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411’s WWE NXT Report 11.7.18

November 7, 2018 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Lars Sullivan NXT 11-7-18

The Forgotten Sons w/ Jackson Ryker vs. Heavy Machinery

Steve Cutler wears a protective mask thanks to a broken nose. Tucker Knight and Cutler go at it, jockeying for an upper hand. Cutler and Black use quick tags to gain control and focus on Knight’s arm. Heavy Machinery turn it around with a series of slams, bashing their opponents into each other. Otis slams Blake onto Cutler, then avalanches Cutler in the corner. He fires up and does the worm, leading into an elbow drop. Blake comes in and swings the momentum with a knee drop. He hits a surprisingly big shot and tags out. Cutler stomps away on Otis’ left shoulder. Otis is strong enough to block an arm submission. It turns into a triangle that Otis attempts to power out of. My feed cuts and I miss a bit. Knight has the hot tag when it comes back. He throws the Forgotten Sons around and wails on Cutler in the corner. Avalanche connects, but he misses a second. He goes up top and comes off with a somersault for two.I apologize but the video cuts again and I miss something else. Superplex by Cutler and diving splash by Blake. Otis breaks up the pin. Knight nearly wins with a small package and backslide. He hits a big clothesline and tags out. Blake pulls the ropes down to interrupt the Compactor and Knight falls outside. Otis still catches Blake with a popup powerslam to win.

Winners: Heavy Machinery in 8:30ish [**3/4]

LAST WEEK ~ Candice LeRae confronted Nikki Cross on her involvement in telling Aleister Black about Johnny Gargano’s attack. It led to Black confronting Candice.

EARLIER TODAY ~ At the Performance Center, they attempted to ask Candice about Johnny’s frame of mind. She says she’s not here to be exploited and has questions for Nikki Cross. She was there to ask William Regal for a match with Nikki.

TONIGHT ~ Johnny Gargano gives an exclusive on his side of the story.

Cathy Kelley interviews Shayna Baszler, who si sitting with the other MMA Horsewomen. When asked about Kairi Sane getting her eventual rematch, Shayna shrugs it off saying Kairi is insignificant. She puts herself over as the first two time champion. Regal interrupts to tell Shayna that Kairi’s rematch will take place at TakeOver: War Games. It’ll be Two Out Of Three Falls thanks to their history.

Dakota Kai vs. Taynara Conti

They lock up and Conti works a headlock takeover. Kai rolls through into an arm wringer of sorts. Conti slams her down and yells, “ARE YOU CRAZY?!” Kai catches a kick without looking. Conti offers a handshake but tries a cheap shot. Kai hits a sweet looking arm drag and dropkick for one. Kai hops over Conti in the corner and gets two on a school girl. She wears Conti down with an armbar. Conti finds a way out and kicks Kai in the arm on an up and over. She unleashes several other vicious kicks, including another to the wrist. Conti talks trash and hits a judo toss. She adds a less impressive second one and kicks Kai in the face for two. Top wrist lock by Conti. Kai fights out and is sent to the corner. Conti wraps the wrist on the top rope and yanks. She misses an avalanche and Kai with a scorpion style kick. High kicks to the chest and a pump one. Running acewash in the corner and Dakota follows with her running corner boot. Front flip Backstabber wraps this up for Dakota.

Winner: Dakota Kai in 4:49 [**1/4]

Cathy Kelley interviews Mia Yim about how NXT has been for her so far. Yim says it’s living the dream. Bianca Belair comes up and walks around Mia. Bianca questions why Cathy is interviewing Mia. Bianca says she’s been here for two years busting her butt and nobody is gonna hand Mia respect. Bianca takes longer than ever to say “undefeated.” Mia tells her that she hasn’t beaten the HBIC (Head Baddie In Charge). Bianca is annoyed and walks off.

LAST WEEK ~ Matt Riddle made his successful NXT debut. After the match, Riddle and Keith Lee were enjoying the debut. Kassius Ohno appeared and called Matt “Regal’s shiny new toy.” He said he liked new toys because they’re fun to break. After he walked off, Riddle and Lee went back to being happy about being in NXT together.

A video package airs to hype War Games.

Johnny Gargano breaks his silence with a self shot video. He says he was on a path just like Aleister Black keeps saying he was on. He was on a path to beat Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Title and Aleister got in the way. He was collateral damage. It was nothing personal. Johnny says Black walks around like he owns the place. He hits Black Mass on anyone and nobody bats an eye. “No man is ever truly good” but Gargano calls himself the hero at the end of this story. He did one little “evil” thing and people freaked out. Sometimes, you gotta fight a little dirty and that’s just what he did. He accepts that Black wants to kick his face off, and knows he might deserve it, but he’s not afraid. He lives in a dark place and is starting to like it. The video ends with Gargano stopping at the place where Black was left lying.

NEXT WEEK ~ Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim

Backstage, William Regal says there will be a singles match next week involving War Games participants. The winner gets their team the advantage in the big match.

Lars Sullivan vs. Velveteen Dream

Dream attacks at the bell, looking for the early upper hand. It only works for a bit as Lars is quickly throwing him around. Dream fights off a powerbomb but is shoved to the ropes. Dream gets momentum and knocks Lars to the outside. He follows out with a plancha and fires off lefts and rights. As they fight, Dream asks the referee not to count. Lars catches him and launches him back first into the ring apron. Inside, Lars continues to beat on Dream and launches him across the ring. He works a nerve hold for a while. Dream escapes and wants a sunset flip but Lars is too strong and he blocks. He wrecks Dream with a right hand for two. Lars continues the assault, clobbering Dream over and outside. He taunts as Dream struggles back inside. Dream has to fight free of another nerve hold. He rallies and gets two on a missile dropkick. He makes the mistake of trying to lift Dream and gets powerslammed for two. Lars goes up and eats a superkick. Up top, they fight and Dream is shoved to the mat. Lars misses a diving headbutt and a charge into the corner. The fans erupt as Dream hits the Dream Valley Driver. He goes up top and Tommaso Ciampa walks out. Dream leaps off the top and takes him out with a double axe handle. As he slides inside, Lars wins with the Freak Accident.

Winner: Lars Sullivan in 8:59 [***1/4]

Lars leaves and Ciampa gets in the ring. He attacks Dream from behind and yells that he’s the champ. Dream doesn’t share his spotlight or main event. Dream gets in one stiff shot, but is too beaten down and Ciampa adds more to the assault.He goes to hook Dream for a Pedigree onto the title but Dream spins out and nails a superkick. He hits the Dream DDT onto the title. As he goes up, an official runs out to stop him. More slide in and Dream can’t hit the elbow. Dream leaves with the officials, but once they clear out, he runs back in and successfully nails the elbow. He poses with the title to end the episode.

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