team spot but Miller knocks Gargano off the apron and hits Ciampa with the exploder. He sets Ciampa up top and tries a superplex. Ciampa blocks and they exchange strikes. Thorne tags in just as Ciampa headbutts miller off. Miller launches Thorne up top. Thorne superplex Ciampa while Miller powerbombs his partner for their own tower of dooms. That only gets two. Thorne hits a superkick but gets leveled with a clothesline by Ciampa. Project Ciampa connects but Miller breaks the pin. Gargano and Miller trade forearms until Gargano hits a step up enziguri. Miller comes back with a forearm and then ducks Gargano’s rollup kick. Miller dead lifts him into a blue thunder bomb for a near fall. It was scary close. Gargano avoids Miller and tags Ciampa. They knock Thorne off the apron and hit their superkick/knee strike combo to retain.

Winners: #DIY in 14:49 (***1/2)

The fans chant for TM61, so DIY return to the ring and offer handshakes, which are accepted.

Next week we’re back in Orlando. Asuka will be on hand, while The Revival get their rematch against #DIY.

A video package airs to recap the Joe/Nakamura match in Osaka.

NXT Championship Steel Cage Match: Shinsuke Nakamura (c) vs. Samoa Joe

I was not a fan of the clipped version of this match. My least favorite of their encounters. They circle one another and do their typical thing where they carefully go for early strikes. Nakamura takes Joe down, but Joe gets up and they get to the ropes, still jockeying for position. Nakamura finally gives his cocky break, so Joe throws him into the cage. Nakamura avoids the steel and dances away. Snapmare and knee drop connect before it’s time for good vibrations. Joe gets Nakamura pinned against the cage and wails on him. We go to break. Returning, Joe delivers some vicious kicks and an elbow drop. Joe tries a powerbomb but Nakamura blocks and hits smoe forearms. Joe chops him and throws him into the walls of the cage before barrel rolling into his legs for two. He goes to a chinlock that Nakamura gets free of. Nakamura hits a single leg dropkick and both men are down. Nakamura kicks Joe around and hits a corner elbow. He sets Joe up on the top and nails the running knee to the gut. With Joe between the ropes and steel, Shinsuke hits another dropkick for two. Joe tries the atomic drop, boot, senton combo but misses the sneton. Joe hits a powerbomb and turns the kickout into an STF. Nakamura slips free but gets taken out by Joe for two again. Joe continues with shots in the corner but Nakamura kicks him away only for Joe to come back with a leaping kick that knocks him down. Joe hits some knees with Nakamur adraped across the middle rope and turns him inside out with a clothesline. After a break, Nakamura knocks Joe down and starts in with some vicious knee strikes.  Nakamura throw Joe into the cage and hit a German suplex. Joe avoids Kinshasa with a powerslam for two. They exchange strikes in the center of the ring. Joe ducks a kick and locks in the Coquina Clutch. Nakamura walks up the turnbuckles and flips over to break free. He nails a sliding knee strike and both men are down. Nakamura covers for tow. Shinsuke looks to climb out but Joe stops him with some right hands. He looks for the super Muscle Buster that beat Finn Balor in the cage back in June. Nakamura fights off and smashes Joe’s face into the steel. Joe falls to the mat and Nakamura comes off the top with a big Kinshasa. Nakamura tries to go out the door but turns to see Joe getting up. He closes the door, turns and connects on another Kinshasa. A third one as Joe went for a clothesline ends it.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura in 18:10 (**1/2)

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