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411’s WWE NXT Report 10.30.19

October 30, 2019 | Posted by Tony Acero
Keith Lee Matt Riddle WWE NXT 10-30-19

Two weeks in a row, and ya got the Big Bad Booty Tony covering the yellow brand! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

I dunno who Poppy is, but she’s here to start the show while we go over some NXT highlights. Admittedly, it’s a good fit that bleeds into an opening for Io to come down and be mad crazy. The Poppy chick rolls into the ring with her to sing about a scary mask.

LeRae is out to a much chipper tune.

Match 1: Candace LeRae vs Io Shirai

Io shoves, but Candace replies. They head to the outside then bck in the ring where Io dives through the ropes onto Candace with a plancha! Io sends Candace into the ring. She hits the roeps and dives to the outside with a tope of her own! Candace sends Io into the ring. Io goes for a shoulder, but Candace hits a kick then hangs Io up on the ropes by the neck. Candace with a step up senton. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Lerae out the corner with an elbow. Io escapes. Candace heads to the top rope, sits, but Io grabs her and drops her on the knees! Nice. Io grabs Candace and tosses her by the hair. She kicks Candace away then stomps in the corner. A boot to the chest, using the ropes, then some swinging knees into the chest of Candace. Io with a cover. 1..2..NO!! Chin lock from behind. Io hits the ropes and runs back with a dropkick to the seated Candace. Io kicks Candace away a bit, then eats a right, another, a third, and they exchange punches. Io lifts Candace, but Candace rolls her up for 1..2..NO!!! Jawbreaker by Candace who head scissors Io, only for Io to hop out on her feet. Stepup Enziguri sends her down, though. Candace on the apron. She locks the head of Io, looks for a suplex, but Io drops down, preventing the move. Io attcks the midsection and sits Candace on the bottom rope. Candace with a right. Io with a kick. Io locks up from behind, going for a possible German. Elbow from Cance breaks the hold. Another elbow sends Io back into the ring. Candace to the top rope. Io with a right hand! Io walks up the corner, locks the head, grabs the tights, and goes for a suplex, but Candace stops it. She hits some right. Shove to Io sends her down to the mat. Candace to the top. Io shoves her off the corner, causing her to tumble down.

PIP and Candace gets 619’d to the back of the neck! Io sends Candace back in, springboard dropkick to Candace!!! Io covers for 1..2..NO!!! Candace gets checked on by the ref. Io stands above her. Io with a right hand, but Candace blocks and hits her own. Io is backed against the ropes. Candace sets up for a pwoerbomb, but Io lifts her up and sends her into the corner then drops her down with a modified sidewalk slam. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Candace in the corner. Io runs with knees, but Candace moves!!! Candace with a right hand. A cohp. Another right. A chop. A right is ducked and Io locks in a submission!!! She’s got on the Crossface!!! Cover for 1..2….NO!!! Candace with a side Russian Leg Sweep into a submission! She’s pulling the arm back, locking the neck with her leg. Io turns this into a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Candace hits the ropes, DOUBLE CROSSBODY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!! Candace with a back elbow. Again. Clothesline. Candace hits the corner. Dropkick to Io! Candace with a back elbow in the corner. She heads to the top rope. Tornado DDT. Cover! 1…2…NO!!! Candace backs Io into the corner. Top rope. Both girls are seated. Io drops Candace off the neckvreaker attempt. Io to the top. Back flip moonsault and Candace gets a knee up!!!! Candace with a right hand. Another. Straight to the face. Small Package from Candace. 1…2….NO!!!! Io goes for thesubmission. She’s got the head locked. She’s working on the arm. Candace won’t let it happen, so Io cinches the hold onto her neck. Candace gets to the ropes!

Io rolls to the outside. She grabs a chair from under the ring. Io rolls into the ring. Io looks to smack Candace with it, but the ref grabs it. Candace with a surprise roll up for 1..2….NO!!! Candace with the underhooks from behind! She sends Io face first into the mat. Io onto the chair.

Candace with a springboard moonsault, but Io moves!!!! CANDACE EATS THE CHAIR!!! Io covers for 1..2….3!!

Winner: Io Shirai
Good shit, and a good start to NXT.
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***3/4

After the match, Io kicks Candace in the face then mounts and gets in a few right hands.

Out comes Rhea! She kicks the chair out of Io’s hand and looks to smack the shit out of her with it, but Io rolls out of the ring.

Finn Balor is here after the break, and he’s here to explain hisself. He said he took his mouth off and he’s the hottest thing in the business. Finn says that as usual, everybody’s got their opinions. Fans, the office, boys in the back, etc. Twitter tough guys got their opinions. The problem around here is that there are too many fans in the locker room when they should be sitting out here with these people. Finn doesn’t watch this business, this business watches him. Which brings him to Johnny Gargano – “The Heart of NXT.”

Johnny, congrats, Finn heard he got out of the hospital. He wants to be clear, though, if Johnny wants his go again, Finn will be send him straight back. He won’t be Johnny Wrestling – he’ll be Johnny Watches Wrestling.

Match 2: Shane Thorne vs Bronson Reed

Thorne comes out the gate with a dropkick! Another one in the corner! He hits a running senton into the corner, and Thorne is up again! He runs right into a HUGE clothesine! Followed by a sick ass senton. Reed grabs the head. Chop to Reed. Chop back. They trade chops, but Bronson doesn’t seem bothered. Thorne, however, is dying a slow death. They go back and forth for about 6 hours. Reed finally gets the upperchop, but Thorne hits an uppercut. Reed blocks a right, hits a forearm, hits the ropes, gets kicked in the head, then Thorne hits a surprise SAITO SUPLEX! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Kick to the chest, to the back, to the chest again, back again. A running kick to the chest. He goes left then right over and over again. Thorne watches as Reed stands back on his feet. He blocks a kick and hits a right hand, then an attack t othe head. Reed hops OVER Thorne then german suplexes the dude!! Holy shit! Reed sets up for an Alabama Slammer, but instead, he just drops Thorne on his fucking neck!!! Holy shit! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Reed drops the straps. He heads to the top rope. Thorne with a running high kick to the head. Thorne with a right to the face. Thorne slaps Reed in the face. Another slap.

Thorne stands on the top rope, hops up for a head scissors, but Reed shoves him off! Splash off the top rope! 1..2…3!!!!

Winner: Bronson Reed
Match Quality: ****
Personal Enjoyment: *****
Total Rating: ****1/2

Backstge, Dakota and Tegan are standing by. They are nervous ,but this is good. They’ve both worked hard to come back from injury, and they’re bringing the fight. They’ve talked about the titles for so long, and they can’t think of a better way to win them than with her best friend.

Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox vs The Kabuki Warriors

Nox and Asuka to start. Lockup and Asuka gets the side headlock. Nox sends her ot the ropes, Nox hops over, lay down for the monkey flip, but Asuka stomps her stomach hard. Tag to Sane, who hits a hard chop to the chest. Another one sends Nox reeling. Sane asks for one of her own,a nd Nox slaps the shit out of her chest. This is hot. Sane toe stomps then headbutts Nox. Kairi whips, reversed, Nox hits. Dropkick,Asuka is in, and Kai sends her to the outside. Kai and Nox fly out of the ring but Asuka and Sane take advantage, sending Nox into the steps hard.

We come back from break, and Kai is tagged in. Double team with an elbow, an uppercut, a trip, then a whipped cannonball in the corner. Kai with a cover for 1..2.NO!!! Sane in to stop it, but Asuka kicked out before hand. Arm drag. Another. Kai with a snapmare, she hits the reops, Kick to the chest of Asuka and a cover for 1..2..NO!! Kai heads to the apron, blocks a right, kicks, but Asuka grabs the leg. DRAAGON SCREW!!! Asuka hits the ropes, booty bump sends Kai down to the mat on the outside. Asuka with a boot to the back of the head on the mat. She kicks the arm a few times. Kai gets to the ropes, but Asuk grabs the leg and pulls her into the center of the ring. Asuka locks up the leg. Kai kicks Asuka away. Asuka won’t release the hold. Kai with some kcisk voer and over, but Asuka cinches the hold. Kai reaches for the rope, then decides to go for the tag instead. She reaches, is up on one foot. Reaches. Asuka won’t let go. Kai with a siwnging kick, but Asuka ducks under it and kicks Kai in the back of the head. Asuka locks the leg up around the rope in the corner. Sane with uppercuts in the corner after the tag. Sane rushes the corner, slides with a clothesline, pin to Kai for 1..2..NO!!! Kairi grabs the leg and wraps it around her shoulders. She’s got the muffler on. Sane turns into the hold, lcoks the legs up in a figure four, pulling back on them hard. Asuka in from the tag. She locks a leg up from behind and pulls the chin back from behind as well. Asuka stands, pulling back on the chin. Kai with the rollup! 1..2…NO!!! Asuka with a kick to the back. Asuka grabs the legs. She kicks the back of the thigh. Asuka drafs Kai into the heel corner. Tag form Sane. Kai smacks the leg, trying to wake it up a bit. Right to the stomach. Another to Sane. A third to the face. Another. Another, Sane is no sellin it. They go back and forth. Chops to the chest, but Kai gets the worst of it, as she drops down to the mat. Sane is shoved away by Kai, but Sane comes back ,relentless. Snapmare into a leg scissors of the head. Kai rolls this into ap in for 1..2..NO!!! Sane with a cocky move onto the knee, then a tag to Asuka! Right from Asuk. Some kicks to the back of the leg. Asuka with a. snapmare and a kick to the back. Another kick to the back. Cover for 1..2..NO!! Asuka gets Kai locked up against the ropes. She hits a crossface. Kicks to the side of the face from Asuka. Asuka sits on the thighs of Kai, grbs her foot, and pulls it back hard.

Back from a break, and Asuka has the upperhand with Kai. She’s got both legs olocked and goes for a bostom crab. Kai releases one leg, so Asuka tags in Sane, who locks up from behind. Asuka runs and hits the meteora. Neckbreaker from Sane, Asuka drops her again! Pin for 1..2..NO!!! Kai fights out of the corner .Right to Sane, elbow to Asuka. Again. Sane runs, but Kai grabs the ropes. Sane is on the outside!! Kai reaches for the tag, Sane rolls into the ring, ni front of her. Kai falls forward and swings up a kick to Sane!!! TAG TO NOX! Clothesline to ASuka. Again. She chokeslams the shit out of Sane! Back elbow in the corner to Asuka, to Sane, to Asuka, whip to Sane, reversed, but she hits an elbow to Asuka, then whips Sane into Asuka. High kick. Crossbody off the top onto Asuka for 1..2….NO!!!! Nox runs, goes for The Shiniest Wizard, but Asuka side steps! KNEE BAR!! Tegan stands! She turns. WRISTLOCK ARM BREAKER!!! Sane is in to kick Nox! Kick from Kai to ASuka! German to Kai! Kick from Nox to Asuka! All women down!

Kai is on the apron. She gets a tag. Asuka still elgal. Kai with some rights to Asuka, then a swinging knee to Asuk! Kai hits the corner then runs around the ring, culminating with a huge kick to the face. Kai grabs Asuka and gets her in a firemans. Ref is distracted. GREEN MIST!!! HIGH KICK FROM ASUKA!!!! Tag from Sane.

Asuka sends Nox off the apron. ELBOW DROP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Took a little too long on the first half, but everything after the break was solid.
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***1/2

After The Kabuki Warriors leave, the music of Shayna hits, and she comes out with her lil MMA buddies. They head down the ramp as Kai continues to try and clean her face. Shayna enters the ring as the other two stand ringside. Nox goes on the attack, but it’s not long before the numbers catch up and Nox is attacked in the corner. Nox fights out with chops and kicks. Shayna with a step-up Enziguri in the corner! Shr grabs Nox by the hand, twisting the fingers, setting it up on the mat. The girls hold her down as Shayna looks to break the wrist, but here comes RHEA RIPLEY!!!

She’s not really in a hurry, so the girls go on the attack of Nox. Shayna is ready for the fight, though! She stands alone, waiting.

IO IS HERTE!!! She attacks Rhea from behind! They fight donw the ramp. OUT COMES BIANCA!!!! BIANCA AND IO ATTACK RHEA. CANDACE IS HERE! SHE GOES STRAIGHT for Io. Bianca attacks Candace. Rhea kicks her down. All girls are down except Rhea and Shayna. Rhea gets on the apron, she enters the ring. They stand face to face. Rhea shoots the legs! She attacks with rights over and over until Io and Bianca come in. All the rest enter, and we get a huge melee from everyone!!! Refs fly out to hold the girls back as well as some roster members.

REGAL is here to separate the girls with only his voice. The heels are divided outside. Regal yells that this is enough.

WAR GAMES chant!

Regal has a very simple solution.


Rhea kicks a security guard for good measure.

Match 3: Tyler Bates vs Cameron Grimes

Lockup to start, and Bates works the arm from behind. Cameron tries to scape, Bates goes up and over, lands on his feet, shoots the leg, but Grimes spins out of it and backs up. Another lockup and Grimes works the arm this time. He pulls the hair, dropping Bates down to the mat, working the arm from behind. Bates spins out of the hold, Grimes twists it again, Bates rolls forward, bounces off the ropes, bocks the hold, grabs th arm and reverses! He sits on top of the arm, dropping Cameron to the mat and gets the arm bar in. Short lived as Cameron turns into it. Bates ducks a right and arm drags Cameron out of the corner. Grimes kips up out of the hold and gets a hand full of face. Arm drag out of the corner again nd Bates holds the arm. He bends it back behind the head of Grimes. Cameron tries to escape, and gets arm dragged for his troubles. He goes for a head scissors and lcoks up Bates but Bates kips up out of it, front flips, ducks under a run, leap frogs, ducks under ,dropkick to Grimes!!!

Bates with the firemans and we get an airplane spin!!! He drops Grimes, dropkicks him to the outside, then Bates hits the ropes! GRIMES IS BACK IN!! He catches Bates and goes for a Deep Six move! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!

Back from the break and Bates back elbows of fthe corner but Grimes vatches him, sends him into th corner, Bates hops off, drops to his knees, Grimes back flips, catches Bates, and hits a German!!! Pin for 1..2….NO!!! Grimes works the arm of Bates, but Bates backs him into the corner. He tries to run away, but Grimes grabs the mouth and drops Bates. Bates kicks from the floor, right in the face. Bates in the corner. Knee lfit. Diving uppercut from the top rope. Shoulder. Right hand. Another. A third sends Grimes reeling. Whip to Grimes, hard into the buckle, and another uppercut from Bates. Exploder from the corner! Bates with a kip up. He runs and hits a standing shooting star press!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Bates hits the roes, ducks under, grabs the hips, reversed, sits Bates on the shoylders, looks for an Electric Chair, but Bates shoots forward and gets a Destroyer!!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Bates grabs the head, gets an underhook, but Grimes sends him up and over, Bates lands on his feet, Bates holds his hand up high and gets punched hard for it! Bates with a hard right of his own! Bates bounces off the ropes, and we get a double crossbody but Grimes spins midair and pins for 1…2..NO!!! Grimes with a lokup from behind. Rollup and a 1..2..NO!!! Bounce off the ropes. Clothesline! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Grimes is sent outside. Bates hits the ropes and front flip kicks Grimes, then hits the ropes again and we get a Tope to the outside! He sends Grimes back in.

Killian is on the outside! Bates sees. He rolls in. Grimes hits the ropes. HIGH DROPKICK INTO A STOMP TO THE CHEST!!! Pin for 1…2…3!!!

Winner: Cameron Grimes
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: *****
Total Rating: ****1/4

Afterwards, Dane runs into the ring and hits a senton! Bates rolls to the outside. Rolling senton into the steps!!!

Killian tells Bates to send this message to Dunne.

Match 4: Kieth Lee and Matt Riddle vs The Undisputed Era

Match starts hot with Riddle getting kicked out off the apron. Kyle and attack Kieth and double team, but lee sends them both into each other. Lee hops over both, under both, then cross bodies both men down!!!Lee and Fish are the legal men. Whip to the ropes. Kyle holds Fish to prevent the run, then they both hold the ropes for Lee to fly over, but Lee stops his running, pulls Fish in, punches Kyle out, and turns to see Fish run to the outside. But Riddle is there to kick Kyle in the chest and send Fish back into the ring, to get hit by a shoulder tackle. Tag to Riddle. Chop to Fish. Riddle then holds Fish up and Lee is there with the double chop. Kyle runs in, and he is next! Lee with two hard chops! SPEAR FROM RIDLE!!! Jackhammer! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!

JUST NOW realized they did a PIP for this match, so sorry bout that.

Riddle is in with the kicks to Kyle. He hits a flurry only for Kyle to kick low and tag Fish in. Riddle with the rights. Fish fires back with some kicks to the legs. Chop from Riddle. High kick, Fish ducks under, kick, ,right, Riddle with a gutwrench! He holds onto the gutwrench and hits another, tossing Fish away. Kyle shoots the legs. Riddle drops his weight on the back of him!!! Fish with a running knee to Riddle! He sends Riddle into the corner. Kyle is in. Kick and a knee to Riddle. Uppercuts over and over and a running kick from Kyle. Fish lifts Riddle. Right hand to the face. He works the mid section, kick to the leg, chop from Riddle, but Fish hits some rights. Another. Again. Tag to Kyle. Kyle locks the head, and we get a double suplex to Riddle. Cover from Kyle who gets a 1….2..N!O!! He drops n elbow then drives a knee into the side. Drops another elbow, drives another knee, hits the corner, runs with another knee. Kyle grabs the leg, tags in Fish. Fish flips over with a senton and a pin for 1..2..NO!!! High knees and Fish continues the punishment with a back suplex. Cover for 1.2…NO!!! Lockup from behind with a leg scissors and cravat. Riddle turns into the hold and stands up, as Fish releases the leg lock. He drops to his feet and hits a knee to the back. Riddle reverses. SLEEPER!!! Fish backs him into the corner. Tag to Kyle. Fish rushes the corner, gets sent over, Kyle runs, high kick but he hits FISH!!!!! Kyle grabs the leg of Riddle. Leg lock! Riddle with a bunch of kicks! He goes for a slap, but Kyle has the foot. Kick from Riddle. Riddle goes to tag, but Fish is there to kick his feet out under him and Riddle misses the tag!!! Forearm from Kyle! Running kick!!! Fish in. Kyle in. Bro kicks to both! Dobule knees!!! He hits the ropes. Ridle pops up, Double kicks! Brain buster from Kyle! Pin from Fish! 1..2…NO!!! Lee breaks it up. Tag to Kyle who runs in with a headlock. Riddle is able to stand, holding Kyle as he cinches the hold. Fish attacks Lee. Lee is pised. Riddle lands on his feet after a german, ducks under two clotheslni. Tag to Lee. Lee with a clothesline. Another. Elbwo to Fish. Splash in the corner. Splash to Fish. He hits the ropes. Blocks two kicks. HUGE CLOTHESLINES!!! Lee grabs both men, Goes for a Northern Lights, but releases at the top! Lee locks Kyle under his crotch. He pop ups Fish, but Kyle sweeps the legs!!! Fish lands on the face of Lee. Tag to Fish, but Lee pop up slams him down hard!!!

Lee to the top rope! Kyle joins ihm up top. Lee shoves him down. Lee with a moonsault! FISH LEAVES!!! Tag to Kyle! Kyle drops an axe kick. Forearm. Samoan Drop to Lee!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Kyle wants the submission, but Lee won’t let go. Lee turns into the hold and lifts up Kyle. Lee lifts Kyle with one arm and mad dogs Kyle. Lee lifts, and pwoerbombs Kyle down hard!!! Tag to Riddle! Tag to Fish! Kick to the chest! High pinch to the face. He sweeps under Kyle, another kick. Right hand to the corner. Exploder out of the corner. Another! Running senton!! Another!! Kick to the chest of Fish! He locks up from behind. GERMAN!!!

The rest of Undisputed is here! Riddle kicks them both off! Kyle sends Riddle over the apron. Swinging kick to Cole. Kyle gets sent over. All four of Undisputed here. Riddle with an Asai Moonsault onto UNDISPUTED! He sends Fish in the ring. He ducks under, locks up, ripcord knee to the head!! LEE runs and pounces Cole into Strogn!!!

Riddle goes for a powerbomb, but in comes Kyle. They go high low!!! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Undispute Era
Man….straight fire
Match Quality: ***1/2
Personal Enjoyment: ****
Total Rating: ***1/4

After the match, The Undisputed Era attacks Riddle and Lee. They go at t until the music of Ciampa hits ,and out comes the swinging crutch!! He attacks everyone save Cole. He stares Cole down. In comes Kyle, Ciampa tosses the crutch to Kyle, distracting him, then stomps the man away over and over. Riddle is up. Lee is slow to stand. Ciampa sends Kyle right into The Final Flash. Lee is behind Kyle. He lifts Kyle up and presses Kyle over the top rope onto The Undisputed.

Ciampa heads over to Goldy and tells Goldy they will have to wait because daddy is going to war.

End Show

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