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411’s WWE NXT Report 10.26.16

October 26, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round: #DIY vs. Hoho Lun and Tian Bing

Ciampa starts with Bing and Bing doesn’t go down on shoulder blocks. He sends Ciampa down and then knocks him down again with a kick. Tag to Lun, and they nail a double back elbow for two. Ciampa tags in Gargano but their double team fails as Lun stops it. Gargano does a school boy kick and Ciampa hits a necbreaker for two. Forearm by Gargano and Lun comes back with kicks. A dropkick takes Johnny down and tag to Bing. Bing hits a high knee in the corner, Lun hits his own, Bing nails a serupkick and Lun strikes with a middle rope dropkick for two. Bing works a chin lock. Gargano comes back with strikes and we get stereo tags. Ciampa enters hot. He chops the hell out of Lun and murders him with a spinning lariat. Lun fights out of a powerbomb position, but Gargano blind tags in. He takes out Lun with his slingshot spear. They win with the knee stirke/superkick combo.

Winners; #DIY in 4:13

A fun opening contest. Hoho Lun looked better here than in the CWC and Bing looked pretty good too. #DIY were great as always. With the win, they face the Revival in round two. **1/2

Kota Ibushi and TJ Perkins get interviewed about teaming up tonight. Perkins says he jumped at the chance to be Kota’s partner once Hideo Itami went down. He calls Kota the cool kid and that they bring the best out of each other. TJ makes a video game reference about Ibushi’s overall being something like a 95. Ibushi corrects him and says it’s 99.

“Hated” by Beartooth is one of the themes for TakeOver: Toronto.

Samoa Joe is interviewed in the back about changing his mind on attacking Shinsuke Nakamura last week. He says that he just wants to even the odds. He put Shinsuke on the shelf after Shinsuke dislocated his jaw. He knows that he got to Shinsuke. He calls Shinsuke scared because he knows that at any given time, Joe can put him on the shelf again.

Aliyah vs. Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce

Billie is aggressive and just clubs away at Aliyah. Aliyah hits a jawbreaker and has a wheelbarrow move countered. She gets up on top and slammed on her face for two. Billie talks smack as she slaps Aliyah, who fights back with right hands. She hits a snapemare and a low blockbuster. Aliyah charges into the corner with a running knee and slides to counter a whip. She hits a step up enziguri but Billie doesn’t go down. Billie knocks her down with a forearm. Liv Mrorgan shows up and gets her hands on Peyton Royce. Distracted, Billie gets rolled up by Aliyah.

Winner: Aliyah in 1:46

Ho hum stuff. It advanced the storyline though.

Liv goes after Billie in the ring. Peyton comes in to help, so Aliyah returns and evens the odds. It backfires though and Peyton lays out Aliyah with a big boot before driving Liv’s face into Billie’s knee with a facebuster.

Tye Dillinger vs. Noah Potjes

Tom Phillips says Potjes is known as a Performance Center creep. Noah works a wrist lock but Tye gets free, snapemares him, cartwheels and does the ten taunt. Tye steps on Noah’s hand but eats a right hand. Noah then claims that he’s a ten, so Tye chops him up. Tye hits the ten stomps in the corner and pulls the knee pads down. Tye Breaker connects and that’s all.

Winner: Tye Dillinger in 1:40

Basic squash for Tye. I’m so glad that he’s being featured more.

Atop the stage, Tye gets interviewed about his opportunity in Toronto. He says that the only glorious thing Bobby Roode has done lately is run. Roode runs out and attacks him. He delivers a bunch of punches before rolling up his sleeves and drilling Tye with the implant DDT.

“Devil’s Calling” by Parkway Drive is another theme for TakeOver: Toronto.

TM61 get interviewed about facing Austin Aries and Roderick Strong in the next round. They say they prepared the same way they do for every match. Aries and Strong were great together at one time but they’ve been a cohesive unit for a long time now. They’re the mighty and the might don’y kneel.

Non-Title Match: NXT Women’s Champion Asuka vs. Thea Trinidad

Thea worked as Rosita in TNA and is the current real life girlfriend of Austin Aries. Asuka starts in with the kicks to teh leg and rolls over a Thea drop down. Asuka taunts her and lays her out with the hip attack. More taunting from Asuka as she no sells Thea’s strikes. One finally has effect, so she fires up and knocks Thea down. Asuka blocks a kick and rolls her into an ankle lock. Thea nears the ropes so Asuka pulls her into a German suplex that she transitions into an armbar for the win.

Winner: Asuka in 1:41

Dominating performance as it should be.

William Regal comes out and congratulates Asuka on her win and dominance. Regal has found Asuka’s next opponent. He points to the tron and a video of Mickie James is shown. She says that it’s been a long time since she appeared in the WWE. Until Asuka beats her, she hasn’t beaten anyone. Mickie has beaten the women who laid the foundation for the women’s revolution and says it will be an international incident in Toronto. Asuka loved the announcement.

Paul Ellering is interviewed about the progress of his team. All he says is that he has a plan and they’re executing it. He addresses No Way Jose and Rich Swann, saying they have bright futures in NXT, but they won’t advance in the tournament at the expense of the Authors of Pain. The big dudes yell stuff in a different language.

Next week, Sanity faces the winners of tonight’s main event, while Jose and Swann face AOP.

Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic First Round: Kota Ibushi and WWE Cruiserweight Champion TJ Perkins vs. Lince Dorado and Mustafa Ali

TJ gets a pretty great pop but doesn’t have his belt with him. TJ starts with Dorado. Lince takes him over, leading to a fast paced exchange. Wrist lock by Lince that TJ athletically gets out of. Lince does the same and we get a stand off, complete with a quick hand shake. Ali and Kota enter. They work a test of strength and Ali does an impressive flip out of his grasp. He gets too cocky though and eats a dropkick. After a break, TJ and Ali are in. TJ locks int eh kneebar but Ali scrambles to the bottom rope. Ali tags out and they try a double team but TJ escapes outside. Ali kicks him and Lince leaps over Ali onto TJ outside. Cross body by Lince gets two. Tag back to Ali, who wears down the champion. Tj gets free with a dropkick but takes a neckbreaker for two. TJ nails a wheelbarrow bulldog and gets an opening. Hot tag to Ibushi, who lights up his opponents with kicks. He hits a running knee that takes Lince down. Lince gets free of the Golden Stat Powerbomb and slaps the hell out of Kota. Kota avoids a double team with a double team Pele kick. He charges into a superkick but then pwoerslams Lince. Tag to TJ, who hits a frog splash but Ali breaks it up. Ali gets sent outside and Kota hits the triangle moonsault. TJ avoids a Lince attack and dropkicks him in the back, followed by the wrecking ball dropkick. TJ runs and goes for kneebar but Lince blocks into a pin for two. TJ takes a rana but Kota breaks up the cover. Ali becomes legal and hits a dragon whip kick on Kota. TJ pulls him into the kneebar and Ali taps.

Winners: Kota Ibushi and TJ Perkins in 7:56

Pretty fun main event. Perkins and Ibushi worked pretty well together, though the finish felt rather lackluster. **3/4

After the match, TJ got Kota to dab.

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