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411’s WWE NXT Report 2.6.19

February 6, 2019 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja
Shayna Baszler NXT 2-6-19

New NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano comes out to open the show. “Johnny Champion” chants. He says he likes the sound of that and that it feels great to be champion. “You deserve it” chants and Johnny says they all deserve it. Phoenix validated them and Johnny Wrestling is officially back. That brings out Tommaso Ciampa. He says he’s there to celebrate the moment because Johnny showed the world that he knows how to listen. He followed Tommaso’s lead and is now a champion. Ciampa claims they own everything and that this is the dream they had when they were traveling together years ago. “This is our moment.” That gives us “DIY” chants. Johnny replies, “No.” Johnny says the only reason he came out at the end of TakeOver was to show that he’ll never need Ciampa. Here’s Velveteen Dream to interrupt. He calls the DIY champions stuff cute. He calls Ciampa Gollum with his precious gold. Tonight is not about them, but about Dream, who stole TakeOver: Phoenix by simply showing up. Dream brings up his Worlds Collide Tournament win and how he has earned a championship opportunity. Dream stares down Ciampa and says  Ciampa has lust in his eyes for him. Dream doesn’t want him and enters the ring. He wants Johnny. Gargano says he put on another Match of the Year and winning the title while Dream was on his ass in the front row. He also represented NXT in the Royal Rumble, is on top of the world and is feeling dangerous. He tells Dream to go for the shot because he wins. Dream wants to know if he’ll get Johnny Champion or Johnny Jackass. They argue and Johnny leaves, stopping next to Ciampa for a moment.

TONIGHT ~ Bianca Belair, io Shirai and Kairi Sane will face Shayna Baszler, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.

EARLIER TODAY ~ Drew Gulak arrived in Full Sail.

Jackson Ryker w/ The Forgotten Sons vs. Mansoor

Mansoor signed back during the first Saudi Arabia show. Ryker dominates this, wailing on Mansoor with strikes and clubs. He catches a leaping Mansoor with a spear. Ryker wins with a chokeslam bomb.

Winner: Jackson Ryker in 1:30

Ryker adds another chokeslam bomb after the bell.

Cathy Kelley stands by for a word with Ricochet but he’s in the middle of a photoshoot. Adam Cole interrupts, annoyed that she wasn’t trying to talk to him. Cole calls Ricochet a one trick pony. Ricochet comes over and Cole says he belongs at the back of the line for a North American Title shot. Ricochet challenges him to a match next week to see who is most deserving. After Undisputed leaves, Ricochet says he’ll go through anyone for his title.

IN TWO WEEKS ~ Velveteen Dream will take on Johnny Gargano for the North American Championship!

Drew Gulak vs. Eric Bugenhagen

Lots of high pitched screaming from Eric. Gulak is unimpressed by his air band work. Bugenhagen takes Gulak down and yells. Gulak dropkicks him and continues in with kicks. He body slams Bugenhagen into the ropes and smashes him in the turnbuckle. Snap suplex by Gulak into a pin for two. Chinlock time. Bugenhagen gets free and drives his shoulder into Gulak in the corner. They jockey over an abdominal stretch. Bugenhagen wins out and plays air guitar on Gulak’s ribs. Gulak gets out and uses the Gulock to win.

Winner: Drew Gulak in 2:34

Gulak gets on the microphone saying he represents all over the world as the best submission wrestler in the world. Feeding him “Ben Stiller from Dodgeball” is disrespectful. He didn’t come here for that. Gulak issues an open challenge to anyone to get stretched. Matt Riddle responds. He says everyone in NXT sets the bar each week. He warns Gulak to get out of the ring or he’ll come down and tap him out. Gulak tells him to take off his flip flops and make his day. Riddle kicks them off and hits the ring.

Drew Gulak vs. Matt Riddle

Catch Point explodes! They grapple on the ropes and give a clean break. Riddle goes for the leg on a takedown. They jockey and Riddle gets an armbar. Gulak gets out and goes to the leg but adds hair pulling for the advantage. More grappling until they come to a stalemate. Riddle finally hits a kick to get free and adds a senton. Running corner forearm but he charges into a boot on his second attempt. Dropkick from Gulak. Gulak works a headlock on the mat. Riddle gets to his feet but goes down on a shoulder block. More mat work from Gulak. He moves to joint manipulation and it looks painful. Riddle fights back and hits some kicks to the chest. Gulak catches one and does a dragon screw. Riddle comes back with a German suplex for two, but ends up trapped in an arm submission. Gulak moves it into a crossface but Riddle fights out. Gulak ducks a kick into a rollup for two. Riddle deadlifts him into a powerbomb and hits a vicious knee strike for two. Riddle goes right into the Bromission for the win.

Winner: Matt Riddle in 9:10 [***1/4]

Post-match, Gulak offers the Catch Point handshake, which Riddle accepts.

NEXT WEEK ~ Adam Cole vs. Ricochet is now official.

Bianca Belair, Io Shirai and Kairi Sane vs. Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir and NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler

Bianca and Shayna start us off. Arm wringer from Shayna to target the shoulder that got damaged at TakeOver. Bianca slips free with an arm wringer of her own. She hops over Shayna, flips and wants a moonsault but Shayna calmly walks away to avoid it and tags Shafir. Bianca handles her easily, then drops Duke with a chicken wing facebuster. Tag to Kairi and Bianca press slams her into an elbow drop. Duke manages to back Sane into her corner. Tag to Shafir  who eats a chop. Shafir fires up and wants more. Another one from Sane. Shafir blocks the next set of shots but is overwhelmed. Io enters without a tag for a weird tandem move that ends with a chop. It came off awkwardly. Shafir gets Sane up top and takes a headbutt. Some “Please tag Shayna” chants. Shayna distracts Kairi enough for Shafir to knock her down. Tag to Shayna, who stops a Kairi tag by stepping on her foot. She toys with Sane. Tag to Duke, which the fans don’t like. Knee strike in the corner and trash talk. Rebound kick to the back gets two. Tag to Shafir who sits on Kairi to wear her down and then immediately tags to Shayna for a kick. More quick tags from the Horsewomen. “You can’t wrestle” chants for Marina. Duke cuts off a Kairi tag but then is taken out and Io gets the hot tag. She hits Shayna with a series of dropkicks. Shafir enters to a slap. Meteroa for both Shayna and Shaifr. Tiger Feint Kick on Shayna and a springboard dropkick. For some reason, she tags back to Kairi. Sane hits the Insane Elbow but Shafir breaks up the pin with a kick to the back. Sane wants to tag Io, but Bianca reaches in and tags herself in. She hits Shayna with the KOD but that pin is also broken up. Io pulls the rope down on Duke and Shafir to send them outside. Kairi takes them out with a cross body. Io tags Bianca in the back and hits a moonsault on Shayna to win.

Winners: Bianca Belair, Io Shirai and Kairi Sane in 9:21 [***]

Bianca seems unsure of how to celebrate this win.

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