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411’s WWE NXT Report 11.16.16

November 16, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

Liv Morgan vs. Peyton Royce w/ Billie Kay

They go right at it and brawl from the opening bell. Peyton wins out and drives a knee into Liv’s stomach, followed by a headbutt. She sends Live on the apron and hits another knee before applying a very interesting submission on the ropes. It’s hard to describe. Live fights back but gets clubbed in the back. Liv hops over Peyton and slides under her into a pin for two. She fires off some clotheslines and a single leg dropkick. Bulldog by Liv and she kicks up. She hits an STO and knocks Billie off of the apron. Liv rolls Peyton into a guillotine choke but Billie comes in for the DQ.

Winner: Liv Morgan via disqualification in 2:12

Liv continues to take a beatdown from Billie and Peyton. Aliyah runs out to try and help. She does okay until Peyton hits her in the ribs. Liv gets kicked out of the ring, leaving Aliyah to eat a Peyton facebuster into Billie’s knee. Peyton throws Aliyah into the apron. They go to continue the offense on Liv but Ember Moon’s theme hits. She comes out and takes out both Australians with a springboard cross body. Ember fires off kicks and does her front flip clothesline in the corner. She and Liv hit stereo dropkicks to send Peyton and BIllie packing.

We see Andrade Almas turning on Cedric Alexander last month. They face off tonight.

At TakeOver, Paul Ellering will be suspended in a cage above the ring during the Dusty Tag Team Classic Finals. This leads into a vide package that recaps this year’s tournament.

Elias Samson is back and serenades the NXT crowd.

Elias Samson vs. Nathan Crew?

I’m unsure of the jobber’s name. Samson takes him down quickly and works the wrist. Jobber slips free and rolls him up for two. Jobber arm drag. Samson turns it around but the jobber gets to the ropes. No clean break as Samson pulls on the arm. Samson stomps on the scrub a bunch and lets out a yell. Elias drapes him on the apron and hits a running knee. He could win with an elbow but picks up Nathan at two. Nathan gets in some right hands and a boot. He hoists Elias up but the “Drifter” gets free and hits the roll of the dice/Cross Rhodes/whatever you wanna call it to win.

Winner: Elias Samson in 2:29

Aliyah, Liv and Ember are interviewed about what brought them together. Aliyah says that it was Peyton and Billie because they don’t run the division. Ember talks about her fire and how she can’t let them run things. Liv  makes bad jokes about Popeye, Poison Ivy and speaks like a bootleg Carmella. Liv challenges Peyton and BIllie to find a third and then come find them.

Commentary hypes Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura but focus on the upcoming Tag Team Title match. This leads to a video package of the excellent Revival vs. #DIY match at TakeOver: Brooklyn. It remains the bext tag team match I’ve seen this year (****1/2). The video package continues to hype up the rivalry and upcoming match.

Commentary plugs Mickie James vs. Asuka but then shift focus to Tye Dillinger vs. Bobby Roode. A video package airs to promote that match. It even goes deep enough to show Tye’s run with FCW and ECW and how he struggled there.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Cedric Alexander

Almas has pyro now. Alexander is eager to fight but Almas is all TRANQUILO. He backs to the ropes and corner for breaks. Almas applies a headlock  and shoulder blocks Alexander down. Cedric hops over and they trade wristlocks. Alexander flips out but Almas ducks a clothesline and lays on the mat with a pose. LOS! Cedric does a nice backflip into a headscissors takedown before a dropkick and some right hands. Alexander gets in some pretty loud chops. Almas slides out of the ring on a whip and taunts, so Cedric takes him out with a baseball slide. He smashes Almas’ face into the steel steps. Inside, Almas comes back with a dropkick and delivers stomps in the corner. Alexander is back with chops and right hands in the opposite corner. Almas runs into a boot but Alexander’s springboard only sees him leap into a dropkick. After a break, Almas hits a running knee for two. He continues the assault in the corner, including a running boot for a near fall. Alexander gets two on a sunset flip but Almas fires off some big time elbow strikes. Northern lights suplex by Almas for two. He throws Alexander’s shoulder into the turnbuckle before applying an armbar. Cedric fights out but gets tripped up by Almas. It was a weird camera cut so they may have edited something out. Almas worked another armbar, this time draped on the ropes. Almas does another inside but Alexander reaches the ropes. He charges but Alexander dropkicks him in the knee. Two running forearms follow. Almas avoids a third but Cedric ducks him and hits a springboard attack. It came off slowly but worked since his arm shouldn’t be strong enough to do it cleanly. He then took out Almas with a tope con hilo on the outside. Back in, Alexander scores a near fall with a springboard clothesline. Almas does a school boy  powerbomb for a close two count. Almas drives his feet into Cedric’s shoulders in the corner. he goes for the double knees but Cedric is quickly out and hits the Lumbar Check. He can’t cover in time so Almas pulls himself towards the ropes. Cedric goes after him but gets pulled onto the ropes. Almas hits an arm trap DDT to win.

Winner: Andrade Almas in 13:13 (***)

Time for a video package for this Saturday’s Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura match.

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