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411’s WWE NXT Report 10.31.12

November 12, 2012 | Posted by Marc Elusive

From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

Commentators: Tony Luftman & William Regal

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: CM Punk… World Champion: Big Show… Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston… United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro… Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No… NXT Champion: Seth Rollins… Diva’s Champion: Eve Torres

I’m watching this in reverse order due to the Hurricane; I had no power when this aired but due to the power of the Intertubes, I can catch up on it.

The Usos vs. Michael McGillicutty & Johnny Curtis:   Curtis acts like a combo of Val Venus and Alex Wright dancing all of the way to the ring, much to the chagrin of McGillicutty. Perfect, Jr. and Jey Uso start off. He tries to ram Uso’s head into the buckle. WHY would you do that? And he eats a head-butt. Jey tries to whip him into the corner but it’s reversed; Jey floats over, however, and does a little dance. McGillicutty charges right into a chop and then tags in Curtis, who does a few more gyrations; Jey ignores it and grabs an armlock, tags in his brother, and they hit a tandem reverse elbow. The Usos quick tag and work over Curtis’ arm. Jey looks for an O’Connor Roll but McGillicutty wisely tags unbeknownst to Jey, and nails him as he is trying to cradle Curtis. He pounds away on Jey and hits a beautiful standing dropkick. Curtis tags and McGillicutty whips Jey into a Manhattan drop and then they hit double clotheslines to the back of the head; Curtis gets a two count. He works the Uso Brother over in the ropes and brings McGillicutty back in for some mudhole stomping. He launches Jey across the ring with a hammer-toss and MISSES a splash in the corner, taking a bump that would have made his father proud. Tony Luftman calls it the “perfect miss,” how apropos. Jimmy tags and hits everyone moving; McGillicutty gets a shoulderblock, savate kick and a full nelson bomb. The Samoan Avalanche follows and he takes out Curtis with a superkick; McGillicutty tries to backjump him but gets caught with the press-Samoan drop. Jey tags in and they hit the Headshrinker Splash for three. Post-match, The Ascension’s music hits and they appear in the rafter area and stare down the Usos. 4.5/10 Pretty much a squash match for the Usos as they are probably one of the premiere teams on the show and have a big rivalry with the Ascension. The feud between them continues and looks to becoming a longstanding battle between the two teams.

Here are your winners… The Usos @ about 6:50 via Headshrinker Splash pinfall.

Xavier Woods vs. Leo Kruger:   It’s Consequences Creed from TNA! Kruger now has more unique entrance where we zoom into his psycho smile on the video wall. Woods tries a headlock and rolls around with in and then WRENCHES back. Kruger frees himself with a backbreaker. He rips his hair out and sledges Woods over and over; he rips at his face and hits a snap suplex, for a one count. Leo with a bearhug until Xavier punches a little but Kruger maintains his hold; he snaps it into a belly-to-belly suplex and then reapplies the bearhug. Woods frees himself with a jawjacker and punches his way back. He sells the back as he hits a European uppercut and running forearm. He tosses Kruger into the corner and hits a rolling handspring clothesline. Woods to the top but Kruger swats his missile dropkick attempt away and hits Kruger’s End for the pinfall. 5/10 Squash, but an entertaining one, as I like Kruger; I’ve always had a soft spot for psycho heels, Sid comes to mind. I like the way that Kruger waits for his opponent to make one mistake on the comeback and nails the finisher to get the quick three. Much like his character the deranged poacher, they wait for the one opportunity to strike and go for the kill.

Here is your winner… Leo Kruger @ about 5:40 via Kruger’s End pinfall.

Byron Saxton is at the NXT interview post at the top of the stage (very WWF Wrestling Challenge, “Mean” Gene Okerlund esque); he is with Big E Langston. Byron discusses the five count. Langston loves the number FIVE, it’s a glorious number; he has five fingers on each hand and foot. He moves onto the high five and the low five and Vickie Guerrero interrupts, which is a good thing as Langston’s promo skills were a little exposed there. She calls herself a WWE Superstar, manager and a cougar. She wants to recruit some wrestlers for her stable in the WWE. She approaches Langston and offers her a position in the Guerrero Stable. Big E has EXACTLY what she is looking for… as he claps the weightlifters chalk into her face, enraging her. She screeches “excuse me!” at him which is kinda funny, actually. She storms off as Langston celebrates with the fans showing the five count. 3/10 This was just to establish Langston as a babyface since he was initially pushed as a heel but the fans took to his act quickly. The five count gimmick is cool and they are basing his entire persona around it, as he is obsessed with the number five. His promos will need some work, but that’s why he’s on NXT, to improve that; although his character doesn’t need to speak much anyway.

Jinder Mahal makes his return to NXT in his Indian aristocrat character, not his 3MB character. He cuts a promo in Punjabi and then calls himself the “modern day maharaja” and that he is missing his crown jewel, the NXT title. He calls being a champion his birthright and his right to have a rematch. He demands GM Dusty Rhodes preset him his rematch so he can reign as champion. He doesn’t get the GM but Justin Gabriel instead. He tells Mahal to get to the back of the line. Gabriel feels he should have a title shot. Jinder retorts with, “weren’t you eliminated in the first round?” Gabriel polls the crowd as they cheer for him, obviously. Drew McIntyre, also sands 3MB, comes out next; he also feels he deserves the title shot. He makes a good point and says he’s the only one who has defeated Seth Rollins. Bo Dallas comes out next and feels that someone new deserves a shot at the NXT title. They all get into an argument until the Dream comes out and books a Fatal Fourway for the number one contender’s spot next week on NXT. 4/10 Good point to the promo; everyone wants the title shot and Dusty makes everyone earn it. The main event scene in NXT is wide open as everyone fights for one title.

CJ Parker vs. Roman Reigns:   Apparently, the WWE is really high on this guy. He’s a pretty big guy who has an “it” factor, we shall see. They lock up and Reigns tosses him back; Parker with a headlock and Reigns frees himself and steamrolls him with a shoulderblock. Parker tries a high crossbody but is caught; he escapes but gets punched in the guts. He hits a running clothesline and pounds him with forearms. Roman drops him with a single-arm DDT and continues to work over the arm with elbows to it. He applies a keylock. Parker elbows free and tries a kick but Reigns ducks and continues to pound away on the left arm. Parker tries to fight back but he keeps getting clubbered down. The commentators continue to sell the fact that Reigns is the next major superstar in the WWE. They are REALLY overhyping him. He’s not awful in the ring, just really green, thus far. Roman tries a slam but Parker shifts his weight and gets a nearfall. Reigns charges the corner a few times but meets a pair of Parker’s boots. CJ hits a running double knee in the opposite corner. He heads to the second rope but Reigns avoids it and hits a clothesline. He drops Parker with a belly-to-back uranage slam for the pinfall. 4/10 Squash. Well the next generation of Anoa’is has entered the WWE (along with The Usos, of course). He’s just starting off so I won’t get too into his offense being really basic, he’s going to have to grow and we’ll see where he is in the next year. The commentators going WAY over the top with his hype basically calling him the next Steve Austin or John Cena without actually saying it; the only thing the WWE must not do is rush him up to the main roster too soon, let him develop slowly.

Here is your winner… Roman Reigns @ about 4:20 via belly-to-back uranage slam.

United States Championship Antonio Cesaro vs. Tyson Kidd:   Jim Ross joins for the main event. They lock up at the bell and Kidd reverses an armbar into a chancery; Cesaro turns it into a chinlock, Kidd reverses into a cravat, and almost gets a headlock but Cesaro retreats to the ropes; he cheats, using the ropes for leverage, and gets a front facelock. WRESTLING! Kidd comes back and they go into a test of strength (Greco-Roman knuckle lock); Cesaro powers Kidd down into a bridge. He tries to drop knees onto him but Kidd MAINTAINS the bridge. Impressive. Cesaro eventually gets him down and tries to drop the knees again, from the knuckle lock, but Kidd avoids and wheelbarrows into a victory roll. He manages to snag the Dungeon Lock but Cesaro makes the ropes to break. Great sequence. Back in the ring, Cesaro uses some roughhouse techniques to kick Kidd down; he makes the mistake of speeding the match up and Kidd avoids a charge in the corner and almost gets the title off an inside cradle. Kidd with a jackknife cradle and backslide, both for two. Kidd tries an O’Connor Roll and they trade nearfalls off that too. Kidd with a schoolboy for another nearfall; a Kidd dropkick also nets two. Kidd then armdrags into an armbar as we head to break; we return with Cesaro in control applying a side-standing bearhug. Tyson strikes back; Cesaro hits a low head-butt and tries the Neutralizer but Kidd reverses and hits a low dropkick. Both men down and Tyson recovers first and begins the kicks; Cesaro sidesteps him and pitches him onto the apron. Kidd comes back in with that slingshot body scissors cradle of his (for two). Tyson hits the ring rope dropsault and pendulum enziguri off the apron. Now Tyson slingshot flips into a hurracanrana cradle for the five hundredth nearfall of this match. My hands are getting tired. The slingshot guillotine legdrop puts Antonio onto the floor where Kidd runs the apron with a running kick. Back in the ring, the springboard elbow drop nets two more. Both men down. Kidd has controlled 90% of this match, surprisingly. Kidd looks for the coup de grâce, the Sharpshooter, but Cesaro fights him off and nails the Very European Uppercut. Death. The Gotch-Style Neutralizer gets three for Cesaro in a hard fought victory. 7.5/10 Great main event this week as Tyson Kidd let as much hang out as he could. Unexpectedly, he controlled about 98.9% of the O in the match, which is weird considering Cesaro has been dominating his opponents. Interestingly, he essentially hit two moves to get the pinfall. The beginning of the match was something to see with all of the counters of wrestling holds, reversals and switches; fun match, a must see I believe.

Here is your winner… Antonio Cesaro @ about 12:45 (broadcast) via Gotch-Style Neutralizer.

OVERALL 6/10 The match quality was not as good as other NXT shows but the main event sure made up for it as it was highly entertaining. We get a title match, albeit US title match, but a WWE level title match nonetheless. Good show with good matches and good promos; the debut of Roman Reigns, who the WWE is really high on. Dusty makes a number one contender’s match for next week, Cesaro and Kidd had a good one, the Usos get a victory and Leo Kruger, at last check, is still psycho.

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