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411’s WWE NXT Report 10.17.18

October 17, 2018 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Aleister Black NXT WWE 101718

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Undisputed Era [c] vs. War Raiders

Strong and Rowe begin. They struggle for position adn STrong gets to teh ropes. He hits a cheap kick and tags Kyle. The champs pound on Rowe in the corner, send him in, but he explodes out with a double clothesline. Tag to Hanson who runs over Kyle. Kyle kicks at his leg to get an advantage, then he and Strong wear him down with shots. Hanson runs through clotheslines and takes them out with one of his own. Tag to Rowe as the champs take a breather. Waistlock takedown on Kyle. Strong enters with chops but gets shoulder blocked. Kyle comes in and wants a leg lock but isn’t strong enough. Rowe deadlifts and slams him. Back drop on Strong as he holds Kyle in a gutwrench. Kyle slips out with a knee, on;y to eat tandem offense by the challengers. Roddy gets hit with something similar. Rowe levels both with forearms outside. He kicks away at Strong and clotheslines Kyle. Strong chop blocks Rowe and he’s finally down. Backbreaker from Strong gets two. They keep the focus on the leg and utilize quick tags to remain in control. Each time Rowe gets an opening, Kyle kicks at his leg. He sweeps him down and taunts Hanson. UE works tandem offense and Strong dropkicks Rowe on the mat for a near fall. He wails on him with shots. Tag to Kyle for a dragon screw and figure four style hold. The pressure remains on the leg regardless of which UE member is in. Rowe nearly gets free but Kyle cuts him off. He charges into the corner but is caught in an STO, opening the door for Rowe. Huge back body drop by Hanson when he gets the hot tag. Body press on Strong, right hand to Kyle, boot to Strong. He slams down on Kyle, cartwheels to avoid Strong and clotheslines him. Bronco Buster gets two. Tag back to Rowe and Kyle attacks only to eat a running knee. Rowe can’t pick up Hanson for a tandem move due to damage. Hanson slaps him to fire him up and Rowe drives him into Kyle. My feed misses a bit and Strong is alone with both challengers. Adam Cole shows up but Hanson sends him packing before a DQ can be called. Strong slips free of Fallout and knees Hanson outside. Kyle slips in with a cheap set of shots on Rowe. Olympic Slam by Strong gets two. Tag to Kyle but Rowe slips free of their grasp. Knee and headbutt for his opponents. Kyle rolls him into a heel hook. Strong leaps to stop Hanson from breaking it up, but is caught and slammed. Hanson gets the legal tag and eats some shots from Kyle. A kick drops him but War Raiders then hit a popup powerslam. Hanson takes out Roddy and Cole with a tope suicida. War Raiders nail Fallout but Bobby Fish makes his return and beats on War Raiders with a steel chair for the DQ.

Winners via disqualification: War Raiders in 12:46 [***1/4]

Fish continues to wail on War Raiders with the chair. Rowe is picked up for a Sick Kick/Sweep combo.

Nikki Cross is outside with papers and keeps saying “EST.” Then, she changes to say “I know.”

Britt Baker vs. Shayna Baszler

Shayna is aggressive from the start. She steps on Britt’s head and wrenches on the arm and wrist. She puts the arm on the mat and stomps on it. Not as vicious as when it happened to Ember or Dakota, but still good. Still, they called for a ref stoppage.

Winner: Shayna Baszler in 1:21

Britt is crying as the referee calls for more help. Shayna kicks her down when she gets up.

A Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vignette runs. They return next!

William Regal is asked about Nikki Cross’ claims that she knows who attacked Aleister Black. He needs answers soon and will speak with her after her match.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Tian Bing and Rocky

Rocky starts with Oney. They size each other up before grappling. Rocky has the size advantage and uses it. He tags out and Oney fights them off with chops but Bing puts him in a full nelson. Oney fights free and tags Burch, who comes in with a dropkick and headbutt. Tag back to Oney and they hoist up Bing for an elevated implant DDT that ends the match.

Winners: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan in 2:28

Regal has a championship announcement for TakeOver to make next week.

Bianca Belair vs. Nikki Cross

Nikki shakes in the corner and tackles Bianca to the ground. They turn it around on each other a few times before fighting to the outside, where they left off in their last match. Nikki is sent into the apron and Bianca gets thrown into the steel steps. Inside, Nikki hits a monkey flip and dropkick. Bianca sends her to the apron but eats a forearm. Nikki catches a kick and shoves Bianca down, but runs into a fall away slam for one. Bianca wears her down and then hits a huge dropkick. Axe handle in the corner. Belair showcases a front flip into a moonsault for two. Nikki fights back and gets two on a victory roll. Nikki ties her into the tree of woe and stomps away. Instead of covering when she has an opening, Nikki goes up top. She hits the cross body for two. Bianca kicks Nikki away and hits a brutal looking forearm. Both women are down. Bianca with a spear for two. She desperately goes for more pins. She dead lifts Nikki into a sitout powerbomb for two. Bianca is shocked. She shoves Nikki down and demands she stays there. A slap puts her down but Nikki smiles and keeps getting up. Bianca sets Nikki up top and brings her out with a military press. She squats while holding NIkki up. It costs her as Nikki gets free and hops on her back with a sleeper. Nikki slips out into an inverted DDT for two. Nikki comes off the top into a hair whip to the midsection. Bianca goes up nad Nikki stops her with some forearms. She hits a superplex and both women are down again. The lights go out and the music of Aleister Black plays. The lights come on and Biance is gone, but Black sits cross loegged in the ring with Nikki.

No Contest at 11:12ish

“Holy shit” chants. Nikki stares at Aleister and smirks. She rolls around back and forth as the fans chant that she has a secret. Black puts his hand up to stop her and signals for her to come over to him. She slowly does and he demands she tells him the secret. Nikki whispers something in his hear and Aleister is livid.

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