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411’s WWE NXT Report 2.14.18

February 14, 2018 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Pete Dunne WWE NXT Report 21418

WWE United Kingdom Championship: Pete Dunne [c] vs. Roderick Strong

They lock up at the bell and we get a mostly clean break in the corner. Their next lockup leads Dunne to try an armbreaker and Strong to go for the Strong hold. They go to commercial. Returning, Dunne has control and works the arm. He kicks at it, sending Strong outside for a breather. Once out there, Dunne stomps his hand onto the steel steps and continues the assault. He misses the next stomp and Strong drops him on the steel steps with a backbreaker. He gets two inside and hits a few kicks. He adds a pumphandle backbreaker for another near fall. Strong with a boot and a pendulum backbreaker. He adds some corner stomps. They fight up top, where Dunne goes after the hand again and sends him outside. As Strong tries getting back in, Dunne comes off the top with a stomp onto the arm. They battle on the apron, where Strong drops him face first on the apron. Time for another break.  Returning, Strong’s in control. Dunne cuts him off with an enziguri, but then eats some shots. Dunne adds another in the corner and turns a falcon arrow into an armbar. He pulls back on the fingers and does the Pentagon Jr. arm snap spot. Strong pulls Dunne off the top for a backrbeaker, but Dunne gets free and gets two on a sitout powerbomb. Dunne kicks away at Strong, who backs him into the corner.Strong misses a corner knee and gets hit with a release German suplex. Dunne comes off the top and is greeted by a dropkick for two. Strong delivers chops and a backbreaker for another close call. They exchange blows and Dunne sends him into the corner, before hitting a half nelson suplex. Another kick to the arm leads to a near fall. Armbar by Dunne, but Strong powers out and drapes Dunne on the middle rope. He snaps back, causing Dunne to get his throat caught on the top rope. Strong pulls Dunne to the top and delivers a super Olympic Slam for two. As they get up, Strong hits two knee lifts and Cloud 9 for two. Explex by Dunne. Strong escapes the Bitter End and hits forearms. He hits a high knee and the Gibson Driver for two. Strong takes the kickout and turns it over for the Strong Hold. Dunne fights it off and snaps his fingers, sending Strong to the outside. Dunne kicks him on his way back in and hits the Bitter End to retain.

Winner and Still WWE United Kingdom Champion: Pete Dunne in 14:10 [****]

Next week, we get Gargano/Almas IV. This leads us to a recap of their altercation last week.

Backstage, Velveteen Dream is interviewed about facing No Way Jose next week. He mostly shrugs Jose off and focuses on Tyler Bate for saying he wanted to face him. He calls Bate 5 foot nothing and walks off.

Aleister Black makes his way to the ring. Black says there’s a devil on his black and it’s driving him. That devil is the NXT Championship. Black is interrupted by the arrival of Killian Dain. Dain claims he’s the devil on Black’s back and that he also wants the NXT Title, threatening Black if he has a problem with that. He goes to leave, but Black stops him. He says that Dain crossed him, so now he must fade to black. Dain likes that and walks off with a smile.

TM61 vs. John Skyler and Adnrew Duckworth

Skyler starts with Miller and gets chopped and punched. Tag to Thorne who hits a nice back suplex and corner running European uppercut. Skyler blocks a supex and kicks at Thorne’s surgically repaired knee. Thorne avoids a back supelx and nails a dropkick. Tag to Miller, who throws Duckworth to the corner. He plants Skyler with a DDT and Duckworht with a spinebuster. Tag to Thorne, who hits a somersault. Thunder Valley hits to end things.

Winners: TM61 in 2:12

NXT Women’s Championship: Ember Moon [c] vs. Shayna Baszler

Ember wisely starts with a dropkick. She fires off on Shayna and nearly gets caught in two Kimuras. Ember rolls free and delivers a knee, sending Shayna back. Baszler gets up and eats an enziguri. Another kick from Ember sets up an Eclipse attempt. Shayna ducks to the outside to avoid it and take a breather. Ember gets off the top and connects on a huge tope suicida into the announce table, but further hurts her arm on the move. Shayna rolls Ember back in and kicks at the bad arm. Shayna applies a submission and stomps on the arm. She looks to apply an armbar, but Moon rolls into the pin that won her the match in Philadelphia, though it only gets a near fall. Another armbar attempt by Shayna. She twists it in gross ways, but Ember reaches the ropes with her feet. Moon nearly steals it with another flash pin. Shayna throws her shoulder first into the ring post. Shayna wraps Ember’s arm around the guardrail to kick and pull on it. She goes to do more damage on the steps, but Kairi Sane comes out and takes her out with a flying forearm for a DQ.

Winner via DQ: Shayna Baszler in 4:46

Kairi takes her inside and works her over. Shayna escapes for a bit and slides back in, only to be hit with a spear. Shayna stays on the stage to stare down Kairi, while the referee checks on Ember.

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