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411’s WWE NXT Report 11.15.12

November 15, 2012 | Posted by Marc Elusive

From Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

Commentators: Tony Luftman, Jim Ross & Tom Hanovan

Championship’s roll call: WWE Champion: CM Punk… World Champion: Big Show… Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston… United States Champion: Antonio Cesaro… Tag Team Champions: Team Hell No… NXT Champion: Seth Rollins… Diva’s Champion: Eve Torres

Tony Luftman talks to Jinder Mahal about bring number one contender; Mahal calls himself the maharaja and says that he embarrassed a “nobody” to capture the number one contender position. Speaking of the “nobody,” here’s Bo Dallas for the retort. Dallas says he beat him last week, but he’s not getting any respect, and asks for a rematch, this week. Jinder accepts. Dallas asks him to put the number one contender’s spot on the line; Mahal questions: why should I? Dallas calls him a coward and goads him into accepting.

Yoshi Tatsu & Percy Watson vs. The Ascension:   I like the Tatsu/Watson team as they could work out; too bad they’re jobbing here. They’ve omitted the “Showtime” from Watson’s character (and entrance title) presumably because it’s too close to “Primetime.” Watson starts off with Kenneth Cameron and he eats a dropkick. Percy applies a side headlock but Cameron pushes him into the corner where O’Brian tags in and Ascension hits a drop-toe hold/legdrop to the back of the head combo. The “Ascension Stomping” follows: repeated stomping in the corner with quick tags and growling. O’Brian works the arm pulling on it as Cameron watches from the top turnbuckles. Conor hiplocks him and works a growing side headlock. Watson (eventually) breaks the hold with a back suplex. O’Brian misses a charge and Tatsu gets the hot tag. He hits a dropkick and Japanese armdrag to Cameron; an immediate tag to O’Brian, which seems WAY too soon, follows. Yoshi backdrops Cameron but Conor nails him from behind. They swarm Tatsu as Percy tries to make the save but gets quickly dispatched, over the top, to the floor. O’Brian tags in Cameron and flapjacks Tatsu. More growling follows. They hit the Fall of Man (Total Elimination) and get the three on Tatsu. 4/10 Total destruction for Ascension as Tatsu and Percy got ZERO offense. Ascension is really entertaining, have a great entrance, cool music, unique look and ring presence. They will be in the WWE by 2013 and perhaps dominating the tag division by then; gothic characters have a history of getting over, these two should be no exception.

Here are your winners… The Ascension @ about 6:40 via Fall of Man pinfall.

In the back Aksana makes fun of Layla’s hair, who is preparing, for their match. Layla calls her Euro-trash and even dusts off the “real talk” line.

Corey Graves vs. Oliver Gray:   Not sure if Graves is a heel or babyface; he’s changed his ring attire to jeans. His gimmick is modeled after his real life job of piercer. He used to be known as Sterling James Keenan but I’ve never seen him wrestle in the Indies. They lock up and trade arm locks. Gray does some fancy footwork to reverse the armlock and segues into a hammerlock. Graves backs him into the corner and puts the point of his elbow right into Gray’s face. Graves kicks the snot out of him in the corner and knees his crotch; he works over the leg and drops elbows onto it. He applies a leglock with a grapevine. He sits on his leg and tries a few rope-assisted stomps; Gray switches one into a schoolboy but that just serves to piss Graves off. He hammers Gray down and chokes him in the ropes. I just noticed the pink ring rope here and I guess this was taped back in October. He slams his knee down into the mat and follows with choking. Graves dusts off the old Indian Deathlock and falls back with it. Gray escapes and tries the comeback but the knee gives out. Graves with the Fuller Leglock and gets the tapout. 3.5/10 Squash for Graves as he is moving on from teaming with Jake Carter. Kind of boring O from Graves but at least the legwork leads to the conclusion with the leglock for the submission.

Here is your winner… Corey Graves @ about 5:05 via Fuller Leglock submission.

Tony Luftman is with Big E Langston for some interview time. Langston screams “five” as he is headed to the “Mean” Gene post for the interview. Luftman asks about the bounty that Vickie Guerrero put on him. Langston is worried… for anyone dumb enough to try to collect. He says the “E” stands for the end of anyone who crosses his path. He manages to get five into it and begins the chants but gets blindsided by Camacho. He hits and runs, presuming setting up a match in the future.

Layla vs. Aksana:   They lock up and Layla gets the quick pinfall attempt off a schoolgirl. Aksana pushes her down on her face and mashes it into the mat a few times. Layla cowers in the ropes and takes over with a kick; she stops to seductively crawl along the apron and pays for it via baseball slide. Layla gets that running rollup of hers but only gets a one. A few more nearfalls follow. She tries the bouncy crossbody but Aksana pulls her off and pounds away; she drops a bunch of elbows. Aksana is like the diva version of David Otunga just much hotter. She applies a leg triangle and holds it for a while. She then gets wishbone stomping in and goes for a few covers. Layla tries a flurry of offense but meets a clothesline. She maintains advantage with kicks and seduction. Layla eventually begins a clothesline comeback and finally hits the bouncy crossbody, for two. Aksana counters a backdrop but falls to the Bombshell shortly after. 1.5/10 Crummy divas match as Aksana does not offer much in the ring other than a hot body. I personally think she should go back to the blonde hair, I think she was hotter that way. That’s my “expert analysis” of this match.

Here is your winner… Layla @ about 4:55 via Bombshell pinfall.

Onto something infinitely more entertaining, Bray Wyatt rambles on to Luke Harper in a field that he does not like. He wants to play a game and rants on about how he wins wars without lifting a finger. If you want to find him, follow the buzzards.

Chase Donovan vs. Roman Reigns:   The commentators continue to go WAY over the top promoting Reigns as the next Hulk Hogan. He tosses Donovan into the corner and works a headlock. They even call Reigns the “LeBron James of wrestling.” He hits a suplex slam and then hits another one. He tells the cameraman to get better shots of him attacking, which is a nice touch. Reigns applies a trapezius hold (for a while). “It” factors are mentioned during the hold. Chase tries a comeback but gets clubbered back down. A few head-butts continue the methodical pace; he hits a diving clothesline and roars as he preps for the finish. Reigns hits the belly-to-back uranage for three. Post-match, he signals ring announcer Byron Saxton and demands him to call him “The Thoroughbred” Roman Reigns. Reigns forces him to say it a few times until it meets his approval. 3/10 Squash. I’m sure Reigns will be a talent and eventually get over but DEAR LORD they are overhyping him; he’s really green in the ring and has a very basic moveset, I’m not expecting him to be Dean Malenko or anything like that, but the way the commentators talk of him, he should know 2,000 holds.

Here is your winner… Roman Reigns @ about 5:55 via belly-to-back uranage.

Bo Dallas vs. Jinder Mahal number one contender’s match:   They lock up and Mahal signals the belt gesture (recently referred to (stolen) as the Discount Double-check). He backs Dallas into the corner and gives the clean break. Bo locks up again and they battle over a keylock; Mahal wins and maintains an overhand wristlock. Dallas reverses into a side headlock and keeps that on for a while. Jinder escapes to the ropes and breaks the hold. Mahal gets the advantage when the overaggressive Bo charges in; he gets the advantage back rather quickly with an atomic drop and running elbow. He backdrops Mahal but misses a dropkick and Mahal quickly tries for the Camel Clutch but Dallas escapes. Jinder escapes to the floor to break momentum as we head to break. Back from commercial, Dallas is working the arm with a lock. Mahal retreats to the corner again and Dallas follows him up with forearms. Jinder comes back and takes over with a running high knee; he drops a series of knees and slaps on a double armlock. He segues into a seated abs stretch. He clubs away on the chest and returns to the double armlock. Dallas rises up and twists him around and flips Mahal off and gets a schoolboy and backslide, both for nearfalls. Jinder gets a pair of quick knees and a kneelift to get a nearfall. He mauls Dallas in the ropes and celebrates. Dallas begins to fight back and kicks Mahal in the topes from the apron. Back in the ring, clotheslines abound; a powerslam toss gets two more. Dallas charges but misses in the corner and slams face first into the buckles. Mahal snags the Camel Clutch immediately after to put Dallas away via submission. Post-match, he tries for the Clutch again but Seth Rollins makes the save. 3.5/10 Boring main event this week; Dallas does nothing for me in the ring and Mahal, without air sitar, is a boring Mahal. I had liked his maharaja gimmick until the 3MB came along.

Here is your winner…Jinder Mahal @ about 9:05 (broadcast) via Camel Clutch submission.

OVERALL 3/10 One of the worst NXT shows they have produced. All bland squashes and a pedestrian main event this week. Nothing special this week, a show you could miss, and it wouldn’t matter.

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