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411’s WWE NXT Report 3.27.14

April 2, 2014 | Posted by Sydney Brown

Championship Roll Call:
NXT Champion: Adrian Neville
NXT Women’s Champion: Paige
NXT Tag Team Champions: The Ascension (Konnor and Viktor)

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411’s WWE NXT Report 3.27.14

Hello guys I am Tzor and I will be writing the weekly 411’s NXT report.

The show started with a video recap of NXT Arrival episode’s championship match won by Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas’ decision to cash in his rematch clause for a match tonight.

Mojo Rawley vs. CJ Parker
There were chants for Mojo. Parker started with a kick and cover for 2, second cover by Parker, kick out at 2. Punch by Parker, Mojo is at the corner. Parker throws Mojo from one corner to the other. Punch by Mojo, clothesline by CJ and cover for a kick out at 2. CJ punches Mojo at the corner. Mojo recovers by running on CJ at the corner, he takes CJ down and then connects the hyper drive! Cover and that’s it.

Post match, Mojo celebrated along with the crowd while Parker seemed frustrated in the ring.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Mojo Rawley @ 3:20 via pinfall

RATING: 2.5/5 Short opener here with the babyface winning in order to get the crowd into the show. Parker controlled the match, as Rawley got no offense until the finishing sequence. Although it was too short and didn’t have much wrestling action it succeeded as a fun opener and the crowd was hot for Mojo Rawley.

We got a backstage exclusive of Sami Zayn being examined by a doctor and them informing us that Sami Zayn is fine.

A video for the Lesnar/Undertaker feud was aired. Those videos are gold.

We got a promo for the upcoming Scooby Doo WrestleMania mystery.

Tyler Breeze vs. Xavier Woods
Woods got Breeze at the corner, breeze kicked and then headlocked Woods. Hit with shoulder by breeze, Breeze went for a suplex but Woods reversed with a cover for 2. Head scissors takedown by Woods, cover and kick out at 1. Woods threw Breeze at the corner face-first, cover but kick out by Breeze at 1. Breeze crashed Wood’s head onto the turnbuckle, he covered but Woods kicked out at 2. Woods hit Breeze with his elbow, landed 3 kicks and then hit a cool looking shining wizard, went for a cover for a nearfall. Woods picked Breeze up he reversed and connected the Beauty Shot out of nowhere! Pinfall and victory for Tyler Breeze

OFFICIAL RESULT: Tyler Breeze @ 4:50 via pinfall

RATING: 2/5 It was solid action with Xavier Woods getting more offense as he controlled most of the match, he also hit a cool shining wizard. Breeze was into his character throughout the match and that’s important. The crowd wasn’t really into it though and the match didn’t have something special to it.

Bo Dallas was interviewed backstage, he claimed that he never was pinned by Neville and the tonight he will regain the Championship.

Corey Graves vs. Yoshi Tatsu
Graves kicked and punched Yoshi, Yoshi gets Graves to the corner and kicks him multiple times. Yoshi got to the top ropes and while jumping down punched Graves. Yoshi punched Graves while he was at the corner, graves reversed by kicking Yoshi’s knee. Graves hit Yoshi’s chest to throw him down. Graves is working on Yoshi’s knee. Yoshi kicked Graves’ back to recover, headbutt by Yoshi. Graves again went for the knee to take Yoshi down, the locked lucky 13 submission move as Yoshi quickly tapped out.

Post match, Graves took a mic and told Sami Zayn not to be a fool and to stay down.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Corey Graves @ 3:30 via submission

RATING: 2.5/5 Another short bout, that although both guys tried to perform, they were simply not given enough time to produce a good wrestling match. We had many reverses with both guys getting some offense in, Graves looked more dominant throughout the match. The crowd was dead for this match just like earlier and that hurt the match itself.

They aired a DVD commercial on WCW’s greatest PPV matches.

We got the usual video for the Cena/Wyatt feud with Eminem’s song. The build to this feud has been amazing and has gotten everyone excited for their match on Sunday.

Natalya vs. Charlotte
Bret The Hitman Hart made his entrance as he was in Natalya’s corner for this match. Charlotte locked Natalya’s head with her legs but Natalya reversed and got up, only for Charlotte to drop her again. Natalya took Charlotte down this time locking a hold on her leg. Charlotte reversed and took control by locking Natalya’s arm. Natalya got up and covered but Charlotte kicked out at 1. Natalya took Charlotte down and drop kicked her while she was Charlotte was sitting. Natalya then covered Charlotte by sitting on her, for a 2 count. Charlotte flipped at the corner but ran directly into a discus clothesline and a cover for a kick out at 2. Charlotte took control and is working on Natalya’s knee. Charlotte tried to lock the figure 4 but Natalya reversed with a rollup for a 2 count. Charlotte hit Natalya’s head and covered for another kick out at 2. Charlotte continued working on the knee. Charlotte Kicked Natalya twice, but Natalya reversed by locking the Sharpshooter! Sasha Banks interferes to save Charlotte and the match is over due to disqualification.

Post match, Natalya took Banks down and locked the Sharpshooter. Banks was tapping out but it didn’t matter, Bret Hart was smiling.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Natalya @ 5:00 via disqualification

RATING: 3/5 This was a good and fun wrestling match. Both women performed well, as both got offense in and we got many reverses by them. They did a lot of submission work, which is good and this was definitely one of Charlotte’s best performances on NXT. Crowd was hot for Natalya, Bret Hart’s appearance definitely helped for this.

Adrian Neville was interviewed, He said he has gained a lot of momentum and that he wants to keep it this way.

NXT Championship Match: Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville
Quick cover by Dallas, kick out by Neville, another cover by Dallas and another kick out. Dallas tried to punch but Neville blocked it and punched Dallas. Awesome flips by Neville, missile dropkick and he climbs to the top of the rope. Cool backflip off the top rope by Neville. Cover by Neville and kick out by Dallas. Neville tried to jump over the ropes to get into the ring but Dallas punched him and got him out. Dallas gets out as well and clotheslines Neville. Dallas gets Neville back into the ring, covers and kick out at 2. Dallas hits Neville with his knees, covers and another kick out at 2. Punches by Dallas another cover and kick out by Neville as we go to a commercial break from here.

Back from the break Dallas has the control. Neville kicks Dallas, then runs to the ropes but runs straight into a beautiful clothesline by Dallas. Bo Dallas then covered Neville 3 times for 3 kickouts. Dallas tried to punch Neville as he was over the ropes, reverse kick by Neville who then tried to cover be Dallas reversed as well and covered Neville but the count stopped because Dallas was holding the ropes. The official had to break the hold, Neville tried to take advantage and covered Dallas for a nearfall. Dallas got up fast and punched Neville to get him down again. Dallas went for the inverted DDT but Neville reversed with kicks. Running kick to the head by Neville who then got to the top ropes to hit Dallas and cover him for a kick out at 2. Neville hit an uppercut on Dallas at the corner. Neville tried to pull Dallas instead he got punched, Dallas covered for a nearfall. Kick to the head by Neville. Neville then went to the top rope and went for the red arrow but Dallas got his knees up! Cover by Dallas for nearfall. Dallas gets up first and tries to set the inverted DDT but Neville reverses. Neville goes for a DDT but Dallas breaks the hold and throws Neville on the turnbuckle. Neville recovers and kicks Dallas’s head. Cool spot. Neville gets to the top rope and goes for an imploding 450 splash. It Connects! Cover by Neville and that was it, Adrian Neville retains the title.

Post match, Neville celebrated in the ring with his title to a great ovation, as Bo Dallas was being checked by doctors in the ring.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Adrian Neville @ 12:40 via pinfall

RATING: 3.5/5 This was a very fun main event. Very good wrestling match with both guys keeping a fast pace throughout the match, while we also got many nearfalls. We had many great spots like Neville’s backflip off the top ropes, Bo Dallas’ knees to reverse the Red Arrow and the amazing imploding 450 splash by Neville to finish the match. The crowd was very into it as they supported both guys but mostly Neville.

Overall: This was a nice episode of NXT with a very fun main event and a very good women’s wrestling match. The first three matches were OK and had solid action but they were short and forgettable. Crowd was hot for Mojo, Natalya and for the main event. They didn’t seem to care for the other two matches. Adrian Neville offered some special spots at the main event with his high-flying moves.

Show Rating: 6.5/10

Star of the night: Adrian Neville.

Match of the night: NXT Championship Match: Bo Dallas vs. Adrian Neville.


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