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411’s WWE NXT Report 10.18.17

October 18, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Sanity NXT 101817

A short video package previewing SAnitY/Undisputed Era opens things.

NXT Women’s Title Match Qualifier: Ember Moon vs. Ruby Riot vs. Sonya Deville

The winner joins Kairi Sane, Peyton Royce and whoever qualifies next at TakeOver. The crowd is mostly split between Ruby and Ember. Sonya stops a triple knuckle lock with a kick, leading to a series of near falls. Ruby snaps off a rana on Ember and is taken down by Sonya. Ruby counters a whip and hits a deep arm drag . Ruby gets two after a series of kicks ending with a dropkick. Ember returns and Ruby takes both over with a head scissors, but Ember lands on her feet. They go at it to a stand still. They knock Sonya back outside and go at it again. Ruby with a big forearm, but Ember catches her with a springboard cross body. Ember sends Ruby into Sonya and knocks them over for two near falls. Ruby rolls outside, while Sonya fires off kicks and knees on Ember. Following a commercial, Sonya hits some gutwrench suplexes. Ruby returns and eats one as well. Ruby comes back with Deadly Nightshade and then sends Ember into Sonya. Ember avoids a kick, which Sonya takes. Ember sends Ruby outside and covers Sonya for two. Sonya counters the springboard cross body with an awesome tackle, but Ruby breaks up the pin. Sonya and Ruby trade running forearms, before Sonya fires off shots to the body. Ruby ducks her next attempt, causing Sonya to fall outside. Ruby wanted a tope suicida, but Sonya stops her with a forearm. Ember gets sent into the apron. Sonya tries hopping off the apron, but is taken out with a midair kick from Ember. Ruby comes off the top with a plancha that takes both women out. She seems to have hurt her leg on the landing. Inside, Ruby uses the leg for a big kick and can’t capitalize because of it. Sonya stops her from reaching Ember and applies an ankle lock. Ruby reaches the topes but with no rope break, she pulls herself to the apron. Sonya pulls her back and locks it in again. Ember sneaks to the top and comes off with the Eclipse on Sonya! Ember covers Ruby to win.

Winner: Ember Moon in 7:50 [**3/4]

Earlier this week, the Undisputed Era caught up with Roderick Strong outside of the Performance Center. It seemed friendly, though it was security footage so there was no audio.

William Regal is interviewed about how we’ll determine the final participant in the Women’s Title match at TakeOver. The Iconic Duo interrupt. Billie tells Regal he looks great and expects Regal to put her in the qualifying match. Regal agrees, but says it’s a battle royal also including the other women who haven’t qualified. Billie’s eye roll and groan were perfect. Peyton asks Regal, “HOW COULD YOU?”

Aleister Black vs. Raul Mendoza

Right after the bell rings, Velveteen Dream appears and hops on the apron. He puts on Black’s jacket. Raul jumps Black and hits a chop. Black escapes a suplex but eats a running knee. Mendoza delivers a while corkscrew plancha as Dream watches. Inside, he uses a springboard swanton for two. Black catches a kick and starts in with his own. He sweeps Mendoza to the mat and starts another strike combo. Quebrada connects and Black Mask finishes this.

Winner: Aleister Black in 2:10

Black still refuses to acknowledge Velveteen Dream. Black finally looks at him as Dream leaves.

Time for a sitdown interview with Drew McIntyre. He’s asked about being NXT Champion and he says it’s weird to say out loud. He speaks about getting signed at 21 and things not turning out how he hoped. He lost his dream job and had to explain to his friends and family that it was over. Drew says he lost himself along the way. The fire was gone, but it returned and he worked his ass off to get back to the top. Zelenia Vega interrupts to take over the interview. She tells Drew he and Andrade Almas have a lot in common because they both fell hard and worked back towards the top. She tells him that there’s no threat bigger than Almas. She says he’s avoiding Almas. Drew knows what she’s doing. He’s had his hands full, but is up to fighting anyone, at any time. Drew tells Vega to talk to Regal if Almas wants a shot. She says the champ has the most pull with the GM, but Drew suggests Almas come with Vega next time if he wants a shot.

Kassius Ohno vs. Cezar Bononi

Bononi comes out with left hands to send Ohno reeling. Ohno retaliates with chops but runs into a dropkick for two. Ohno quickly escapes a chinlock and eats some knees. My feed skips around and for some reason, it won’t play that portion of the match. I come back to see Ohno miss a senton and run into a boot. Ohno sends Bononi to the apron and boots him off. He follows with the wrecking ball dropkick and sends Bononi back in. Another boot connects inside. Ohno hits the rolling elbow to the back of the head and wins.

Winner: Kassius Ohno in 3:00ish

In two weeks, Johnny Gargano faces Fabian Aichner. Next week, sixteen women compete for the final spot in the Women’s Title match.

SAnitY w/ Nikki Cross vs. The Undisputed Era

Fish starts with Wolfe and get shoved to the corner. He avoids shots and delivers some kicks. Wolfe catches one and delivers a big forearm. Uppercut from Wolfe. Fish pulls him into the corner before tagging to Kyle. Kyle walks right into a spinning body slam. Tag to EY. Kyle gets tripped by Wolfe, followed by an elbow from EY. Tag to Dain, who hits a corner avalanche. Tag to Wolfe, who skas and hits a running uppercut. Gutbuster by Wolfe into an elbow from EY for two. Fish distracts the referee, allowing Cole to distract EY. EY sends him off the apron, hits Fish, but then Kyle takes him down. Tag to Fish, who keeps EY grounded. EY eats a roundhouse kick that takes him outside heading into commercial. Returning, EY remains in trouble and gets beat on by Cole. Undisputed Era work quick tags to keep the pressure on EY. reDRagon hit a double suplex for two. Kyle boots Wolfe off the apron after sending EY to the corner. It gives EY the time to duck Kyle’s next offensive move. EY reaches for Dain but gets pulled away. Young kicks him away and gets cut off again, this time by Fish. He gets free again and tags Dain. Dain runs over all three opponents, including a cross body on Fish. He dropkicks Kyle and lands in a senton on Fish. Dain eats a back elbow, but takes out reDRagon with a fallaway slam/Samoan drop combo. He slams Fish down and hits a senton. Dain follows with a Vader Bomb but Cole kicks him in the head. SAnitY take out Kyle with a neckbreaker/back suplex combo. Cole watches from outside, looking distraught with no backup. SAnitY surround him and he gets pulled inside the hard way by Dain. They set him up for a triple team move when the music of the Authors of Pain hits. Wolfe goes after them and eats a big boot for the DQ.

Winners via DQ: SAnitY in 9:29 [**1/2]

AOP take out Young as well, leaving Dain alone to get a beat down. They hit the Last Chapter on Dain and throw EY into the steel steps. Cole, Fish and O’Reilly back up the ramp, away from the violence. Super Collider by AOP on Young and Wolfe. AOP pose with the Tag Titles to end the show.

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