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411’s WWE NXT Report 3.29.17

March 29, 2017 | Posted by Kevin Pantoja

Dash Wilder w/ Scott Dawson vs. Johnny Gargano w/ Tommaso Ciampa vs. Akam w/ Razar and Paul Ellering

Dash and Johnny work together to try and chop down Akam. They send him outside and Dash teases holding the ropes open for a Gargano dive but goes for a sneak attack. Johnny sees it coming and kicks his ass. After a break, Akam is in control, wearing down Johnny because the Revival retreated to the back, making this one on one. Gargano finds openings and tries a cross body but gets caught. He fights free, ducks a punch and reels off strikes. He hits several clotheslines and forearms to stagger Akam to the corner. He hits the apron slingshot spear for two. Gargano fires off chops but runs into a kick. Johnny hits several kicks for two. Razar and Ciampa get into it outside. Ciampa sends him into the steps but before he can jump off the apron onto him, Akam knocks him off. Akam blocks a Johnny DDT and hits snake eyes. Akam powerbombs Gargano but Dawson returns to hold his leg. Wilder slides in and steals the pin.

Winner: Dash Wilder in 6:25 (**)

A Heavy Machiney vignette airs. They debut tonight.

An Aleister Black vignette airs. He meets Andrade Almas at TakeOver.

Heavy Machinery vs. Jobbers

Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic make up Heavy Machinery. I missed the names of the jobbers. Knight starts and launches one around before working a modified bearhug. He tags Otis and launches the jobber into him for more bearhug. Otis throws him to the corner, where he tags out. Otis brings the other one in hte hard way. he tags out and they do a double three point stance tackle. They do a “BOOM SHAKA LOO” double headbutt. It was odd. They then squash the dude in between their chests and do a big chest bump. They continue to run these dudes over. Otis hits a belly to belly but the pin is broken up. The one who broke it up is sent outside. They slam the remaining one together before Otis slams Knight onto him for the win.

Winners: Heavy Machinery in 3:36

Surprisingly, the Ember Moon/Asuka contract signing is held backstage. Asuka laughs when Ember is introduced as the challenger. Ember knows who Asuka is and warns her that her success has gone to her head. Her fate is to dethrone Asuka. She signs the contract and slides it over. Asuka says she knows who Ember is too. She signs and says she knows Ember is not ready. Ember says she’s been ready for a long time. Asuka laughs again and leaves.

We are given a special look at the Bobby Roode/Shinsuke Nakamura match from TakeOver. Roode has relived the match over and over.

Backstage, the Authors of Pain stand by while Paul Ellering cuts a promo on the match this Saturday. He says the Revival have not struggled, while AOP had to come from “natural law.” DIY believes in fairy tale endings but this is the yellow brick road from hell.

Loser Leaves NXT: Elias Samson vs. Kassius Ohno

This opens to “drift away” chants. Samson talks smack but gets rolled up quickly for two. Samson works a headlock that Ohno turns into a wristlock. He gets one on a shoulder block, hits another and then gets two on a BIG BOY SENTON. Ohno shows off his athleticism to go outside but is then sent into the posts. Following a commercial break, Samson wails away on Ohno in the corner. Samson slaps on a crossface following a sweet transition. Ohno refuses to tap out, but has to fight hard to reach the ropes. Ohno fights back and wins a strike exchange because he’s a knockout artist. Ohno hits huge slap after huge slap but runs into a clothesline for two. Ohno comes back with a knee and then a spinning boot for a close near fall. The crowd buy into a Samson rollup near fall but the referee catches his feet on the ropes. He argues, allowing Ohno to deliver strikes. Samson gets two on a backslide and stops a rolling elbow with a jumping knee for another near fall. He keeps on and hits a neckbreaker for two. He gets another rollup but eats a rolling elbow that ends it.

Winner: Kassius Ohno in 9:11 (**1/2)

The fans serenade a distraught Elias Samson out of NXT. He argues with officials about not wanting to leave. He runs from security but they catch him by the entrance. Elias finally says he’ll leave, but he wants his guitar. Ohno has the guitar in the ring. He offers it up but stomps on it instead. A broken Samson is carried off.

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