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411’s WWE NXT Report 12.19.18

December 19, 2018 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
NXT Steel Cage Match 12-19-18

We start with a video package hyping tonight’s main event. Johnny Gargano vs. Aleister Black in a Steel Cage!

Dakota Kai and Io Shirai vs. Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir

Duke and Dakota begin. Duke shoves her down with ease. Dakota evades her in the corner and rolls her up for one. Takedown by Duke, but Dakota gets out and hits a big kick before a double stomp gets two. Boot up on a charge Duke but Marina gets in  acheap kick to put Duke in control. Tag to Marina who beats on Kai with forearms. Marina picks up a near fall and throws Kai hard into the corner. Tag to Duke for a judo throw/running kick combo that gets two. Neck crank from Duke. Kai finds a way to nail one of her unique kicks. It gets her the opening to tag Io. Marina comes in at the same time Running knee and forearm by Io. Tiger Feint Kick and springboard dropkick by Io. Double running knees in the corner, followed by a slam. Io goes up and Kai boots Duke off the apron. Moonsault by Io wins it.

Winners: Dakota Kai and Io Shirai in 4:26 [**1/4]

A Dominik Dijakovic vignette airs. He debuts next.

TWO WEEKS AGO ~ Matt Riddle beat Punishment Martinez, but was then attacked by Kassius Ohno. When interviewed about it, Riddle said it sucked but he understood because he knocked Ohno out in 7 seconds. He dared Ohno to face him again.

Aaron Mackey vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Dijakovic hit him with a body shot and some vicious strikes. A release suplex toss launches Mackey across the ring. Series of elbows in the corner, backbreaker, and another toss. Feast Your Eyes for the win.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic in 1:47

A Heavy Machinery vignette runs.

William Regal adds Io Shirai to the Number One Contender’s Fatal Four Way. It’ll be her vs. Bianca Belair vs. Lacey Evans vs. Mia Yim next week.

Heavy Machinery vs. Jobbers

The ham and eggers seem to weigh a combined 120 lbs. Otis throws #1 across the ring with ease. Tag to #2 but #1 gets squashed with an avalanche. Squash #2 and tag to Knight. They body slam the boys into each other. Otis throws #1 outside, while Knight slams #2 into the corner back and forth. Undisputed Era come out to the stage. Knight is distracted for a moment but wipes out #2 with a clothesline. They hit the Compactor and could win but Otis picks the dude up mid-pin. #1 comes in and also takes a Compactor. Otis picks both up for a double Compactor. That gets three.

Winners: Heavy Machinery in 2:22

Steel Cage Match: Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano

As Black is entering the cage, he’s attacked by Gargano from behind. They fight at ringside, with Black taking control. Gargano backs him into the steel and throws him into the steps. Black turns it around and they finally enter the cage. They trade shots and both avoid being thrown into the cage.Black sweeps Gargano and hits a running kick. Missed quebrada and back elbow gets two. Johnny gets caught in between the ropes and cage. He avoids a big kick and counters with one of his own. He looks to escape but Black catches up. Johnny clips down, gets kicked away, and falls onto the ropes, which crotches Black. Black is thrown into the cage and Johnny fires off strikes. Johnny hits some chops, catches a kick, and catapults Black into the cage. Black latches on and climbs, but is stopped. He leaps over Johnny’s swing and catches him with a moonsault. Black sends Johnny into the cage several times. The last two times he goes in back first. Series of strikes, followed by a big knee gets Black two. Black climbs to the top and can escape, but thinks it over and comes back in. He kicks Johnny but then gets thrown head first into the cage. With Black hung up in the ropes, Johnny superkicks him. He then climbs on his back to attempt to escape. Black stops him but takes a sunset flip bomb off the ropes for his troubles. That gets two. They trade shots from their knees and get to their feet. Black wins out and delivers several running boots to Johnny into the cage. The cage door is open and Johnny takes a knee that knocks him halfway outside. Black catches and brings him back in. Johnny hits an enziguri and tries to escape again but is stopped. Black catches an elbow and hits a high kick. Johnny stops the quebrada with a jumping Russian leg sweep off the ropes. He rolls right into the Gargano Escape. Black picks him up and slams him into the cage but Gargano doesn’t release. They go back down and Gargano adds knees to the hold but Black won’t tap. Black finally breaks it and Gargano climbs the cage. He gets halfway over but Black catches up. Johnny wants a swinging neckbreaker but Black holds on and he crashes. Black adds Meteora and a bridging German suplex for two. Black lifts Johnny with his foot but has it thrown into the ropes. Gargano then kicks at the rope, adds a superkick, and the Lawn Dart. A second Lawn Dart sends him into the cage. Johnny tells him that he absolves him of his sins, but immediately eats a Black Mass. Both men are down. Johnny climbs and Black crawls for the door. Tommaso Ciampa comes out and slams the cage door shut on Black’s head. He beats on Black as Johnny watches from the other side of the cage. Instead of winning, he gets back in. He stands across from Ciampa as Black is laid out in between them. They do the old #DIY taunt and hit Meeting in the Middle. Ciampa leaves and Gargano covers to win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano in 17:58 [***3/4]

Tommaso Ciampa applauds Gargano as he heads up the ramp. Gargano sits cross legged next to a fallen Black before exiting the cage.

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