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411’s WWE NXT Report 12.21.16

December 21, 2016 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

Billie Kay w/ Peyton Royce vs. Daria Berenato

Dari quickly takes Billie down but eats an elbow. Daria connects with a knee, then a snapmare and a sliding knee. Billie regroups with Peyton for a second. Percy Watson seems to be in love with Peyton. Peyton distracts Daria, allowing Billie to get a near fall. Billie talks smack and shoves Daria’s face. Daria hits an ugly clothesline but the next one looks much better. More knees from Daria and a pounce like double leg takedown. She removes the gloves and fires off a series of jabs at Billie’s chest. Peyton pulls Billie to safety, causing Daria to miss a punch in the corner. Daria chases them up the ramp and knocks down Peyton, sliding Billie in. Peyton drives her in the apron behind the referee’s back. She slides her in and Billie hits the big boot to win.

Winner: Billie Kay in 2:24

Billie and Peyton grab microphones. Billie says Daria is a lesson for the women’s division. That’s your fate if you cross them. Peyton calls out Asuka, saying they’re the competition she’s been looking for. They’re waiting for Asuka to get some guts so they can teach her who calls the shots.

The Authors of Pain w/ Paul Ellering vs. Local Jobbers

One of the jobbers is named Anthony but I missed the rest. One of them gets taken down instantly and then perched on the top, only to get clotheslined viciously to the mat. The other jobber backs off the apron, only to get greeted by the other AOP member. He goes inside and gets a big boot. They dod the powerbomb into each other spot. They then powerbomb one on top of the other and they crack skulls. It looks horrible. The referee has to stop the match.

Winners: The Authors of Pain in 1:18

Paul Ellering gets on the microphone after the match and says all roads lead to San Antonio. They don’t care if it’s DIY or the Revival because the Authors are on a seek and destroy mission to become tag team champions.

We get a recap of the Peyton/Billie/Daria stuff that just happened five minutes ago. What is this, Monday night Raw? Asuka is interviewed about their comments. She says they are no competition for her and they should be careful. She looks over the interviewer’s shoulder and NIkki Cross is watching her. She laughs and walks off, while Asuka smiles.

A video package set to Bring Me The Horizon’s “Throne” recaps the qualifying matches last week and the winners meeting in tonight’s main event.

Number One Contender’s Elimination Match: Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Bobby Roode vs. Roderick Strong vs. Tye Dillinger

The winner gets a shot at the NXT Title in San Antonio. Almas doesn’t seem too interested in making the first move. Roode backs out of the ring but Strong and Tye surround him outside and take turns with chops and punches. Almas breaks it up before Strong baseball slides into him. Almas hits a vicious sounding chop and a low dropkick heading into an early commercial break. Strong and Almas still go at it after the break, with Almas hitting a single leg dropkick. He delivers stomps in the corner and chops Tye off the apron. He charges in but stops, yells at Roddy and slaps him. Almas slams him and goes up top but Tye cuts him off. He gets elbowed to the mat and Almas comes off for a moonsault onto both men. They avoid it and Almas goes right into another moonsault but Roddy gets the knees up. This leaves Tye vs. Strong in the ring until Roode runs in and clotheslines both. He throws Tye outside. He and Roddy trade shots until Strong catches a kick and pulls him into a backbreaker for two. Tye rolls up Strong for two and then eats a dropkick. Strong also dropkicks Almas off the apron. Roode suplexes him for a near fall. Knee drop from Roode for another two. Strong continues to take a beating but kicks out of a neckbreaker. Almas comes in but is quickly sent out. Strong hits an olympic slam like move before a corkscrew dive outside that takes out all three opponents. After a break, Roode gets a shot up on a charging Strong. He covers but the referee catches his feet on the ropes. The match is no DQ though, so stopping that is kind of dumb. Roode chokes Strong with his foot in the corner and again knocks Almas off the apron. He suplexes Tye for two. Strong hits a gordbuster to stop Roode’s momentum. He nails a running corner knee and forearm. Strong sets Roode up top. He looks for a superplex but Almas comes in and puts Roddy on his shoulders. Tye powerbombs Almas, bringing everyone down in the tower of doom spot. Almas comes off the top and dropkicks Strong but gets pulled in a small package by Tye for two. They exchange forearms until Almas hits a big boot. With Tye seated in the corner, Almas hits the double knees. Strong hits the Sick Kick from out of nowhere to eliminate him at 10:12. Strong pounds on Tye who fires back. Strong hits a big back suplex into a facebuster for two. From out of nowhere, Tye hits the Tye Breaker to eliminate Strong at 11:48. IT comes down to Tye and Bobbdy. Tye is determined as he stares at Roode. The crowd chants “this is awesome” and they exchange blows. Tye hits a flying forearm and stomps in the corner. He goes for the Tye Breaker but Roode holds the top rope to block. He slides out but Tye sits on him for two. Roode avoids a superkick and lays him out with a clothesline. Roode gets a steel chair but walks right into a superkick for a very close near fall. Roode pulls Tye down on the top rope, hanging him up. He goes up top but Tye cuts him off. He tries the Tye Breaker but again Roode gets free and hits a spinebuster. He calls for the implant DDT but Tye counters into the Tye Breaker leading to one of the better near falls all year. Tye looks for a super Tye Breaker but Roode elbows free. Tye still hits him and goes for another Tye Breaker. Roode gets free again and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. He hits the implant DDT to win.

Winner: Bobby Roode in 17:14 (***1/2)

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